A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Gotta love the chutzpah of the California lady (not sure she’s a lady) who’s suing Honda automobiles for misleading her on the mileage she would get from her Honda Civic Hybrid.    She claims the Honda salesman and the sticker on the car had it rated at 50 miles per gallon.   In reality, she’s getting closer to 30 miles per gallon or less and she’s not happy.       Now there’s a class action suit against Honda already in the works, which would bring each participant in the suit about $250…..if they win.      This woman from Torrance, California refused participation in the class-action, went to small claims court and if she wins, she could be awarded $10,000 in damages.

     Good for you Lady…..and I hope you win because those stickers on the side windows of all new cars are a joke.     To get 50 miles on one gallon of gas in a Civic, 47 of those miles would have to be free-falling off a cliff.   She told the judge if she had known the gas mileage would drop from 50 MPG’s to 30 MPG’s just by turning on the air conditioner, she wouldn’t have bothered with the Hybrid….which by the way is extra money….in some cases a lot of extra money.

     A few years ago, I bought a high-end SUV Hybrid and paid approximately $5,000 extra for the Hybrid.    definitely not worth it.  Oh, it was the GREEN thing to do at the time and yes it got slightly better mileage than it’s 6-cylinder counterpart…. in city or around town driving.    On the highway….65 miles an hour…air conditioner running?   No difference.     In fact my other car is a full size sedan, 500 cubic, 8-cylinder gas guzzling pig and out on the highway, 65 miles an hour, miles per gallon is approximately the same as the Hybrid.

     Some of these silly as_ little cars on the road today have got to be another Al Gore joke.  I wouldn’t ride in one, say nothing of  buy one and yes, I will enjoy driving my comfortable big as_ comfortable sedan at 22 to 26 miles per gallon.   Then again, if you feel better driving a vehicle which looks like a bunch of  circus clowns should  jump out…..and it says Hybrid on the side….Enjoy!

     Stay tuned Honda……the verdict is due at any time.


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