PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) – New Hampshire is flooded this week with politicians, their campaign staffs and the media that’s following them.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

It’s as if they’ve taken over the state until the Jan. 10 presidential primary.

But they’re no longer welcome in one restaurant.

Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch in Portsmouth is so sick of White House “wannabes” they’ve put up a sign out front that reads “No Politicians, No Exceptions.”

“We had some disturbances with politicians coming in and tying up the dining room, slowing down and spreading their agenda and just interrupting our clienteles’ breakfast and disrupting the atmosphere,” a waiter named Andrew told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“This has happened 5 or 6 times since the summer and we’re kinda fed up with it.”

The ban apparently extends to the media too.

The cook asked this reporter not to talk to customers Thursday.

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  1. Barbara Walters Felton says:

    I think it’s quite funny! Seriously, if the politicians are getting in the way of other customers to the point of dissatisfaction with the restaurant, then they should not take up space and time there.

    1. al says:

      there’s a lot of them taking up space in congress also….

      1. Midge Martin says:

        Politicians are degenerates that are paid with your wealth, extracted through taxation with the threat of deadly force if you don’t pay their inflated, undeserved salaries. They are a gang with a flag and paperwork.


      2. windygeo says:

        Way to go guys. Nothing like trying to put up with some jacksss while your are having a nice breakfast.

    2. BOB says:

      If you do not want them coming to your state, then don’t mandate your state being the 2nd Primary in a National Election. You wanted them to come, and I am sure you are not whining about the large influx of money to your community. So suck it up or change it. And if you are not following Politics at this junction, what the hell is the matter with you , the country is going down the toilet at the speed of sound. But keep complaining that the Republic requires to much work and see what happens. THIS COUNTRY IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF SPOILED BRATS, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OUR INDEPENDANT SPIRIT.

      1. smitty77 says:

        What independent spirit you be talking about? I thought the Pentagon and CIA set the spending policies!

      2. Kristen says:

        Hi Bob. I live in a neighboring town. I agree with you and I am embarrassed that this could happen. They should be honored. And, I wonder if they were liberal candidates coming whether this would be such a problem for them?

      3. Sick of Traitor Liberals says:

        Smitty77 drooled, “I thought the Pentagon and CIA set the spending policies!”.

        Oh, you mean like the budget that came out today, where they (Pentagon) hacked away 100k soldiers, and that’s just for starters?

        God, I LOVE azzklowns!

      4. OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY... google it! says:

        The BIGGEST POLITICAL CRIME in history, was pulled off in 2008. And thanks to the Wimp GOP and OMG (Obama Media Group) nobody is being held accountable – http://www.BirtherReport.com

        Auntie Obama = ILLEGAL
        Uncle Obama = ILLEGAL
        Nephew Barry = ILLEGAL
        The Kenyan Trifecta!!

      5. COsteve says:

        Yes. This restaurant is the entire state. Well figured.

      6. fartblaster says:

        bos is a sissy obama worshiper who probably thinks hes got underground info from glen beck

    3. Ghostsouls says:

      Oh gimme a damn break…if obama pulled up they would be getting a tingling sensation up their legs and falling all over themselves to get him inside and fawn all over him. Who the hell would want to eat in a liberal restaurant…boycott!! Patronize all the other restaurants and let them go out of business.

      1. Jake Allen says:

        The funny part is that they said they would allow Obama in because he’s not a politician but the President. Oh ya and they let WMUR in to inteview customers. its all a bunch of crap.

    4. krp says:

      Well, in this county, sheriffs are elected positions. so every sheriff is a politician. What if the place is robbed? Would they not allow the sherriff to investigate?

      The whole thing is, what is the definition of a politician? How can someone ban a politician?

      1. blackbear1 says:

        krp, county sheriffs are jail guards, not cops. The don’t investigate crime. That would be the local town or city Police; not elected.

    5. Barry AKA Bama says:

      One day soon this will be the norm, all shops will display signs like this.

  2. Paul Dion says:

    Good. I think that’s great. I think restaurants, Pizza halls, shopping malls should have a designated roped off area for politicians. If the general public wants to listen and take part with whatever the pol is trying to do then lets keep it separate from those who do not want to be bothered. Like a petting zoo…

    1. S Zero says:

      Hhahaah, OMG that is funny. Glad to see some place take a stand on what they believe in.
      Its funny, but sad because people know most of their plans are nothing that will turn this country around.



      2. OBAMA-BIDEN 2012: Because REAL Change Takes 8 Years. says:

        @ COLBY’S…

        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

      3. Unkle Obama says:

        I reported your mama to the Vice Squad…

        She be hangin’ on da corner wid Moochelle….

        Turnin’ tricks fo makin anuther run to Wakiki!

      4. BILL MCNEAL says:


      5. proudnot2bliberal says:

        Time to grow up Obama -Biden 2012! BUT THE YOU ARE A LIEberal FACTS & TRUTH are your worst enemy. Just like your marxist friends you can go report us BUT freedom will prevail against you LIEberal tyrants.

      6. google OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY says:

        @ proudnot2bliberal
        Are you even smart enough to read what is on that website, BEFORE commenting?

      7. Christian B says:

        All the plans are better then the no plan from obama it seems you have not even taken the time o check on the plans typical democrat

      8. LOL OMG says:

        LOL @ attackwatch. Hilarious. Did you stomp your feet with that crying too? 4 more years???? NO THANK YOU. You’ve killed our country ENOUGH and we don’t want your change (both figuratively and literally)

    2. Pablokoh says:

      I love the people of New Hampshire. This and the big orange badges of shame all lobbyists are required to wear in the Statehouse just prove the spirit of LIVE FREE OR DIE still lives on. Love the petting zoo idea.

    3. JMWinPR says:

      Dear Mr. Dion:
      It is people such as yourself that has moved this once great nation to its current state. Not caring allows those who do care to set the agenda, with devastating results. Not caring, not setting aside your shopping sprees, and look what we get. You, who are too lazy to find out what is going on and how best to right the course are the cause of our nations woes. It is not the politicians who are to blame, but the ignoramuses who continue to re-elect them to office.

  3. Ellen says:

    Wonderful news. Like what this restaurant is doing. More should follow suite.

    1. VDawg says:

      I’m eating ONLY here !! NO MORE B.O.

      1. Wanderer says:

        I’ll bet this wouldn’t appy to B.O. the big BS’er

  4. nuisance says:

    Someone needs to put that sign up at the Washington D.C.’s border.

    1. Christopher Casey says:

      You beat me to it LOL

      1. John says:

        TW15T3D32 on October 24, 2011 I have been doing this and it does work If anyone would like a link to a legit site that does these freofs Pm me.

  5. Christopher Casey says:

    We need a sign like this at all entrances to Washington DC.

    1. trifith says:

      Exits. Keep them in there

  6. satch says:

    Ah,a ray of sunshine in this whole Political process.

  7. Out of the Frey says:

    @Paul Dion

    How about a cage over at tank of water. 3 balls for a quarter. Bet you’d keep it going 24 hours a day. I detest pols.

  8. nena says:

    Hmm sounds like socialists to me.

    1. Stephen says:

      Socialists? Socialists don’t believe in private property rights, which are exactly what the owners are exerting in banning people from their property. Moron,

      1. Krazy Bill says:

        Hey Stephen, the article quoted Andrew the waiter saying that ” we are tired of the White House wannabe’s”. Since the Dems are not interested in running anyone other than Obummer, the ban mustb de directed at only Republicans. The article says politicians but the employees clearly single out the Republicans. Now who’s the moron, jacka$$.

    2. matt says:

      Then you don’t know what a socialists is….

    3. Paul Dion says:

      Nah. Just normal people going about their daily routines.

    4. Barry A Kenyan says:

      Wow……….. You are a moron! Its FREE business that can do what ever the hell they want to do! Odds are they hate both parties………….. Good for them.

      1. cooganalaska says:

        Wrong… its illegal for them to say, “no ‘racial class’ allowed.” Why is it legal to say no political class allowed? A true reading of the constitution would show that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is illegal in that it dictates who a citizen may allow in his private business establishment.

      2. Krazy Bill says:

        Let’s see you free that business is if they ban the NAACP

  9. The Clintidote says:

    Politicians are people who could only get government jobs.

    Such people are useless to businesses. Toss them aside.

  10. Leftist Stooge says:

    The restaurant owner is obviously a racist and does not want to serve Obama a meal simply because he is black.

    1. matt says:

      ?? You are a fool! OB isn’t even there.

    2. Paul Dion says:

      Wow! A real throwback. You would have been great in Selma.

      1. Sick of Traitor Liberals says:

        Better yet, I think “Leftist Stooge” misspelled his blog handle:

        I think he meant to say “Leftist Stool”.


    3. Justin Case says:

      I’ll apologize for my fellow bloggers who can’t detect sarcasm

      1. Julie the Jarhead says:

        Sarcasm is detected in tone of voice or body language.

        It does not translate to print.

        It is common practice to use ‘\sarcasm’ or some such indication that your typewritten words are meant to be sarcastic.

        You’re welcome.

      2. Justin Case says:

        “Sarcasm is detected in tone of voice or body language.
        It does not translate to print.
        It is common practice to use ‘\sarcasm’ or some such indication that your typewritten words are meant to be sarcastic.
        You’re welcome.”
        You can also try using your brain. You’re welcome

    4. BILL MCNEAL says:


      1. petem says:

        Oh right you have that nonsense right wing radio and Faux news on ALL DAY. Since they only yell you have learned like a good little ditto head that’s how to play…

      2. Alice Ramirez says:

        “OBAMA OR AMERICA YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH !!! ” Great slogan. I think I’ll design and print out a bumper sticker with that. Even more to the point than the great classic, a bumper sticker with the image of Obama and the phrase “Does this ass make my truck look fat?”

      3. letitsnow1 says:

        BILL, you got to yell louder at these fools of obuma!

    5. micmin says:

      Stooge, your name says it all. You can’t think of a really post, so you do what all the leftists do. Play the fake race card. Very intelligent fool…

  11. KevinVA says:

    I love it. Kudos to the owner & his/her staff.

  12. Chris says:

    Good. Now we know which restaurant to avoid. Totally un-American

    1. matt says:

      Good – more seats for the REAL Americans

    2. Dave says:

      Huh?!? How s that un-American exactly?

    3. Bert says:

      Can someone define Un-American to me???? Illegal, in bad taste, etc. describe a number of things. Un-American says nothing to me. And this comes from a Conservative.

      1. Spock says:

        UnAmerican – Someone that votes for Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other Socialists

      2. Justin Case says:

        I’m with Spock on this one.

    4. Barry A Kenyan says:

      It is completely AMERICAN! Who wants these ass hats in there! Both partys suck! Time for a someone who actually stand for the people.

    5. mac says:

      really? WTF ever happened to freedon of choice and speech! AH
      It is there place of business and they have a RIGHT to protect their customers!
      As much as these wishy washy politicians have a right to traverse the country spewing their fitrol and views (except Dr. RP who is consistent in his beliefs!)

    6. BILL MCNEAL says:


    7. ChiefWillie says:

      Totally American you idiot !!!

  13. Christine Murphy says:

    It’s not socialism, it’s a privately owned business. And as such, they have the right to refuse to serve anyone who disturbs other customers. If I walked into a restaurant with an entourage and stared bugging people who were trying to enjoy a meal in peace, I’d be asked to leave, and rightfully so. So why should politicians get special treatment?

    1. Htos1 says:

      Democrats believe thery are special for throwing food over the cages of their “pets”.

    2. LarryC says:

      Well said. I totally agree.

    3. california libertarian girl says:

      unless you live in caliifornia. business owners have no rights there.

      1. L.A. Republican girl says:

        I live in CA and I can absolutely say that as a business owner I have the RIGHT to refuse service to ANYONE .that includes politicians…..ANYONE
        Colby’s did the right thing watching out for their regular patrons, these politicians are just dust in the wind

  14. Fred W says:

    The most civilized thing I’ve seen in a while.

  15. DManzi says:

    The restaurants is owned by flaming liberals. You can bet if the Obamas were in town, the cook would be whipping up special batches of Michelle’s favorite French fries.

    1. weeone says:

      Butter Poached!

    2. letitsnow1 says:

      and that is for sure!

  16. Doug Rose says:

    Watch it now………..or Obumbler will use “Executive Power” and Close the Place Down ! LOL

    1. Paul Dion says:

      Maybe the sign should read:

      All socialists, liberals, unamericans, blacks and any mixture thereof, conservatives and anyone who is getting tired of this entire circus,


      All others go to the pizza barn across the street

      1. Barry A Kenyan says:


    2. jsquyres says:

      Well said.

  17. ducinal says:

    Funny but the last time I checked I believe Restuarants were public accomodations and required to serve anyone who wasn’t disruptive or boorish unless it was discriminatory.

    Apparently this place is a tiny dump and noted for its rudeness to clientele I will also speculate that they are on the Left.
    Check it out for yourself.

    1. momsofwowdotcom says:

      because stupid politicians make dumb rules like this. most of the people probably weren’t even buying anything so they do have the right to BOOT them out.

  18. True Observer says:

    Nobody gets it.

    This is just another marketing ploy.

  19. Poppy Buck says:

    Gee, I wonder if the same ban was in effect in 2008 when “his holiness” was campaigning in NH??? Just asking

    1. letitsnow1 says:

      come on, now you know that is a big, NO!

  20. Warbo says:

    “The ban extends to the media too”. But, of course, good ol’ Carl ignores that and barges right on in. I would throw his butt out too before he could ask any questions.

  21. Annoying Troll says:

    What is the REAL issue here? We must find out the skin color of politicians who would go to this restaurant to see if we can play the race card and cause similar such problems.

  22. Riteturn says:

    They don’t want to provide a public platform for non-customers? Fine. It should read no dogs or politicians.

    1. Spock says:

      hey don’t insult Dogs by putting them in the same tense as politicians!!

      1. Justin Case says:


  23. Rupert Pupkin says:

    Ok, fair enough for now. Let’s see if they hold true to that conviction during the general election, or if good ole Barry O will be welcome, then we would see the true motivation wouldn’t we?

  24. Bob Dobbs says:

    If only everyone would do that, politicians and media both would starve to death, and we’d all get to go about our lives in peace rather than having these jackals telling us what to do all the time.

  25. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter says:


  26. Dave says:

    Sounds like a Democrat owner that does not want Republicans bothering their clientele.

    Free enterprise at it’s best folks….

    1. Justin Case says:

      Republican are the only ones with enough money to pay for their food — Dems want handouts — so you have it backwards

    2. PortsmouthResident says:

      He is a complete liberal/Dem. He’d let the Dems in, it’s the Republicans he hates. I know the owner, and he’s a fool for doing this.

  27. Jason N says:

    Portsmouth NH is a liberal love hole. They not banning politicians, they’re banning conservatives. No surprise there.

  28. Chris says:

    I can’t stand watching this circus on my TV, let alone be in a restaurant trying to eat. This is all a dog and pony show. I cannot believe the loser McCain was campaigning again!!! Romney is another liberal progressive republican. The powers that be want him to be the nominee. The voters are out of the process again. It is plain to see how the other nominee’s were destroyed one by one. This country is doomed. Free elections my big toe!!!!!!

  29. sgt barnes says:

    obama supporters run that restaurant. Ive seen the surge in business that candidates bring.

  30. Johanne says:

    I don’t blame them. Politicians are crooks, liars, and thieves. It is no longer considered an honest living. No need to comment on the media. Why would you want people like that stinking up your business?

  31. cletus van damme says:

    probably got illegals working the kitchen, dont want anyone to find out

  32. Dick says:

    They probably expect to eat for free and are lousy tippers when they do pay.

  33. karen says:

    colby’s, you’re my kind of place! the talking heads and media hordes make me sick. if i find myself in portsmouth, i’m definitely stopping in.4 stars to you for aiming to improve the ambiance of your establishment.. bon appetit!

  34. Rob says:

    Another news story explained that the Rick Perry campaign spent over 2 hours in the restaurant last year and prevented other customers from sitting down because they took up all the space. The other politicians who came in there probably did the same thing as they all pretended to be regular Americans while harassing ordinary people trying to have a quiet meal.

    If you demand restaurants to allow parasitic politicians to enter, you are demanding private citizens subsidize political campaigns. When politicians and their entourages take up space in restaurants, it prevents restaurants from putting paying customers in those seats. This costs the businesses needed revenue; consequently, it is the business owner, not the politician, who pays the price for these photo-ops. If a business owner wants to sacrifice revenue to let one of these clowns roam about for 2-3 hours, they may do so, but politicians do not have the right to threaten the financial solvency of small businesses just so that they can temporarily hide their hatred of ordinary Americans.

    I bet this will give this place even more business as people from across NH look to have a politician-free meal. The Republicans and Obama will be standing outside crying because they cannot use regular Americans as props at this restaurant anymore.

  35. Michael Wurner says:

    I don’t blame them. They have the right to deny service, I am sure the people of NH are tired of being brow beaten everywhere they go with political propaganda.

  36. tom oloughlin says:

    Good for Colby’s.

    Nice to see a business more concerned with their customers than
    the self-important political/media glamorati.


  37. PR says:

    Ron Paul would defend this restaraunt owner’s right to do this. Technically this violates politicians and media member’s civil rights.

    1. RS says:

      It does not violate anyone’s rights, as an occupation or job is not a protected class. Being a “politician” is an occupation, and people of many races and religions are politicians. It is no different from being a reporter, a graphic designer, a doctor or a professional bowler. One’s profession is not a constitutionally protected class, and any establishment has the right to bar potential patrons who enter that establishment with the intention to disrupt normal business. It’s no different from banning a troublemaker from a bar. I wish people would take a peek at the Constitution before they start rambling about “civil rights.”

  38. hidelyheaux says:

    PR, you have no “right” to enter a private business and they can throw you out for any reason. I love this country! “no shirt, no shoes, no service”

  39. Cap says:

    381 dyas till this is over and we take back our country

    1. letitsnow1 says:


  40. Wiliam says:

    Are you kidding? If Obama, or any other big D, showed up, they’d open their doors wide and drool all over him. Portsmouth, NH, is a hot-bed brain-washed liberals.

  41. BILL MCNEAL says:


    1. petem says:

      Bill-you’re stuttering…

  42. ET Thomas says:

    And it just gets worse when the Secret Service gets involved. They can tie up a area for hours, not just minutes

  43. ProfShadow says:

    With .03% of the national population, another media and political circus begins.
    Iowa at least had 1% of the national population.

    Though I do admire the “Granite Boys” for a lot of other reasons

  44. ProfShadow says:

    frack…that’s 0.3% not .03% my apologies for fat fiingering it

  45. JJJ says:

    Bet this obviously Liberal restaurant WON’T PREVENT OBAMA from showing up, and sitting down.
    Soon we’ll see how Hypocritical this place is if they don’t stop Liberals from entering.
    Hopefully. Someone will advertise that this place is Dangerous and causes Food Poisoning. Great for business…huh?

    1. midnightrider says:

      @jjj, you are assuming that the media would report it?

  46. Ben says:

    I’m all for this idea on one hand if it was really about what they said it was about, but the fact that this waiter had to toss in the “spreading their agenda” remark speaks volumes. If I am ever in New Hampshire, I will STEER CLEAR of this restaurant and its agenda!

  47. ple says:

    I have a feeling what they are really saying is NO REPUBLICAN Politicians or media covering them are alowed. They also seem overly rude and down right angry.Definitely characteristics of the nasty folks on the left.No big deal, Obama is toast anyway.

  48. Buck Sargent says:

    That is a sign worthy of hanging on the doors of the White House and Congress.

  49. Bob says:

    This is nothing but a facist liberal denying access to his restraunt to Republicans. Boycott this guy and give him ataste of his own medicine.

  50. Colbys Dad says:

    I used to like this restaurant. Kinda sick of their tatoos, lip piercings, and them “spreading their agenda”. They’d probably lift their BAN on CELLPHONES for fastso Michelle if she could fit thru the door.There is a GREAT restaurant down the block. Respectable folks work there.

  51. mark says:

    sounds like a disturbed lib, reckon when maobowa n the dumbocrat party come to town he’ll be waving em in

    it’s the double, err fascist, standard

  52. No eating at Colbys for me. Lots of great Restaurant in Portsmouth.

  53. rawheadrex says:

    I think it is rather telling that in many states which allow the people who own the phones and pay for them, including the outrageous taxes and “fees” associated with phone ownership to block calls, except those from politicians. They are as a plentiful commodity found on city streets before Henry Ford began his business.
    There is nothing wrong with America that the enema tube being inserted in Washington, D.C. wouldn’t cure.

  54. Fred Lopez says:

    a liberal diner
    protest the diner

  55. Tom Payne says:

    My-o-my! Liberal New Hampshire practicing discrimination…shades of the 1960x. You should be ashamed. Maybe the Rev. Jackson can go there and protest.

  56. David says:

    I agree. New Hampshire has no business courting politicians or deciding who the rest of us get to vote for. In fact, a small and insignificant state like New Hampshire shouldn’t be a primary state at all, at least not until the very end. Clearly they don’t need the millions in revenue generated by this political hullabaloo.

    1. jsquyres says:

      A little place like NH should not even be a state with two senators. My city has a larger population.

      1. Pilar says:

        Hi smoeone. Not really. I did not base it on that. I just used it as an example. It’s just that most of my friends abroad always tell me that people’s first impression of them is like that.But yeah, I feel you especially re your last paragraph. Most of my non-Pinoy friends always tell me that some of their lot find our being-so-proud-yeah-we’ll-rub-it-in when it comes to our achievements annoying sometimes, especially on the Web.and the Kurakot part. the sadder part is, you know there’s truth in that.Hey, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comment. It makes me rethink a number of things, actually.

  57. Al says:

    Seriously, would you want to eat with politicians and media around. You never know what kind of things they carry, or where they heck those hands have been. I would recommend this diner for having the best sanitary conditions standards in New Hampshire.

  58. john raymond says:

    I own a store as well and I would do the same leave people alone most only have 30 to 45 minutes for lunch let them be

    1. AL says:

      Indeed. Plus there are laws against Pressitution and pandering. Wannabes should leave alone those who just want to be, we have real jobs and contribute to the real economy not the STEAL econmy of DC.

      1. Asusule says:

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    2. Rihant says:

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  59. MaskRider says:

    Good for Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch. If I am ever up P0rtsmouth, N.H. way, they will get my business! Well done!

  60. JohnRalph says:

    This is all due to the racist policies of G.W. Bush, once Our Lord and Savior Obama assumes office all will be fine…just accept him into your heart and trust in him.

    Through our prayers he will put an end to the worldwide suffering of the proletariat masses.

    Fortunately for humankind, according to Mein Führer’s own MSM propaganda ministry he’s above it all:

    Newsweek editor Evan Thomas : “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

  61. JohnRalph says:

    Meanwhile, Mein God Obama and Her Royal Highness Queen Moochelle, while in Hawaii, dined on Italian White Alba truffles, Kobe steak, blue lobsters and they’ll wash it down with a bottle of Rothschild’s Chateau Lafite 1869…out of a brown paper bag, Chicago style.

    1. jsquyres says:

      Really funny. Chicago syle.

  62. Patriot42 says:

    A lot of people run for office for the money and don’t care that much for doing their job. Once in office they know they can retire with a great retirement plan,

  63. roger says:

    Speaking as a A.C.F. certified Chef I agree 110% with this choice, what a great move to show your loyalty to the community that pays your bills!

    I had my fair share of being forced to focus on feeding “white house wanna B’s” and having to avoid serving my community until i refused to do it any longer and then was forced to quite.
    Such a bad choice by restaurant owners whom choice to delay their local business one second while trying to kiss the a$$ of white house wanna Bs!

    Time to close the doors!

  64. Donald says:

    Colby is a left wing nut job. I live in Portsmouth and USED TO go to his restaurant until we stood in line for breakfast one Sunday morning for 15 minutes, two of us, and a table opened up, we started moving towards it and they stopped us. They let a group of three that had just arrived go ahead of us. When I complained he said they took them because it was three and not two, and the table was for three. I walked out and never came back.
    I can assure you if Obama came there, he would want to have his baby on the spot.
    This story is not what it seems. The guy is a nut job and hates Republicans. If the Dems were here in New Hampshire, he would LOVE to have them in.

    1. Voter says:

      I agree with you. It’s just because they are Republicans.

  65. Voter says:

    Isn’t this discrimination? I believe the ACLU needs to get involved.

    1. Donald says:

      He only discriminates against republicans. I live here. he is being elevated to some hreo by his lefty bussies now.
      He would have Obama’s baby if he could.

    2. RS says:

      As I posted above, this is NOT discrimination. Political party, just like profession, is not a constitutionally protected class. Banning Asians from a restaurant is discriminatory, according to the Constitution. Banning Jews from a restaurant is discriminatory, according to the Constitution. Banning Republicans is NOT discriminatory, according to the Constitution, because political party is NOT a protected class. The ACLU does not have a case here. Perhaps it’s time to brush up on your civics.

  66. desert says:

    Besides, the restaurant got tired of cleaning up puke, everytime a poli tick started talking..people lost their breakfast!

  67. Knuckles says:

    Live Free or Die…..they just didn’t tell you that it’s a slow death….

    1. Anton says:

      aasianbebe on August 30, 2011 I like my body, abceuse I am skinny and can wear clothes that are more tight and stunning. But sizes are always hard to find

  68. flfshrmn says:

    “No Politicians. No acceptions”

    Until the Dems hit town.
    Then they will serve bottom feeder specials for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  69. Joe says:

    The definition of Politics: “poli” means many & “tics” are blood sucking insects….so there ya have it. Many blood sucking insects.

  70. Lub says:

    As long as the same sign went up four years ago

  71. intellectone says:

    This shows how uneducated the general public is, even small minded owners of restaurants, about how important it is to know who to vote for as the nominee for President of the United States. To be able to meet the man/woman who is working hard trying to meet people that they will represent is a wonderful opportunity for the voter. Of course, the voter has to be serious about his/her Country and very serious about keeping the Freedoms that the Fore-fathers fought so hard to give to all the Americans. To know Who you are voting for is of most important to be a good citizen. Obviously, the cook and restaurant owner are mindless of that fact and stupid because the owner is missing out on free advertisement.

    1. Donald says:

      That is the value of the first-in-the-nation primary here in New Hampshire. It is RETAIL politics. I have met virtually all the candidates and talked with most of them. By having them meet and greet most of the voters in New Hampshire, the marginal candidates get thinned rather quickly. The candidates cannot buy so much advertising that they can fool the public.
      Colby is an acknowledged left wing zealot that, if Obama were campaigning, would jump to have his baby. Since there are no Democrats campaigning, he is telling all of us everything we need to know about him.
      The story is not what it seems. I live here and used to go to Colby’s. I will vote with my wallet, thank you Colby.
      Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  72. Utapao Long Ago says:

    Who wants to be an unintended photo-op for these weasels? If I’m in a restaurant, I want to eat and get about my business. You want adoring smiling faces for your ads?? Hire an actor – just like a politician, they’d sell their soul for a brief shining moment in the media.

    1. letitsnow1 says:

      WOW, does obuma have any sole left!

      1. letitsnow1 says:


  73. Chris says:

    Enough with diners and high school auditoriums. The pols should go where everyday folks go, namely the Wal-Mart and the Market Basket.

  74. Randy Durant says:

    Let’s be honest. What they really want to put up for a sign is: NO REPUBLICANS ALLOWED. Typical liberal vermin.

  75. Cy Nick says:

    Wanna bet Colby’s would make an exception for its Obamessiah?

  76. Joe E in the IE says:

    For a fleeting moment I thought “Politicians should pay back the lost revenue caused by their photo-ops” until I remembered it’s OUR money.

    You go, Colby’s!

  77. Sharon says:

    Not even slightly surprising, this is liberal NH they are talking about. I’m not buying the “No exceptions” part. I’d wager that the would yank that sign right off the door if someone from the other side of the political spectrum was in town.

    I’d say that I wouldn’t bother visiting an establishment like that but then again, I’d never bother visiting NH anyway.

    1. Sharon says:

      Correction: I would wager that THEY would yank that sign right off the door…

      Apologies for my mistake. I am not uneducated, just tired. :)

      1. Athina says:

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  78. Emmit Penny says:

    I can’t say I blame them. If all these people do is order coffee maybe a burger and sit for hours working on their agendas, or reporters waiting for breaking news that place is loosing money. It is not unamerican to want to make money. It might be cheaper for the political campaigns to hold meetings at eateries in the towns their in, but, it is not fair to the owners, and if they want to hang out there then they should ask the owner to only serve them and they should pay a fee for the time they are there.

    ** on another note: I notice that when some one on these blogs doesn’t agree with you,they are inclined to write some very rude comments. Then if you want to answer these same people have their sites set up so only friends can write to them. Please either add us to your friends list or keep your thoughts on what we say to yourself. EMMIT

  79. Andrew from Store Hours says:

    I think politicians are any how powerful than restaurant owners. So if they are entering in restaurants, they should be treated quiet specially and side by side other customers should also be satisfied with service.

    Andrew from istorehours.com

  80. Canciarp says:

    view chanel 2011 , for special offer

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