WOBURN (CBS) – One year ago Monday, Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire was shot and killed by an armed robber out on parole. A year later, potentially dangerous convicts on parole continue to be a concern.

Dominic Cinelli, who had been sentenced to three life sentences, was out on parole when he shot and killed Officer Maguire during a botched robery at a Kohl’s store on Dec. 26, 2010.

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The case led Gov. Deval Patrick to force five members of the state’s parole board to resign and then name a new parole chief.

Woburn Police Officer John Maguire was killed in the line of duty by a parolee on December 26, 2010. (credit: Woburn Police Dept.)

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But according to the Boston Herald, the new board has voted to parole 11 convicts serving life sentences. Their releases are still being processed.

Meanwhile, 37 percent of lifers who were released on parole in 2010 were re-arrested, the report said.

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Also, of the 336 total lifers out on parole, there are warrants out for the arrests of 25 of them, the Herald reported.