After a couple of losses in December the Bruins seem to be back to their winning ways. Since losing two straight games the Bruins are on a five game winning streak.

Joe Haggerty spoke with Toucher & Rich about the game on Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers, the win over the Montreal Canadiens Monday night and Milan Lucic’s one game suspension.

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Saturday’s game in Philadelphia was very physical and emotional with 3 fights and many roughing penalties. At one point Claude Julien replaced Tyler Seguin with Shawn Thornton on the top line. Why would Julien make that kind of move?

“I think that game got pretty rough pretty quickly. When Scott Hartnell took that run at Brad Marchand and really looked like he was trying to hurt him and you saw Johnny Boychuk jump Hartnell and fight him kind of standing up for Marchand. I think that was kind of a decision on Claude Julien’s part to put Shawn Thornton up there with those guys to keep the Flyers from trying to take runs at those players,” Haggerty said.

The guys discussed the fact that the Flyers are part of HBO’s 24/7 leading up to their participation in this season’s Winter Classic. This game with the Bruins should be featured on Wednesday’s episode and the guys are wondering which Flyers players had microphones on them. They also wondered if Peter Laviolette lost it between periods.

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The guys also discussed Milan Lucic’s one game suspension for his hit on Philadelphia’s Zac Rinaldo. Did Lucic receive a suspension because of his disciplinary history and his recent meeting because of his hit on Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller?

“Basically Lucic has been to the principal’s office one too many times and once you go there for an accumulation of events and thing that have happened on your record I think at a certain point they just got to say look we don’t want to see you any more, we don’t need to keep having these meetings. I think felt like at that point the only thing they could do was to suspend him for a game,” Haggerty said.

In Monday night’s win over Montreal David Krejci put the puck in the net off of his skate. The goal was reviewed and it was ruled that there was kicking motion and the goal stood. Did Haggerty agree with the call?

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Listen to the whole discussion: