WESTFORD (CBS) – Westford school officials are getting tough on classroom holiday parties.

They’re banning sugary snacks and sweetened beverages from the celebrations this year.

Students are being told to leave the Christmas cookies, cakes, candy bars, and soda at home and to bring fruits, unsweetened juices, popcorn and raisins instead.

Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.

The school’s goal is to avoid the types of sweets that pile on empty calories and contribute to childhood obesity.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

School officials say they’re also hoping to protect the growing number of children with severe food allergies.

The new policy comes as schools across Massachusetts get set to implement stricter state-mandated food policies aimed at reducing child obesity.

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    1. brian says:

      When did the USA become Nazi Germany! How dare you eat sugar or drink pop, you dang kids!! Pathetic, I am glad I was raised in a different time when playgrounds were allowed, holidays meant cookies and candy and people were just nice! Look what this country has become, it is sad really! “Pull out the swing sets so we don’t get sued”! Pathetic!

      1. Jerry says:

        Cookies and such weren’t such a big deal when we went outside to play instead of plopping are arse on the couch and playing xbox…..

      2. jim says:

        It is because of the PATHETIC excuse we have for a pres, who half of the country who are obamabot Morons, put in office!

      3. Corey says:

        @Brian, When did we become fascist? We became fascist when we elected a fascist into office in 2008.

      4. BRIAN SHAW says:


      5. lion says:

        Parents will take their kids to McDonalds. Parents will buy their kids cheezits, pizza, fries & potato chips, soda pop and let their kids play video games and watch tv. Parents will bake all the chocolate chip cookies and cakes for their kids to eat..

        Start worrying when parents get thrown in jail for doing all of the above outside the classroom.

      6. tbaby says:

        AMEN!! We are becoming a nations of complainers about EVERYTHING that was held dear in the past. The softies and those who like to blame others for their own actions are making all of us look bad. And to blame a president for some of these actions are just ludacris. At least if that is the case this president wants to help, our last one wanted WAR and congress agreed everytime by giving more and more tax payers money to fund it-even when the lies came to light. Can’t change history, we have our FIRST INTERACIAL PRESIDENT and it will go down with one of the worse congress sitting EVER because of the prejudices that they want the world to think we don’t have anymore. So, let them eat cake, play outside without the body armor and allow holidays to be a fun time. GRINCHES of today, go bury yourself and see how hot it is down there for the rest of us who are happy with ENJOYING life and not hindering it to live long. If they truly looed at the people who live long anyway, they aren’t 20 nor do they look it. I don’t care how much you exercise, have plastic surgery, have insurance or eat like a rabbit we all can tell and you aren’t fooling anyone. And as of yet, if you breathed your first breath you will breathe your last one-so enjoy those inbetween.

      7. JED says:

        When 63 million idiots elected the freak show that is presently OCCUPYING the white house.

    2. Jim Dea says:

      What is wrong with people??? Let the kids have some fun and eat some cookies! What is this country turning into? Nevermind, I’ll answer that, the USSA that’s what!

      1. Kenyan ACORN says:

        I agree. This is crossing a line started by our first sasquatch, who calls herself a crusader of other people’s obesity while she stuffs her face in public ruthlessly. There were treats at the WH, so what is this school’s problem?

      2. jasperddbgghost says:

        Somebody took a dump in the Stupidintendent’s stocking.

      3. Peter says:

        When I was a kid, we’d run around playing war. We’d go up to the school on weekends and ride our skateboards. We’d go out into the woods and spend a full weekend sweating our rears off to build a treehouse. We would build a track with ramps for our bikes. Today, we’d be arrested, sued or have the cops tell us to go home for doing the same. Our answer to essentially forcing children to stay inside without exercise is to say that parties thrown once a year can’t include cookies? Seriously?
        Remember when movie theaters had the great popcorn cooked with coconut oil? Then the reports came out saying that it’s too fattening to cook it with coconut oil, and the theaters changed to more “healthy” oils. Now, when I go to the movies once every other month, I can’t have the good popcorn. Apparently, there must have been some families serving their children movie popcorn for every meal, forcing this change to make our society “better”.

    3. Logical1 says:

      The GRINCH lives!!! Let the kids enjoy their party, then let them do something unheard of…let them go out side and play. We can decide what we want to eat on our own and do not need government approved food gestapo forcing their will upon us. Reich-marshal Olsen really need to back off and stay out of it. Maybe he can stay at home on that day and try to ruin his own kids Christmas.

    4. mitzi says:

      so what is wrongwith sugar free cookies cakes and pies and other treats i ca not beleive what iam reading here

      1. Jay says:

        That’s not the issue. The issue is someone in authority trying to force his agenda on everyone because he thinks he knows better and the “common folk” are all too stupid to realise Christmas cookies are bad for them. It’s an authority figure imposing his “progressive” views on the rest of us. This is getting crazy. From Obama and his wife on down the line. The progressive (Marxist) agenda is killing the country.

      2. hughesh2o says:

        ……and what happened to punctuation 2?

      3. Mom of 3 says:

        Mitzi—Sugar free (aspartame). Do you research on the unbelieveable harm that aspartame inflicts on children and adults. Don’t fall for the sugar free is safe b.s.

      4. Mom of 3 says:

        Mitzi—-Sugar free = aspartame. Do you research on the unbelieveable harm that aspartame inflicts on children and adults. Don’t fall for the sugar free is safe b.s.

    5. mitzi says:

      yah andwho voted him int office? not me so everyone of you you left wingers moobats did vote him in right? now that you see your mistake you complain? how dare you

    6. Daisy says:

      One would hope that the teacher would not say,”We’re just trying to act responsible … ” when the word is “responsibly” and their behavior is not even slightly responsible, it’s autocratic bullying.

      But that would be hoping for too much from a union employee, I suppose.

    7. nope says:

      imagine if childhood obesity was a problem in this country…

      no one is stopping them from bringing anything christmas related, just sweets.

      this whole article is a joke

    8. Chris says:

      I suppose we get what we sow. We have been to tolerant of liberals and they have shown us our stupidity. Oh well, time to go boys before you finish ruining a once great country.

    9. Shauna says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if the Superintendent wanted to act RESPONSIBLY instead of acting responsible? Maybe the kids wouldn’t be such morons when they graduated if those who taught them knew, say, grammar and the English language. Just sayin’.

    10. Frank1234 says:

      You can bet that those sanctimonious teachers stuff their faces and gain 25 lbs. during the holidays. How many of them are super-thin and healthy?

      Parents will take their kids to McDonalds. Parents will buy their kids cheezits, pizza, candy, fries & potato chips, soda pop and let their kids play video games and watch tv. Parents will bake all the chocolate chip cookies and cakes for their kids to eat..

      Start worrying when parents get thrown in jail for doing all of the above outside the classroom.

    11. Dotty G. says:

      I dislike the Obama administration to no end. However, as a resident of Westford for more than 11 years with a son in the school system I can tell you the efforts to keep crappy foods out of the classroom has been around since as long as my son has been in school. Unfortunately, they still serve crappy food in the cafeteria (go figure).

      However, in MA, all teachers in public school systems have to be union members (we are not a right to work state) and in Westford the average salary is over 70K plus benefits (which the taxpayer pays the majority of the cost and the teacher pays very little). Teachers also do not do bus duty, lunch duty ir recess. We hire others for that because our teachers are “too good” for those tasks. However, it is not a job I would want but I would love to have weekends off and a gauranteed paycheck!

  1. TheBigDr says:

    It would be great if they would possibly use school time to educate children about math, English, vocab, history, and so forth. However in this liberal school system, that is not what they want to educate children about.

    1. Marmaduke says:

      Exactly and a new report just came out that shows that public school teachers make, on average, more than double the private employee!

      Money WELL spent!!


      Time to get with of the NEA and teachers unions!

      1. Marmaduke says:

        get rid not with the NEA!

      2. Jess says:

        Say what? I have no idea what report you’re talking about, but average salaries are highest in Ca., at 59K. In texas, it’s 41K. Starting salaries for teachers are pitiful, in the 20’s and 30’s.

      3. carlb says:

        so dont teach if you dont like it. you work a minimum of 10.5 months a year. with benifits. goverment employees work even less with more benifits. you need a dose of the private sector where you have to produce. we are not even in the top ten in the world with our school system yet we are in the top 5 in salaries. go figure!

      4. Marmaduke says:

        Sorry to throw FACTS at you!!!

        According to a new study from the Bureau of Labor statics, public school teachers are now the highest paid state workers. Public school teachers. In fact, public school teachers receive more than twice as much in average hourly wages and benefits as workers in private industry, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public school teachers “are paid an average of $56.59 per hour in combined wages and benefits,” which is twice the $28.24 an hour in wages and benefits paid to workers in the private sector

      5. Marmaduke says:

        Sorry to throw facts at you!!
        According to a new study from the Bureau of Labor statics, public school teachers are now the highest paid state workers. Public school teachers. In fact, public school teachers receive more than twice as much in average hourly wages and benefits as workers in private industry, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public school teachers “are paid an average of $56.59 per hour in combined wages and benefits,” which is twice the $28.24 an hour in wages and benefits paid to workers in the private sector

      6. Dan says:

        I hate to tell you Marmaduke, but I am a teacher…

        I hate the NEA… I hate everything they stand for. But you are simply wrong. I work six days a week from 7am to 5pm with no breaks, and make 32,500 a year before takes.

        I am not a member of the Union, and if the Union weren’t around I would actually make a decent wage. As it is, I can barely afford to live in the slums…

        So, I wish I worked in the private sector.

      7. RUFUS LEVIN says:


      8. Dan says:

        Although, I do agree that this school district is ridiculous… sugary snacks and childhood obesity? Give me a break.

      9. Dennis Johnson says:

        @Jess,better go look up the total compensation packages, here in Salem OR the teachers union reported the average teacher makes 81K….thats the AVERAGE, and this district SU(KS

      10. FredIsDead says:

        You will have to forgive the folks below that questioned you Marmaduke, they forgot that teachers don’t work 12 months a year in the school system. And they forgot that while their hourly rates may be lower, their other benefits make up the difference. I haven’t been a part of a company that offered a pension for over 12 years, all have had 401Ks but my current company doesn’t offer matching funds. They did that when the economy tanked and they chose to stay in business rather than fold. Schools just keep raising taxes to pay for the union-blackmailed benefits.

        Teachers don’t know what it’s like to work for a living. They whine and complain about the long hours, but forget that some of us also put in 50-60 hour weeks on a regular basis. Without overtime. They whine about having to attend classes to keep certified, but forget some of us also have to pay for our own education or technology will pass us by. I wish I had an aide to help me with my work, I have to do it all myself.

        So boo-hoo teachers, if you don’t like the pay scale or the benefits, go get another job.

        Just like the rest of us have to do……

      11. Dan says:


        I actually work 11 months, 6 days a week, and put that kind of time in only to have to pull a second job during the year and a third in the summer to make end’s meet. I don’t get overtime; I don’t get paid for staying after the bell. 75 hours a week is typical. I also get no aides to help me, so I don’t really know where you get that.

        Unions suck, I agree. I think they are a waste. I think that if they got rid of crummy teachers that are tenured, teachers like myself that give a damn will take their place. Salaries would improve, and education would improve because teachers that want to teach and not make money, like myself, would teach (this would also result in better salaries for teachers because those that are there would be effective and not in it for the pension).

        Also, my benefits suck, as do many other teachers across my state.

        I don’t teach because of money though, unlike teachers you see in the media and unions. In fact, surprisingly, most teachers HATE their unions because of what they do to our profession and reputation. The sad part is, the necessity for them is legal: because you as a crummy parent think that when I fail your child it’s because of favoritism and not because your child ACTUALLY doesn’t pay attention. That’s when false charges come onto teachers about sexual misconduct or physical abuse: when parents get it in their heads that their perfect child isn’t perfect.

        Unions pay for lawyers to fight ignorant parents – I know at 32K a year, I couldn’t afford a lawyer. Not with four years of student debt.

        So, maybe, FredisDead, you should attempt to get to know some teachers that aren’t the ones you see on TV, or the ones you’ve come to hate in the Unions, and get to really understand the problems. Don’t attack an entire profession of hard working people who are trying to educate children because of the idiots we have in Unions…. that’s like saying America is a nation of people who suck, just because Obama sucks. Not only is that a superficial view of a subject, but it also doesn’t give any credibility to your own intelligence.

      12. Jess says:

        Dennis, if you’re talking about insurance and such, I don’t think it really applies. Reporters are always doing that, including “full benefits” which may or may not be used. Tell me about descretionary income.

        Also Marmaduke — you do realize that the BLS is the same organization that claims we have an 8.6% unemployment rate (never mind that the participation rate is the lowest EVER) and <4% inflation. John Williams of shadowstats.com regularly decimates the BLS' economic figures. He has practical knowledge, decades of statistical experience that tipped him off when they started massaging numbers to make the economy look good many years ago. Check out his site, very informative.

      13. TeacherGODcomplexes says:

        When musicians and artists and athletes, they are booed, humiliated, and kicked out for LACKING TALENT.

        This should be the standard for teachers. If you suck at teaching, you don’t get to teach anymore. We all wanted to be rock stars, but if you suck, that dream dies.

        These ego and god complex-ridden teachers think that the world owes them their dream, despite some of them having NO SKILL FOR TEACHING WHATSOEVER!

        Get over yourself, teachers. You’re a bunch of whining entitled morons who happen to have a fatcat union stealing your money and making you mad at us for it.

    2. Brian Y says:

      Good Grief!!!! Anything to spoil fun for kids…The Grinch really IS stealing Christmas!!!

      1. lukuj says:

        I agree. The kids will just go home and eat what they didn’t at school. At the school where I used to teach, we simply made sure there were some healthy choices before we served cookies and candy. We started with raw veggies, dip, and cheese cubes. After about 15 minutes we brought out the sweets. Since the kids had eaten some of the healthier choices, they didn’t stuff themselves with the cookies and candy and just ate a ffew of the sweets – and they still didn’t feel deprived.

      2. Jack Rail says:

        Yep. These Lefties just can’t leave anything alone. They just have to meddle and stick their noses into others’ business.

      3. BcdErick says:

        This is fascist. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian (go look it up) and that sure made for a better, healthier person and society didn’t it? Hitler also didn’t drink alcohol or smoke He was real a healthy dude. And you wonder why our schools suck?

      4. Judge Judy says:

        Earth to School Bureacrats:

        Raisins have a lot more sugar content than cookies or candy.

        It’s no wonder we have these losers occupy in the streets, who still live with mommy and daddy, who were all educated in public schools.

      5. Judge Judy says:

        Earth to School Bureaucrats:

        Raisins have a lot more sugar content than cookies or candy.

        It’s no wonder we have these losers occupy in the streets, who still live with mommy and daddy, who were all educated in public schools.

      6. SasquatchWANTSfood says:

        I notice that michelle obama was dining on sharkmeat sliders and gold flaked chocolate last week. My god, she won’t be full until she eats all the food she’s slapping out of the hands of our children.


    3. Emerson says:

      I haven’t seen it mentioned, but when you think about it, if there was a demographic in which you would want to encourage positive behaviors, it would be children. Why? Well, they are pliable, so whatever you teach them is probably going to stick vs whatever it is that they are exposed to later in life. Also, they aren’t going to really notice as much. Older folks who are addicted to sugar and need to have it every day (that’s probably a large number of people.., and by sugar I’m including starchy foods since they change to sugar in your blood and are just as addictive) are rightfully going to be upset if you tell them what to do. They also take more offense because they simply have clearly defined egos which children do not. Who among you likes being told how to live? I would wager no one. But we do it to our kids every day, don’t we? As long as they’re imposing globably-accepted notions of proper behavior — and we ALL KNOW THAT SUGAR IS UNHEALTHY — what’s the big deal?

      That said, if anyone at this school wanted to send certain foods with their children (which only they would consume, that is, not to be set out at a buffet table), then I seriously doubt that any official is going to deny that child entry to the party or take away the sweets — especially with the uproar that this one article has caused.

      Now if they start teaching contentious ideas, like those relating to religion or politics, then yeah, I would be mad as hell.

      1. daveb says:

        So…how much sugar is unhealthy, Dr. Emerson? How much can my child have in a day, a week, a month? You let me know how much my kid can eat, and I’ll snap right to it. And if he can’t have ANY, because we ALL know its unhealthy (except for us idiots who have no idea how to raise their own children), he’s going to be so cranky that…why…I think I’ll just drop him off at your doorstep, and you can raise him, since you clearly know best. ENJOY!

      2. ImpeachThatPunk says:

        Emerson: You said ” Who among you likes being told how to live ? “. THE SCHOOL IS TELLING ME & MY CHILD HOW TO LIVE, by telling me & my child what food items I ( the child ) can bring to the school, dumb-tihs…
        “Globally-accepted notions of proper behavior ” ??
        KCUF you…

      3. Buz Radican says:

        Get a frigging grip. Sugar unhealthy? How about smoking, drugs ,alcohol and the plethora of other things humans indulge in? Were their cookies for any other occasion they would not be banned. How about letting the parents decide what is good for their children? The school is supposed to teach academics, not politically correct theories that are espoused by the very liberal left. Don’t like religion do you? American was a Jesus idea, based on rights that are articulated only in the Christian religion. Want to be a witch and have you head sacked off, go to Saudi Arabia. We have lost our moral compass, thinks in no small part to individuals like you. I know you don’t agree, but the facts speak for themselves.

      4. rho1953 says:

        Having some cookies at a Christmas party is NOT going to ruin any kids health. A party is a special occasion. That’s why it’s called a party. You would have made a great Nazi.

      5. Dave says:

        Oh, but they ARE teaching a religion, and Government is the Deity.

        She will tell you what to eat, what to drive, and what you can say. She will provide for you. She will ensure you don’t do anything to harm yourself (unless there’s tax money to be had, like from cigarettes or booze). She will decide how much of what you earn you get to keep, and how much you must pass on to someone else….because they need it. She will take care of you from cradle to grave, and all she demands is total and complete obedience.

        You’re right…Children are very, very pliable…which is why these lessons must start young, and be taught with subtlety.

      6. Matt says:

        Man – every time I see the line “We all know” my idiot radar goes crazy!

        Regardless of the source sugar is sugar. Any dietician will tell you that fruit juice has pratically no nutritional value and that dried fruit is a no no as well.

        This is about controlling behavior not about being healthy. And just who decided it was the schools resposibility???

      7. irishsmile says:

        Ridiculous. Life is about healthy limits not banning everything. Ban for yourself what you have decided is abhorrent to your lifestyle but leave the kids alone for cripes sake! It’s Christmas; acookie isn’t going to ruin their lives. Merry Christmas!!!

      8. Irritated and Annoyed says:

        What I find rediculous is the schools all saying they’re promoting healthy, blah blah blah, and then serving tater tots with tacos and accepting the ketchup as a veg. On top of that, ONE FRIGGIN DAY of sweets will NOT make them obese. Banning them as a DAILY snack makes sense. Banning them for a one-off party is just asinine.

      9. Libertyfreedomandfaith says:

        “…globally-accepted notions of proper behavior” What????? By whose standards?

        “..they are pliable, so whatever you teach them is probably going to stick…” Sure, so let’s send them to the gulags. They won’t know any better.

        Your post reeks of Marxism.

      10. Rita Ippolito says:

        Get over yourself… sugar in moderation is no more a hazard to a healthy person than anything else…

        here is a novel idea.. worry more about math, science and reading skills and stop trying to social engineer everything .. I’m sick of the Nanny state..

        its not the sugar …. its the sedintary lifestyle we need to worry about !

      11. jj says:

        It is NOT the school’s place to teach my children “how to live”, that is MY responsibility. The school is there to teach academics; the school system is supposed to teach kids HOW to think and not WHAT to think. I have no problems with the kids eating sweets at a freaking Christmas party.

      12. Barbara Conn says:

        Sugar is NOT UNHEALTHY. Too much sugar is unhealthy. Big difference.

      13. ardee says:

        ahhh, sugar, I love it, people like you can take a flying leap, 70 and still consuming sugar in large quantities!!!!

      14. Dolores Berk says:

        Get over it….I would send even more cookies and sweets with my kids….after all…WE PAY THEIR SALARIES…WE GET TO CHOOSE WHAT WE SEND TO SCHOOL SO THAT OUR CHILDREN CAN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

      15. krp says:

        Buz? Are you kidding me?
        ” American was a Jesus idea, based on rights that are articulated only in the Christian religion.”

        While I agree with you to a point about America being a Jesus idea, you are completely wrong about the ideas being exclusively Christian. (I would argue that the Christian religion and Jesus have little if anything to do with one another, but I won’t go there at this time. )

        Read Pirsig – if you could – and you would find a pretty strong argument to negate your claims of Christian exclusivity with regard to rights of Americans.

        Ok, witches in Salem were burned at the stake, which is not quite the same as beheading, but still.


      16. Vince says:

        How about this .. let kids be kids, have a little fun, eat some cookies (which may or may not be bad for you), Then take them OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE IT OFF!

        This kind of “BAN EVERYTHING WE FEEL IS BAD” is getting out of control!

      17. Joseph Hunt says:

        They are, and you are so worried about a little sugar at the Christmas time of the year, but kids don’t have physical ed in most schools anymore. Excercise would combat obesity a lot better than destroying Christmas.

      18. MUSLIMobama says:

        EMERSON: keep your hands off my child, you pedophile.

    4. Bob G. says:

      “… We’re just trying to act responsible,” (Superintendent Everett Olsen) told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.
      How can they teach kids English when the Superintendent can’t tell an adjective from an adverb?

      1. jopiper says:

        Right Bob.My daughters’ 3rd grade teacher sent home a letter that was very poorly constructed, with many misspellings. We were shocked.

      2. lukuj says:

        Teachers these days don’t know grammar because they never learned it. It was not taught because in whole language, teachers were told kids would learn it on their own by reading and writing. Later, partly because of the NJ Writing Project, it was also de-emphasized. I was actually chastised by my principal for teaching grammar in isolation. Fortunately, the parents were delighted and the kids came back to me in future years and thanked me. Yes, grammar can be boring to some people and it can be very specific and very picky, but it teaches attention to detail as well as making people effective writers and speakers. At the moment, grammar books are pathetic. They are mostly writing texts with a nod to grammar at the back and not nearly enough practice.

      3. Rita Ippolito says:

        yup.. and the teachers’s Union protect these incompetents… efforts to ensure teacher competence is always fought tooth and nail by the teacher’s union… we need to take back OUR schools

      4. Norm Colson says:

        There are real teachers out there in America that love children and love to teach and could use extra cash! In fact many are even certified and have already jumped thru all the liberal hoops! Just rent one of the many many vacant buildings in your town,hire these teachers and put your kids there! They will actually get an education and less indoctrination for the “NEW WORLD ODOR”

    5. UNKLDAVE says:

      “We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.”

      The poor guy can’t even use good English. How can we expect him to educate the children…
      He should act more responsibly!”

    6. Gary says:

      Here’s the good news. It wasn’t the Feds. At least until the State sticks its nose in parents can go scream at the school board members. Difficult for me to believe that the Superintendent did this without their approval or direction.

    7. german stock says:

      we should feed the children what we think is best for them, I agree, anyone under 18 needs guidance and the right food to grow strong and dependent on the elders, they won’t feel deprived if we grow and feed them in the right way with the right food we know will get them on the right path…great point!!!
      Heil Barack

      1. MUSLIMobama says:

        germanstock – you feed your kids and I’ll feed mine. My children hate sausage and cabbage, so keep your smelling pots & pans away from my kids.

        I notice how often you use “we” when it comes to parenting. Socialist commies love to run nurseries full of other peoples’ efforts.

    8. KYJudiciary says:

      Honestly; is anyone surprised that the Health Gestapo will stop at NOTHING to impose their philosophy on everyone.

    9. Warrior says:

      This is simple; fire the Superintendent and the Principal. This type meddling is what you get when the 10th amendment is not adhered to. Education is a community function, not a government function. Take all education responsibility away from the federal government and allow the separate States to run their own affairs.

    10. versionthirteen says:

      Who in their right mind would want to share a cookie with one of the standard issue leftist harpies called public-education teacher? Those jaded union hags are all single for a reason and apparently need two salaries to make up for life without Dick.

    11. Judge Judy says:

      Earth to School Idiot Bureaucrats:

      Raisins have more sugar concentration than any candy.

      What buffoons…it’s no wonder we have Occutards in the streets, and idiots still living at home at age 35.

    12. oracle2world says:

      “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives.”

      Whenever someone says it isn’t this and isn’t that … it IS this and is that.

    13. A Son of Liberty says:

      These people are just plane stupid! Liberalism is a mental disorder. I hope these idiots have a very Merry Christmas.

    14. ru serious says:

      Health is also an important subject.

    15. Regulas says:

      Yes, the school nazis (liberals) can’t stand kids having fun when it is not one of their politically correct liberal agenda items.

  2. CW says:

    Right-not politically correct and no agenda whatsover…the way you know a liberal is lying is that his/her lips are moving…

    1. Rita Ippolito says:

      but CW… you don’t get it…. these people are just smarter than you and me.. they KNOW what’s best for us … we are just to stupid to understand it.. AND

      in case you couldn’t tell… the above is SARCASM

  3. Marmaduke says:

    Liberal Boston…
    Gee imagine that, another motley crue of libs telling others what they can and cannot do…
    Say it aint so!

    1. Southern says:

      Even conservatives tell their children what they can or cannot do. At least that is the way it works in my house.

      1. Marmaduke says:

        The PARENTS tell their children not a government employee!!

      2. Rosco P Coltrain a-ghgeee geegee says:

        thank you! finally someone with some sense. This isn’t a contentious topic. We all want our kids to grow up tall and without health problems.

      3. Frank says:


        QUOTE: “At least that is the way it works in my house.”

        Exactly. IN MY HOUSE. I don’t need a PhD Ed. reject restricting what I allow my child to eat.

        And no, the school sure as hell isn’t his house. Taxpayers paid for it.

      4. Clyde says:

        Hey, “Southern,” you wrote: ”

        “Even conservatives tell their children what they can or cannot do. At least that is the way it works in my house.”

        You REALLY don’t see the flaw in your logic? Yes, we tell OUR CHILDREN what we can and cannot do. An “educator’s” role is to teach and their authority is limited to ensuring respectful non-disruptive behavior and proper dress code.

        This is one of the faces of “we know what’s best” liberalism and in-your-face political correctness. These liberal asshat bureaucrats are great at being control freaks and downright lousy at ensuring a sound fundamental education based on logic, physics, and history.

      5. German Stock says:

        they should be blond, 6 feet and muscular…all others are not worthy…long live the German’s. Liberals have it right, the weak, sugar babies who need soda water shouldn’t reproduce, they will only need candy bars, free food to grow up healthy and strong and without a moral compass…long live the Reich!!!!
        Heil Barack Hussein Obama……..

      6. freeceese says:

        Right ! Conservatives make their children eat carrot sticks and alfalfa sprouts during “Holliday” celebrations? (laugh, giggle, wink, wink, gag )

      7. Rita Ippolito says:

        that’s just it….. if YOU don’t allow sugar in YOUR house.. so be it..

        I happen to have lean, energetic and active kids who will not be destroyed by a couple of cookies and some fruit punch on a special occassion

        stop telling me what’s best for my kids using the school as your proxy …

  4. Jason says:

    Basically you are to freaking stupid to raise your own kids and we need to tell you what to eat. Way to go Libs!!

  5. JByrd42 says:

    Sure, this is not political in any way. Our children may not be able to read and write but, they sure will be healthy dipsh*ts. LOL

  6. Avoicenmany says:

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,”
    Seems like they are doing a good job of taking it away.
    Be responsible and teach them to read and do math..

    1. USAFLgirl says:

      Exactly!…..he doth protest too much.

  7. Jersey Dave says:

    Food Nazis…. Hey, Teacher (Superintendent,) leave those kids alone!

  8. dockw says:

    Now when I was growing up, Christmas cookies were a treat. Of course we knew they weren’t the most nutritious, but it was a HOLIDAY where one could enjoy something they didn’t eat everyday.

    To the superintendent. cut out trying to “Should” on everyone and let folks celebrate for one day!

    1. lukuj says:

      It seems to me that by making certain foods “evil” you actually make kids want to rebel and eat them. It can work the opposite way also. My mom was anemic and had to eat spinach and liver often. When I asked for some, she would say, “This is grown up food. You are not mature enough to enjoy it. Sure enough, I begged for it, eventually she let me have some, and I ate it and loved it. I don’t think I would have ever even tried it if she hadn’t made it seem like a grown up treat I could’t have.

  9. ron says:

    Cancel school lunches! They eat that crap 5 days a week!

  10. Jala says:

    I don’t know why, but I am still amazed when reading yet another story about your politically correct idiots in New England. Why do normal people keep letting these strange people remain in positions of authority?

    1. Raydog says:

      Hey Jala,
      There are many of us here behind enemy lines in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

  11. plaasjaapie says:

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,”

    It’s responsibly, you lying bottom feeder.

    1. wes miller says:

      Yeah. I normally don’t nit-pick gramatical errors, but it’s a school superintendent, for gosh sakes.

    2. Norm Colson says:

      Let’s make Christmas a “NON-PAID” holiday for teachers!

  12. John says:

    The libs should just ban christmas, fun, playtime, toys, and everything else that makes a kid a kid and force them to get to work. The sooner we have our little citizens don the Mao clothing and get productive, the better the collective will.
    Dissent will not be tolerated.

    1. M.B. says:

      And don’t forget sports! They don’t want score kept anyway now, so why not just eliminate all competition altogether. Chess Clubs?!? Egads! How can you pit some poor unfortunate child against another who is more intelligent? That’s not fair! That’s so unlike real life! They’ll never experience such things in the grown-up world! Oh, wait….nvm. :P

      1. desperado49 says:

        right. Remeber when the schools started to ban dodgeball? , then tag. Social promotion, outcome based education. All stupid Phucking liberal egalitarianism and PC horse hocky.

  13. WTF? says:

    But then they teach gay marriage, Malcom X, abortion rights, women in combat, high taxes, burn the flag, all Southerners and Germans are evil, communism is good, Obama is wonderful, i could go on forever.

  14. GoPack! says:

    I “assume” Everett Olsen walks the talk…i.e. has a body fat level <10%, has good muscle tone, has good aerobic conditioning and is in the moderate strength percentile, for his age…Walk the Talk, Everett, if you're going impose your sense of healthy living on the kids; especially during the Holiday season.


    1. John says:


      Perhaps Everett Olsen has no self control in regards to sugary sweets and the ban is really for him. If that is case, that is the typical liberal plan of action; ban sweets for everyone. In the link I posted above, he appears he needs to lose a few unwanted pounds.

  15. General Turdgeson says:

    Fat cow administrators imposing Jenny Craig and atheism on the masses. Yea feminization of the schools!

  16. Neil Moss says:

    Superintendent Everett Olson’s actions and words are polar opposites and his pclib colored glasses won’t aloow him to see it.

  17. atrain says:

    They are banning Christmans and Cookies? Now that is a way to piss off just about everyone.

  18. M.B. says:

    And yet it’s liberals always saying that conservatives are trying to legislate morality and tell other people how to live; stay outta my bedroom! they say. Well stay outta my fridge ya damned food nazis! Liberals took the liberty out of liberalism a long time ago.

    1. USAFLgirl says:

      Bunch of hypocrites! well said, MB. If my kids went there I’d pack them huge Christmas cookies in their lunch every day and dress them in red and green all December!!

    2. Jess says:

      How are they trying to tell you what you can and can’t do? I don’t understand the uproar. Besides, it IS right not to feed kids sugar and no protein, because not only does it stunt their growth (I know because sodas and candy bars prevented me from being taller than my siblings), but it also leads to mentally tired children, precisely when you want them to be retaining as much information as possible. Feed them all the junkfood you want when they get home.

      1. Montford John Greenwood says:

        I guess the mystery of genetics alludes you.

      2. Dave says:

        Actually, I’m betting it’s a different genetic make-up that’s kept you from being taller than your “siblings”.

      3. M.B. says:

        Wow. It’s a Christmas party, once a year it comes. But I suppose you’re right, a cookie will stunt their growth, probably kill them. Might as well make them f*cking illegal to give to kids, right? Maybe some labels, like on cigarettes. Afterall, it IS right not to feed kids sugar and no protein, right? Arrest these evil parents for mentally tiring their children and stunting their growth! That sounds like child abuse to me!

        /sarcasm off

  19. Stukaman says:

    Let’s see if thesechool offiials are equally concerned abou the sugar content in Kwanzaa food.

    1. never ending fight for freedom says:

      Yeah, the milk man is short & fat like him…

  20. Marmaduke says:

    Let’s be honest here folks, any city that continues to vote Barney Frank into office to represent them DESERVES EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM!!!!!!


    1. bluffbarron says:

      Yes, Barney recommend alot of liqued protien for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

      1. bluffbarron says:

        Yes, Barney recommend allot of liquid protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

        My spelling was off….too much sugar intake when I was in school!

  21. LIBERTY NOW says:

    If they really want to have healthy foods at school they should ban the GMO’s that they serve for breakfast and lunch.

  22. Banderman says:

    Hey, Bub, it’s not your job to enforce your particular diet views on students. It is up to parents to raise their children. Do YOUR job; teaching. That’s it. Math, Science, History, Economics, Writing. Take your liberal, in your face fascist views and put them where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Conan says:

      Why is this such a big deal? They don’t *have* to have a party at school. You send your kids there to learn. They are not dictating what you feed your kids. This is such a non issue. That people would be upset that the school is trying to instill good behaviors (ie, avoiding sugar — how can you disagree with that?) is asinine. You people need to direct your anger where it is deserved, as in the Republicrat elected officials who can legally insider trade and accept pre-ipo stock, obvious cases of bribery which, because of the law which they keep voting to ignore when reform comes up, on BOTH SIDES, ..which should be called bribery and thus be illegal.
      You all who keep pretending that you’re party is the best are f’ing idiots, how can you not see that both parties are owned by lobbies?

      1. daveb says:

        I’ll tell you what. You agree to drop the GLBT club, I’ll agree to drop the Christmas cookies. They don’t “have” to have either. And we’ll all stick to the three Rs. How’s that for a deal?

      2. daveb says:

        oh, and I almost forgot..that includes no longer instilling “healthy” behaviors like teaching second graders how to put a condom on a banana…,,,,,Christmas cookies are a damn site more harmful than that….

      3. Long Live The Republic says:

        “Good Behaviors”???? According to whom?
        “How can you disagree with that?” . What you mean to say is “You are not allowed to have your own opinion. Comply!”

      4. ragz says:

        Hey Conan….did you ever eat a Christmas cookie at a school party when you were a kid?

      5. Daveb says:

        Conan wasn’t eating Christmas cookies. He was evidently sniffing too much rubber cement.

      6. Idiot finder says:

        Hey Conan you really are a barbarian…this is a conservation about the school deciding what is right for our kids not about political issues.

  23. charlie says:

    Who made the public schools Food Police for kids bringing THEIR OWN FOOD CHOICE? RIDICULOUS! What freedoms of choice will they prohibit next?

  24. JohnRalph says:

    No Christmas treats for the kiddies?

    Meanwhile, Mein Fü&rer and Her Royal Highness Queen Moochelle, will dine on Italian White Alba truffles, Kobe steak, blue lobsters and they’ll wash it down with a bottle of Rothschild’s Chateau Lafite 1869, out of a brown paper bag, Chicago style.

    While we must eat our peas… and learn to appreciate it.

    1. bluffbarron says:

      Yes, they must go. By forceful vote!

  25. Peppermint Patty says:


  26. Emma says:

    Let’s have a looksy at what the Superintendent will be devouring and indulging in this holiday season. Then we can deem whether or not it’s responsible and act accordingly. It’s only fair.

  27. David Moore says:

    PC liberal secular Bullsh-t.
    These lefty loonies are going to kill this republic if they have not already!
    If they really knew history they would know we are and always will be a christian nation learn a little about our founding fathers.
    We are not Europe yet!!
    Arrogance is a sin – You arrogant Aholes

  28. M.B. says:

    So very sad. “Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

    That IS being politically correct! If people wanna life unhealthily, let them! But to a liberal, everyone must conform to Their idea of what is good, healthy, globally responsible. “You can do whatever you want, as long as we approve it as being good for you.” Blech! That does not fit the old definition of the word liberal.

  29. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Two words – VOUCHERS BABY!

    1. desperado49 says:


  30. The Sage Waitress says:

    Who cares? These are the children of Nanny State liberals who will do whatever their Party apparatchik tells them to. Let the liberals rot in their People’s Republics. This sort of behavior by petty tyrant school officials only happens in Liberal zones. Every time I see a story about behavior control, it comes out of Massachusetts or California.

    The DC/NYC orbit and the Left Coast need to be their own separate People’s Republics.

    1. Marcus Andersson says:

      And yet every time I hear of a student who has gone to a hospital due to being legally beaten with a wood paddle by a school principal it seems to be in the South.

      Why are conservatives OK with government officials beating children and deciding which citizens should be put to death?

      1. Mikey says:

        You have articles to back this up right Marcus?

      2. LA Doc says:

        Please, give us the links for the times you hear of students being beaten by school principles in the South.

      3. Eric T. says:

        “And yet every time I hear of a student who has gone to a hospital due to being legally beaten with a wood paddle by a school principal it seems to be in the South.

        Why are conservatives OK with government officials beating children and deciding which citizens should be put to death?”

        Please let us know the particulars of the most recent occurrence of a principal beating a student with a wooden implement and sending said student to the hospital.

        Actually, please let us know the particulars of the most recent occurrence of a principal beating a student, period.

        Not sure why the death penalty earns a mention, but hey, if the death penalty is a deal-breaker for you, there are plenty of States where it’s not in the cards. And they tend to have a lot fewer of those dastardly conservatives that bother you so much.

      4. Jala says:

        Smooooooooth Marcus! You managed to respond to a stated fact by spewing a MADE-UP CHARGE (made up by you it seems).

        You are revealing your shallow intellect with every word you type. Do yourself a favor and go back to your government job instead of displaying your lack of logical thinking skills.

      5. Principal says:

        I’m going to paddle and then put to death everyone named Marcus.

      6. daveb says:

        The “South” . I think that’s code,

        Marcus, that comment brings to mind a line from “The Hangover”:

        “You are literally too stupid to insult”.

      7. jlynn492 says:

        Hmm… I was paddled in the fifth grade but that was 30 years ago. I haven’t heard of any kid being so disciplined in a public school in decades. Just how south are we talking about cause if it’s south of the border that’s another ball of mud.

      8. Mark says:

        Conservatives would never be OK with government officials beating children…or anybody else. Plus, we’d like to eliminate most government officials entirely!
        As far as deciding which citizens are put to death…that’s up to the courts. Unless you include the liberals who supprt abortion, and put children to death.
        Nice try Marcus.

      9. Armed Texan says:

        Why are liberals okay with deciding which unborn citizens should be put to death?

  31. USAFLgirl says:

    As long as the parents keep their kids in schools where government is dictating parent responsibilities, it will continue and spread. I read of a school in Detroit (I think) where the parents MUST buy lunch, NO PACKING allowed. Had the parents boycotted the school until common sense reigned again, they would have been forced to reverse the decision. But the sheep did what sheep do.

  32. Jared Larson says:

    Billy The Kid loves Christmas cookies and other assorted rich foods associated with holiday season celebration. Of course Billy gains several pounds this time of year.

    But as you can see by my photo, a hundred forty years ago we didn’t have a childhood obesity problem. We didn’t have Splenda or Tofu or fake butter–we fried our eggs in lard.

    And yet we didn’t get fat. Huh. Maybe animal fat and white sugar isn’t as bad for you as corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

    We didn’t give the good stuff to the kiddies because we were saving it for the adult parties.

    How is it that kids forty years ago didn’t get fat like the kids today, but they had birthday parties, sweets and candy without the school district stepping in and banning it?

    I suggest the school district is banning the wrong thing. Ban idiot school administrators instead.

  33. Neil Moss says:

    Those libpc colored glasses he wears keeps him from realizing what a complete hypocrite he is. ” Duh…uhhh I’m not a……..I’m a moron.”

  34. Lana says:

    Now they will hide behind the statement this has nothing to do with being politically correct it is for a healthy lifestyle. BUNK!

  35. Snarkey says:

    How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

  36. John Galt says:

    “…his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.”
    Tell ya what, bucko. Leave my child’s choices of what to eat up to me and my child and you concentrate on what you’re paid to concentrate on – the 3 R’s.
    This is precisely why my kids don’t go to public schools.

    1. dave says:

      um, I could be wrong, but since it wasn’t mentioned in the article… what’s to stop someone from sending their kids to school with junk food? Why does everyone act like this is such a big deal? Just do what you’ve always done and see what happens. The fact that the school “asked” the children not to bring sweets is not the same as the school barring entry of any child who brings sweets. Why are you all so afraid of these people? Just stand by what you believe and stop being wusses about it.
      Hopefully though you *are* teaching your children to enjoy vices in moderation though.. just saying.. Because, well that’s just common sense in this age.

      1. John Galt says:

        Good idea. What’s the term the dims use?…civil disobedience? I’m all for that.

  37. Factchecker says:

    Effing liberals.


  38. Gary says:

    I see the communist party is alive and well in Westford.

  39. M.B. says:

    Because God know, the world has been doing nothing but falling apart for centuries because of people eating fatty, salty, sugary foods. Oh, wait, the world just hit 7Billion people. Guess we may survive a few Christmas cookies and some punch!

  40. ozarkgrannie says:

    Makes me wonder what their school lunch is like. Garden salad, Salmon, green beans, whole wheat bread, 1% milk no doubt. Oh and maybe a peach..Yeah right. I am real tired of others telling others how to live.

  41. Joan says:

    I don’t know who has more wackos in government, California or Massachuetts. Why do you people just keep quiet and let these wackos run your lives?

    1. Rich Brinkmann says:

      Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing.

  42. CH says:

    Wow. I’m sure this brilliant idea will get the kids into a more active lifestyle and prevent childhood obesity. What will they think of next? I know, make the kids wear helmets to school. That would prevent any head injuries if they happen to fall down. Merry Christmas kids! Enjoy your Holiday salad and low-fat dressing or optional celery sticks.

  43. anig101 says:

    Glad I went to school before the Department of Education was created by Carter. Thus began the downslide of our schools.

  44. elevenhundred says:

    I think it’s funny. The liberals can’t even understand the problem. Ok so you get to bring Christmas treats maybe ONE DAY a year. Some teachers might let them celebrate a little over their entire last week … but getting rid of the soda, pizza, and chips that are available to the students everyday? Forget about it.

  45. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    I’m so glad we live in a free country where children are loved.

  46. Me says:

    The life of a liberal is so dark and sad.

    And, the children suffer.

  47. Michael says:

    We see right thru the Christmas haters. It comes once a year. The kids can handle it. And it’s NOT the job of our schools to police what we eat.

  48. jd says:

    UTTERLY Disgusting. Politically Correct Fascism. The Officials behind this (Soviet style) grinchness can go “promote a lifestyle” on their own time. And you wonder why conservatives win elections

  49. Steven NYC says:

    How about banning (or limiting) video games, Facebook, internet duration, etc, all the things that make these kids sit on their huge butts for countless hours and get FAT and make them do some physical activity! Then they won’t have to worry about a little sugar! Or how about just allowing the sweets to the kids who are in shape and actually exercise? Why should they be deprived because of a bunch of lazy fat slobs?

    1. daveb says:

      We live in a society that now ENCOURAGES kids to smoke pot…in fact…CELEBRATES it….(let’s go to Hempfest!!!) and what do you know…in the news yesterday a study showed pot use among teenagers is up tremendously….so…what you get is a bunch of stoned kids chowing down on Christmas cookies while playing video games and updating their facebook status on their iphones who can’t hear you when you scream at them to go get a f****ing job because they’ve got the ipod going full blast. What a country…what a future….

  50. Rich Brinkmann says:

    Someone please post the address of the school. Let’s send some Christmas Cookies. I mean, lets pile them a mile high at the school. Let’s kill them with kindness….

  51. Jay Knight says:

    “Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.””…….

    Ummm, these days from the left “politically correct” and “healthy lifestyle” are one and the same.

    How can you tell? Look for the word “banned” in the story. A conservative healthy person , like me, will educate others, if they wish to be educated. Liberals will just ban, censor, and dictate until there ideas are the only ones allowed.

    1. Daveb says:

      “Ban” is the favorite word and pastime of the left…..ever notice that? Who the he’ll are they to ban cookies?

    2. Rita Ippolito says:

      Jay… you hit a home run… liberals are all about control… their way or the highway… just the opposite of what it used to mean to be “liberal”

    3. JED says:

      BINGO, JAY!

      My kid gets home-made CHRISTMAS cookies in his lunch as a treat, not a meal.
      There is NO ONE who will tell me we can’t do this, especially since my kid is normal weight and healthy.

      How is it when one of these wack-job liberals comes up with a lame idea and gets called on it they cry racist, insensitive, etc.? And then say the same thing about some idea that is good and reasonable.

      I think the DUMBING OF AMERICA is the government’s most successful program.

  52. Wayne says:

    Someone needs to teach the Superintendent the difference between adjectives and adverbs! One acts responsibly, not responsible (unless by “act” he means “pretending to be,” in which case he would be accurate on several levels).


    1. Jack White says:

      And people wonder why 1/2 of high school students are functionally illiterate.

      1. Rita Ippolito says:

        nope, I don’t wonder.. I know.. .its because of the idiocy of the liberals who have taken control of our educational system…

        as kids continue to fail, and underperform the teachers want less and less accountability but more and more PAY

  53. Cogiito says:

    Our education system is a total failure.

    Dialogue usually focuses on truancy, but always ignores the fact that over 1 million students drop out each year, moving from our Nationalized Education system to our Nationalized Welfare system, on which the federal government has spent $36.04 TRILLION taxpayer dollars since Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 New Deal.

    Test scores an ACTs and SATs have not increased in over a decade. Virtually all colleges have had to establish ‘placement’ testing and develop remedial programs for incoming freshman because they are totally unprepared.

    2009 performance on International Testing, by 65 member nations, the United States ranked 17th in reading, 30th in math, and 25th in science.

    We have transitioned from an education model based on the object truth that competency in reading, writing, math and science are fundamental to strong critical thinking skills, to a model where the sole purpose is to advance liberal social justice goals.

    The result is that government, by design, is creating a population of cognitively challenged, self-centered, government dependent, entitlement supported Occupy Wall Street slugs.

    1. Wodeshed says:

      I think it’s even worse than that. ACTs and SATs have not only failed to increase, but the situation was so bad some years back that the testing companies actually decided to add extra points to students’ scores, in an effort to make the situation look better.

      Those who are appalled by the state of our education system would do well to bear in mind that it’s not so much an education program for kids as it is an employment program for loyal liberals.

    2. Rita Ippolito says:



  54. GSGP says:

    There is a thing called recess where kids go and play outdoors. used to be in schools remember ??? Seems if we reintroduced that along with say Kick ball, teather ball, four square it would help then to “Burn” access. We dont need school to ban food we need you to allow jonny to FAIL or not get selected to play ball. maybe then he will go practice and ohohoh enjoy it. This all is fair no losers has gone too far.

  55. Snake says:

    Since ramadamamadadam (notice how well I spelled it) is the same time of year, the children for a healthy diet should be allowed to watch the superintendent slaughter either a Goat or a Camel (slicing their throat) and allowing the animals to bleed on the school grounds. Then they can serve the maggot infested meat (60 percent of animals killed in muslins country have maggots living in them at the time of their deaths) because it will be healthful, and ORGANIC! (OWWWW) Afterwards to “save the planet” they can all sit on the soccer field take a dump and be taught to wipe their hiney’s with their left hand and clean it on the grass. This too will “save the planet” by not using toilet paper.. To save money on schools, all GIRLS will thus be banned from learning because as the Tradition in the muslin states say, “women are for babies, men are for pleasure.” Let’s stand up and clap for diversity……. (Hey you in the back, STAND UP otherwise you will be beheaded!}

    1. Rich Brinkmann says:

      LMAO, good one

    2. Fu Manchu says:

      What does that have to do with the story?

      It is a tradition in our country, in polite society, to not just go off rambling and mumbling about something in the middle of a conversation or in response to what has been said before. To do so is a sign of mental illness, and is generally to be avoided.

      1. Змейка says:

        Hey Fu,

        A lot if you had the reasoning to decipher it. The super said he wanted healthful food, and because he is being Mao zedung PC, then why not introduce the “healthful food” of freshly slaughter animals to the children, That way the can even chew bones and spit out the gristle while “saving them from the HARMFUL EFFECTS of CHRISTMAS COOKIES!

        Another point, you don’t pack the gear to tell me or any other person on this board how to think. Your idea of polite society is based upon communist teachings whereby one does not have an opinion but must follow the state’s dictum. Thus, your reply clearly indicates you desire everyone to follow a script, OR you cannot reason such as Rich Brinkmann was able to ascertain by reasoning what I wrote.

        I was born Soviet, but I am a USMC by CHOICE for 21 years. The freedom we have in this country is becoming more and more like the old Социалистическая республика. Putin is attempting to bring back the Soviet empire because it was so “good”. The people are breaking out in Mother Russia against his and your type of thinking. Frankly I would not care at all to be around you or your “friends” with your type of polite society type of thinking.

        Now if I have not explained myself correctly or clearly, please inform me and then you will be sent to a reeducation camp to get with the program

        Semper Fidelis


        Snake Змейка

  56. Darold Boucher says:

    Superintendent Everett Olsen is Brain Dead. He doesn’t know the first thing about kids. Why is he even there.

  57. Mahakala says:

    These liberal POS “educators have to go. Stand up to these fascists. Send Christmas cookies to school with you kids and sue them if they try and tell them they can’t have them

  58. cleothegreat says:

    they have no right to tell kids they can’t eat cookies. who elected that principal God?

    1. Wodeshed says:

      My theory is that there are three different kinds of liberals. The first kind is the person who just wants to be taken care of, like a perpetual adolescent. The second kind is the bleeding heart, who holds no one accountable, but instead just feels awful for them. The third, and most dangerous, is the kind who wants to take care of and feel sorry for the others. This person feels he’s better than everyone else; smarter and more capable. He’ll make your decisions for you and take care of you.

      This principal is one of the last group. Obama is his leader.

  59. Marie R Sadler says:

    My daughter’s Classroom christmas party is tomorrow. They are having christmas cookies, cupcakes, juice and goodie bags and will play games and win prizes. And guess what? It wont kill them! Its not an everyday thing.

  60. Ralloh says:

    Freaking jackass. These disgusting liberals just don’t want anyone to have a good time. Hey you creepy little whimp superintendent, let the kids have some fun for one day. It’s really none of your sick, meddling business. Did Michelle Obama put you up to this?

  61. Marie R Sadler says:

    Those kids will have a lousy “christmas party.” They are going to celebrate by expecting to eat hummus, raisins and cucumbers. Imagine the one time out of the year where you can usually indulge in frosted cookies…..and you get a plate of raisins and vegan cheese instead.

  62. daveb says:

    Lets see …..Just in yesterday’s news…..Pot smoking up among teens. Marriage rate at historic lows. Kids graduate from high school without being able to freaking read write or do arithmetic.

    Turn on their ipods, tune into facebook. Hang out at the mall. Have a few kids out of wedlock. The more you got, the more you collect. Make sure no males are in the house. Smoke some dope. Celebrate the fact you’re smoking dope. Go to Hempfest!!! Waste time. Occupy something other than a job. Collect a check…And this buffoon is worried about CHRISTMAS COOKIES….
    These pathetic pc public schools, little by little, want to eradicate any expression of tradition.As if banning Christmas cookies ONE FREAKING DAY A YEAR is going to have any effect on anything or anybody. About as much of an effect as you driving a prius is going to have on global warming.NIONE. People have got to wake up and stop taking this crap. These school administrators work for US!!! SPEAK UP!!

  63. Fu Manchu says:

    I have about had it with the public schools (and politicians, too, but that’s a different matter).

    Whatever happened to moderation? Is this school teaching that there is NEVER a good time for sweets? If not at a Christmas party, when?

    Things are getting ridiculous, in our country, and I’ve had it with jackazzes like this. They are helping ruin our country and ruin our children’s childhood and that must not be allowed to stand.

  64. darrell7887 says:

    I am glad I didn’t grow up in a liberal commie household. I was allowed to enjoy growing up!

  65. RJ says:

    Make the kids put a little red star in the middle of their hats and make them read “Dreams of my Father.”

    After all that’s where we are heading.

  66. Jon Weiss says:

    I’m a soldier, when I joined the Army I was making $361.20 per month, when anyone griped about the pay, we got told “You knew what the pay was when you signed up, and we didn’t have a stinking Union thug to fight for better pay. I say abolish the Teachers unions and tell the teachers to take their pay for take a hike. They knew what they were getting into when then signed up.

  67. Steve M. says:

    Political Correctness is a polite form of tyranny.

    -Charlton Heston

    Students and parents- Tell Superintendent Everett “Grinch” Olsen, that you are “Occupying” you child’s classroom and the banned treats are part of your exercising the “Freedom of Expression.”

  68. Jon Weiss says:

    As for the cookies, you can always trust a liberal democrat to put a wet blanket on a time of joy. Sounds like a good reason to look for a private school. OH but that can’t happen since the Obama dictatorship won’t allow a mass exodus from his campaign supporters primary money maker….the tax payers..

  69. Darryl says:

    Bunch of rotten nazis.

  70. ROD says:


  71. Amber Brown says:

    The fact that the Stalker “A” list includes Pillsbury Maple mini-muffins, a preservative-laden “acceptable” food with unpronounceable ingredients, yet a natural organic cookie with <10 ingredients a layman can actually recognize are unacceptable is absurd. Kids get three classroom parties a year in Westford – "Harvest Festival" (Halloween), "Winter Fest" (Christmas), and Valentine's Day. Doctors advise consuming treats in moderation – isn't 3 out of 180 days pretty moderate?

    I have multiple food allergies, and manage to find sweets and treats I can safely consume. THAT is the responsibility of the allergic child's parent, not the government via public schools. I would even go far out on a limb to say policing intake is the responsibility of the obese child's parent as well (the horror).

    If they really want to put a dent in childhood obesity, try offering gym class 3x/week and providing more than one 15-20 minute recess per school day. Minimum wage earners in many states get more breaks in a work day than elementary school students!

  72. Calypso says:

    Bah, humbug!

    What a bunch of ninnies.

    Liberals are such killjoys.

  73. Dave Autrey says:

    What are “empty calories?”
    “We’re just trying to act responsible.” Are you trying to say “We’re just acting responsibly”?
    If the superintendent isn’t up to the challenge of the English language, what chance is there for the children. I guess they can all grow up to write illiterate comments under news stories on the internet.

  74. Jack White says:

    Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.


    Act responsible? You mean responsibly don’t you? No wonder public school students are illiterate. The superintendent can’t speak proper English.

    1. thussaiththewalrus says:

      The [previous] Superintendent of Schools in the State of Washington, Terry Bergeson, was famous for saying that she “felt badly” about the students not learning. Eventually, ol’ Terry “felt badly” when she was replaced by the voting parents of the students she “felt badly” about not providing an acceptable level of education.

  75. LibsMustGo says:

    Thank the Good Lord that Libs like Everett Olsen are saving us from ourselves.

  76. mot says:

    Trying to address child obesity…good grief. Get kids out from behind video game computer screens. Anything that has to do with traditional Christmas celebrations are being eliminated from schools so children have no memories of such things to pass on to their children. Christmas will be a non existant holiday in one generation. It will be called something else in the future. Liberals make me puke.

  77. rjm2238 says:

    What about children who are chronically thin? Why should they be denied foods that they enjoy, foods that may supply needed calories? Some children have a fast metabolism others actually still play outdoors, like I did in the 1950’s and 1960’s and are in great condition. My kids in the 80’s and 90’s were in the same boat, they could eat all of whatever they wanted, within reason, and never gain an unhealthy pound. We had to play heII at night in getting them to come inside and go to bed, they would much rather run around outside playing.
    Why do liberal institutions always dumb down or in this case punish down, to the lowest common denominator? If you see a fat slob stuffing their mouth with sweets you may want to suggest to them that they put down the candy bar, pick up a ball and go outside and play. No need to deprive all children, not unless of course you enjoy that type of behavior. Might it also be that you do not like to see children celebrating Christmas?
    Rich in New Mexico.

  78. chuck says:

    I Love reading the teacher bashing on here. Did you ever think that the kids are partly responsible for their non-learning and the parents too? Some kids are just plain dumb just like some adults are just plain dumb. You all know some stupid adults right? Do you think they were geniuses when they were younger?

    1. rjm2238 says:

      No I don’t think they were geniuses, they probably just needed a good education. I’m not blaming teachers solely here, I blame the curriculum and all of those involved with its’ design. That is typically where the failure lies, you know Garbage in – Garbage out.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  79. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Or bring back P.E….
    I guess that would be asking so much it would destroy the very fabric of the universe though.
    Better not let kids celebrate one day in the classroom or the kids could develop obesity over night. < that be sarcasm

  80. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    Who says puritanism is dead? Maybe they can start burning offenders at the stake again.

  81. Patrick says:

    I get sick of these pay arguements. Teachers contracts in Ohio are to work a 7 hour day for 185 days – that is 1295 hours – the average pay for those folks is 56K (NOT including benefits), which brings it up to about 78K – which is a bit over $60 an hour. THESE ARE FACTS! The average taxpayers who support these libtards work an 8 hour day for 250 days a year, or 2000 hours a year, which is 54% MORE hours, but for an average pay and benefit package of just over 40K a year – which averages out to $20 per hour, or 1/3 of what teachers make. In the brief time I was a teacher, Katie bar the door as the staff arrived at 7:30 a.m. and left at 3:00 p.m. and they had a half hour for lunch and one of their periods was a planning period where they read newspapers are laid around in the teachers louge complaining about their “hard” life.

    Of course nothing to do with this issue, but plenty talking about it and the so called facts are usually not even close to the truth. As for the treats, the kids are fat since they never get off their fat asses and move except from the TV to the fridge and back to the video games and computers. Another cookie at Christmas will not be noticed, but the folks who run our public education system do whatever they can to bring discredit to themselves – the highlight in our district last year was a counselor sleeping with the basketball team! LOL.

  82. Jay says:

    Sad, but I understand the schools decision. I’m sure the kids don’t need more sugar. I think this should be an invitation for Christian kids and parents to be creative and share the meaning of Christmas minus the cookies in other ways….

    1. thussaiththewalrus says:

      Jay: So, this would be the SAME school that promotes the heck out of Halloween?

      If it’s a “Christian” hoilday, it must be skewered; if it is an “alternative” holiday, then it is up for destruction.

    2. Bilford Rielly says:

      Just what is needed on this Jay – you surrendering!

      Thanks alot!

  83. jnsesq says:

    I was just too ignorant to appreciate all that People’s Republic enlightenment and moved to Florida in October ’09. Haven’t missed a New England winter or a Beacon Hill hack since. Y’all enjoy Taxachusetts, ya heah?

  84. Newt and MItt are Socialists says:

    Wow – more great things from the sate that brought us – Mitt Romney. Not!

    Just a peek into the future that Romney will bring to us all. So sad.

    1. Victoria says:

      WOW just dying to find out what you think your slavemaster obamie is!!!! Or let me guess you went to a governmentschooland have NO graspofwhatSocialism is!

  85. AlbertG says:

    If they say it’s not political, you can bet it IS political. The same control freaks that want to spoil those 3 or 4 holidays where kids can have fun are the same ones who insist parents don’t have the right to know they’re daughter’s been taken to an abortion clinic.
    The left only wins when they control things – seldom through being honest and getting the consent of the people.

  86. Sara says:

    The public schools have no right dictating what the children can or can not eat there. It’s the parents’ responsibility. That said, if a school is thinking they need to make this kind of rule then one can conclude the parents aren’t doing their job teaching their children self control. I taught my children that if there’s a treat at school, they can have one and they know the consequences of eating ten instead of just one. All I have to do is show them my old photos and tell them that’s what happens when you eat too many treats. They come home from time to time saying they got to have a treat at school and took just one. Not only are they not afraid to tell me, I praise them for making the right choice. All of my children are healthy without deprivation, physically active and perfectly happy not being connected to some digital device all day long. Every time I read an article like this I’m more inclined to think so many more people are becoming dependent on nanny state government telling them how to live, and not necessarily by choice but by way of being raised to not think for themselves.

  87. Kathalyn Bunn McCullough says:

    Relax and let the children have a couple of cookies! The kids aren’t fat because of what we feed them or don’t feed them in schools. It is because they aren’t restricted by their parents at home. We have dropped recess for the most part (I had one in the morning, after lunch and afternoon) and restrict tag (it makes kids feel bad), dodgeball (it hurts their feelings) and other games. So a cookie or two isn’t going to kill them, relax and celebrate that God loved that crazy superintendent guy enough to send a baby in a manger. Gosh this world is getting crazy. It is called liberalism or communism or whatever, but school the children and let the parents parent!!

  88. sam8131 says:

    What a scrooge!

  89. dave 2009 says:

    Schools are always sticking their noses where they don’t belong and refusing to go where they are paid to be.

    Who made these self righteous nobodies parents of other people’s children?

    The point has been made in all the comments before mine but let’s say it again. The schools need to start teaching the children how to read and comprehend, how to calculate and excel in higher mathematics, how to apply math in the sciences, how nations came to be and the principles applied by the founding fathers of this nation.

    That seems to me to be plenty on their plates now without usurping the role of parents.

    But NOOO! Our public schools have to take our children into the bedroom at ever an earlier age and are now teaching them the wonders and mechanics of gay sex.

    If you just thought everything was upside down in this country then by all means take another long look and so you can be sure of it.

  90. Joe Golfendude says:

    Like they do everyday of the year. NUTS WE HAVE LET THESE PC MF’er turn this country upside down… WAKE THE HECK UP

  91. tony says:

    Pretty amazing what others will do that was never done to them.

    Would say, hey send them to private or Catholic school, but we are all still footing the bill regardless if we use the government schools or not.

    This is an area of reform that needs to be addressed with our next President. The DOE, etc. need to be found unconstitutional and leave this to the states to answer directly to the people.

    And it is I who decides what my kids eat, not some idiot who can’t teach them 1+1.

  92. Scott Roark says:

    it’s none of your business whatsoever what kids eat. that is between them and their parents. oh i forgot………the government thinks it can do a better job of educating kids because it does such a good job of managing itself.

  93. Rational says:

    How about this for combating obesity: require kids to take rigorous gym classes. In most schools gym class is a joke.

  94. longun45 says:

    Don’t look too hard at eh cafeteria food either. High fat, high carbs. little nutritional value, but guaranteed to make every one hyper for drugs..

    The Superintendent needs to be FIRED!!!!!

    1. daveb says:

      In a few weeks you won’t be able to see it because the political versions of this PC idiot are banning light bulbs that allow you to actually SEE in the dark. I really am beginning to DESPISE these people…

  95. Amber Brown says:

    Sami is asking people to sign her petition to support allowing students to have treats during classroom celebrations. (She was having a hard time trying to figure out how to get a hard copy to everyone to sign, so I helped her create this tonight instead.)

  96. George Macaulay says:

    I guess these “educators” have never heard of sugar free candy, cookies , cakes etc. We diabetics have been eating them for years! Just more interference from those in charge!

  97. me321 says:

    Teachers are Nazis!

  98. Jasonn says:

    Most all of those kids probably already have a mother and don’t need some F’n bureaucrat to tell them what they can eat.

  99. Jan says:

    You would be surprised to find out just how many families cannot afford Christmas gifts or even food. Many people are quietly hurting and you will never know. Some people only have the gift of baking to give at the holiday season; and some children only have their school parties to look forward too. Anybody, whom suggests bringing a treat for the individual, and no other child, must not have children. Every parent knows that if you send your child with a treat for them alone, all the other children are saddened that they must do without. Children have a very strong sense of fairness. This Superintendent will reap what he sows!
    I am sure that every time Everett Olsen is seen eating, he WILL be a target of public scrutiny. No one is perfect Mr. Everett Olsen—not even you. And a word of advice—- talk to Michelle, she still suffers public scrutiny!

    1. Lisa says:

      The answer to childhood obesity is not in restricting foods as much as it is in excersise. I followed a school bus the other day and it stop at a house and then next door less than 50 feet away to pick up children, if the one child walked to the others driveway they could burn some calories and the bus could burn less fuel. Check out the diets of professional athletes as to what they can eat. Have the cookies and follow it with a hike around the school grounds to work the calorie off. I wasn’t a fan of PE in school but I believe it could be the solution to childhood obesity 1/2 hr a day of moderate activity at all grade levels.

  100. Brian says:

    What’s in your desk drawer Supt Olsen? Sounds to me as if your heart is two sizes too small.

  101. Joe says:

    Maybe we should withhold tax dollars from Christians!

  102. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Oh please tell us where the school superintendant went to college, grad school and how many degrees he has (and as a bonus, in what).

    The answers to these questions will produce a roadmap of how not to become a giant total a-hole.

  103. liberalsarefunny says:

    Want to take a wild guess as to who these “school officials” voted for in the last general election??

    Go ahead-take a stab at it…

  104. Gordon Campbell says:

    Stay OUT of my kid’s lunch box.She WILL be bringing ALL of the above to her class party.

  105. Vickie says:

    Home baked goods on Holidays is NOT the same as promoting an improper diet. I agree – let the school get rid of th GMO, high-fructose corn syrup, white flour, growth hormone-laced milk crap AND let the children have treats on special occasions.

  106. cris scantlebury says:

    Boston and Massachusetts has strayed a long way from
    our founding fathers beliefs.The Sons of Liberty are rising from the

    Our relatives no longer send us Xmas cards…. they say
    we can no longer claim …the hard fought rights of the founders.

    This school board action….is just another nail in the coffin.

    This public / government action deserves the strongest condemnation…
    Maybe it;s time to bring back some tar and feathers. or at least some
    voter reqret.

  107. Irishjedi says:

    Being a teacher in a school where the kids are given a small bag of pretzels and a juice on Halloween it is ridiculous. There is a store directly across the street from the school. You should see the crap these kids buy. However, one party with healthy snacks will make them think twice before buying Doritos. Give me a break. It is what the kids want they will get it. Party On!!!!

  108. J Wilkes says:

    The elites …..making decisions for others and
    spending other people;s money.

    Vouchers and competition to public lower education is call for.

    Rise up!!

  109. derfel cadarn says:

    I am less concerned with childhood obesity then I am concerned about school administration stupidity. To the nanny busybodies AGE RES PROPIAS TUAS !

  110. Hank says:

    OK then, Make Christmas trees out of raisins oranges etc. Then we’ll know!

  111. EdH says:

    So if the liberals get away with this at the Public School level, how long until they attempt the same with us adults, all in the interest of “healthy eating”?

    Liberals SU(K

  112. Ritt Mormonmoney says:

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas.”

    That’s like saying we aren’t trying to take the moron out of Mormon.

    Well, not exactly…

  113. dave 2009 says:

    Oh wait, it just occurred to me that what this school is striving for is to be able to press its collective lips against Ms Obama’s behind and earn some brownie points.

    Call me cynical but the excuse that it’s for the children is wearing thin. There’s no business like protecting people and that goes double when we are talking about kids. That’s why the schools have abdicated their responsibility to give the children an education. There’s more reward to be had year over year by expanding the business to include everything that the parents are tasked with. While doing this the schools can let the actual business of education slide and then cry to the legislature that taxes need to be raised so the schools can complete the job of educating.

    Of course, that never happens because if they obtain their stated goal they also reach the ceiling of their annual incomes. Then there’s the fact that most of these folks couldn’t teach anyone much of anything that has to do with difficult subjects like reading for comprehension or math and sciences. No, it’s far easier to teach the kinds subjects that can’t be quantified or evaluated on a test.

    The bottom line when it comes to the all too altruistic rhetoric summed up in the phrase, “it’s for the children”, is there are just not that many mother Theresa’s in the world. After you chew on that realize this, Theresa took a vow of poverty and teachers are always poor mouthing it.

    In other words, we are talking about Unions, you know.

  114. Regina says:

    I’ve been wondering why we aren’t getting
    Christmas Cards from our out of state relatives.

    Could be ….that irresponsible / busy body bureacrats {ie Westford Schools] are giving us all a black eye.

    A state Grass Fire revolt is needed….. Put a short leash on these
    arrogant governmental thugs is needed.

    We are tired of them screwing up our Christmas Cheer .

  115. Lynn Braddy says:

    Obama’s twinkie police are at it again.

  116. beenaroundyaknow says:

    You can’t fix stupid, especially liberal stupid.

  117. Gobodon says:

    School executives and teachers are like Christmas lights, some don’t work, and the rest aren’t bright.

  118. Bella says:

    Good grief, when is this nonsense going to stop? They are not taking Christmas out of Christmas. NO!! What about any fun out being a child. Would it really hurt the kids to have special treats once in awhile. These loons are unbelievable loons.

  119. Ken Henson says:

    Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.

    Should that be responsibly? Of course, the years may have dimmed my memory. English grammar was the class after Latin and before algebra, but that was more than fifty years ago.

  120. victoria J says:

    So if kids aren’t allowed to have treats even at Christmas time….I guess they are NEVER going to be allowed treats because if not then when!!! The unfair thing is that looking at the demographics and studies it is inner city kids who are suffering this obesity epidemic and it is the skinny suburban kids by and large that are having the food police sicc ‘ed on them. Gee how much free time do all these government workers/teachers have to be snack bag police. So they freak out if a 12 year old eats a cupcake but if that same 12 year old wanted a box of condoms or an abortion they would break their legs to get them that! Yah sure their motives are pure and they really “care”.

  121. Sharon says:

    I am a MA native and I agree that the children should have no sweets or treats at all. They are so expensive now, who would want to buy them? I hope this is for all children, not just Christian ones. There should be no holiday celebrating at school anyway since it is for learning, not celebrating any national and religious holidays. I think MA should start thinking about all sweets being banned from children, including items made from honey and dried fruits. Fruits are very bad for teeth…it promotes cavities. Everything should be unsweetened now, everything. There should be no more candy shops, bakeries, cupcake shops, desserts in restaurants, nothing sold in coffee shops except for coffee. Come on folks, this is everyones’ chance to make America the heathiest national on earth. MA, thank you for starting this trend towards healthy living.

  122. Henry says:

    Right or wrong, this is a typical liberal work — social engineering.
    Like it or not, “I only do this for your own good.”, “You have to follow me exactly as told”.

  123. Bill Kilgore says:

    More liberal politically-correct nonsense from the state that thinks Teddy (What bridge?) Kennedy was a hero.

  124. John Malverne says:

    This is just the school’s contuance of the policy of indoctrination: government agencies own you, control you and may ditate that which you are “allowed” to do.

    The tax slaves had better not foget their place.

  125. Judy Pierson says:

    Other school districts have already been forced to back off on this policy. At this point in time the administrators have no excuse. They need to be sued, and not just as administrators. Having had access to information that schools can’t do this, they need to be personally sued for every penny they have to force them to stop implementing their personal agenda contrary to the oath they took to uphold the Constitution.

  126. Gobodon says:

    School officials say they’re also hoping to protect the growing number of children with severe food allergies.

    The new policy comes as schools across Massachusetts get set to implement stricter state-mandated food policies aimed at reducing child obesity.
    I think the problem with children, obesity, is not food, but getting the kids off their butts in front of the television, the games like Nintendo and Microsoft, and get them outside, playing some kind of sport, kick the can, etc. that’s what we used to do, I eat all the candy, cookies, and we never gained a pound. We grow up healthy and smart. You could see the difference in our countries status. We’re afraid to offend everyone under the sun, which leads to correcting a child’s growth. No competitiveness leads to reliability on other people. I grew up in the 40s and 50s, I drank out of rainwater barrels, water hoses, rode my bike without a helmet, played sports with scores. All we are doing is raising our children to be afraid of everything and offended. This country is being turned into a maze, scientific research, which preachers everything we eat and do this dangerous to our health. Thank God, I enjoyed life to the fullest without all the scientific research, and and if I offend anybody right now. Tough. “Merry Christmas” the reason for the season.

  127. ADean says:

    I am old enough to be on social security. Ate lots of Christmas cookies over the years. It is just a miracle that I survived. Who are they kidding?

  128. Marcus Allen says:

    Superintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas.

    What a stinking liar and we don’t need their stupid food protection.

  129. lwayne says:

    Do you have to be total fool to be a school administrator or principal?

  130. Jerry Brant says:

    I’ll bet the farm that it’s ok to bring all of the sugary sweets from Holloween!

  131. J.V. says:

    It just so happened that this union-government worker decided exactly at this time and in the Christmas season a way to demish another American tradition. . .isn’t that convenient.

  132. carlb says:

    if i was a parent in this district i would do a ows on this principal and bring every kind of christams treat to the school by the sidewalk and give it to the kids as they leave school. how dare this clown put a coal in there stockings.

  133. Jim says:

    Amerika, or the United Socialist States of Amerika. You all wanted big government; you all got it! Nothing more really needs to be said on the subject

  134. FRANK says:


  135. American says:

    Merry Christmas to all.
    American Patriot
    PS: Screw the Comunnist dogs, this is America!!! they need to Go back to the hell hole they came from.

    May God Johovah Bless America for her goodness.

  136. Robert Novak says:

    stupid adults forgot what it was like to be a kid….it is no longer the United States of America, it’s now the United People’s Socualist States of America

  137. Steve Roberts says:

    Sugar/ That’s outrageous. And how are the little ones ever going to learn about proper condom use with all these Christmas parties cutting into time that can be devoted to sex-ed and gender studies?

  138. Mike0oSS says:

    I’m glad my kids survived the govenment schools intact. Too bad this school administration is a bunch of Grinch’s, but what do you expect from bluebloods from Mass? Call Barney Fwank, maybe he will get one of his boyfriends to help.

  139. Margaret Maree says:

    “We’re just trying to act responsible” Wouldn’t “responsibly” be better English in that sentence? Anyway, when these nanny state educrats aren’t trying to socially engineer the kids, they’re griping about how poorly they’re paid, which we know is baloney. A new survey says that teachers make 50% more than those in comparable private sector jobs. In Sudbury, MA, teachers are expected to get an 8% raise this year. Everyone I know has had their pay frozen for a few years!

  140. trainman55 says:

    Well! Now we know here the GRINCH is spending this CHRISTMAS! YES, I said CHRISTMAS!!!!

  141. Susan says:

    Highly inappropriate boundires have been crossed. The school isn’t encouraging, it’s become a dictatorship. How dare they. To encourage is to offer some healthy choices at the same time, NOT ipreach, nsist and dictate. You offer and then shut up and back off. A government, a school district, a school administration or teacher is not the authority of the chid’s life. It’s no one’s business but the parent(s). NO ONE’s. Wake up people, it’s not okay to dictate and demand what a family provides. Doesn’t matter that we know better and what’s healthy. Stop this insanity that is already helping destroy this country. Inform, suggest, offer (a couple of times, NOT in your face every day, every where you turn), then shut up and back off. Totally amazing that first it’s done and that second anyone allows this to take place. They’re coming into your homes people, don’t kid yourselves. They’re coming right into your kitchens, your dining rooms, your personal, private family relationships. A dumbed down and sheeple nation. The issue is not what’s healthy or not. The only issue here is what people (who believe they’ve been made GOD) are attempting to do. It’s past time for more than a few to mind their own bees wax.

  142. PC Police says:

    They should also ban kosher foods and halal foods. It’s only fair. PS – if your child has a peanut allergy, then tell him/her not to eat peanuts.

  143. Chad says:

    Got to love Mass schools. Can’t have calories that are empty but are perfectly fine with lessons that are.

  144. keith wren says:

    one day a year of Christmas cookies will be the end of life for all those kids shortly!

  145. w svoboda says:

    One point I would like to remind people of, the public school system in this country as well as the Government is funded by the TAXPAYERS. It is not funded by the Principal or the Superintendent nor the teachers union, it is funded by the Taxpayers. We the People, have the final say and it is about time we bring pressure to bear on all of these so called public servants. Reminding them we pay their collective salaries and their benefits. They have a position by our consent, for far too long we have abdicated our responsibility and we need to again remind them who is in charge.

  146. Jeff Taylor says:

    Since when did the schools get the authority to become the diet nazis?? Its the parents job to decide what THEIR kids eat no some bureaucratic muppet

  147. dessertgirl says:

    Is Michelle Obama the superintendent of this district?

  148. BrianM says:

    What a bunch of idiots. No common sense. Theres nothing with this once a year give me a break you

  149. Judith Ne says:

    These infermal busybodies need to go sit in their ash heaps and babble bah humbug. Once a year people celebrate and have festive foods. BFD. Let them eat their healthy lifestyle. A few cookies bring joy not harm.

  150. Erick Blair says:

    This is fascist. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian (go look it up) and that sure made for a better, healthier person and society didn’t it? Hitler also didn’t drink alcohol or smoke He was real a healthy dude. And you wonder why our schools suck?

  151. jslab129 says:

    liberals aren’t happy until everyone else is miserable.

  152. lc says:

    “We’re just trying to act responsible.”
    I’m not a school superintendent, but I could have sworn it would be “act responsibly”.
    He may not trying to be politically correct (as he states), but he is trying to dictate what he feels is acceptable, which in my opinion is totally unacceptable. Ridiculous! Parents, I hope you’re flooding his email and phone with protests.

  153. Big Daddy says:

    The overall school system in this country has gone down the tubes in the last 25-30 years. Teachers now instruct children WHAT to think and not HOW to think.

    Most folks would call that indoctrination, not education.

  154. Indicator says:

    Sierra, Foxtrot, Alpha.

  155. Len says:

    I missed the story on the banning of holloween candy and sweets!

  156. Cathy says:

    Take away the traditional food for a celebration, are you following the tradition at all? Thanksgiving minus the turkey, Easter minus the eggs, Valentine’s minus the chocolate hearts… Bah Humbug! Tiny Tim was excited about the Christmas goose and all the trimmings, not steamed veggies and tofu. Healthy eating is great, do not mistake me– everyone should do it.. but treats such as Christmas cookies and cakes, in moderation, are fine. Principal Scrooge, relax and let the kids have their gingerbread cookies and candy canes for their party.

  157. Mike says:

    Let’s just get to the point of all of this shall we. The kids should just bring checks or cash to contribute to the teacher’s union pension fund. To hell with everything else. I mean this is what it’s all about after all right?

  158. Ryan Mouk says:

    Well, I am glad to see that the school districts are forcing their viewpoints on the children. If I was those kids I wouldn’t bring a single item of food. and then post themselves gorging on pies and cakes and email them to the super-intendant.

    Dont bring cookies on Christmas? What a moronic move by someone who thinks their view point and lifestyle choice is what everyone should adhere to. I spit on you.

  159. Cathy Webb says:

    I cannot believe that a school superintendent says they must “act responsible”. Act is a VERB, so they must “act responsIBLY”. Good grief, no wonder kids can’t spell and have incorrect grammar!!

  160. Cathy Webb says:

    It should be “ACT RESPONSIBLY” not “act responsible”.
    Can’t believe a school superintendent would make that grammatical mistake~~~

  161. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    What really ticks me off about this damned story is that the superintendent is a lying SOB.

    He and the rest of his communist cadre really couldn’t give about what the kids eat. It’s all about Christmas, period.

    Think not? If Kwanza or Ramadan involved the consumption of small sugary cakes and cookies, this left-wing nut sucker would be all over it with support, and ordering the kids to cram them down their throats.

    Lying no-good progressive left-wing SOB….

  162. CH Galvan says:

    These schools should be more interested in getting rid of all the child molesters than a bunch of cookies

  163. IGetItAlready says:

    This is getting so stupid as to start to make one wonder if these are not lame attempts by school administrators and teachers at getting their 15 minutes.

  164. Daniel Morgan says:

    What’s that whooshing sound I hear? Why it’s the sound of all the fun being sucked out of being a kid.

  165. Daniel Morgan says:

    With today’s liberal agenda, we will have skinny kids that know political correctness, how to how a condom and all about gay history, but nothing about writing, reading and arithmetic, or how to think for themselves.

  166. ncnick says:

    Its when I read stuff like this that makes me so glad that I left the nanny state sh&thole that is Massachusetts years ago. Problem is that the progressive do-gooders who come up with these kooky ideas are invading North Carolina where I now live, because they have taxed and regulated away all the decent jobs in Mass.

  167. Verheek says:

    Has anyone called the school to complain? Honestly, how does this promote anything useful to take tradition out of the holiday season. And anyway, I’m sure the kids filled up the difference once they left and went to the 5 and 10 or 7/11.

  168. Dennis K says:

    Just wait until Obamacare really kicks in, these people will put locks on your refridgerator. They will run the groceries and McDonalds will be run out of the country. Tofu and seaweed will be your staples with a littel brown rice for the holiday. With 15 trill in debt that will be all we can afford anyway.

  169. Anonymous says:

    For crying out loud… A Liberal Christmas is the worst kind of Christmas, because it destroys all of the roots that made it Christmas to begin with.

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      “A Liberal Christmas”.

      Good oxymoron!

      A “Liberal Christmas” is NOTHING – no beliefs, no nothing.

      After all, communists despise any religion because, in the words of Karl Marx, it is “the opiate of the people”.

      Destroy religion, customs, values, and the societal fabric of a country and people is dissolved. Then, the liberal/progressives have a bowl of human gelatin to mold in any way that they see fit.

      It’s been happening here in America for a long time, but under the socialist dictator that some have called our President (I never have, and never will), he has pushed the socialist/communist effort to destroy our country into overdrive.

      We have enemies around the world, but none are so potentially fatal to the existence of our country as the progressive left. It’s high time that we start treating these vermin like the deadly cancer they are.

      America – our’s to win or lose. Your choice.

  170. malcom says:

    ever notice all these crazy new rules and high crime areas are ran by liberals?

  171. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I assume bringing a turban and a bomb belt will be allowed though so as not to trample on their civil rights…

  172. Kip Noxzema says:

    Notice the people feeling self-righteous and saying they’re teaching the kids healthy eating habits. Those are the same people who snuck alcohol in to the rock concerts and had sex in the back seats of cars at the high school games when THEY were younger. Total hypocrites.
    Now those kids in that school will see their cousins and other kids at other schools, and wonder why their own school didn’t have fun Christmas parties. Saying those kids will grow up healthier is false. And you know it. Your attempt at political correctness is not steeped in reality.

  173. George Plemons says:

    they can’t count the number of cookies on the desk or tell how much a half of a cookie is or a third of a cookie but by gosh they know you can’t have one. But you also have to remember this is the Kennedy state, and that should give you idea of the thinking….no sweets just lots of booze.

  174. Rush Babe says:

    Lived in the Lowell /Chelmsford area most of my life…….boy what a deviation due to PC………Westford is the new Republic of Boulder here in CO….but we still are a swing state with a brain….and can stop the madness…and hope for freedom from candy cane activists…….

  175. Pat says:

    Liberalism is a disease. That is something that should be taught in our schools. I firmly believe that liberalism is more harmful than Christmas cookies.

  176. John Sheridan says:

    This superintendent needs to be fired or a recall petition for all board members. The Peoples Republic of Mass. is acting true to it’s nick name.

  177. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Raisin, dried fruit, apples? What happend to good old fashiioned freeze dried seaweed or spinich and homemade liver jerky? They need to feed children truly healthy snacks.

  178. american says:

    Someone needs to take the ‘public’ out of school.

    There’s nothing wrong with celebrating once in awhile.

    This also shows most principals are not very knowledgeable, or smart. The obestity epidemics main reasons are HFCS and physical inactivity.

    A big cause of the physical inactivity, is that children no longer walk to school, because what the schools have not taught, and what they ferret out at every chance, is Christianity.

  179. swamp fox says:

    Abolish the US department of education and things at the schools will improve tremendously.

  180. american says:

    Someone needs to take the ‘public’ out of school. Even for people who don’t believe in the devil, would they not at least exclaim once in a while that the devil must be in charge at the public schools? And of teen culture? Certainly!

    Further, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating once in awhile, or in having sugary snacks once in a while. What is wrong, is HCFS, the main cause of the obesity epidemic. That’s the fault of Congress, for banning the import of cheap sugar.

    Principals so love their paychecks, that politics trumps truth. They ought to be telling parents and children the truth about HCFS, rather than dictating no sugary treats. They also ought to quit pushing vaccines, which destroy the brains of 1 out of 90 of their charges. And they damn well ought to be learning about and teaching about genetically modified food, which sterilizes many farm animals which eat it. Principals and teachers are going to be out of a job within a generation, if someone doesn’t do it.

    There will be no children to take care of them in the nursing homes, or pay for social security in their old age. They will be aborted, like German doctors aborted psychiatric patients, the invalid, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped. Because schools dumped Christ, the children whose siblings and playmates were murdered in the womb, will see no problem when pressures mount to do something about the future problem with the elderly.

  181. deedee says:

    YES we wouldnt want to be responsible for CHILDREN Having FUN..!

  182. RNGH says:

    Educating not parenting is schools’ job! Obviously they have NO skill in the later. This is one major reason each generation of graduates slide further behind in the comparisons with the world. Neither our educators nor our government have a clue how to fixed the educational system. Vouchers and freedom of choice for the parents to determine where their children attend will quickly close these liberal, politically correct money pits. Currently our teachers, like every other union organization, are not producing the results we need. Most of our best industrial jobs are now overseas apparently there too the best educators.

  183. Josephx says:

    Not Christmas related? And the lies just become bigger and bigger. A few generations ago these marxists would have only been visible in a couple of select places in America, i.e. Berkley, Madison, San Fran, and a few others. Now they control us in almost every community. While we were busy attending to our families or taking care of others, they stole away with everything; our government, our schools, our culture, our future. We have been handed this country through generations of struggle. Should we turn our backs on what can only be a sacred duty to preserve it or are we no longer strong enough to deserve America?

  184. Bilford Rielly says:

    How about you Atheist’s get a grip – for 11 months of the year you get nothing. then comes Christmas and you have to pick on the Christians. Get a life!

    Gezz these godless wonders are as stupid as thier belief system – nothing before – nothing after – nothing up stairs.

    Oh by the way Stalin was a darwinist – 13,053,000 killed, as was Hitler – 20,943,00 killed. You atheists sure know your stuff – NOT!

  185. Mike G says:

    Massachusetts and California are both equally crazy places. I am surprised anybody with any sense has not already fled these madhouses.

  186. Rick H. says:

    What drab uninteresting people liberals are

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Liberals embrace misery, lies and hate, yet accuse their opponents of everything that THEY are actually guilty of doing.

      They want only one thing:

      Control and power over everyone to make them miserable and soul-less, but THEY will have the best of everything.

      The ultimate hypocrisy.

      America – our’s to win or lose. Your choice.

  187. Bluec says:

    Oh look, a sneak peek at obozocare. Soon if obamacare isn’t repealed this will be happening to adults. Soon you will have people from HHS monitoring your cookie intake and your beer intake, and your tobacco intake. Soon you will have people monitoring your exercise levels and how long you sleep at night. Soon the dims will demand mandatory drug testing of anyone on obamacare.

    Soon Americans will no longer be free, they will have been transformed into the toys of the government, a living version of the Sims. From a free people to paper dolls in 3 years, one cookie at a time.

  188. MrD says:

    Why do we need to ban anything to fight childhood obesity. Hell, all the kids in my family seem to be doing alright weight wise. It must be all the playing. Are kids in Boston not allowed outside or what?

  189. Bluec says:

    Just wait till the dims declare that giving your kids sugar at home is a form of child abuse. The dems would love to pounce on your kids and take them away to some reeducation camp.. Like a monster from fable, with badges for scales and guns for it’s fiery breath. It’s roar, “I’m sorry mam, it’s the law.”

    Soon the people who wanted free health care so badly are going to discover the true cost. They’ll discover that he who controls healthcare controls the family, all of it! And they not you are the only ones fit to decide if it will even be a family!

    Are you a fit parent? Do you drink or smoke? Are you fat or lazy? Do you like pizza, cheese burgers, or even apple pie? Would your home pass a surprise inspection? Are you armed or dangerous? Do you question authority!?! As a parent, do you use hate speech around your child? Are you a bigot? All of these things could be used to paint you as a bad role model and a potential hazard to the mental well being of a child.

    With enough time and legislation HHS and CPS could be used as a weapon to intimidate or dest oy the families of those who oppose them.

    Welcome to China, American style.

  190. PJ McFlur says:

    Anyone else amazed that the wealthiest areas of our country are often plagued with this? It seems the wealthier an area gets, the more the do-gooders try to shape society. Im frankly amazed that Mass let itself become home to the most aggresive state policies in America. High taxes, less choices and more force. You would think the state that sparked the American Revolution would look at its history to define itself.

    Instead we get a bunch of panty sniffing low lifes that believe they can teach our kids better values, enforce their belief system on us and take our money through force.. for the better good of all of us of course.

    Delusional at best. Pathetic at worst. Regardless, Mass is a sad example of extreme liberalism. This is no way meant to be mean. My entire family is from the area.. and Im consistently amazed and how little Liberty means to the people in New England.

    My Nana would be sad… as am I.

    1. rufus levin says:

      that is why Mitt Romney MUST NOT become the GOP candidate for president…he is a Nanny Stater like the rest of Mass…..forget his “business experience” and LOOK WHERE HE CAME FROM.

  191. Chris says:

    If ELF can down syrup and coke like a freak, so can my kid! lol
    And libtards wonder why we have issues with big government….
    I’m quite sure the village idiots that decided on this rule has fat little kids sitting at their house playing on an xbox or ps3 and yelling at them about toys.
    Sweep off your own doorstep before you come to school and order about other people on how to handle their children.

  192. Sugar not Aspartame says:

    Instead of banning treats thats eaten once a year, why dont the schools start their physical education back up?

    The best way to combat obesity is…… ACTIVITY!

    Schools just keep kids in the classrooms sitting at the desks, no activity and no PE, no playground activity or anything, just sit at desks from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, no healthful promotion of obviously healthy Activity for kids throughout their school lives.

  193. Ramrod says:

    when i was a kid 40 years ago they use to say best part about being young is you can eat anything you want and not get fat.This so called obesity problem with todays kids a total scam just a way for BIG GOVT to get bigger i get caught behind school buses all the time and all i see get off are kids skiny as a rail. END BIG GOVT NANNY State BS pronto

  194. Gusman says:

    Happy Sparkle Season children. Would you like come up and be served a piece of Winter Solstice Tofu for your Sparkle Season snack?

    Give me a break.

  195. GoldenRudy says:

    Public education! Trying to blot out the name of the most influential person/philosopher in the last 2000 years from the educational process. The children will and are, however, being taught that homosexuality is normal.

  196. Ramrod says:

    here in Ct average salary for Public School teachers $ 75.000 plus they retire after 30 years with awesome pension start a 20 retire at 50? im 52 and will most likely work to 70 & have to invest in my own retirement plan.mine aint paid for time to abolish Govt monopoly Govt education NOW

  197. A Son of Liberty says:

    It is not the school boards responsibility to control what a child should eat or should not eat. It is however their responsiblity to EDUCATE!

  198. Oracle says:

    I would leave a comment, but this news is too stupid to comment on.

  199. kilroy says:

    I am all for kids eating well, but the schools are more worried about the PC of food than about a good education. In this country the children are so under educated. They do not know proper history, know little about American history, world history. They are taught with rewritten propaganda books. Parents are being pushed out of a children lives. So maybe he is getting the kids ready for the neo fascist state of the US, where there will be little treats and even less food.

  200. Tony Clifton says:

    Once again, another moron proves without a doubt that there’s nothing liberal about liberalism.

  201. DOC says:

    Like good food?

    NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Steve In Tulsa says:

    More leftist facism. If they are not bossing people around they are unhappy. Leftists are all bullies at heart.

  203. Solid Citizen says:

    Fire the principal and introduce school vouchers.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  204. RUFUS LEVIN says:

    Lack of FUCUS by the schools on their MISSION. They are to EDUCATE kids in subject matters, NOT TO REPLACE PARENTS. The PARENTS get to decide what THEY deam HEALTHY, not the TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS. PARENT are RESPONSI BLE for kids choices, NOT SCHOOLS.

    I would FIRE this fool and kick him out of town……the schools have exerted influence over kids LIVES far in excess of WHAT THEY ARE HIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO DO, USING TAXPAYER FUNDS TO EDUCATE KIDS.


  205. Bill says:

    why are a majrity of the problems with diets in public schools? do not hear any
    crazy policies from charter schools. Oh I forgot, most public schools are supervised by lefties.

  206. Tray says:

    Thats just to get them used to not eating the kinds of food Socialist systems cannot provide.—So they will not complain about the shortages when the Socialists take over.

  207. George Wessington says:

    First you had the likes of William Bradford banning Christmas altogether now you have the Liberals attacking Christmas treats another way to get in the back way bashing Christmas. The history of Mass. repeats itself.

  208. ctmom says:

    What the hell is going on in Massachusetts? Thank God we moved years ago.

  209. JustAGuy says:

    The Christmans cookies were probably banned because they’re not halal.

  210. roxanne says:

    They can’t just ban cookies. It is not illegal to take cookies to school. Who gave school officials the right to ban anything? I guess they forgot this is America and they cannot take away freedoms from Americans. They should ban Progressives.

  211. Regulas says:

    I would pack my kids lunch and it would be filled with anything Christmas. As soon as school stopped my child from having lunch I would sue the atheist scum.

  212. Kittlefish says:

    What a bunch of party poopers. I guess Santa doesn’t get his cookie and cocoa anymore either { he has jolly ho ho belly afterall}. So it lumps of coal for the stocking but oh wait the greenie/meanies are banning coal too!!!!!

  213. maggie says:

    I suggest all parents just ignore school officials and take double the amount of cookies they were going to take. What can they do – suspend hundreds of kids? Do not let progressive bullies tell you what to do.

  214. frank wilcox says:

    Hoover apples make a great Holiday snack mmmmmmmmyummmy.

  215. Rocky Alvarez says:

    Let the Parents decide? Oh Sure, look at society around us, we can all clearly see just how well parents are doing at raising their own kids!

  216. Fishsnot says:

    Hope the children of this school sneak up behind this “superintendent” and push him down the stairs! What a communist!

  217. Vince says:


    How about this .. let kids be kids, have a little fun, eat some cookies (which may or may not be bad for you), Then take them OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE IT OFF!

  218. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    The left is about nothing but Total Control no matter what the issue big or small .
    .We need to end at the Voting Booth .
    Carrot Sticks and Soy bean Yogurt at a Kids School party?
    Give me a break !

  219. LS says:

    Does the school inspect every child’s lunch? Next we will be charging the parents with child abuse for feeding “non approved” food to them. A holiday party will not make a difference in childhood obesity or life style changes.

  220. Jane Anderson says:

    Obesity among children and teenagers is becoming a threat to national security. Just ask any military recruiter who is visiting high-schools looking for kids who can make it past basic training.

    I applaud this school for making our nation stronger.

  221. Larry says:

    I hope tthey remember not offend anyone when it comes to earth day!

  222. firedup49 says:

    Is there joy left when the liberals and dems. take over. they tax you to death ban everything they do not like. I guess we are not longer free in America if they have say.

  223. sara Lee says:

    Americans have no Freedom…America and Freedom no longer have anything in common.

    All Americans must conform or will go to Prison or take our children or take our homes or execute us.

    Nazi America…Home of the Imprisoned.

  224. Ed U. Cate says:

    I wonder what “goodies” will be in the teacher’s lounge?

  225. sara lee says:

    No wonder so many Americans are taking their children out of Public Schools and doing Home Schooling. The Government is brainwashing our children and the Teachers are all for it…..So if you want your child to grow up as an doncile doormat…send them to school. If you want your child to be an independent free thinker, and an independent person….Seriously consider Home Schooling.
    I Home School my children and they are way ahead of their peers in Public Schools. They get their classes, they get regular exercise, and they get to be themselves. We have neighbors who also Home School, so our children get the socialization of their peers without the input of the Government. And I dont get 50 calls a day stating that MY CHILD is too opinionated and needs to be disciplined at home….Nope, Public and Private Schools are just a way to ‘mind control’ my chilldren.
    Home Schooling all the way

  226. John Kinfg says:

    Maybe someone who doesn’t even know that “responsible” is an adjective, not an adverb shouldn’t be a school superintendent.

  227. FUBAR says:

    Hopefully, the administartion has reviewed the sugar content of the meals served at the school and adjusted the contrcat accordingly.

  228. guest says:

    Wow… I love hearing conservatives of all people complain about someone telling them what they can do… You’re the people that love to tell two consenting adults that they can’t get married because it doesn’t follow YOUR religion. Really? Imposing your stupid religion on everyone else? You’re just as bad as the Taliban. Just for the record, I’m not in favor of any of this nanny state crap that dems are trying to pull.

  229. Lori says:

    I think everyone should have the freedom to eat whatever they want. Just don’t ask me to pay for your healthcare!

  230. chipgiii says:

    Once again we see over reation….just stupid. I agree that discouraging this stuff if it were on a daily basis….but this is the holiday season.

  231. fatboy says:

    I’m sure the superintendent is a fat slob

  232. Terry Pelz says:

    Don’t come to Texas with your liberal ideas.

    1. Rog says:

      if they do, its shoot first, ask ques-aw hell, just keep shooting.

  233. Dennis D says:

    Here is a photo of the Westford School Administrators. They could promote healthy eating by going in a diet. Look at the belly on the guy with the blue shirt.

  234. Mark says:

    The Schools do not govern the people!!

  235. jaked says:

    I have only a few things to say to the District:


  236. Cindy Mullenax says:

    Don’t get mad people, these are the ONES YOU VOTED FOR!!! Unfortunately Boston IS a LIBERAL state. Let my boys scools tell me that shyt and I will bring out lawsuits. officials, news crews and reporters and pull my boys out of school and homeschool them myself!!! We as US citizens have let this LIBERAL BS go on LOOOONG ENOUGH. OBAMINATION WILL GO IN 2012 PEOPLE!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU VOTE THIS TIME!!! LET US TAKE OUR COUNTRY AND BELIEFS BACK FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAKE!

  237. LTG says:

    Nanny State Strikes Again! It Is The Parents’ Responsibility to See To The Health Of Our Children!! Superintendent Everett Olsen is a liar.

  238. anon says:

    “… We’re just trying to act responsible,”

    He could start by learning the English language. Responsibly. This illiterate is taeaching our children.

    No wonder they be dumb.

  239. RLABruce says:

    Superintendent Everett Olsen says he isn’t politically correct and he isn’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. So why IS he doing this? A party isn’t the place everyone goes to eat healthy! It’s a 1-day fun-time for the kids–or would have been without this jerk.

  240. tnmccoy says:

    They always have a handy excuse for their nonsense. I suggest all the students and parents leave the classrooms, picket, chant, protest, and ‘occupy’ the school grounds until the idiocy is corrected.

  241. Overtaxed says:

    I live in Westford. The school committee, townie Selectmen, School Superintendent,al have their heads where the sun don’t shine. Spend money until we do have none left and come up with ridiculous rules is what they are good at. Went to the parents/teachers conferences last night and the teachers were outside handing out pamphlets stating “Fair Contract Now”. For a supposed top 10 school in this state my sones can barely write legibly, spell, use correct grammar, etc. Stick it!

  242. DLG says:

    Another idiot liberal at work (sorry for the repetition) The Christmas party that the kids look forward to all year isn’t going to make or break their weight. I can’t stand people like this superintendent that haven’t got a clue and I’ll bet she had 0% input from the teachers

  243. Jason says:

    My ex worked in this school district for years. The big Nazi-Fascist Libtards were out of control then and I can see it hasn’t changed a bit.

  244. DLG says:

    Texas had a nut Susan Coombs that pulled garbage like this now she’s the state Comptroller, and we had a $25 billion shortfall under her watch, stupid liberals!

  245. sbenard says:

    Instead of banning Christmas cookies, I say we ban government-run schools!

  246. Ta-Lula Belle says:

    You people are taking this WAY too far and WAY too personal!!! You’re acting like the Town of Westford is putting a ban on Sweets and Treats forever!? I think we should be greatful that our children actually get to enjoy sweets, meanwhile their are starving children in other countries that would die for something like that!! It’s really not a big deal, the children are only in school for what?… 5hrs a day!? They can eat all the JUNK they want when they get home!! And let’s be honest here.. If this “ban” was never made then 10-years from now when you’re kids are overweight you’ll blame it on the schools for having unhealthy hot lunches and snacks! Let’s appreciate that the school system is trying to start a healthy way of living for our children, because we all know how hard it is to shed the pounds as we get older!

  247. Paul C says:

    uperintendent Everett Olsen says the ban on holiday sweets has nothing to do with being politically correct, rather, his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives. We’re just trying to act responsible,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin.

    Hey Superintendent! That’s responsibly… an adverb. Maybe you should have eaten a cookie or two to keep you from dozing off in English class.

  248. Doug Wakeman says:

    ““We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives.”

    Of course they are. How stupid does this guy think people are? It would be obvious to a comatose person that trying to destroy Christmas and remove the joy from childhood is exactly what they are doing.

  249. DC says:

    When did the government become OUR boss?

  250. organicgal says:

    Most of the comments here seem to be overly hysterical about school having control of their children when the biggest influence on children has always been and will always be the family. Commenters here have resorted to a certain style of name-calling…Nazis, war on Christmas fascists, progressives, Marxists, nanny state leftists, politically correct atheist scum, Democrat, Communist, godless Socialists…the like of which is extremely insulting (people who want kids not to eat or to eat less junk food are equal to other people who put entire families in gas ovens to kill them) or mean spirited (WWJD?), and/or ignorant (someone who’s a fascist can’t also be a Marxist and as George Orwell said…the word fascism is almost entirely meaningless…almost any English person would accept “bully” as a synonym for “fascist”.), and shows how unprepared these folks are to participate in a democratic process where the respectful exchanges of ideas, and respect for each other as human beings needs to be a starting point in the process…unlike fascism where violence is a given (which could include violent or inflammatory speech, the likes of which most of the comments here contain). The comments from these angry, frightened people are a lot sadder and disturbing than a school not wanting to promote eating junk food in the classroom.

    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. Sinclair Lewis

  251. Happydots says:

    But the Halloween parties will continue with no problem. Oh and probably Valentine’s day because let’s face it, no one knows who St. Valentine was anyway….

  252. Kelroy says:

    “We aren’t trying to take the Christmas out of Christmas. We’re not trying to take the enjoyment out of children’s lives.” …..But you did. No one has ever ever ever gotten obese from a christmas cookie at the christmas party. Making them drink sour juice with a raisin is cruelty. What amazes me….you fat jerks got your cookie when you were in school, and yet you deny these children!?
    Thanks a lot Michelle Obama. Here is some Fudge for U.

  253. Jake Curtis says:

    So much for those PTA Bake sales to raise money

  254. spintheirlies says:

    Maybe they can start celebrating Gia day in the schools–the UN is pushing hard for it and so is Al Gore and Maurice Strong and also Obama with Cap and trade…cap and trade (smart meters) is code for making Gore, Strong, Van Jones, Obama, Andy Stern, the Clintons and Franklin Raines uber rich while sticking it to the rest of us–then the little darlings can learn to eat grass and piss and poop where you stand..in the classroom, in your livingroom, wherever you want……that is the “new” smaller footprint the libs all talk about..living in tents with no electricity and standing in your own fecal matter…just like all the Occupiers….that is what the uber rich want for us peons paying their way….that will bring the little darlings closer to revolutionaries than they’ve ever gotten……the school libs will love that…but I wonder how happy the Union janitors will love cleaning up the poop and piss or will they be out there pissing and pooping with the kids to show solidarity. Workers of the world unite with the indoctrinated children of the USA!


    WOW! Another Ultra-Radical Liberal taking it upon himself to dictate Mama Michelle’s so-called childhood obesity program. Let kids be kids and have some fun.

    Americans love their liberty, it is in their DNA!



  256. Chuck says:

    Has anyone seen what is served in these school lunch rooms? It is heavily processed crap chalk full of empty calories. I guess it is OK to get the kids fat on government provided empty calories but not on home made empty calories! I also wonder how many of these school officials are setting the example of fitness themselves? I bet you will find sugar in there coffee and boxes of donuts in the teacher’s lounge!

    1. Jeffrey S. says:

      Typical do as I say not as I do school administrators.

  257. jekyllisland says:

    Funny how the recommend raisins which are horrible for gums, juices which are loaded with sugars and fruits that are packed with carbohydrates.

    It’s almost like they are trying to create a group of diabetics. Let them eat meat

  258. Overtaxed says:

    Westford has taken away Chocolate Milk for lunch due to Michelle Obama’s obesity program. My youngest is PO’d.

  259. Bill Henderson says:

    Let’s see… it must be the northeast. Oh wait! It is! What a shock.

  260. Mike B. says:

    The superintendent said, “We’re just trying to act responsible.”
    Uhh – that’s “RESPONSIBLY” genius.

    And this whole ‘healthy food’ PC liberal insanity because kids are obese thing is ridiculous. You want kids not to be obese? Drag them away from their PCs and video games and kick them out of the house to play with other REAL LIFE kids, just like we did.

    Also, I don’t believe the hype about kids having endless allergies to everything that exists. Growing up, I didn’t know one kid who had an allergy to anything (except maybe penicillin). It’s just another leftist ruse to ban anything which is enjoyable.

  261. BHD says:

    I just offered my two sons both $25 to bring 3 dozen christmas cookies to school at Westford Academy next week and hand them out in the hallway. Told them to have the principal call me directly. Some school does not get to tell me what to feed my children.

  262. Daisy says:

    “We’re just trying to act responsible,”…”

    How’s this for responsible? Learn to speak English before getting paid exorbitant amounts of tax dollars to sit around and indoctrinate school children in your Leftist ways. The word is ‘responsibly’.

  263. Xando Jones says:

    Ban everything! Ban it now!

  264. RodgerM. says:

    Public government schools have been a horrible failure for decades and yet they seem totally unconcerned that they consistently fail to teach children the basics. Christmas cookies are their big worry… yet another reason to defund the failed public schools and return the money to parents to spend on better, private school teachers.

  265. stee says:

    You have 30 kids in the room. You have MCAS to think about. Load them up on candy, soda, and cupcakes. Now teach.

  266. Miguel says:

    Find this Olsen guy and make him eat 100 cookies and at least 2 liters of carbonated sugary water, as a first warning that Americans are a free people, more than willing to learn, but never to be threatened or controlled by government agents.

  267. Publius says:

    And under the penalty of what law, which isn’t supposed to be made? We have the free exercise of religion. Read the First Amendment again, every single word and phrase, and read for comprehesion..

  268. belleboy says:

    It’s OK kids, bring all the cookies, candy, soda, and anything else you desire to the Christmas party at school because our First Lady, aka “the big butt mooch” issued a proclamation just before leaving for her and the Bummer’s 17 day tax paid vacation in Hawaii. In her proclamation the “Mooch” said “Let them eat cake!”

  269. Carl says:

    No wonder progressives are so miserable – they don’t know how to fun – even at the simplest level, a grade-school Christmas party. How sad

  270. GBGBGB says:

    Must be preparing for a “Jumping Jacks” competition!

  271. John C says:

    More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder. It’s the Democrats who push political correct policies designed to ignore the majority in favor of pleasing minorities. Such insanity should be rejected by the public by rejecting Democrat candidates in the 2012 election and voting for Republicans. Republicans never push political correct policies.

  272. n8 says:

    to Dennis….if you work 6 days a week, 11 months out of the year as a teacher and only make $32k, that is on you. No public teacher I am aware of works Saturdays and 11 months out of the year for 32 grand but if there are some, find a new gig cause yeah, you’re getting screwled.

  273. tkolo says:

    I live in a far NW suburb of Chicago and this just happened in our school system as well. No more sugary snacks for parties and you can’t those evil snacks for your kid to celebrate their birthday either. Thanks to Mrs. Obama, and her crack head ideas like changing the food pyramid and calling it the food plate now. I wonder if she was a client of Sam Hurd.

  274. yarply says:

    Cookies and such things don’t go well with the prison atmosphere the state wishes to project in our school systems.

  275. Chris Herbert says:

    It is because the American people are allowing communists to run their children’s schools! It is time for the true American’s to take back this Country!

  276. Alan R. Dykes says:

    Merry Allahmas!!!!

  277. ImaHippyBurning says:

    I want to ban Liberals from associating with my kids in school as I feel they are not a good influence and are more of a danger to their well being than any Christmas cookies, or sweets etc….

  278. Amy says:

    Great a school system cannot even teach our children the 3 r’s and where the students are dumber than dirt is now telling us what our children can eat or not eat, what way they can celebrate our Christmas season. Take a good look at some of these fat slobs in the school system and Congress who make these rules and do not obey them. Have Americans become cowards? We are now allowing our schools to dictate and take away parental rights. Lets march on these schools and remind them it is our schools, we pay the bills, it is our children and they are paid to teach not to give us orders. Wake up America before it is too late. This country is becoming more fascist every day.

  279. Dave Bryant says:

    It’s the schools job to educate not dictate!!!

  280. Bill Stanley says:

    “his motive is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle” — He is not promoting, he is forcing his values on students and parents because he thinks they are stupid. Welcome to an authoritarian government. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  281. Justin J. McCoy says:

    Awesome! Little do people know, sugar, corn syrup and all of the other manufactured garbage non-foods pretending to be foods are the main culprit in not only childhood obesity, but heart disease as well. As a nutritionist I study these things. Turns out that the latest findings show SUGAR (including starches, i.e. cookies, breads, etc..) are what cause the arterial scarring of the heart muscle thus forming tears that cause cholesterol to come in and repair them. This happens over and over and thus you get a buildup of cholesterol ‘patches’ on the sugar scars.. Sugar is the silent DEADLY culprit in most disease today. So GOOD on the school.

  282. JustSayin' says:

    Wow. I cannot believe all these hostile comments from people who seem to think that they themselves are examples of well-educated adults. I hear anger, insults, threats, disrespect, racism, and a lack of critical thinking. I too believe the district may have over-reached on this matter, but this has nothing to do with Obama, or with an attack on Christmas. And if you people are presenting yourselves as examples of loving decent “Christians,” perhaps Christianity is a religion that also stands in need of reform. Like the schools, it seems to be failing to carry out its mission.

    1. guesswhat says:

      You are right to note the hostility and that it is not very Christian. However, this only proves that these “Christians” could use reform, not Christianity. As you observed, they are not acting Christian.

  283. organicgal says:

    The USDA’s dietary health recommendations have no sugary sweets or drinks at all, and the fruit recommendation is one to two cups depending on age and sex.

    If kids want to eat this stuff, and parents want to feed it to them, they can do so at home, or at Christmas parties held in their local house of worship or among friends, or it can be put in their lunchboxes every day. Healthier eating is something schools should be educating their students about, and encouraging students to put into practice, as well as setting a real world example in their cafeterias and classrooms as the students might not be getting this sort of food or information at home. And with our country having twelve states with thirty percent and over of the population being obese, and the rest having twenty percent, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to teach children about healthy eating habits. What does it say in the Bible…a little child shall lead them? How wonderful it would be if children could help their families live longer, healthier lives thru better nutrition (and throw some exercise and stress reduction techniques in the mix and you’ve got a solid recipe for improved health). It is possible to eat healthy and have it be delicious, economical, not boring, and include the occasional deliciously decadent dessert.

    It‘s also possible for kids to have fun at events where junk food isn’t the focus…or isn’t even there at all.

  284. Jason Prather says:

    I’d be willing to follow that rule blindly if Muslims are forced to leave the mats and the women are forced to leave the hoods at home, because of their precious seperation church and state, even now that the war is over, there is always a possibility of Headfalloffitius outbreak inh America, you know the natural disease that killed Vince Foster, the one man that could have put CLinton away, they found his head next to him and the M.E. ruled natural causes, it’s prevalent in Muslim countries and causes them to scream ‘Praise be to Allah’ while holding a bloody chian saw.

  285. JED says:

    Those nosey do–gooders can kiss my backside. I will pack my kids lunch with anything I want in there. CHRISTMAS cookies are what’s happening this time of year – and they are a SNACK or dessert – NOT A MEAL. My kid eats right and is not fat. It’s a thing called exercise (suitable to normal activities). Where was this commie enclave again…?

  286. JED says:

    How is it when one of these wack-job liberals comes up with a lame idea and gets called on it they cry racist, insensitive, etc.? And when somebody else has a good idea that will work they complain about self-esteem, feelings and anything not related to the issue…

    I think the DUMBING OF AMERICA is the government’s most successful program.

  287. jantan45 says:

    they shall go to hell!

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