BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police cleared out the Occupy Boston camp Saturday morning.  Hundreds of officers moved into Dewey Square around 5 a.m., removing protesters who had refused to leave.

As expected, police arrested several dozen demonstrators. Officials said 46 people had been arrested. Occupy Boston says 35 were arrested on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, eight others were arrested in the streets and sidewalks surrounding Dewey Square, and three were detained in South Station. Police said charges included trespassing and disorderly conduct.

City officials described the operation as calm and peaceful.  They say there was no violence from protesters and there were no injuries. Police were not wearing riot gear during the operation.

Boston Police Superintendent William Evans told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens that the operation went smoothly.

In Photos: Occupy Eviction

“As we moved in, the protesters were sitting down, not putting up much of a fight,” he said. “Nobody was injured and there was no confrontation whatsoever.”

Watch: Police Move In (Raw Video)

Supt. Evans said the arrests had nothing to do with First Amendment rights.

“The issue here is they’re trespassing on the public park with their tents,” Supt. Evans said. “After being given several warnings to leave the premises, they were arrested. Several were also arrested for locking arms and resisting arrest.”

Bulldozers and trash trucks were brought in to clear out the park, which Supt. Evans said was littered with tents, trash, and litter.

clean up Boston Police Arrest 46, Clear Out Occupy Boston Camp

Clean-up was underway at Dewey Square the morning after Occupy Boston was evicted. (Photo by Kim Tunnicliffe)

Department of Public Works crews were already planting flowers and shrubs in the area by mid-morning.

Metal barriers encircled the park.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

During a news conference Saturday morning, Mayor Menino, Police Commissioner Ed Davis, and Supt. Evans all praised the police department’s professionalism.

All three also saluted the demonstrators.

Menino expressed support for the Occupy movement before saying that in the interest of public safety, the city had to act.

The mayor also noted that going forward, if Occupy Boston tries to set up another encampment anywhere else in the city, police will take it down.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

Occupy Boston members claimed victory after the raid, repeating a slogan that has become popular with the movement: “We’re still here. You can’t evict an idea.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

The group’s leaders were deciding how to move forward and had announced through Twitter that they planned to meet Saturday evening on Boston Common.

Occupy Boston took over Dewey Square on September 30.  Boston police put the cost of police overtime for the two-month-long operation at around $1 million.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports on the clean-up

After a judge lifted a restraining order on Wednesday that could have prevented the city of Boston from evicting Occupy Boston members, Mayor Menino gave protesters a deadline to leave Dewey Square by midnight Friday.

As a result, many protesters cleared out their campsites Thursday, but the crowd swelled to the hundreds by midnight ahead of the deadline.

Several demonstrators remained in the encampment Friday, vowing to stay until they were arrested.

At 5 p.m. Friday, the Greenway Conservancy, who maintains Dewey Square, shut off power to the protesters. Food and other supplies were also being prohibited from the area.

Twenty-nine hours after the deadline, officers moved in.

Comments (31)
  1. shotime says:

    When you least expect it… See Ya! Occupy Boston’s newest members; the DPW!

  2. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Good riddance to the riffraff! They can all go home now and return to sleeping in mummy’s basement.

  3. Italo says:

    I like their slogan. “You Can’t Evict An Idea.” That means they can carry out their beliefs in their actions, thoughts, speech, deeds, work, life goals. They don’t have to do it by physically occupying open green spaces. For instance, what’s next: they say the Boston Commons now? Their movement should transcend the physical occupation of spaces. Ironically, aren’t they against the Wall Street suits occupying their physical space, in work, the economy, and life?

    Looking back, I’m glad this happened. As a kid growing up in the late ’60s, I look back and recall TV images of rallies and protests, and there were police (probably paid for, too) there to respond to those folks, also. But in retrospect in an historical sense, it was worth it and those protests became iconic and did signal and force change. Even if in ways of thinking at first. But now I think it’s time for the Occupy movement to transcend physical occupation. Its members need now to make change by example, not by imitation. They can’t change the world from a squared-in green space area. Instead, I think that they need to be in and a part of that world, and make changes from within it. Occupy, please now pack up the proverbial tents and go into daily society and the work world, and go do that, there.

    1. Tsal says:

      Italo I agree. I think the group left is not representative of the core group. Like the tea party and all other parties/movements some join who have a focus that is not aligned with the original message. Leaving peacefully would have made a far larger statement IMHO.

  4. gil mendozza zuntzes says:

    The United States Wall Street October Boston Occupy Revolution of 2011 Is well alive… and this is our beginning… the Power of the Poor will end the Capitalism System and the evil democracy. Like to extend our sincere thanks to Mayor Thomas Menino for his good understanding and patience. Mayor… Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

    1. Mark says:

      But Capitalism and Democracy isnt the problem. Its this idea of a class war between the rich and the poor, with people thinking that if you have a nice chunk of change in your pocket that your greedy for not paying their fair share of taxes, which they are. Alot of these rich people earned their money the right way through hard work and sacrifice. The “American Dream” isnt a guarantee nor is it dead. My Mother worked hard all her life wanting to be a Teacher. She didnt have the means to go to college so she worked hard earning money so that she could get there. 2 years ago, all her hard work paid off she finally got her Teachers License. She’s not making the type of money CEO’s are making, but she’s making a better living then what she was making before. Tell me what right is it for anybody to tell whomever, rich or poor, how to spend their hard earned money?.People should stop being envious of others who have earned it and should focus on making themselves better.

      1. Tsal says:

        Mark again please tell me that a 275% income increase for the wealthy in the past 30 years compared to 65% for middle class and 18% for the poor is right. The one comment you made was class warfare. The wealthy waged it 30 years ago. Are you aware the middle class is disappearing. Look it up. It’s fact.

      2. Mikey Cyrus says:

        Tsal, I really don’t get your argument here. One person should not be allowed to make more than another? Person A is doing something to generating income, and Person B is not, or not as much. That puts Person A in the wrong? You’re taking a shot at people just because they have more money than someone else but not taking into consideration how much hard work they have put in or what “class” they started in. I think Mark stated it perfectly.

      3. Tsal says:

        Mikey. You cannot eliminate the entire middle class by greed. The wealth is earned through breaks and perks. If you prefer a country where there is wealth and then the majority are working poor then that’s where we are headed. If you believe that the average person who is earning only 0.8% annual increase does not work as hard as the wealth who earn 14% annual increase I’m afraid you have chosen to live in a plutocracy. Wealth and working poor. The end of america as it was intended.

        I’m actually dumbfounded. Do you really think only 1-10% of this country works hard so deserves to earn hundreds of percents mor annually in increases than the remaining 90%

      4. tsal last says:

        It’s income increase. Not income. Do you honestly believe 10% of the people in this country work hard enough to see hundreds of percent increase and the other 90% don’t work hard so deserve minimal yearly income increases? I’m dumbfounded. My husband works with a woman who lost her husband a few years ago. She working three jobs to put two kids through BC because she wants to pay for it on her own without help. Please do not tell me a CEO earning millions works harder or should receive an average of 14% annual income increase while she receives 0.8% in income increase each year. She may not get the same pay but deserves the same percent raise.

        The middle class is disappearing. Is that what you believe should happen.

      5. Mark says:

        Tsal, Dont believe everything you read. The middle class isnt gonna disappear. All of these writers, bloggers, and self proclaimed economic geniuses get people all riled up when they write or type up their theories about this stuff. The truth of the matter is that we’ve been through this before when we went through the “Great Depression” and do you know what happened after it. The Middle class in the U.S. was the wealthiest in all the world. I know things have changed since then but that doesnt mean that that wont happen again. When there are highs, theres gonna be lows, and this is obviously a low. To also say that the Wealthy started this class war is rediculous. Yeah I agree that there are greedy corporate people but like I said not everyone with a big wallet is greedy nor are they looking to ruin peoples lives by taking some of their paycheck. As for those income percentages, I would like to see those numbers change so that people earn the right amount of money according to there profession, but I dont think you can equate this problem to greed or capitalism failing.

      6. Tsal says:

        You cannot believe that 10% of the country works hard while the rest doesnt. Please do not tell me that

      7. petem says:

        Mark has no interest in addressing your question that’s been hanging out there for days now. Mark gets paid for putting out these talking points and isn’t programmed for discussion or debate.

        You’re correct of course the class war happened under Ronnie Reagan and continues.

        Mikey Cyrus,
        You’re comment betrays your lack of a basic understanding of the inequity. Can you not see that the FACT that the wealthy have been able to direct a 275% increase in their income, leaving crumbs on the table for the rest of us IS the problem? How do they expect to have an audience to sell to if they keep directing all the money to their peers? If the middle class, (who purchase the lion’s share of goods in the country), becomes extinct, will the rich buy all the goods to support the corporations? They will have to since they will have all the money the way things are going.


  5. rick t says:

    Good riddance, but instead of arresting them, the cops should have handed them a rake and trash bags to clean up their mess. Then give ’em a kick in the arse on the way out of town.

  6. Vera Carroll says:

    F all of you brainwashed right-wing ass#holes

    1. vera's ex husband says:

      hey vera, quit your b!tchin and get back in the kitchen

    2. vera's ex husband says:

      oh yeah, and when your done talking about brainwashing, get back to washing my laundry

    3. BILL says:

      F you you should have gone with them to jail

  7. Nosgood4me says:

    Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn
    Remember how she said that we would meet again some sunny day.

  8. Harry says:

    Tsal, your “facts” aren’t facts. They’re propaganda from the leftist blogs you probably get your news from. At the end of the day…when you just boil everything down to the cold hard truth….you’re just jealous of those who have more than you.

    If you want to make more money, then get a real job…don’t work for a nonprofit. Want more money? Don’t go to school and major in philosophy or music. People on the left are simply lazy, jealous cry babies. If you had ANY understanding business, you’d realize just how much the “evil” corporations give to charity…and how they have to answer to shareholders….you know…the 99% you so furiously cry for. Bt the fact of the matter is you are clueless as to how business works. It’s not all just profit profit profit, you fool.

  9. taassll says:

    mikey cyrus – answered you on keller

  10. EscapedSpamFolder says:

    Still can’t post under my original name. Still trapped and considered spam.

    It’s unfortunate that people like Vera have to resort to profanity and name calling.
    People like myself that see hope for the cause as the protestors are now forced to actually outline their issues and focus are driven away. If you denigrate those who criticize you will not convert them.

  11. CannotEscapeSpamFolder says:

    One more try – Mikey C – I responded to you on Keller’s blog since it is also about the Occupy group – I can’t post here – will use a different name and see if it works. If not maybe you’ll find it anyway.


  12. Occupy This! says:

    Occupy Movement? Looks more like a Bowel Movement to me! I would have broke out the water cannons… gone! ;-)

  13. Car Security Essex,Car Alarms Essex,Car Alarm Installers Essex says:

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