98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh and Zo talk to CSNNE.com Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely about the rumored Chris Paul trade to Boston.

While the Celtics have made the best offer to New Orleans, there are still issues about Rajon Rondo’s character on the Hornets end.

“I think that’s one of the big concerns that the Hornets, or any other team that has any interest in Rondo has,” said Blakely. “How is this guy going to respond when a situation doesn’t play out the way he wants it to? It’s one thing to have a bad game, but if you make a roster change is this guy going to go into tank mode, or is he going to step up and deal with it?”

“Right now it’s in their hands,” he said of the Hornets. “The Celtics have given them every avenue at their disposal to get this deal done.”

And if no deal goes down how will Rondo, known as a very sensitive player, deal with it?

“He’ll be pissed. He’ll be so pissed and he’ll be the Rondo we don’t like,” said Blakely. “But he’ll have reason to. They said he wasn’t on the block, then he was on the block. They’re pushing really hard to move him.”

“Danny is going to catch a lot of heat whether he stays or goes. But I respect the fact he’s looking at his hand, ‘I don’t have a lot of chips; let me play the one chip I’ve got.'”

While Boston loves what Rondo brings to the floor on the defensive end, offense is going to start becoming a concern with the Big 3 getting older.

“Those guys aren’t going to be able to score the way they have in past years,” he said. “So you need to find a guy that can get you buckets. Chris Paul can not only get you buckets, he could potentially get you Dwight Howard. We cannot dismiss the fact this could potentially be the first of two major moves in the next year or two for the Celtics.”

“I think the bigger appeal for Danny is it gives him a chance to put together another title contending team,” Blakely said of the potential trade. “if you can get Chris Paul this year, it gives him a chance to play with the Big 3, win a lot of games, and get a feel for Celtics nation and hopefully it will become a great experience for him, and he’ll want to stick around longer.”

What else are the Celtics going to look at doing before the season starts Christmas Day, and who is the most important Celtic when it comes to getting marque players to Boston?

  1. Frank says:

    The Perkins trade was just plain stupid and a very smart baketball player like Rondo was very aware it was a horrible move at the wrong time. They got a shooter when they had 3 of them but more importantly, it was the time of the year that the trade was made. Ainge made several bad moves last year and all of them came back to bite him. Don’t blame Ronda.

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