FRANKLIN (CBS) – Nine students at Dean College have been expelled after a student was beaten up in an attack that was recorded on video.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

It happened on the campus in Franklin Friday.

The disturbing video posted online shows a young man confronting another man.  Moments later, the first man punches the other, knocking him to the ground and the beating continues.

While the attack goes on, a group of men yell and laugh at the victim as he is knocked to the ground and pummeled with his own sneakers.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

The victim was treated for injuries.  He was back on campus Tuesday.

“We’re working with our own security folks, as well as Franklin police, to determine the cause of the events,” Dean College Director of Communications Gregg Chalk told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.

Franklin Police are still investigating what led to the fight and expect to file criminal charges soon.

Students say the altercation was over sneakers that the attacker believed the victim had stolen from him. They are limited edition Nike sneakers that sell for $200.

The victim’s roommate tells WBZ that the victim did not steal the sneakers from his attacker and that he brought them from home. He says the victim is not an aggressive person and never fights, and is now recovering from the one sided attack. He asked for privacy during this difficult time.

“We have a zero tolerance policy as it relates to this type of thing and anybody that’s involved will be dealt with strictly and swiftly as possible,” Chalk said.

The college issued a statement saying student safety is a top priority.

“The safety of all members of our community has always been and will continue to be our first priority, and Dean has zero tolerance for conduct that is detrimental to the safety and well-being of its students, faculty and staff. I know that we are all deeply saddened by what has transpired.” Dean College president Paula Rooney said in a statement.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

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  1. bruce says:

    How did I know they were going to be black?

  2. duke says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Call it what it is a negro beating up a white kid while the other blacks watch and laugh. It’s called a hate crime if a white hits a black. If a black hits a white and his friends watch the white guy must have done something to provoke it That’s B.S. You’ll never see something like this with white kids. I can take you to plenty of real bad dirty crime areas and guess what, none of them are white areas. It’s not racist, it’s the truth.

  3. michaeld says:

    A lot of the rancor on this board, unfortunately, correlates with our economy. Poor blacks, poor whites, bifurcation, a lot of toxicity. I will maintain steadfastly that the majority of African Americans do not share these ideals, but the percentages are undoubtedly higher than whites. The problem is that we have been silenced as a society to not even attempt to broach the topic as to why this is the case. A frank dialogue is squashed by the politically correct stormtroopers. As a nation, we need to find within us the maturity to explore the root causes, and ignore the censors. Continuing down this path of message board dissemination in lieu of a real open forum is done at our peril as a nation.

  4. john says:

    Blacks want to be free , unlike whites who waste their lives working for someone else , while being hooked on pills and booze , sending their money to televangelists for a financial break through .

    White man = donkey
    BLack man = free

  5. steve stone says:

    I know it’s near Boston (which is low in the expectations dept) but is there not one attractive person in this entire school? Sheesh

  6. John Johnson says:

    We are never done hearing about the decreasing affordability of college, and the crushing effect of loan repayment on young graduates.

    Indeed, as far as the Left is concerned, it is now a given that a) attending college is a right, and b) tuition costs should increasingly be foisted on larger society (the so-called One Percent in particular).

    How tremendously principled. This way, kids will have plenty of money for $200 sneakers and all manner of unnecessary luxuries, right into adulthood. After all, why should *they* sacrifice, or practice delayed gratification? Scrimping and saving is for suckers, and anyone suggesting that as a course is not just unrealistic or inconsiderate, but racist to boot.

  7. Joe Shlunk says:

    If that was 9 white guys, they’d be in jail for a hate crime, things are going to get worse before it gets better. The 12.6% think they have the upper hand, little do they know the 72.4% are getting sick and tired of their shit.

  8. Random Black Guy says:

    You know what I find funny? White people, of course are gonna barrage the comments with racist remarks, and yes, the black idiot beating the kid perpetuates the myth about blacks fighting over sneakers. But, while blacks are beating or shooting each other or what not, what are whites in the headlines for? Molesting kids on college campuses, shooting their own kids and then themselves, looking at kiddy porn on planes, kiddy porn rings online, etc….your race is no better.

  9. ken says:

    Call it was it was; a black on white hate crime and the bunch of them will now find out what happens when they are not together but alone.

  10. CM says:

    Unfortunately, you white boys let liberals take the fight out of you and can’t properly defend yourselves like your daddy’s of the 80s and 70s. Back then there were some bad ass white boys. You have let the PC effeminates take you down collectively. I ain’t wrong.

  11. sunburn says:

    “If more white people got their asses handed to them in fistfights, they would be less likely to murder millions of innocent women and children around the world…”

    If only it were true. It seems as though whites are predisposed to sniping or bombing from thousands of miles away, safe behind a computer screen…

  12. Mike Anderson says:

    Racists Blacks Again… Should be a hate crime

  13. Flannigan says:

    Is there any wonder why they count for 12% of the general population, but about 80% of convictions? The problem is either genetic, cultural or both!

  14. SeattleInvestor says:

    This is what you get with afirmative action. And now Obama wants to increase it some more. Equal should be equal, for education *and* punishment.

  15. matt says:

    Funny, looks as if this is a hate crime. on wait, the perps were black.

  16. Ralloh says:

    Find that low-life subhuman pile of garbage, beat the hell out of him, then throw him in jail with no medical treatment. Make him hurt. If he dies so what.

  17. jeff t says:

    lock these nigs up – give em some white supremo beat down on the inside – fix their darky baboon attitude

  18. Dimitri says:

    what i wrong with the people here. education is what makes people better give them the ability to learn to think. move the finger of your as*****s My god some idiots got someones shoes. let them get to jail and learn how to toss the salad well. a very different education from the one that they receiving now. as for the ones that are gun owners wait how the new terrorist law that they past for the army it will play if the “black uneducated Obama” will not veto it they will remove your finger and put the gun there learn to toss the salad the full metal jacket way for the rest of your life and no-one will know about it except your finger.

  19. dave simpson says:

    black people – you gotta hate em …the KKK was right all along and I used to be a liberal !

    1. Kim Bailey says:

      Colleges are the new “Killing Grounds”for these savages.
      Tell all White, Latino and Asian students that Blacks are there to kill humans.

  20. Chris says:

    This is why you carry a weapon.

  21. Knightflyer says:

    I am sorry,But can anyone exspect any differant from an african.Iknow they are also Americans?But as the old saying goes,you can take the man out of the jungle,but you can not take the jungle out of the man.It happens everyday folks,Arm Up White America,coming to a theater near you

  22. SandMan says:

    Welcome to ObamaWorld, where violent mobs of lawless minority savages prey on law abiding whites, without fear of retiribution.

    Wise up all you citizens of liberally run cities. It’s time to arm up, like people in the hinterlands have been doing for decades. A jackedted hollow point round to this animal’s face would have ended this attack immediately and the right person would have been on the ground afterward.

  23. Pinky Lee says:

    After such a brutal beating and psychological trauma at the hands of that black thug, imagine that white boy one day riding around in a black neighborhood as……..a cop!!

  24. Josh says:

    More Blacks behaving badly. Bringing the gHeTTO to the campus. Thanks for sharing.
    College will make no difference for the attacker. He and his type are the true racist pigs. They will be intellectual slugs looking for affirmative action promotions for the rest of their lives.

  25. Peter Smith says:

    The sucker punch was the worst part. You’d think the attacker, who had 40 pounds on his victim, wouldn’t be so skeered as to have to sucker-punch his victim.

    Calling this a ‘fight’ is absurd. It was an outright attack — aggravated assault. Hopefully the coward gets his own opportunity to be beat down.

    So scared the victim might be able to defend himself or even fight back that you sucker punch him? That’s just crazy cowardly, holy cow. And you got 40 pounds on him? That’s some other level of cowardice. That’s like Jerry Sandusky-type cowardice.

  26. FILTHY NlGGERS says:


  27. Jack Thomsen says:

    Kinda like Venus Williams – and the line judges. Different rules for farm animals – we brought them here to work the fields… now they run the zoo.

    And there is a whole continent filled with more of them…. bursting to breath free – and beat the bejesus out of anyone in their way.

    Let’s here it for penicillin and god help us if they cure malaria.

  28. The Reeper says:

    What did you expect from animals?

  29. Dusty Drake says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions here! How do you know the incident involved african american? just because it was “supposedly” over a pair of sneakers?

    Wait…there is a video? nevermind, it was me who was blind….

  30. Friend Willie says:

    Apparently the Negro felt disrespected by the white boy.There’s a dark cloud over the College alright.

  31. N. Ty Tuld says:

    Hey, taking someone else’s shoes is much easier than working to earn the money to buy your own $200 Nikes.

    Besides, it’s a cultural thang: If whitey got sumfin’ you be wantin’ you be takin’ it.

    In 2008, whitey was down wif dat.

    In 2012, not so much…

  32. knuckledragger says:

    Bottom line: No more ni66ers, no more problems.

  33. Wayne says:

    That appeared to be aggravated robbery. Hope this man spends a very long time in prison.

  34. rick says:

    Fight back god damn it, at least make an effort! That is why this happened to you, because you were an easy target, that monkey knew you wouldnt do a thing to stop it from happening. Animals weigh risk versus reward just like humans do.

  35. Debra Hill-Treanor says:

    FYI The attack is half black! Does that make any of you feel any better?

  36. Fried watermellon says:

    Well as long as we have a Negro in the WHite House and a Negro in the Dept of Justice there will not be any law and order. So we must votes these sub sp0ecies out in 2012 and then arrest them all for misuing our constitution.

  37. Mike says:

    Another reason why affirmative action has failed

  38. Ben Davis says:

    That young fella who threw that first punch seems pretty darn tough to me. The victim never had a chance. Sort of like the lions on the Serengeti…they survey the prey, pick the weakest and go in for the kill. That mob mentality is really scary.
    The suspect and his friends should be kicked out, charged, taken to court and dealt with. On the other hand: I’m a almost 70 years of age and would like to challenge the suspect to a 2 minute combat session. Only use hands like he did…I willl only use one hand with the other tied behind my back. C’mon young fella…MAN UP!

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  40. Ivy Anne says:

    Never knew they taught ebonics in college , their parents must be so proud.

  41. Ivy Anne says:

    Theie parents must be soooooooooo proud !

  42. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

    I think its so sad people are trying to say its because of politics!!! i mean REALLY!!?! what about this screms politics??? Im confused!! it was a grown man beatin up another because he wanted his SHOES!!! I didn’ see Obama o bush in that video! I just don’t understand people some time!! blaming everyone but the guy that did it!!!! He savagely beat him OVER SHOES and this is a college student REALLY!!!!??? WOW!!! If your parents can send you to a school that cost $40.000 a year they can buy you some NIKES!!!! i Hope they punish all that were involved!!! That young man deserves JUSTICE!!!!!!

    1. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

      omg im so upset i miss spelled a bunch lol … OOOPs!!!!!

  43. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

    :( I think its so sad people are trying to say its because of politics!!! i mean REALLY!!?! what about this screams politics??? Im confused!! it was a grown man beatin up another because he wanted his SHOES!!! I didn’ see Obama or Bush in that video! I just don’t understand people some time!! blaming everyone but the guy that did it!!!! He savagely beat him OVER SHOES and this is a college student REALLY!!!!??? WOW!!! If your parents can send you to a school that cost $40.000 a year they can buy you some NIKES!!!! i Hope they punish all that were involved!!! That young man deserves JUSTICE!!!!!!

  44. TriafeRaR says:

    Haha that’s rediculous. No way

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