FRANKLIN (CBS) – Nine students at Dean College have been expelled after a student was beaten up in an attack that was recorded on video.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

It happened on the campus in Franklin Friday.

The disturbing video posted online shows a young man confronting another man.  Moments later, the first man punches the other, knocking him to the ground and the beating continues.

While the attack goes on, a group of men yell and laugh at the victim as he is knocked to the ground and pummeled with his own sneakers.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

The victim was treated for injuries.  He was back on campus Tuesday.

“We’re working with our own security folks, as well as Franklin police, to determine the cause of the events,” Dean College Director of Communications Gregg Chalk told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.

Franklin Police are still investigating what led to the fight and expect to file criminal charges soon.

Students say the altercation was over sneakers that the attacker believed the victim had stolen from him. They are limited edition Nike sneakers that sell for $200.

The victim’s roommate tells WBZ that the victim did not steal the sneakers from his attacker and that he brought them from home. He says the victim is not an aggressive person and never fights, and is now recovering from the one sided attack. He asked for privacy during this difficult time.

“We have a zero tolerance policy as it relates to this type of thing and anybody that’s involved will be dealt with strictly and swiftly as possible,” Chalk said.

The college issued a statement saying student safety is a top priority.

“The safety of all members of our community has always been and will continue to be our first priority, and Dean has zero tolerance for conduct that is detrimental to the safety and well-being of its students, faculty and staff. I know that we are all deeply saddened by what has transpired.” Dean College president Paula Rooney said in a statement.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

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  1. gramps says:

    Ya know,

    It’s a good thing that ‘Dean’ isn’t part of the ‘Boston Public School System’!!

    Cause that guy on the ground would be in ‘DEEP TROUBLE”!


    1. Diane Richardson says:

      that shouldnt matter if it is or not. No one had the right to do that and behave likea jackie back end

      1. Finbar says:

        Sarcasm, meet Diane. Diane, Sarcasm.

      2. Scarf says:

        Saying Dean College is a university is using the term very loosely.

    2. Robert says:

      You are so right.These black animals must be put out of society.White people better get together and do some beatdowns of their own.

      1. Tickyul Horrific says:

        It’s coming…………the USA is a boiling pot of racial hatred………..mainly between Urban Americans and Human Americans.

      2. David says:

        You sir, are an idiot….

      3. Kim Bailey says:

        1.-”blacks have 40% more testosterone than whites, latinos and asian human men.
        2.- blacks , have non human tightly coiled hair.
        2.- blacks lack 47% of human DNA. They are talking savage apes.
        3,- blacks copulate 24/7 like wild apes and are floosing the world with more knee grows.
        Conclusion: blacks are not human but wild african predator animals

    3. New Cheese says:

      was this college or an episode of Maury Povich?

      1. jnsesq says:

        Think I saw this guy on Maury’s latest episode of “Duz you be my baby daddy?”

    4. jasperddbgghost says:

      Let’s play “Guess the Skin Color” —

      Oh look….we were RIGHT!

      1. JByrd42 says:

        You mean, they are not crackers? Wow! That’s a first.

      2. Greg B says:

        You wouldn’t think it was blacks if you read the story before looking at the pictures. Most of the videos of black violence feature multiple attackers on a single victim. This time the other blacks just stood around, laughing and filming.

      3. sammy says:

        hahahahaha! :D agreed!

    5. Bud359 says:

      I wonder what the attacker thought when he went home and found the sneakers didn’t fit

      1. Greg B says:

        He can now give them to one of his homies, in exchange for a hummer. These guys are all deeply closeted.

      2. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

        He thought: ” Mofo cracka done messed wif muh shoes! I gonna hafta beat his azz agayn!”

      3. Elbee says:

        Agree with the other replies to this. What are scum like this doing in college anyway?

      4. freecheese says:

        When I first read the headline, I said to myself, the thugs must be black. Huh ?
        Ok, I’m ready for it. I’m WHITE, so you can call me a racist . . . but here are some DOJ statistics:
        Blacks represent 13% of the population of the U.S., yet they are responsible for 75% of violent crime ! RACIST, RACIST !! PANTSONFIRE, PANTS ON FIRE!!!
        We see daily,blacks flash mobs over runing stores, beating up customers at fast food stores. Cutting shopping lines at K-Mart and beating up other objectors.
        We see black bullies beating up white kids on a daily basis “because ‘day dissed me, mother f$$$$r”
        Nobody will speak of the deterioation of black culture for fear of being called RACIST !
        Wake up people. Political correctness is NOT working .

      5. Kim Bailey says:

        Blacks reproduce faster than rats or roaches. Each Nigra pops 25-30 predator animal Nigglets .

      6. phil says:

        Its not about whether the sneakers fit. Its about the BLING! The attacker is an animal, deserves to be in a cage, and his celebrating friends are not worthy of college training. 12 years of Public funded schools, and we get this as college students??? To study The Humanities, shouldn’t you qualify first…as human? This is behavior from The Planet of The Apes.

      7. Seamus says:

        I be selling these!

      8. Angel says:

        He’s probably incapable of thinking in the human sense. How this guy got into college in the first place is beyond me. Oh yeah, I forgot. Another product of affirmative action.

    6. I hate sissy whites says:

      All the sissy liberals out there are just as culpable as the savages. When we whites hold our own accountable for being weak sissies and blaming us for black mayhem, then the problem will slowly rectify itself.White liberals need to be forced to live among their pet projects.

      1. Bilford Rielly says:


      2. omstrat says:

        .White liberals need to be forced to live among their pet projects.
        Mind if I borrow that line now and again buddy ? it’s a good one for sure !

    7. Don Iarussi says:

      what democrats do in their spare time…maybe it’s bush’s fault.

      1. GEO says:


    8. Flynn McMahon says:


    9. I am Born says:

      How the heck did it come to this where our Federal Govt supports black panthers, radical islamists, atheists, gays, and pornographers before they will defend us, the founders and lovers of freedom? Most white families are hard working God fearing people but we are raped, murdered, humiliated, and 2nd class citizens at every turn. You know what, the way it is now in America is worse than being dead. LIVE FREE OR DIE, SAY I.!

    10. Dave Mowers says:

      In parts of California, Arizona and New Mexico only Latino’s get fair treatment and only Latino’s get State contracts and whites get locked up for anything. This is what American Democracy is, when your in power you abuse everyone else and steal tax payer money. America is trash.

    11. southernmarine says:

      oooh look it’s another white guy getting beat…seems like this is going on more and more recently around the US. First the beatings in Ohio, NY subways, Kansas City, and now Boston. I wonder what this would have been if the aggressors had been white. It sure wouldn’t have happened over a pair of sneakers, then again, we live in a society where gangs beat up old people on the streets for quick cash. I bet you this wouldn’t have happened anywhere where the citizens carry guns. I have a concealment license and know all it’d take is a few well-placed hollow-tipped shots right towards that ugly mug of his to disperse that angry mob.
      Sad to see that we need this kind of protection from our own “regular” citizens meanwhile our government silently moves to take guns away from people, such as this poor kid, who would have never been beaten in the first place had he carried one. Let some punk try to taker stuff away from me, his family will learn a quick lesson that he will give his life for those shoes and my protection.

      Signed Marine Iraq War Vet

      1. southernmarine says:

        It is times like this where I wish the only Socialization that our country should ever heed are like the labor laws in Eastern European countries. Barbarians such as this young man shouldn’t have been afforded college and should be forced into working blue collar jobs for the rest of their lives instead of WASTING TAXPAYER money on a college they would never graduate from. EVER stopped to consider WHY we have so many college debt floating around out there and why people who never graduate, or have the mental capability to even have BEEN in college, are bankrupt over student loans from our hard-earned money? They never finish, they either father kids, mess up their education though partying and not studying, or antics like this. Some countries have it right. “Oh, you don’t WANT to be in public education? You’re only here because laws were passed to force you to GO and your parents would be fined or thrown in jail if you weren’t here? Very well then, at 8th grade you are GOING to technical school so we don’t have to continue wasting taxpayer money on your “Education” that you care nothing about.” THAT ALONE would filter out many of the problems in this society, then again, we have members of our very own government who pander to people looking for handouts and EXPECT to be constantly hand-held through life.”

      2. Qwibqwib says:

        if we had a system which followed the constitution, there would be NO public money for “education”. individuals who wanted to attend SCHOOL would need to PAY for that education as they progressed. the system we have now, takes money from one person, against their will, and distributes it to another person, who did not earn it, to pay for college. the solutions you suggest are undesirable because they give government more power. The ideal is to CONSTITUTIONALLY limit the power of the federal government, thus solving this and many other problems.

      3. aSouthernWhiteMan says:


        Thanks for your service. I also have a CCW and I carry 70% of the time. However, it is illegal, even for CCW holders, to carry on University campuses, with the exception of a few. Thankfully in Louisiana I can at least leave my gun locked up, portable safe (better than nothing), inside my truck in the parking lot. In many states the “Firearm Free Zone” means it is illegal to even have one in a vehicle while on the property, I am not sure about “passing through” though, that will vary state by state. Therefore, unless this student had a CCW AND attended one of the few Universities that allow CCW holders to carry, it would be illegal for anyone, besides law enforcement, to carry.

      4. Rob says:

        The attacker is trash, pure and simple. He likely learned that he can have what he wants without working for it and hates anyone that has more than him. Black Americans need to do something about their brethren because a large percentage of blacks give their entire race a horrible reputation. It’s sad but true. In my business, 10% of my clientele are black. 70% of the people I’ve taken to court for bad debt are black. And 0% of them care enough to follow a court order to pay their debts. I’ll never discriminate; I’ll continue serving everyone. But I’ll never judge a business owner who does discriminate. There is racism; then there’s realism. You aren’t racist just because you’re realistic.

      5. John Frost says:

        Are Blacks Human or wild african animals?
        a.- Blacks lack 67% of Human DNA

      6. Rich Vail says:

        Jack, you’re a troll and trying to highjack the comment thread, your coments are uncalled for and irresponsible. STFU

        I too am a former jarhead, though I served nearly 30 years ago. I too carry most of the time…and all’s it takes is one shot to end a fight like this.

      7. Spanky T Smackme says:

        Amen……..Same comment from me…..Time we started taking our country back, and make these ignorant precambian morons pay for thier crimes instead of letting a corrupt and prejeducious judgicial system slap them on the wrists again at the expense of the general law biding public.

        Retired US Marine, Viet Nam / Grenada / Desert Storm Vet

      8. d9b nadseb says:

        Years ago I was attacked by a group and young man bigger and stronger. I was on my way home from baseball. I pulled my bat I was carrying and told him I would hit him and walked away. The police later came and talked to me about using a deadly weapon. (I am now 67 and retired, but still remember…apparently you have to allow yourself to be beat up).

      9. Angel says:

        And, if the guy doing the beating had been a white kid beating up a black kid there would have been front page news stories and it would have been trumped as the hate crime of the century, but don’t hold your breath for that to happen here. Eric Holder’s in office, remember?

    12. tired of white supremacists says:

      You are extremely ignorant and uneducated. We are not the founders and lovers of freedom. We suppressed and murdered societies for the sake of colonialism and for the sole purpose of feeding our own egocentric needs. North America and Europe were both established on contradictory grounds where we form a fraternity and promote equality among citizens but depend and support slavery. Where is the notion of freedom and equality in that? You need to get over you hillbilly redneck ways and start to stimulate yourself intellectually maybe next time youll have a more logical argument.

    13. Ar Amytas says:


    14. DABBO says:

      This wasn’t a fight it was a strong arm robbery….the robber was just gett’in wit obama’s sneaker equity policy.

      Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony…..come’on people sing it with me!

    15. aSouthernWhiteMan says:

      Ar Amytas,

      Thank you for furthering the conversation. Next time, please, do not hurt yourself thinking before commenting.

    16. A prophecy says:

      We are going to get a handle on black crime as the Federal govt weakens, and then will be the judgement of the black ghetto lifestyle. It will be brutal on both sides and resemble a civil war. But when its over, history will record that we are living in an age of shameful ignorance, cowardice, and barbarity. All beginning in 1964. Incidentally, The south was like it is today after the civil war.Reconstruction saw black abuses of whites, then indignation arose in the white man’s breast. Believe it or not black barbarism was was worse than today, with millions of slaves homeless wondering the South. If we got it under control then, we can do it again..

    17. Mark says:

      You can take the boy out of the jungle, but not the jungle out of the boy. Let’s call this what this is: a race crime.

    18. why live in boston says:

      Those were college students? Must be a college with low admission requirements and with an easy ciriculum.

      1. Angel says:

        It’s called affirmative action, Mark. It’s been tried for over 4 decades now, and it hasn’t done any of us any favors. It’s time to end it, and it’s time blacks were equally held responsible for their actions. Until then we will only see more of this.

    19. John Frost says:

      Mayo Clinic:”If You have flowing HUMAN HAIR, you are Human. If You don’t you are a different species”

  2. gamps says:

    Boy, It’s a good thing that ‘Dean’ isn’t part of the ‘Boston Public School System’!!

    Cause that guy on the ground would be in ‘DEEP TROUBLE”!


      1. web says:

        Mark, gramps is referring to the 7 year old boy (who was initially charged with sexual harrassment) who is transferring schools after kicking an alleged bully in the groin..different story in today’s headlines.

  3. Denise says:

    Scary that one day these “kids” will be the ones running this world!

    Good thing he didn’t kick him in the nuts – since they caught it on tape the poor guy would be accused and apparently convicted of sexual assault…

    I say expel the loser that obviously has some testosterone issues! and the weakminded losers that stood buy and video taped the situation should go right along with him!

    1. Doris says:

      No Denise, I don’t think they will be doing anything productive in this world their level of intelligence was quite evident. Just because they are in college does not mean they are smart.

      1. Dizzy Libby says:

        Anybody that wants to go to college can. The gov. pretty much has to give everyone a student loan that asks. They’d be discriminating if they didn’t. With that, theirs are school out there willing to accept that money. From M.I.T. to College America.

        The sad thing about that is it devalues having a degree. Look at all the people at that circus they called Occupy that have degrees. Just because you have a degree in liberal art doesn’t mean you are prepared for the business world or the real world.

        Either the gov. need to regulate the cost of schooling, which I disagree with. Or they need to place better controls on who get the loans and how it can be spent.

      2. Azazel67 says:

        >Either the gov. need to regulate the cost of schooling, which I disagree with. Or they need to place better controls on who get the loans and how it can be spent.

        Another idea is for the gov to get the f out of the markets and let the laws of supply and demand operate.

    2. MadCharles says:

      Thugs are already are running the USA from Chicago.

      1. Jacqueline West says:


    3. HCS Knight says:


      Scary? Well, all these things are a direct result of the US populace rejecting Christian values and morals, and embracing liberal/progressive definitions of “rights” and “tolerance”.

      And yes, you should be very afraid. Because 5-10 years from now these kids will be the US Brown Shirts.

      1. philip inuhoff says:

        Are you high? Christians preach hate and conquest. What have you to say about all those violent NON christian countries like Tibet, Japan, China, India? Nice try, but violence comes from Christian and Jew countries.

      2. Mikey says:

        No Philip, you’re the one that’s high.

        The most brutal regimes in the world were athiest.

        Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot


      3. cjk says:

        Philip is high, no question.

      4. Rob says:

        Phil, violence comes from hate. Hate is bred by ignorance. Ignorance exists in any population or race. Violence isn’t a Christian thing. Christians collect shoes and food and coats to donate and give to those in need. They don’t brutally rob shoes from people to put on their own feet. You need to learn to differentiate historical and current events. Christian morales are well known and accepted as GOOD. Jews are pretty rad too. I don’t see any Jews stealing from college students. Now, back to ignorance…ignorance is lacking knowledge on a topic. I believe that your argument is ignorant fundamentally.

      5. southernmarine says:

        lol did Philip actually list China AND Japan in those lists of non-violent countries? Learn your history. Japan, during its shogun and feudal years all the way up to WWII was a violent country to live in. Ever seen movies, like you’d ACTUALLY READ a history book, about samurais, feudal lords, shoguns, and the like assassinating people, honor killings, or fighting because their “honor” was wounded? Up to around the early 1900s it was a violent society, in WWI they fought on our side, were ticked off that the US forgot about them when divvying up the spoils of war and joined the Axis in WWII.
        Feudal China was much like the same way, warlords fighting and warring for land, China has always been an aggressor towards Vietnam even dating back to the 5th Century, many of North Vietnamese customs, laws, and even governmental infrastructure was dominated by Chinese influence and wars. China has routinely threatened many of its surrounding neighbors when it pertains to claiming the surrounding seas for decades now.
        As far as Christians go, again you’d know this if you read a history book, have reeled from what they did during the Crusades from the 1300s-1500s. People seem to hold this history as a means to disqualify the reason why they should hate them and it is usually based off what the Templars, Catholic church, parishioners, and other clerical office holders of the Dark Ages/Medieval times did against modernized society. An often misguided and ignorant presumption to hold against a religion of people who often seem to be overlooked for doing the MOST good for their people. They volunteer their time at food shelters, bring food to the homeless and needy, the Salvation Army was created in the 1900s to serve the needy, missions are often sent to countries that you wouldn’t even DARE to travel to help people who don’t even speak English, build roads, build water cleansing and transporting infrastructure, then again, you don’t see this because you consider yourself to be AGAINST the MACHINE by being all hip and against God. You are an ignorant fool now go back check your history books and come back when you are ALL up to speed .

      6. Angel says:

        I agree with you Denise.
        @ phillip, you sound like another hypocrite who denounces Christianity without having any clue what it is all about. If you had ever bothered to read the Bible you would know that this is exactly the type of thing that God hates. Jesus said “love one another” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Doesn’t sound like hate to me. Your post? Sounds like hate and intolerance to me. As for your statement that violence comes from Christian and Jewish countries, well you must have had your head in the sand lately during the “Arab Spring” and the 9-11 attacks. Arm yourself with a brain before you attack next time, ok?

    4. jesse says:

      Another black on white beating. In Obama’s America it’s a crime to be white.

      1. phil says:

        It looked to me like the victim was a light-skinned black, not a white.

      2. jnsesq says:

        Nah, dat ain’t no crime. Dat be “repuhrayshuns” and whatevah, dawg. No whut ah’m sayin’, yo?

      3. Angel says:

        So don’t hold your breath for anything to be done to the perpetrators, either. If it had been the other way around, the Prez himself would probably have held a press conference denouncing the beating. Plus, the stole the shoes which makes him techically, and armed robber. They should prosecute, and start him on the road to the rap sheet he deserves.

    5. Tom P. says:

      It’s not you, Bill. 90% of the stories you see in the media that make you shake your head and say “what kind of sub human trash would do that?” The suspects/arrestees are black.

    6. Fed Up Too says:

      It’s not because of BO. It’s because the internet shows the “news” , aka the truth, that the msm refuses to show. Incidences like the one in the video have been happening for a long time.

    7. greg says:

      no its because you read the drudge report, which caters to racists

    8. Debra Hill-Treanor says:

      You’re an idiot!

    9. JIMMYDIDIT says:


    10. Truth to Power says:

      Drudge Report Racist? Really? if you want racist you don’t have to look any further than the NAACP or Council for La Raza or the US Justice Department to find real racists. Some of the biggest racists in the country are non-white. But you know that can’t be because non-whites are victims and thus can’t be racists.

    11. the Dude says:

      The truth is racist.

    12. Paul H says:


    13. Greg B says:

      Here’s the website with all of the gang beatings of innocents by groups of whites: ______________________________________________

      There isn’t one, to my knowledge. Their fights are usually mano a mano. There are vicious white kids too, but generally there will be one or more in a group of any size who will put the kibosh on the stomping and kicking.

      The reason Drudge and others post these videos is because this is an unreported epidemic. They are bringing the hood to us.

      The government’s response is to train their officers that white constitutionalist Ron Paul supporters are the enemy. Now they’re hiring to staff the FEMA camps: info wars com
      As things break down, incidents like the ones Drudge posts will be more common and more violent, and unruly young blacks with no responsible adults to speak for them will be the first to go into the camps. A lot of the population will approve. When the government rounds up citizens and puts them behind barbed wire, there’s no telling what comes next. Unlike the Indians and Japanese Americans, millions of African Americans own guns, and will not be so sure that the line between hoodlums and regular citizens will be drawn very carefully. As areas are affected, commerce will freeze up, or blacks will be afraid to be on the streets, at least unarmed. Who knows where this ends?

      This sounds ugly and it is, and it’s only one possible outcome of the fraudulent and now fragile system of commerce, run for the benefit of the .01%, the international banking cartel, military industrial complex, transnational corporations, and government.
      1% may have most of the money, but they don’t run things. .01% actually run things – in America that’s 30,000 people. Even that sounds high, doesn’t it?
      As with most things, it’s all about the money. Three years after we got the federal (privately owned) reserve bank (1913), we got the income tax, in order to pay interest to the bankers. It’s arguably been downhill from there: a resilient and independent population was purposely made dependent after being thrust into the great depression and a never-ending cycle of booms and busts, where savings are less and less relevant and it makes sense to consume while you can. Because our money is constantly losing its value, regular people are forced to play the rigged markets to protect what they have earned. The bankers always come out on top.
      Mayer Amschell Rothschild famously said that if he were able to control the issuance of a nation’s money, it mattered little who held political power. Is this statement true? It’s the wealthiest man and most successful banker in history talking. Was he just muimbling, or did he mean it?
      Start waking up today. Search youtube for ‘international banking cartel’. As OPEC controls oil, these people control money.
      The people in power, for the most part, do not have your best interests in mind. They are self-interested. That seems obvious, but it’s deadly serious when you consider that it goes way beyond normal graft and corruption; it turns the direction of the country, for the benefit of a tiny elite. Now the system is exhausted because they’ve squeezed all of the yield they can from the people (the 99.99%) and most are broke, in hock to the banks. Hmmm. Who could have predicted that outcome, aside from Mayer Rothschild?

      If you look into it and decide it’s BS, it still makes sense to protect yourself and your family, things are getting crazier by the day. If you don’t own several months supply of food and water, and a way to defend your property, you should get on it. If you don’t have a lot of money, start on the cheap: a large plastic garbage can with a large bag inside can hold enough water for a person for a month, and can be had for $10 each new. Staples like rice and pasta are calorie dense and cheap, still. Please do it while you still can. You want to be able to squat and wait, working only with your neighbors and loved ones, if things go bad. Good luck to all.

    14. Kim Bailey says:

      We must repeal the 1964 Civil rights laws that gave these savage animals “rights”

      1. Seamus says:

        No, we must make them responsible, as everyone else is, for their actions.
        No more welfare, WIC, affirmative action, headstart etc. Let the same standards truly apply to all.

  4. Eddie McMuff says:

    word is the guy in the green stole the sneakers from the guy in grey, he got what he had coming to him IMO

    1. rufus levin says:

      frankly no one gives a crud about your punk a “opinion” leroyeddie! so STFU

      1. JoJo says:

        Yeah, what he said!

    2. JoJo says:

      Yeah, and what he said too!!

    3. Jim says:

      Word is ,you can’t read. The kid didn’t steal them according to his roommate.,It was a pair just like them.Guy looked white, seemed like a hate crime to me.

      1. Roze says:

        It’s an obvious hate crime. They find any excuse not to call it one but it is 99% of the time.

      2. swp says:

        Thinking the exact same thing!

      3. Billshee says:

        You mean as op[posed to a “love crime”?

      4. JoMo says:

        Can’t be a hate crime. Not white on ‘other’…

    4. David Hioki says:

      Really? Over a pair of sneakers? Your priorities and values are primitive.

      1. Tim Malone says:

        Primitive people have primitive values.

      2. ablecynic says:

        Porch Monkeys swing from different trees than the rest of the people. Very different values and very different solutions to emotional angst.

    5. Herr Stig says:

      Word be wrong… different size. Where is Bernie Goetz when you really need him?

    6. Joe Public says:

      Whether he did or didn’t, it doesn’t justify a violent beatdown.

    7. Ryan Clement says:

      Im sure if it was whites beating a black guy you would have a different opinion….u racist pig

    8. jermain says:

      Just judging by appearances, a meek looking student with a book bag getting assaulted by an aggressive, muscular student with a posse looking on and recording, it looks like “he stole my shoes” is just an excuse given by a thuggish bully looking for viral video fame.

      I hope legal action is taken against the thug. He should spend a little time in jail.

      1. Enough says:

        He probably already has a record, but juvenile records are sealed to protect the wonderful youth.

    9. Ryan says:

      LOL! All you guys saying the person who got beat was white must be extremely stupid or blind. They are all black, get over yourselves. This happens all the time so I’m not sure why this is even more important or newsworthy than any other one. smh at all of you saying this was a hate crime

      1. Paul H says:

        You must be black yourself Dumb a**

    10. Flynn McMahon says:

      Word is? Think about it, the guy who has been reported as “non-agressive” stole a pretty big guys’ shoes and then proceeds to walk around campus with them on? That doesn’t sound right.

    11. Vigil8nt says:

      Word is someday, you and/or your family will fall victim to your own lawless un-civilization…your sadness and pain will give others a joyful and gleeful celebration. The laws of nature will prevail.

    12. Angeln says:

      Seriously, Eddie, did you see the size disparity between the two of them? Do you honestly think the thug could’ve even fit into the victims shoes?

  5. Elvis says:

    Hey Gramps,
    These 6 losers just messed up their future over a pair of sneakers. They will not be laughing so hard when they are working at Burker King for the rest of their free lives.

    1. Finbar says:

      You’re dreaming, Elvis. There are any number of cushy government jobs with lush retirement benefits waiting for them. It’s the American way!

      1. rufus levin says:

        no….have to pass a DRUG test first. Never happen for these idiots.

      2. aSouthernWhiteMan says:

        rufus levin,

        I got a pretty sweet gov’t job without taking a drug test, not saying I do drugs, but I was not asked nor required to prove otherwise…

    2. h2k says:

      They have no Daddy at home. Who knows how their PARENTS acted.

  6. Leroyj says:

    Hey Gramps,
    These 6 fools just messed up their future over a pair of sneakers. They will not be laughing so hard when they are working at Burker King for the rest of their free lives.

    1. bigbill says:

      what makes you think they are gonna be working?

  7. P says:

    The punk with the sucker punch is one pathetic fighter. He’ll get his hair pulled someday. PROSECUTE!

    1. Truth be told says:

      Yes, indeed–that violent thug should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s see how tough he is fighing in jail!

      1. rufus levin says:

        I think DEAN COLLEGE would be WAY ahead just to go ahead and kick out ALL Black students….no future, no intellect, no work ethic, worthless like their parents…oly there on AA scholarships to satisfy DIVERSITY…..would do better to recruit some Kangaroos for “diversity” and it would improve the average campus IQ level by 75%.

  8. njuguna muigai says:

    That guy seen throwing punches as he is in the boxing ring, should be highly disciplined .He should get the same amount of his dose

    1. John Lindsay says:

      Yeah. He holds his thumb parallel to the back of his hand to avoid a thumb/hand injury.

  9. Deb says:

    I recall seeing a tape where white parents were standing around encouraging their kid to fight. Let’s not put blinders on when its white people on tape but when it’s someone with a better tan, we start spewing stupid stuff. The whole scene was 1000% foul. Leave it at that.

    1. Zook says:

      Deb, the problem is that if the victim was black and the attacker white, Eric Holder would be indicting him for a race crime this morning, flanked by Jesse F**king Jackson and Al D**khead Sharpton. We are SICK & TIRED of the liberal double standards in this country!! Keep pushing, and a push back will come!

      1. cbinflux says:


    2. sharon says:

      Deb… If you recall such a “tape” then can we see it? Otherwise, your point is mute… Also, the percentage of black on white crime FAR outweighs the reverse… Certainly NOT over a pair of name brand shoes or any other such scenario. A person has a right to self defense and any tape that shows a crime of this nature can usually be followed to that conclusion or lack thereof. We can all see who the Criminal(s) are in this case, thanks to the Criminal who is holding the Camcorder taping the Crime! Thanks to the youtube and facebook world.. this kind of inhumanity has become a pastime for certain elements of our society.

    3. Ted Huss says:

      Unfortunate fact is that we read and see the same culture of people doing this, similar and worse activity waaaaay out of proportion to their percentage of the population. Official, documented stats tell us that it’s most often in their own supposed “community”. Yes, it happens in “white” populations too, but not near as much relative to their population. Frankly, I think there are way too many “students” in college than there should be, but “social justice” and lower standards have been used to propagate the myth that a college education for all helps solve social problems. Nope,…not for “all”.

      1. omstrat says:

        Same way Obama got to college ..Gots to b Di Verse Right yo ?

    4. Cottoneyed says:

      Equivocation, i just “love” it!

    5. robert preston says:

      Black attacking a white is just as racist as a white attacking a black.
      The black was 100% wrong, and he is 100% black.

    6. imsancho says:

      yeah but lets also be honest and admit that many of the videos of people being jumped by multiple people or sucker punched when someone isnt looking seem to show a majority of young black people, if you don’t admit the truth no one can take you seriously

  10. Diane Richardson says:

    good thing those 6 kids didnt run into me because that kid that they beaten was my son I would have gone after them and they wouldnt know what hite them.

    1. Finbar says:

      Would that be a “hite” crime?

    2. rufus levin says:


      1. moco max says:

        Bring Back lynching to control these animals. Our ancestors were 100% right hanging these violent beasts.

      2. Angel says:

        rufus, you probably wouldn’t even know a real redneck if you saw one.

  11. JDR says:

    Those “young men” are most likely part of the football team recruited and going to Dean for FREE! That’s what they do there. A very expensive school for those who have to pay!

    1. rufus levin says:

      man…I would NEVER go to a loser school like that!

  12. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

    Every one of those pieces or trash should be prosecuted. Say goodbye to your education. You probably didn’t desverve it anyway!

    1. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:


  13. Nosgood4me says:

    Hmm … Meth cooking , U.S. Military bashing professors , child buggery .adolescent street brawling… college is what you make of it…. great PR for schools this year . fills your chest with pride don’t it. and the year is not done yet. what other noble act will come from higher education or the “educated “.

    1. rufus levin says:

      Hope and Change You Can Believe in most likely….like the homeboy in the WH.

      1. Diane says:

        @ rufus levin, why don’t you take your own advice and stfu?

  14. sick of it says:

    Since when did GHETTO become cool. Looks like these kids will never get out of the GHETTO which is where they belong. Maybee you will get a cell next to your Daddy.

    1. Jan Goldman says:

      That’s assuming they know who their daddy is

    2. BILL MCNEAL says:


    3. Yaspar says:

      Daddy? W’us’ dat?

  15. George Bush says:

    Buckwheat’s haircut is the real crime here!

    1. Sterling Headset says:


  16. says:

    Impressed by Dean’s swift action in the expulsion of the 9.

    1. JDR says:

      They never should have been students there. I wonder what their high school transcripts look like or, should I say, their high school football stats?

    2. rufus levin says:



  17. what is wrong with ppl says:

    It’s also sad – if you read the comments on worldstarhiphop, a lot of the people say they would’ve done the same thing! What?!

    1. Rosco says:

      that’s because they are a bunch of welfare receiving blue gums and that is a black website. They have no morals.

    2. rufus levin says:


  18. JDR says:

    The other crime here is that Dean College robs the real students of their tuition money while providing everything for these kids for free!. They come in and take over the campus and intimidate the rest of the students. I have witnessed this. College education should be about education and not who has a football team. All they care about is the money.

  19. billr says:

    6 blacks attacking 1 white kid…thats pretty much everyday news

    1. Diane says:

      billr Did you even WATCH the video?

  20. Donny says:

    Black. Stay away from blacks. This is why I live in a very modest home in a affluent all white suburb.

    1. TonyTonyTony says:

      “all white suburb”….for now. If you see even one or two near the area, they will multiply exponentially and cover you up in the next year or so.

      1. CommonCents says:

        Yeah, but eventually they die off… as they are unable to feed themselves.

        After they loot and destroy, they become emaciated skeletons.

        See: Africa

      2. Ar Amytas says:

        TTony’ right on!

      3. Angel says:

        It’s true, Tony. That’s what they’ve done to the area where I live, which used to be a nice, inexpensive area for retirees and people who wanted a good small town to raise kids in. Then the gang-bangers and welfare baby breeders all started to move in, and withing 10 years the place was trashed. I’m hoping to be able to move out of here soon.

  21. Jan Goldman says:

    The only thing surprising about this video is blacks in college…otherwise typical blacks being black

  22. Ms.D. says:

    LeroyJ, You’re calling these kids animals, out one side of your mouth, and mocking diversity, and affirmative action, (which the “affirmative action” comment has nothing to do with these idiots getting into this school)? Seems to me you are the animalistic one with a mind as closed, and limited as yours! It amazes me how racist seem to see only color in most situations! My daughter is a Freshman at Dean, and quite a few of these students, black and white ACT THIS IMMATURE! If you had a real brain, you’d realize that!, but you don’t and it’s so very easy to see!

    1. Jerry Pomeroy says:

      So Ms.D, you’re using the “everybody does it” defense? I know it worked for Clinton, but not among people who can think and have standards. Just deal with what happened, not what you wish happened.

    2. Justin Time says:

      Well, the video and my own personal experiences tell a whole different story. Let us reference worldofhiphop dot com, where this video came from, and verify shall we?

    3. Mark of the wild West says:

      You are right… one hundred percent. People have their P. C. blinders on these days.

      1. War Lord says:

        Mom always told me to stay away from blacks because they stink, lie, and steal.
        Had one to smack my face when I was 12 years old for no apparent reason, he was older, taller, and laughed when I fell to the ground. After gathering my senses while he walked off I found out that they bleed alot when hit upside the head with part of a broken tree limb, damn, I thought I killed the SOB. He never bothered me after that.

      2. wulf says:

        You stalk the perp, and bury a baseball bat in his empty f’n skull. This is war. The jails are full. The thug uses violence, only understands violence, and is only deterred by violence. Violence by the violated is justified. The govt is overwhelmed and cannot carry out its job of protecting people because they created an entire generation of thugs thru welfare and poor leadership which espouses victimhood and zero sum economics. It is time to go to war. If your family or friends are victimized like this, retaliate, or pay someone to retaliate. Move out of black neighborhoods. Do not hire them witout strong vetting. Carry a gun. Move in groups. This is war.

      3. Mark Matis says:

        Actually, the main reason nothing will be done to the perps is because the victim is only a Mere Citizen. If the victim had been “Law Enforcement” or one of their Masters, just HOW LONG do you think it would take for these fine “youths” to be brought to justice???

    4. Justin Time says:

      Most of us, myself included, spoke-out as a result of an emotional reaction to what we just saw. But If we’re all going to gang up on this lady who had nothing to do with any of it, I’ll have to stand with her.

      Men & women of honor can be found in any race, in tiny percentages. It seems that undesirables make up the majority of all races. Mine included.

      Let’s not allow the undesirables in the video drag us all down.

      1. Jonny Ninja says:

        Sure, whatever man. I know a racist, hate crime when I see one. And this is a racist hate crime.

    5. rufus levin says:



      1. RUFUS LEVIN says:

        FYI…typing in CAPS doesn’t make your post LOUDER….just more DIFFICULT to READ

    6. crypticguise says:

      “…act this IMMATURE…”? Really? Seems like CRIMINAL behavior to me. Most of thses MORONS shouldn’t even be in college.

    7. Bangin' Bugger says:

      Word, ma homie.

      Bend over, grab yo’ ankles and take some mo’, honayyy.

  23. Debra Hill-Treanor says:

    …and the name you chose for yourself, is an even bigger crime!

  24. David Sohns says:

    Celebrate diversity! Come to a town near you.

    1. David Sohns says:


  25. Justbeingreal says:

    Unbelievable….these people are animals. But of course this isn’t a hate crime, right? Heck no!!! Victim is white and the 9 perps are black and political correctness prevents reporting it in those terms. Hah! Imagine if it was reversed. Every school kid in Boston would be attending an assembly on tolerance.

    Too bad we don’t have public flogging ro caning. Would be nice to see all 9 perps publicly humiliated and physically punished. We should have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.

    1. Angel says:

      I am seriously suggesting we bring back the chain gang. People of any race who resort to this type of behavior should be given the opportunity to channel some of that energy to a positive outcome. Like learning not to use someone smaller and weaker than you as a human punching bag. How’d you like to be this guy’s date, or his child?

  26. Tom Walter says:


  27. David Sohns says:

    Can anyone doubt that if this were a group of white students attacking a lone black student that this wouldn’t be investigated for a hate crime? Where is the outrage people? Wake up and smell the roses. You’re losing your country.

    1. h2k says:

      Wouldn’t happen. Hasn’t happened since the 1940s.

    2. Donald Aguilar says:

      ABSOLUTELY Correct. This is a hate crime. Blacks beating and celebrating the beating of a white student. I’m not “white” and I can see that.

    3. Angel says:

      If it had been Obummer himself would’ve been on national TV denouncing it, and he’d have sent his little pit bull Eric Holder down there to handle things for him.

  28. Southerner says:


  29. Jim Hampton says:

    It would be justified if the White victim were “Pro Diversity”! You White negro lovers DESERVE this treatment!!!

    1. Nigs gonna nig says:

      And the negros would just laugh at him too if he said “But I’m pro diversity!”

  30. aubreyfarmer says:

    The victim would have been a lot better off if he had defended himself. What has happened to young men today. When I was growing up, not fighting back wasn’t an option. It is much more difficult for someone to land a solid punch against you if you are returning the punches. Any unprovoked attack should be met with as much force as necessary. A kick in the nuts, a thumb in the eye, a punch to the throat, a stomp on the instep. Any of these will make an attacker think twice about continuing the assault. No one can protect you all the time, so learn to protect yourself. Even the mildest mannered person should know how to defend oneself.

    1. h2k says:

      I agree, but my guess is that the victim landed a good punch, he’d be prosecuted for hate crimes.

    2. CommonCents says:

      Aubrey, most blacks are dangerous and prone to sudden, irrational violence.

      I’d like to see you fight back after being sucker-punched by a GORILLA who immediately turns it into “a fight to the death” before you can orient yourself.

      Firearms are ‘prohibited’ on campus, which disarms law-abiding whites.

      It would’ve been justifiable for me to stop this assault with a .357 magnum.

      I agree with comments by ‘Wulf’ elsewhere, I would hunt and lynch the thug.

      THAT is how you control these animals… it’s the ONLY thing they understand.

  31. bd maus says:

    At least he didn’t kick the bully in the balls, he would of been expelled!

    1. Angel says:

      Yeah, Ms. You know, like they always charge if it’s a white person even in self-defense against a black person?

  32. David Sohns says:

    Please don’t hurt me Mr. Black Man. I swear I love diversity.

    1. BILL MCNEAL says:


      1. JDR says:

        Give it up! This has nothing to do with Obama. Go home!
        You don’t make sense…..

    2. Angel says:

      Oh, but it does, JDR. Ever since Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute the black flash mobs that attacked those whites at the state fair in Wisconsin, or the notorious refusal to investigate the New Black Panthers for intimidating the White voters in Philadelphia, what do you expect? Thugs like this are only going to get more brave to do stuff like this. Seems like the guy could have at least picked on someone his own size, though. Probably a gang initiation.

  33. Hank says:

    Another video of black thugs terrorizing a school, all in the name of diversity! If I were the parents of this poor kid, I would sue the school for everything they have for not only allowing this to happen, but for letting in thug students that should never have been allowed in to begin with. I’m furious just watching this video, and can’t even imagine how the family of this poor kid feels. Sue this school into bankruptcy where it belongs!

    1. wulf says:

      Sue? F that. You stalk the perp, and bury a baseball bat in his empty f’n skull. This is war, Hank. The jails are full. The thug uses violence, only understands violence, and is only deterred by violence. Violence by the violated is justified. The govt is overwhelmed and cannot carry out its job of protecting people because they created an entire generation of thugs thru welfare and poor leadership which espouses victimhood and zero sum economics. It is time to go to war. If your family or friends are victimized like this, retaliate, or pay someone to retaliate. Move out of black neighborhoods. Do not hire them witout strong vetting. Carry a gun. Move in groups. This is war.

      1. CommonCents says:

        EXACTLY Wulf!

        Whites (liberal or conservative) do not understand they are in a ‘race’ war.

        Blacks have been on the attack since at least 2008. Obama was their ‘cue’.

        The victim’s parents should be charged for letting him attend this cesspool.

  34. Donzi says:

    Black on white crime should be treated as hate crime. If they can prove that the black offenders have ever said anything derogatory about whites then there you go. Until this is treated as what it really is or until we are all armed, it will continue!

    1. Angel says:

      Agreed, Donzi, but don’t hold your breath on that happening until we get rid of Obummer and his little puppet Eric Holder.

  35. silly2 says:

    You can take the thug outta the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto outta the thug. Who would steal his stanky shoes anyway? And if you sucker punch someone it is easy to beat them. I could probably beat yo black @$$ and I’m a skinny girl.

  36. Anakin says:

    We need to sterilize these animals or it will only get worse.

    1. Dashark says:

      Here is proof Blacks are wild predators:

      All White, Latino and Asian Humans must watch and learn to save their lives.

  37. Nick says:

    Black people

  38. The Bobster says:

    What is it with n iqq ers and sneakers?

    And why are there low- I Q savages allowed in college in the first place?

    1. ablecynic says:

      For states to meet the “guidelines” for minority admission to taxpayer-funded colleges they find whomever they can to fill the admission slot. Then, once the completely unprepared ghetto person arrives at school, they begin the long downward spiral to failure that occurs when the jungle skills come face-to-face with civilization. It is sad, but no one wants to change the system. The liberals love it, it keeps the blacks always beholden to their masters on the “DNC Planation.”

  39. Dr. Reality says:

    The wrong video soundtrack was posted. If you listen, the wild sounds are from the case last year of the escaped chimpanzee on a rampage,

  40. rosco says:

    Before I even clicked on the link, I knew it would be a bunch of porch monkeys

    1. ablecynic says:

      So true. I read the title and knew the story before the page came up. Who else would fight over shoes that have already been worn? Where are all the “African American” Apologists when stories like this appear? They always seem to hide undercover and then jump out to shout “racist!” at anyone who tells the truth.

      1. Roze says:

        The only Afro-American apologist that makes any sense is Reverend Manning. Go look him up on Youtube, he tells the truth about the negro.

    2. Jason says:

      Negroes have low IQ, poor impulse control and are dangerously violent. All you need to know.

  41. War Lord says:

    Yo yo yo yo, shoot those ngrs.

  42. TonyTonyTony says:

    Thanks to “fairness” everyone gets to go to college. What’s yours is theirs now. Next time it will be you whitey; bet on it.

  43. Yvonne says:

    Too bad his mother had her legs opened and did not close them that evening 20 yrs. ago because she procreated a disgusting human being….

    1. rufus levin says:

      she thought it was going to be a backdoor hump. black birth control.

      1. Roze says:

        MESSAGE TO WHITEY – CARRY A WEAPON and know how to use it.

  44. Ponder this says:

    This is my problem with the group of vermin laughing.If the white kid had defended himself well and had the upper hand, the other blacks instinctively would then join in and beat down the white kid. A message to blacks, many whites are starting to say privately to each other, “maybe this is why there was segregation”.

    1. rufus levin says:


      1. Roze says:

        Nope, it just made everything worse, just like all liberal policy.

  45. bruce says:

    black studies major…just working on his
    ‘beat Whitey assignment

  46. FU_CBS says:

    Hey it’d be great if your web page didn’t auto reload EVERY TIME i get a minute into the damn video… Typical f***ing CBS

  47. John Lindsay says:

    It used to be that a high school diploma was a highly prized document. Not any more. Stop passing thru neer-do-wells. Most of these types of people should not have been granted HS diplomas much less admitted to a college or university. If they need life/career skills they need to be directed in a vo-tech direction. Even the Euros don’t put up with this.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Actually, the Euros DO put up with this, as long as the perps are from the Religion of Peace. We just have different Preferred Species over here. For now, anyway. Besides, if you don’t let these fine “youths” graduate, how do you think anyone will be able to meet their Affirmative Action quota?

  48. Ted says:

    wow, I guess this one won’t be listed as a race crime!! oh wait one was blacker than the other, so YES IT IS!!

  49. Sean Patriot says:

    Now I know why abortion is legal.


    WHERE IS REV. AL SHARPTON? WHERE IS JESSE “MUMBLES” JACKSON? Just another example of Gorillas being Gorillas. Keep idolizing Blacks America. They’re ANIMALS. Period.

  51. Sean Patriot says:

    We need to build more zoos

  52. Texas_Twister says:

    Why don’t the North American Pavement Apes do that out here in East Texas, so I can have a crack at one?

    1. A warning from history says:

      People that were brainwashed about the majestic and noble black community are now starting to see most blacks(not all)as animals. People that think they are animals will eventually treat blacks as animals. We have wolves and bears here in NC and blacks are far more dangerous.I think this ends badly.

    2. rufus levin says:

      They did in Cherokee County at Lon Morris College…brought in a ton of ignorant athletes to try to get some alumni to donate to the school…didn’t have dorms…put them up in a MOTEL…they got into fights with guns…..yep, these Junior College trustees and Presidents are dumb as bricks thinking that bring in animals for sports and somehow the other kids will all kumbaya with these ghetto thugs.

  53. THR TRUTH says:

    ANIMALS. They never belonged in college in the first place. This is what affirmative action gets you. These punks were probably admitted to Dean over white kids with much higher academic qualifications and thats a trajedy.

    1. Mark of the wild West says:

      Affirmative action got us Obama…

  54. Deserttrek says:

    society has created these thugs via political correctness and can’t be judgmental BS.

    time for no tolerance. a few life without parole sentances on a work farm will stop this kind of stuff fast. time to go medeviel on them

    1. H2K says:

      I won’t ever agree that violence is a black trait. The crime is the War On Poverty which created such a negative climate for the black family. In fact, due to regulations on how welfare was doled out, the baby momma got more money from the government when baby daddy was not around.
      Yet another of many many examples of the government’s policies f***ing up generations of black people. And for what? To get them on the government dole so to provide reliable votes every election cycle. This was LBJ’s strategy and it worked.

      1. rufus levin says:


  55. Ted says:

    It was a white kid getting beat!! but did the report list it as a race crime? NO. typical one sided reporting and the reverse discrimination continues. damn animals, getting free education, why, they wont even graduate!! just another venue to purvey their thugness and animal like culture!! they should be shot.

  56. Brutus says:

    Welcome to 2011, where everybody is “college material”.

  57. MissKitty says:

    a beating over sneakers… now how did I know it was going to be a black involved….

  58. Don says:

    These thugs should only be asked one question. Any last words?

  59. MR GREEN says:


  60. Tim H says:

    hoping for change

  61. MacCane says:

    What a worn out line: ‘we have a zero tolerance for _________ (fill in the blank)”, yet more and more of these type incidents keep on repeating themselves. Clearly the lack of parental oversight and proper discipline and parental exampl during growing years, one parents families, godless entertainment, teachings and lifestyle are having rewards in full in our society. It will only get worse.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      “We are the 99% and we want your shoes!”

      1. ablecynic says:

        LMAOROTFL! Great line!

  62. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    No mention of race to aid citizens in the search for the perpertrator. Oh, a video? Wait! You mean this wasn’t some Asian guy beating up some Jewish guy for his sneakers? Who’da thunkit?

  63. NY9Solyndra says:

    This is what Democrats are doing to America.

  64. angryslave says:

    the stupidity of America, the reason Obama is president

  65. Visit Texas 2012 says:

    Attention ALL PUNK wanna be thugs: The time is coming soon that our government will collapse. When you and your low life families stop receiving government benefits what will you do? You are used to living off the success of the hard working people who are the decedents of the great founders that built this once great nation. When that day comes we are going to enjoy administering true justice that has been forbidden by the rule of law. Just remember we have the guns, the resources your governing officials won’t have and the determination to FINISH the job. See you in the streets homie (I hope you have plenty of ammo, NVG’s and long range scopes… WE DO)

    1. Diane says:

      @ Visit Texas 2012, Nobody wants to visit your miserable state. It’s bad enough that we have to listen to your less-than-intelligent governor as he desperately tries to convince voters that he is Presidential material. What a laugh!!

      1. Angel says:

        Well, Diane, just remember that when the homies are overrunning your street. I’d rather visit Texas than wherever you live. It sounds like ‘sissyland’ to me.

  66. rufus levin says:

    Time for a Whites Only Fraternity on Deans College Campus of the Southern weighlifters, named Kappa Kappa Kappa…..great headgear and no “sags”. Their secret “SIGNAL” will be carrying a short piece of 2 x 4 everywhere they go on campus.

  67. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    As much NOT a fan of Middle Eastern, er, “justice,” as I am, I have to admit that the lopping off of a thief’s hand is somewhat likely to reduce the rate of recidivism — limited to one repeat offense and presenting difficulty in lacing up one’s spoils.

  68. Andrew Mustapich says:

    Another example of the lack of ability of blacks to assimilate in a civilized society.
    The reports like this,show a very high percentage of blacks involved as compared to their percentage of the population

  69. Steve Puckett says:

    Multiple blacks on white hate crime, Where’s Eric Holder ??????? Elect Obama again, are you kidding me.

  70. Tom Walter says:

    Knee Grow’s…..Who Would Have Guessed?

  71. Mark of the wild West says:

    It’s clearly is racial in nature. Yet another pack of blacks beat up another white guy. If you believe it was all about the “tennis shoes”, think again. The shoes were just a trophy of the “kill”. Why not call a spade a spade if it is one? Lighten up on the P. C. crap!

  72. phillysmart says:

    The animals are at it again and white peopel are the target///get ready it will continue thats exactly what Obama and his administration brought to America win or lose blacks will riot in America….be prepred to protect your family as the police won;t and can’t….we have a cancer in America and the medicine will be painful

  73. SteveS says:

    As usual in this sort of thing, it’s Black on White. it were the other way around this would be labeled a hate crime but since it’s against a white person…

  74. rufus levin says:

    Bookmark and Share
    Dean College Rated a ‘Best College’ by US News and World Report

    Franklin, MA – September 15, 2011… Dean College is pleased to announce that they are ranked 20thby US News and World Report for ‘Best Regional Colleges’ for the North region for 2012. This is the first time Dean has ever received a ranking by this publication and is the fifth highest ranking institution in Massachusetts to achieve this distinction for this category.

    “This is quite an honor and one that we are all very proud of,” says Dr. Paula M. Rooney, President of Dean College. “This speaks to the tremendous advancement of our institution, our commitment to academic quality and our focus on preparing students for future success. It all adds up to the Dean Difference.”

    Dean is currently in a strong growth period as they have added the two largest incoming freshman classes in the school’s history in successive years. In addition, Dean recently completed a $16M renovation to their campus center, creating a state of the art facility that includes the introduction of the Center for Advising and Career Planning. It is this investment into the betterment of their students that has helped Dean achieve this ranking.

    According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, regional colleges are schools that focus almost entirely on the undergraduate experience and offer a broad range of programs in the liberal arts. “This is a milestone as Dean continues to build on a history that is rich in the tradition of academic and personal growth for our students,” concludes Rooney.


  75. Wang Newton says:

    Hmmmm, is this a “hate crime”?

  76. Mark says:

    Here in Kansas we see something like this and we say it is a race baited crime, meaning it was raciall motivated with a black beating up a white. As see it, there are multiple charges to be filed: Hate crime because it was racially motivated (why is it anytime it is white on black is is a hate crime, but never when it is black on white or hispanic?), assault and battery, theft of property in value of more than $200.00, willful intent to inflict bodily harm. Personally, they need to throw the black guys in jail for at least two years. As for being dispelled, great that means 9 fewer morons at the school. By the way, in Kansas we also have concealed carry, had that been me or my sons, the brother would be getting a free physical (as in autopsy) by the county coroner. Yes folks, I would have exercised my right to protect myself and send the brother to hell.

  77. Cha says:

    I don’t understand why this has to be investigated. All on tape taking of property by force is a Robbery. Why isn’t this guy arrested yet?

  78. Bernie Goetz says:

    I knew every detail of the story before I even clicked the link, the headline said it all.

    Whoever wrote this story is an idiot. This was not a “fight” or an “altercation”… this was an assault and robbery.

    1. Kim Bailey says:

      LIBERALS::” We must replace White people with Black Africans in North America and Europe.Blacks copulate 24/7 and produce 3890 nigglets per hour.”

  79. JROD says:

    You can take a monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

  80. Carl Mayo says:

    There sure have been a lot of racial beatdowns since obama took office.

    1. Dashark says:

      Here is proof Blacks are wild predators:

      All White, Latino and Asian Humans must watch and learn to save their lives. Pass it on to all your friends.

  81. rufus levin says:

    ‘We’re working with our own security folks, as well as Franklin police, to determine the cause of the events,” Dean College Director of Communications Gregg Chalk told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Tuesday.

    Franklin Police are still investigating what led to the fight and expect to file criminal charges soon.


  82. don johnson says:

    welcome to the ghetto that is america. bunch o dumb A## thugs protected by eric holder. our country has completely lost its way in the name of diversity and political corrrectness. every city in america that is “diversified” is a dangerous thug infested shi#hole. now “di” versity is infesting suburbs by way of section 8 housing. america is toast because we refuse to have standards and hold anyone accountable for their actions

  83. TheBellCurve says:

    There is a lesson here for everyone. When you are in a jungle, never turn your back on a wild animal, and be prepared to defend yourself.

  84. NJPro says:

    Obvious this wasn’t a bias crime against a black student since no race was mentioned. If that had been a white kid beating a black kid with 8 white kids standing around watching and laughing, race would have been all over the press and Al, Jesse, Rev Wriight, the DOJ and Obummer and all of the other race-baiting politicians would have been picketing in front of the college.

  85. Bernie Goetz says:

    Videos like this do wonders for gun sales.

  86. Buckwheat says:

    This is perfectly acceptable behavior, what’s the big deal? It’s a cultural thing. O-tay?

  87. Paolo says:

    Who left the zoo door open again?

  88. FRANK says:




  90. njpro says:

    Obviously, the “fight” was over after the first punch. The rest is attempted murder. Look at how the punk is picking his punches – no body blows, just head shots. He should be charged accordingly. Doesn’t Boston have a “bystander” law where people who stand and just (or laugh and mock the victim) can be charged also. Oh, that’s right it is a downtrodden, society-damaged black kid beating a white kid. The DOJ’s policy under Obummer says “move on people, nothing to see here”.

    1. Reckoning coming? says:

      yep, i am pretty disgusted too…this must be why vigilante outfits had to clean up the messes in the old days, because the feds love these guys and treat them like bald eagles or rare spotted owls

  91. crypticguise says:

    Aha, another example of savages incapable of exercizing civilized behavior. Tut, tut… perhaps someone could sit them down and have a chat with them explaining how it is insensitive to beat the “cr@p” out of someone to acquire his/her Nikess.

    My suggetion is that they be given a “time out” and sent to bed without dinner. That’ll teach ’em. Whoah, I just noticed that these persons are of the black persuasion. This is very unusual for honor students to behave this way.

    There must be more to this story than meets the eye.

  92. Me says:

    Well now I am just absolutely shocked that a black person would do such a thing….

  93. Herr Stig says:

    Where IS Bernie Goetz when you really need him?

    1. Big Bear says:

      Seems some ferret-faced, hook-nosed, beady-eyed lawyer made a criminal out of Goetz, while elevating his downtrodden victim attackers on a pedestal. I decided at that point I would never visit NYC.

  94. JWM says:

    Negroes are on the rampage across the nation.

    1. Kim Bailey says:

      Last Friday a Knee grow savage beat to death 2 Russian tourists in Miami Beach.
      Hidden by the liberal mayor and the Obama media of course.

  95. Roze says:

    He says the victim is not an aggressive person and never fights, and is now recovering from the one sided attack. He asked for privacy during this difficult time.

    And this is the problem with White people. Teach your kids how to fight NOW or they will have NO FUTURE.

  96. John Carlucci says:

    he’s just leveling the playing field with the 1% who have good sneakers

  97. John Luke says:

    You know –

    I think it’s pretty obvious you should judge people as individuals and NOT groups.

    However, let me state the clear truth – it looks like the kid getting his face pummeled is a white kid. Now if the roles were reversed and a group of white kids were laughing as another white kid beat the hell out of some poor black kid, I GUARANTEE this story would go national…All the usual suspects (from Sharpton onward) would be front and center, and the phrase “Hate Crime” would be all over it. The national liberal media would roll with it.

    White people (specifically white liberals) are generally WEAK FOOLS. They lack the steel in their tongues necessary to speak their minds candidly and act accordingly. Moreover, the whole world and every ethnic group knows it.

  98. Mark says:

    Planet of the Apes

    “there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our desire to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.”

    James D. Watson

    1. midwestern American says:

      Evolution is a myth..
      It’s false science not based on scientific observation.
      If it did exist where are the evoling life forms? We should see masses of them running around.
      Fish are fish, horses are horses, monkeys are monkeys, humans were only humans.

    2. moco max says:

      The black plague has destroyed America’s cities and is now moving toward a suburb near you.

  99. mm says:

    Blacks are an inferior race.

    1. Kim Bailey says:

      Wrong! They are not a race but a different “Species”
      Darwin and Maimonides told us long ago that blacks are NOT human but a different species of african predator animal.

  100. Goodgold says:

    Savages – send them back.

  101. FreedomScribe says:

    And you wonder why over the last 40 years there has been “white flight.” Just another “black attack” that will cause more human beings to move away from the city, if they can. Compare this to what just happened in Staten Island, NY – same crap and 99% of the time, it’s the blacks. With no fathers, mothers concerned only with “I gots to get mines!”, and a fake, phony, fraud President as their inspiration, what do you expect? Add the hip-hop-rap crap to the equation, and we’re actually lucky this type of garbage doesn’t happen more often. There are no rehab programs for this disease, just giant petri dishes to contain the Bacteria – they’re callled prisons. Build more of them.

  102. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Hate crime. Because if the roles were reversed you know it would be a hate crime.

  103. myron says:

    If you’ve got children, for god’s sake teach them self defense. These one sided beatdowns by scumbags who aren’t even skilled fighters are painful to watch.

  104. Tom Walter says:

    I Did’nt Know ‘North American Pavement Apes’ Were So Much Into Tennis Shoes. Whad Up Wid Dat? Gnome Sayin?

  105. notahatecrime245656 says:

    Not a hate crime, because it was a black guy beating a white guy.

    On the other hand, if it had been a white guy beating a black guy…

    1. FedUp says:

      Absolutely correct… hate crimes ONLY apply when it’s WHITE on black violence, never when it’s black on white violence. Welcome to the Obama nation where civil rights are protected by E. Holder.

  106. VInny C. says:

    Send all the BLACKS back to Africa! They are all animals!

    1. Ar Amytas says:

      You got it Vinny!!

    2. Kim Bailey says:

      Vote Ron Paul Vinny.
      RP will eliminate Affirmative Action.

  107. matt says:

    congrats to the school for expelling even the posse.
    eric ‘my people’ holder will be investigating.
    not the thugs, but the school, for racial insensitivity.

  108. Tom Walter says:

    North American Pavement Apes

  109. Jonny Ninja says:

    So am I a “racist” because I assumed before I saw the video that it was probably a black person or group of black people perpetrating a hate crime? Or does that just mean that I have common sense?

    In any case, it’s time to get “strapped”, people. If you don’t carry, you’re stupid. That includes college campuses. Because where are the cops when you actually need them to fight crime? Busy tazing grandmas and pulling people over for speeding, that’s where.

  110. jeff says:

    So weird that this involved a bunch of black dudes acting like animals.

  111. blp2 says:

    It’s always blacks

  112. bsk says:

    Stupid slavers should have left blacks in Africa and done the damn work themselves

    1. Diane says:

      @ bsk, That would have worked for me! Then we wouldn’t be living in this country surrounded by white trash.

  113. nupanthu says:

    What Happened was wrong, If the Kid did not Steal the Shoes! White People Do Steal from Blacks All the Time and Think they should Get-Away with it!

  114. George says:

    Hey Mom – I have good news and bad news. I have been expelled from school and it looks like I am going to be spending some time in jail. But, I got this slammin’ pair of sneakers!

  115. Sam says:

    Obama Voters at their Best!!!!

  116. Titainiumman says:

    Blacks are the most violent segment of or society and prove it on a daily basis,

  117. frank w says:

    Felonious assault, battery and robbery and it’s all recorded on tape. If this joker doesn’t get at least 20 years, there is no justice.

  118. Maobama says:

    Funny how every video like this that comes out is black animals attacking someone. It would only take one or two videos of the victim pulling out a gun and making these monkeys heads explode to make all of this BS stop.

    1. midwestern American says:

      Sir, have you considered that your expressed violent attitude is what this video condemns.

      I am not against your 2nd amendment right, when correctly displayed, but you may not wish to shoot so fast. The use of racist nicknames “monkeys.” doesn’t have a place in this forum.

      Please Cool down and think about your comments, before submitting them.

      Let your exasperation be tempered with logic. Take care.

  119. Davis says:

    They let anybody into college these days because federal aid means big profits.

  120. TravlnTexan says:

    wow…EXPELLED…now that takes care of that…but you know the underlying problem is that it IT’s JUST NOT FAIR…that one person has $200 Nikes…it just shouldn’t be unless EVERYONE can have $200 Nikes.

  121. Diane Ryan says:

    Americans are fools to living in these uncivilized areas of our country. I wouldn’t think of even passing through without protecting myself using my 2nd Amendment rights. The police are not even legally responsible to protect us. Only a fool would depend on them for protection.

  122. Yeah Right says:

    Well just another countless example of the fact that you can take the black man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the black man. Over a pair of sneakers??? My guess this is not the first time the assaulter was involved in violence like this before. It would have been a different outcome if the victim was legally armed. Oh wait it occurred in MA that explains a lot about the liberal mind set. Let all the whites move to nice safe communities. Then make is so difficult to get a concealed carry permit that the people (like this college student) cant defend themselves against these evil, cowardous, thugs. Then have the left wing anti gun lobby mess with your brain and say that the having responsible legal gun ownership only contributes to the violence on the streets. Had it been me in that situation it very well could have been good guy 1 (or 9 depending on how many of his friends wanted a piece of my sneakers) bad guy(s) 0.

  123. nupanthu says:

    AMERIKKKA is CURSED! You Cannot Build a Country on the Graves of Indians and Slaves, then expect a Smooth Ride!

    1. midwestern American says:

      GET OVER IT!
      My culture(s) were slaves, if I go back far enough, just get over it. I am part Indian.
      America is the best nation on the planet, it’s tremendously charitable to the world.
      I would say the current turn of America from God may not be looked upon by our Master, God, to well. Plenty of scripture supports THAT warning.

      1. nupanthu says:

        Turn of America from God? Oh I guess You think that America was a Better Place when Blacks were Beaten into Submission and Killed then White Folk just cleaned up and went to Church on Sunday!

      2. Jeffrey Shultz says:

        Ignore this nup clown. Some people just need to hate themselves and their homeland. They’re called liberals.

      3. midwestern American says:

        No I did not say that you are confusing religion with God and a love of God.
        That’s the problem you cited “religions” have caused and continue to cause problems, atrocities, etc. But many religions do incredible acts of kindness. Rest your soul. God be with you.

    2. Sterling Headset says:

      That’s so cute! Now why don’t you tell the rest of us what it actually means? And then explain how virtually every nation on this planet is built on the graves of aboriginals and slaves. Then tell em about AfriKKKa and the Moors. Then tell me all about my people the Comanche and how we treated anyone that we crossed paths with that we didn’t like. Learn me something good New Panther.

      1. nupanthu says:

        Actually Mankind itself is Cursed and Fatally Flawed. I dont know why but given the choice between the Right thing to do and the Greedy self empowering Wrong thing, Man Consistently Chooses Wrong! I bet Even You dont have to Dig to Deep to see that You too are fatally Flawed and not at all Sterling.

    3. Roze says:

      Excuses, excuses, excuses. You’ve been taught to hate Whitey and that you are more important than Whitey because of how your ancestors were treated, period. There were PLENTY of White slaves and Free blacks who owned black slaves, do your research. Luckily I’m awake and will teach my child to protect herself against the negro.

      1. nupanthu says:

        No Excuses Here, just a realization that All People are Screwed-Up! Just Look at the World!

      2. nupanthu says:

        Don’t Preach TOO Much because if you do She will Run to the Biggest Blackest Young Man who Smiles at her first, Then you will Have Beautiful little Caramel Brown Grandchildren!

  124. Ronnie says:

    This notion that everyone go to college just makes college an extension of high school. The Education-Industrial complex makes tons of money with it, though. Do you find the people you meet to be well educated?

  125. midwest American says:

    GREAT, BALANCED, NEWS REPORT by this CBS-Boston affiliate.

    THANKS FOR SHOWING comments, by educated, well spoken blacks.

    I was ASSUMING this was some joke college, I may be wrong.

    I still wonder how such an idiot, deviate got into your “college.” How had he successfully hidden (or do you accept these types) obvious tendencies toward such blatantly violent behavior? This MUST have also occurred in his traceable past.

    MY MESSAGE TO BLACKS (in this instance) – YOU MUST begin to LOUDLY speak against this type of black SUB-culture, “ghetto” behavior. It has NO place in a civilized world. I’ll add that ALL RACES have such deviant SUB-cultures. The particular race’s success (or assumed failure) in putting down and PROSECUTING such behavior elevates them or keeps them in a shadow of the other races.

    I say “tough luck” to the pc crowd. My comment is not racist, nor meant to be. Many years ago Jesse Jackson made such a comment as has Bill Cosby more recently.

    AGAIN my deepest THANKS to these praiseworthy, BLACK STUDENTS that spoke out so ELOQUENTLY AGAINST such deviant behavior in their SUB-culture. There is a glimmer of hope for America if you can make your voices heard. America is at a crossroad.

    1. Roze says:

      You think you’re white liberal logic is going to work in the future? Think again. Saying you’re “not racist” is crap, everyone is racially aware, the white man and woman are just taught to deny and reject it.

    2. OnePercent says:

      You are exactly right, part of the problem is that so many good black people are tolerant and even sometimes accepting of this behavior. These thugs should be charged with a hate crime, because that is exactly what this was.

  126. Vince says:

    Savage gangstas acting like savage gangstas. Nothing to see here. The only question I have is WHAT are they doing in college?

  127. Sterling Headset says:

    Tell the truth…. don’t lie because your parents raised you to be politically correct-dishonest-Lemmings….. You knew the perps were black the second you read the headline didn’t you? Now here’s the Hard truth… this wasn’t about Nikes and you know that too don’t you? This was about domination, this was about race, this was about an easy target and this was about ego. Now the cowards are claiming that they thought the shoes were stolen… that’s a smoke screen.. they know they’re in trouble and they know how to manipulate the system. All students but the one throwing the punches will be readmitted to school within twelve months. The man throwing the punches will gain sympathy in our legal system and walk with a slap on the wrist. If he was white.. he’d be charged with a hate crime and his life would be ruined by that same system.

    1. Roze says:

      Sterling said it best. If you can’t comprehend and agree than you have no hope.

    2. Jeffrey Shultz says:

      Second Sterling’s remarks. Guess we’re all just, er, “racists.”

  128. jbspry says:

    Watch “Cops”. Or “Bait Car”. Or “The First 48”. Most of the perps are black.
    “I see a day when my children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    Sorry Dr King, but there does seem to be a correlation.

  129. KickOutTheKenyanMuslimIn2012 says:

    A white man beat down by 9 black men for his shoes. No doubt Barack HUSSEIN Obama will instruct Eric Holder to get involved because this is obviously a hate crime…

  130. Forge Park says:

    Apparently the government cheese truck was late and the anger had to go somewhere.

  131. The end of the world. says:

    How do these thugs get into college?
    Affirmative action!!!

  132. JBSPRY says:


  133. Tom Walter says:


  134. Sterling Headset says:

    This is how it’s done.

    1. califkid says:

      love it!!!!!!!!!

    2. Tom Walter says:

      Ha Ha…Stupid Boot Lip.

  135. RuRu says:

    I wonder if the students involved in the beating and just watching the beating, pay for their college education, or are they getting it on the taxpayer’s dime????

    1. JDR says:

      Knowing Dean College, I am sure it is the taxpayer’s who are funding these kids who never should have been accepted to any college. They just wanted the money.

  136. Jacqueline West says:

    Youths and their sneakers.

  137. longarm says:

    This is why I love living in Arizona ,You pull that stuff here and you would wind up with a 45 cal. enema.Right to carry here means you never know who is going to put one in you if you attack someone in this state… the only shoes that monkey would get are dress ones at his funeral…

  138. OnePercent says:

    What else can you expect from a bunch of animals? The kid never stood a chance, even if he had fought back all of the apes in the pod would have jumped in. This is why I am proud to live in a gun state. The monkeys around here know they would be gambling with their lives if they were to try and pull this kind of chicken s*#& out here.

    1. Forge Park says:

      longarm & OnePercent

      MA is an LTC state, class 3 too.

      You don’t find many students in any state carrying on campus.

  139. Mike G says:

    Here is an idea. Round up all the blacks in the USA and send them to Mexico and we keep the Mexicans already here. At least most of the Mexicans here want to work, unlike most blacks. Most Mexicans want to raise their children in two parent families, unlike most blacks. The blacks would love the climate and all the drugs and crime would make them feel right at home. As for not speaking the language, most of these sub-humans do not speak English anyway.

  140. Jason Weishaupt says:

    What is it with Blacks and sneakers? They were fighting over shoes 20 years ago when I was in school. Why would you want to put someone else’s smelly shoes on your feet?

    JJ The Fed

  141. Sterling Headset says:

    1. netninja0 says:

      Yeah dog! wasup wit dat! That old white man knocked your stupid loud ass down. It’s all fun and games until somone is holding a full house. Stupid disrespectful child. Post his stupid ass picture onlne to show everyone what a dumass he was.

    2. animals says:

      Not surprised black people always try to cause trouble. Lol black woman in the background “it aint worth it blood” and then when black dude gets beat up we can press charges while the old white guy was in self defense. Not surprised black people act like animals

  142. Dawg says:

    Why did I know it was black folk committing the crime before I opened the link ………Hmmmm

  143. Dawg says:

    Next thing you know Obama will be giving out shoe stamps!

  144. steve says:

    Get your AR because the Obama mobs are gearing up to rip the country apart.

  145. Skipper says:

    Just another every day racist attack, ho-hum. These are increasing since Obama took office, and his justice dept. stated it will no longer prosecute black on white crime. However, a white person exercising !st Amendment rights of free speech, and uses the more violent “racial slur” would be prosecuted and given the death sentence. The justice bros. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over the accused. Who stands up for this white kid, NOBODY, cuz they’re scared of being politically incorrect. White Americans time to wake up and stand up for our rights.

  146. USADADDIO says:

    I didn’t even have to open the story to know it was a black guy beating someone for their shoes. Just saying.

  147. Greg says:

    Had to emulate their thug heros and now they’ve lost their ticket to a future. I hope selling crack serves them as well as a good education would have!

  148. malcom says:

    we need to go back to seperate societies.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Yep. Diversity has failed. The influx of Negro culture into White America has destroyed a generation.

  149. cbinflux says:

    Liberals are directly responsible for the huge number of FERAL black youth in our cities!

  150. OnePercent says:

    Wow. look at the comments on this article! Black people better pay close attention, I think we may see the days of lynching parties come back soon.

    1. Thegood1 says:

      Wait until Obama is voted out these beast are really going to lose it. Then my CCW will pay for itself.

    2. heatherfeather says:

      I would venture to guess the vast majority of lynched Blacks were thugs like this. The history books don’t mention that, though.

  151. rc says:

    Racism sucks.

    1. nupanthu says:

      It Really, Really Does!

  152. Early says:

    How about that water mark on the video Worldstarhiphop. Need I say more.

    1. oldpink says:

      I knew the video would have that watermark even before I clicked play on it.
      We must be Karnak the Magnificent’s sons!

  153. Joe says:

    Was this a group of obama’s posse. I didn’t note if the report identified this as a black on white hate crime or aren’t they allow to give the facts any more?

  154. Sam E Moore Jr says:

    I knew without seeing their Pictures they were all Black .

    Need we forget there were countless , Murders , Mugging and beat downs over

    Michael Jordan $ 200.00 Tennis Shoes in the Hood’s all over America .

    Sadly 1/2 of that group is still Tribal coming to America 300 Years later .
    This is nor racist ….. sadly they are Cold facts .
    i will give them and excuse since 77.3 % grow up without real Mom’s and Dad’s .

  155. Vince says:

    What a puss. Glad he got his azz beat. Stupid white boy stealing a black man’s shoes always gonna get an azz beating.

    1. War Lord says:

      You dumb fkng ngrs can’t fight anyone one on one, gotta have a group in case the POS gets his ass beat. Your kind is dumber than whale shyt on the bottom of the ocean.

  156. arnoldripkin says:

    What’s the problem? This poor kid was just getting his “raprations” in shoes.

  157. cbinflux says:

    I wonder whether the THUG ever owned a similar pair of sneakers? He just needed an excuse for his HATE CRIME!

    Where is Eric Holder??!

  158. nupanthu says:

    Up until the time I was almost 30 years old I had very violent thoughts, Anger and Rage that would make me Explode at Who Ever I thought Disrespected Me or was a Threat to Me, Black or White! I am Black, I also think that Black People Do have More of the Animal Mentality and Strength that All Humans inherited from Animals.Unfortunately some People, Black White or Whatever color Suffer in Attacks from other aggressive People like I was. I was Never a Bully, People Pushed me and I always Pushed back 10 times Harder, but Nothing changed and I could not fight Everybody. I also have had the ability to talk Intelligently but the rage use to Rise to the top and Take Over. Now I am Older and Mellow, the rage has been contained and replaced with a thirst to understand why People are so Violent, Intelligent, Criminal, Creative, full of Hate, full of Love and all the other interesting things.

  159. Tom Walter says:

    We Should Have Picked Our Own Cotton = Obsolete Farm Equpment

  160. Pocho Basura says:

    This will not stand!!
    Call the ”revs” al or jesse…….this is blatant racism.
    The white boy should have gladly given his shoes or anything else to the disenfranchised young man.

  161. HMichaelH says:

    Is this a “Hate Crime?” Is it cowardly blacks attacking one lone white kid? If it is, the full extent of the law should come down on these cowardly blacks who are the product of unmarried parents. Our culture and quality of life is so enhanced by the presence of blacks in our community……NOT!

    1. philip inuhoff says:

      Hate? The only hate was dat whiteboy trying to front some Jordans.. He got what he got. Don’t be trying to steal our style like you done stole everything else.

  162. resipsapen says:

    I guess it has reached the point where everyone needs to walk to class with a baseball bat in hand. Hey, I was just going to practice after class. I am sick of this black on white crime. Virtually every video I see is wilding by groups of young blacks, and it aint’ just guys. What a sick world I live in. As God is my witness, I knew it was going to blacks attacking a white before I ever viewed the video.

  163. BigBoa says:

    What’s up Rufus Levin?

    Just one more in a never ending stream of chimp-outs….

    The mighty Boa has told the people again and again. THE ONE and ONLY solution at this point is eradication of the ghettos. Period. There IS a war going on. Either fight it in THEIR neighborhood, or it WILL be fought in yours.

    This is merely further evidence of how stupid these savages are. They are outnumbered roughly 10 to 1. If people ever REALLY get fed up with them, they would not stand a chance. If people would decide TODAY that it is time to eradicate, they would be doomed. Trust the mighty Boa, they will not change their behavior.

    1. Dan Swell says:

      And the people in the ghettos, what happens to them? Are they eradicated at the same time?

    2. Diane says:

      Oh, please, Big Boa, get a grip! And the rest of you! I have never read so many ugly vicious things said about blacks in response to a single article in my life. How are any of you any better than the idiots hooping and hollering with glee in this video? You seem to be just as revved up and excited as they are! Ugh!!

  164. George Bush says:

    The victim was black or mixed race. The attacker calls him N—– and he has the low pants and black hair, just lighter skin.

    1. Diane says:

      @ George Bush, Please don’t ruin the good time being had by all on this thread by revealing that the victim was actually black as well. I’m sure that they could think up some other ugly remarks, but none quite as satisfying as the remarks they’ve already spewed out.

  165. josetoyou says:

    When I see headlines like this it is almost a sure bet that low life nigg*ers are involved.

  166. cracker-joe says:

    I don’t if the guy doing the hitting thought those shoes were stolen from him, he should be hunted down, and just disappear. if you catch my meaning…

  167. neal says:

    Not only did this “brother” beat down another, he butchered the English language! And this is a college student? Hopefully, not for long.

  168. ed357 says:

    There’s no such category as……..


    just ask zer0 or H0lder.

  169. KevinVA says:

    And the state of the union continues to spiral out of control. This, and many hundreds of stories like this, is the result of an Obama election.

    If you’ve noticed the back-and-forth banter in many of the comment sections of these articles, you’ve noticed an increase in racism and a decrease in civility. I don’t think the country’s ever been this divisive. It’s reminiscent of the ’60s, but I would suggest much more dangerous… especially for those of us with lighter skin tones.

    This administration has succeeded in creating chaos in the streets, by not tackling a single economic issue and playing class warfare games. Expect things to get much worse…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if things get so bad, that by election time next year, you’ll see Obama calling for Martial Law. How convenient.

    1. Big Bear says:

      I hope we do get Martial Law. I live out in the hinterlands in a Red State and we can take care of ourselves. If things get bad, we know which bridges to blow. The Feds will have their hands full in the big cities, and will bug out of my neck of the woods. Most of the white victims in the coming race war will be milquetoast PC liberals, anyway.

  170. cuthean says:

    we should no longer allow blacks to live with us.

    It is national suicide.

  171. Tom Walter says:

    “Boot Lipped Obsolete Farm Equipment”

  172. y0y says:

    Blacks. You never see this type of behavior by them on a regular basis in the news. I mean its not like you cant just read a “People acting like animals” headline and really NOT know who was involved. Only real shock here is that it wasnt a white person being attacked.

  173. djw663 says:

    SCUM of the earth! The entitled youth! If they cannot afford it then just take it. Why not the guy probably got them off the sweat of the other guy! Thanks Obama for all you are doing to bring racism and hatred back to a boiling point in America. You have succeeded in destroying America Thanks, you can leave now!

  174. Cassius Ali says:

    Just another Chimp-O-Rama.

  175. jewbag says:

    There’s a reason africa and haiti are what they are.

    Do not let the communists allow you to ever believe otherwise

  176. philip inuhoff says:

    Hahaha!! White people are funny! Dat dude stoopid for trying walk around outside.. Don’t he know what time it is?

  177. Mahakala says:

    Just following Obama’s lead. Redistributing the wealth.

  178. philip inuhoff says:

    The other dude in the fight ain’t white, he black too. Black and blue..!! Whiteboy can’t jump, he don’t need dem kicks no how.

  179. SAVAGES says:

    Why were these SAVAGES even able to get into a college? Oh, nevermind. Obamas Amerika, where EVERYONE gets into college on the taxpayers dime.

  180. Tom Walter says:

    Moon Crickets Again

  181. Get over it says:

    Hmmm…another brutal beat-down caused by out of control black people, then seeing them laugh and celebrate like Animals…GOSH-I-AM-SO SUR-PRISED. I wish that kid could have stood up and beat that GORILLA back.

  182. califkid says:

    One of these days , white folks are going to say enough is enough, then i will feel sorry for the USA!!!!

  183. BigBoa says:

    If you haven’t already done so, go check out to see some absolutely hysterical action…..

    These savages need to be eradicated and removed from society. They are nothing but an enormous anchor on our society.

  184. glanceup says:

    Anyone shocked by this? Thought not. Typical.

  185. Brian Astby says:

    I just call them the Cancer from Africa.
    Just look at sattelite photos of where the live.
    They’re like a spreading cancer, slowly killing the host.

  186. Justin says:

    Gator don’t play that. A man needs some walkin around money. You know. Some money to walk around with. You might want to buy some shoes you know. Or take some from someone.

  187. Arjay says:

    Not surprised. Glad those kids got expelled. Time for them to keep my tax dollars at work and keeping the prisons open.

  188. Mommyof3 says:

    Bunch of black males pummeling a white kid IS a hate crime. Boy, what a lovely generation we are producing in America. And it does not help when you have a thug-in-chief promoting class warfare….

  189. drphil69 says:

    Wait for the results of the “investigation.”

    Zero tolerance means the victim will be punished with the villains. After all, if the victim hadn’t been walking in that particular place at that particular time nothing would have happened. This is standard liberal logic.

  190. Bagheera says:

    Any student that tried to help would have gotten a beat-down for himself. I hope the dean means help by calling 911. There’s no law that says some other student has to put himself in danger or face being expelled. I see some lawsuits coming on this one.

  191. Cottoneyed says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sure glad that with the election of our first black president, America now enjoys a “post racial” period in our history. Gone are all those “flash mobs”, invading convenient stores, stealing anything that they can get in their hands. And a big sigh of relief is in order since we no longer have those marauding bands of black “youths” hundreds of them running through our State Fairs, accosting and assaulting the White Fair goers. Let me take this opportunity to thank our “dear leader”, for this welcome period of tranquility and to wish him and his family a very *Merry Christmas and a most happy New Year during his well deserved, 17 day stay in Hawaii. I’m sure all of you will join me, as well.

    *sorry,i should have said, happy holidays.

  192. Wayne says:

    A gang of young black males attacking a single, vulnerable individual?! Wow, I never would have guessed it!

    But after all, certain kinds of people always seem to act like certain kinds of people…it’s to be expected really.

  193. Craig Eliot says:

    Ah, yes … “teeeeens” ….

  194. Cottoneyed says:

    A rattlesnake is a rattlesnake! And it always, always acts like a rattlesnake. It’s just the way things are, and to believe otherwise is folly.

  195. Stephen says:

    Step up vigilantes, it’s time these thugs lived in fear like the rest of us.

  196. Mark Matis says:

    They jes’ be po’ Obamas runnin’ wild. Why you be hatin’ on dem like dat? You rasicts bahstids!

  197. Joe says:

    This is what 5 generations of social welfare have gotten us. Thanks LBJ and the Dems!

  198. Steve M. says:

    $200 sneakers? I’ll bet real money that they were a Chinese “knock-off” or an EBay special.

  199. robbery says:

    There used to be a group to handle these things, but everyone believed they were racist and did not stick up for them when hard times came to make themselves feel better.

    Now you are on your own.

    Now ask yourself, has this nation become a “better place” than it was before pack animals were allowed to roam freely?

    And yes, ‘pack animals” is the correct term.

  200. Truthmonster says:

    Welcome to your hope and change, life in Omerika

  201. Tickyul Horrific says:

    I knew it…………..even before clicking the link……………right-oh…………..Urban American violence yet again.

  202. ratso says:

    White folks should have picked their own cotton.

  203. HungryMan says:

    I hate to admit it but racism is still very rampant and I sometimes think that it’s getting worse …we are a “tolerant” nation that caters to people that are intolerant of others

  204. Marivi says:

    F%&*ing Ni@@ers.

  205. again12345 says:

    Never care about blacks, but I do know.

  206. Don Iarussi says:

    I guess this is part of Hussein Obama’s HOPE. How could this happen? all the trillions of dollars spent. Didn’t these obamatrons all get new made in Indonesia Nikes?

  207. H Johnson says:

    Gee, that wouldn’t be one of those poor, mistreated black people beating on an an evil person that thinks he has a right to the shoes he’s wearing?

  208. B Da Truth says:

    Planet of the Apes.
    Get your hands off my Sneakers you dirty ape.

  209. Hipah Cracy says:

    No hate crime? Wheres the reverends?

  210. Ralph Rivera says:

    Just blacks being black.

    1. jerr says:

      Spike lee would be proud!

  211. Keir says:

    Thank God I live in civilised Europe, an Ocean away from the descent of America.

    1. jerr says:

      Yeah with all the muslims

  212. jerr says:

    Blacks LOL

  213. jessestone says:

    How does CBS Boston allow this post to continue? Every racist loser is coming out from under their rocks and posting ignorant hate. Always anonymous of course. Cowards

  214. Mike M. says:

    I knew 2 things before I even clicked on the link to this page:

    -The perps were black.
    -The video came from

    I’m gonna point out what no one else has, thus far – WHY HAS THAT SITE NOT BEEN SHUT DOWN?

  215. buckeyebubba says:

    WOW! Surprise, the perps were black gang bangers. How shocking!! Glad I have a concealed carry permit. That SOB would have a toe tag today down at the county fridge.

  216. P C says:

    The term N i double ga er is as viable as ever.

  217. cz says:

    This is what happens when you force humans to mix with bald monkeys. These things are a blight on every society the come in contact with ship these apes back to Africa and let them die off like they would have a hundred years ago if the white man had not taken them as slaves. Slavery was the best thing for these bald apes. Worthless sub breed these thing are not a race they are un-evolved missing link.

  218. Nick says:

    The negro doing the beat down on the defenseless, innocent white man will soon be Obama’s new “body man”. So please show some respect for our President’s new assistant.

  219. Wills says:

    I can’t believe how racist all these comments are. really ignorant. there are F’d up people of all kinds. Take a trip to the hills of the deep south if you don’;t think so.

    The only thing more disheartening than the story and the video are the idiotic racist comments. Black or right, if you think in those terms you are a mental midget and a total joke.

    All comments by white people who apparently have only known other white people. F’ing idiots.

    1. WilisBrainwashed says:

      Every time a video or story comes out where blacks are clearly acting like animals, leave to folks like Wills to say the comments are as racist or worse than the actions of the perpetrators involved in the actual savagery. No one is getting beat down physically here in this discussion. Sure, people are getting emotional and that is natural. However, the difference between animals and humans is that humans can verbalize their anger, animals, like the thug in this video can’t. The outage lies in the fact that we live in a society where “Wills” can’t seem to understand this, thus perpetuating the victimization of those that chose to act human.

    2. knuckledragger says:

      …yeah you’re right. Whites who call out the “diversity” admissions policies that put criminals in college are the real problem here. I bet if you hurry you could still get a ‘partment in the same hood where this colored bastard lives.

  220. dude says:

    Charge the attacker with a hate crime. Affirmative action goes both ways.

  221. Chiefgeorge says:

    Headlines: Mob of White kids beat single black kid and take his shoes. The outrage over that headline (fictional) would set the town alight. Right? The lack of outrage over this emboldens blacks or anyone for that matter to keep it up. Just like in the south when Whites saw hate and violence against blacks but did nothing. They are no better and we are clearly headed in the same direction.

  222. James says:

    Remember – for every black who attacks a White, there is a jew who is enabling and encouraging this violence. Jews are trying to start a race war between blacks and whites. That’s why the jew Drudge keeps posting these videos, and the jew Murray “sumner redston” Rothstein who owns CBS keeps putting up more of these stories.

    The NAACP was started and is still funded by jews. The Souther Poverty Law Center is also a jewish terrorist organization. Jews involved in the “civil rights” movement of the 60s knew full well that events like this would be the inevitable outcome.

    For every negro that gets lynched for these crimes, a “liberal” jew also needs to be taken out.

  223. Nobody says:

    Where’s the audio? Every time a video is release where a white is beaten by a black the audio is conveniently not included…

  224. Daggwould says:

    All I heard was a bunch of thugs, chanting, “Who wants a war?”

    Uhhh…..I do.

  225. Van says:

    What is it with and trashy videos? It’s as if hip-hop culture didn’t already have a negative stereotype…

  226. Nick says:

    Remember, only the cream of the crop in the black communities go to college. The thug in the video is their hope of the future. They don’t count on types like these doing well in college but rely in them automatically getting a good job per government intervention in the form of affirmative action. Most likely, this thug will still be propped up, if he graduates, and the fact he “overcame” this incident and put it behind him in the face of all odds (that is the force of whites wanting justice for his actions) he, like the other thugs observing this disgusting act, will all be handed good paying jobs for life where this is little expectation of them to perform at the level of their income.

  227. Bukkiah Golden says:

    Clearly this violence is because of GUNS! Guns are way to accessible and that it is what is creating this violent culture. ;-)

    A gun would never ever ever have prevented this. Nope that vicious criminal is bulletproof so there is ZERO chance actually exercising your second amendment right could have helped. Oh wait you don’t have your rights in Massachusetts.

    We need an anti-bullying law.

  228. Iam Agitated says:

    Gee, imagine the outrage if it had been a black kid on the ground getting beaten senseless by a white kid – with other white kids egging him on and laughing . On a black majority campus in a black majority town. The marches would already be starting and 100,000 candles delivered to campus for a vigil to denounce “hate”. But, here again it’s a black beating a white senseless and everyone officially acts as if its merely a random act of violence and as if there’s no racial thing involved at all.

    This is lunacy. And it’s even more idiotic that white folks sit on their butts and take the abuse without uttering a word. We’ve become the world’s punching bag now.

  229. Don says:

    If this had been a white on black beating, it would have been Al Sharpton to the rescue. But it’s a black on white so nothing.

  230. Bruno says:

    I understand how some find it repugnant to point out the racial element. However, it is so glaring, that not doing so is to be in extreme denial. After all, where are all the videos showing white folks beating down a black? I don’t recall having seen one like that in over a half century.

    1. Dashark says:

      “Blacks are NOT human but African predator Animals”

  231. stlnow says:

    Call the SPCA, now! We need to put all of these vermin down permanently. Let’s do our part by putting birth control in the welfare cheese of these black welfare moms.


  232. Ronsradamus says:

    Thank goodness this was not a hate crime. Imagine if a white guy beat up a minority like that. We all know this can’t be a hate crime, and won’t be prosecuted as one, because hate crimes charges are extra punishmnet for being white, and don’t apply to blacks, based on the color of their skin.

    IF hate crimes laws were evenly applied, blacks would be screaming that they were racist.

  233. Massimo Deportado says:

    Boy, some great security on this campus….

    A concern parent would have their chillin’s out of there in a Chicago second.

  234. HansJurgen says:

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of evolution proven once again. Some of us just haven’t evolved much past apes.

  235. Sickand Tired says:

    The college took “swift action” They expelled the students. WOOOOO!!!!! Thats harsh, i mean those guys have stones.
    Come on, really? they should be arrested and tried for assualt and/or whatever charges can be filed for standing by and cheering it on. It wasnt a playground bullying, it was assualt. plain and simple. Primitive tribal minded violence. And they got expelled as though thats going to teach anybody anything. You think they were going to work anywhere after graduating with that mentality?
    The only reason they were in college in the first place was because the federal rules make colleges strive for racial quotas. The new federal ideas state to turn a blind eye to black on___ crime so i suppoose they wouldnt get a real trial anyway.

  236. Ryan Mouk says:

    Hope they find the coward and lock him up until his skin falls off. Useless thug wanna-be, I spit on you. Get a job you moronic sad excuse for a man.

  237. David says:

    Sure are a bunch of good outstanding Christians here!! I’ve never heard so much deepseated hatred in my life! I’d swear you were all Mujadin!! You all sound like radical Muslims!! Really!! Just take some photo’s of mid-east rallies against America. Photoshop “Obama” into the slogans on the banners and Presto-chango!!! You’re a tea-bagger!!! LOL idiots…..

    1. Mike says:

      How do you know anyone on here is a Christian and I guess we are supposed to praise this guy for what he did. Should we take the pc approach and soften the truth about what a p.o.s this guy is so we avoid the truth about society so everyone feels ok.

      Give me a break.

    2. David Axelrod says:

      Maybe we’re sick of n i g g e r s trashing our societal norms.

  238. Robert Bodack says:

    Animals…for a pair of sneakers?

  239. David Axelrod says:

    Negroes at a college? What a waste of money.

  240. michaelc says:


  241. Travis Busbar says:

    “Gimme your shoes. They’re mine now. Why should I suffer a job to earn what I have when I can take yours” — excerpted from Barack Obama’s ‘Guide for Young Men”

  242. L.E. Bean says:

    Well for most of the individuals who are saying BLACKS THIS, BLACKS THAT beating up on white people you obviously don’t have your facts straight. Guess most of you don’t realize that the victim was black. You see Black people have all sorts of pigmentation so you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you saw the original footage before it was removed from the website. I find it very hypocritical that some individuals bring up race, saying blacks terrorizing whites, but you should realize that you will never win that argument because people of your race have been terrorizing people of color for generations. It’s not just blacks by the way. Asian, Latinos and lest we not for get Native Americans.There is over 600+ years of information on YOUR actions written by your own (white) people so you can’t dispute it. So let’s not go there. Call it what it is: stupid crap done by idiots. The actions carried out by these PEOPLE are idiotic and justice should be served regardless of race. For every video I see online of black kids doing stupid crap like this, I can show the same amount of white kids in ivy league schools or schools in the midwest doing the same thing. So again this should not be based on race. Its stupidity no matter what the color or pigmentation of a persons skin. We are all people and we are all Americans.

  243. Boog says:

    So I take it World Star Hip Hop is the Al-Jazeera of violent negroism these days?

  244. dwoof says:

    Just watch the news, it’s called redistribution of wealth, and according to the current administration, it’s a ‘good’ thing.

  245. michaelc says:

    We are on the verge of a major race war in this country, and we have to swing a pendulum to apply equal standard and equal scrutiny of all races, or we will cease to exist as a republic. Someone said in this thread you can not build a country off the backs of natives and slaves. Perhaps this is true, because of the after-effects. My god, we now have African Americans complaining their votes are going to be supressed for not showing ID, which is a basic function. Can you imagine buying a six pack of beer and not showing ID, or boarding a plane?

    See, these are the simple standards we all have abide by, and should live by, in a democratized society. When the media begins to mention race, or politicians, in the context of victimization, the results are what you see on this message board. You have a bitter, divided, angry nation, and don’t think for one minute the current battle on the hill over who pays what, as a percentage of income in taxes, is not closely correlated with this ongoing, perpetrated race baiting and engagement.

    As long as we stand in judgment, assign blame and point fingers, you will have Asian nations and cultures, ones that espouse discipline and education, run rings around us. And that’s a crying shame.

  246. M.B. says:

    Where is Al Sharpton when you need him?

  247. Mike says:

    Hang the gorilla

  248. desani says:

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!

    1. Tina Rocha says:

      ani, please don’t make me laugh, I have chapped lips.

  249. Robert2534 says:

    Time to take these animals down – and I’m not talking about some lousy court case.
    Oh, Lord, let one of these morons try to make me his victim!!
    The more I see of these types of black on white attacks the more I dislike blacks.

  250. Qwibqwib says:

    the young man with the shoes might have a case against the school admissions officials for negligence, reckless endangerment, and dereliction of duty. it should have been obvious that these individuals DID NOT belong in a college environment.
    what kind of classes does a group like that take?what sorts of papers would they write? how could anyone take them seriously? do you give up when you see behaviour like this? oh no, no, no, no…they just need MORE education…ship of fools…you tube com / watch?v= Ket -ndp xhPg

  251. Anthony says:

    Hey Playas, there are two pair of brand new limited edition Nike sneakers on my doorstep size 10 and 12. Come and get em.

    Very sincerely,

    One of two hundred million whities just waitin our turn. Bank it.

  252. shameful says:

    What kind of academic requirements ( or lack of) does Dean have that punk thugs like these get admitted and who was paying their tuition?

  253. kimdi01 says:

    The Liberal Elite from the Northeast US!

  254. Optionmarket Sniper says:

    United Negro College Fund, Give Today! and Help the Youth not be so Negro.

  255. hogtrashhd says:

    a principle called me at my job once and said my son was being sent home because of an altercation with another student. I went to the school to talk with her and pick my son up.. I walked in and there was the other kid with his clothes about ripped off (the principle had used safety pins to pin his clothes together) and his face looking pretty bad… my son didn’t have a scratch on him.. the principal asked the black kid why he attacked my son.. he said because he wanted money from my kid to buy some cookies.. principle asked if he thought that it was okay to try to take money (mug them) and the lblack kid said yeah… my kid got suspended for fighting… but I bet that kid thought twice before doing it again..not all whites lay down for them.. I said to my son.. I’m so proud of you.. it’s your day.. what do you want to do and where would you like to eat.. I was and am very proud of him.. bet that black kid’s mom who didn’t even show up to the principle’s office is really proud of her son sitting in jail or prison now..

  256. John Deaux says:

    Come on people, who can REALLY say they are surprised at this behavior?

  257. Murphy Tighe says:

    20% of the black population are absolute animals -they act like their fighting for food in the jungle -you know, its like kill or be killed -it is scene after scene like this that has caused me to decide to avoid black people when ever possible -this obviously hurts all the decent black people out their because I know many people feel this same apprehension -this small but uncontrollably violent segement of the black population do not belong with the rest of soceity & truly need to be locked up or exported to an island where they can all kill each other for fun & the rest of us can live in reasonable peace.

  258. Big Al says:

    Oh, how harsh! They got expelled? Recipients of Obama Scholastic Loans that would never have been paid back anyway!

  259. JOe Dutra says:

    I knew.
    You knew.
    We all knew.
    Before even seeing the video we all knew it would be a B on W crime.

  260. David Axelrod says:

    N I G G E R S

    They’re why Africa is Africa.

  261. David Axelrod says:

    ““The safety of all members of our community has always been and will continue to be our first priority…”

    Then why do you let n i g g e r s attend your school?

  262. robert preston says:

    If it had been a white assaulting a black, it would be a racial crime. A black assaulting a white, however, is something else. A pair of sneakers? Please.
    The funny part is that this was on a college campus. That black thug was an actual student. Can you imagine? I’ll bet he was there on a student loan — in other words, YOUR money. We need to put a boatload of conservatives in Washington to get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and all the others that have turned our government upside down. Student loans? An unnecessary undertaking for the government — banks will make loans all by themselves.

  263. aboli says:

    Had enough yet White Man?

  264. robert preston says:

    Another day on the campus of the Dean College and Storm Door Company.
    Loser students at a loser school, thinking that their diploma will get them a job.

  265. bubba gump says:

    Now, watch the same video, only close your eyes and imagine you are in an African jungle surrounded by baboons. You’ll be amazed at how realistic the outcome will be. I am not kidding, really, try it

  266. Barnie Frank says:

    Yea for affirmative action.

  267. Bone Daddy says:

    God, in his wisdom, has marked some people with a warning label. In this case, the label covers them from head to toe.

  268. Lily says:

    Think I saw all the perpetrators on occupy wall street. They should all be permanently kicked out of school. trash like this do not belong in the education system.

  269. Travis says:

    What they are black. Color me surprised..

  270. amish says:

    onec again a nig displaying typical behavior

  271. shister finder says:

    Nig-Nogs gotta love em.

  272. Hawkdriver1961 says:

    Like Obama says, everyone who wants to go to college should be able to go to college….You reap what you sow….

  273. JohnRalph says:

    This type of behavior is due to the racist policies of G.W. Bush, once Our Lord and Savior Obama assumes office all will be fine…just accept him into your heart and trust in him.

    As it was foretold by the MSM, only Mein Führer is our true lord and savior:

    Newsweek editor Evan Thomas : “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

  274. Guillermo Baez says:

    Black people are just plain evil.

  275. JSchipani says:

    As a 1967 graduate of Dean, I was always proud of listing it on my resume. As of today I have removed it in shame and disgust

  276. August says:

    Guaranteed, whenever there’s a fight over footwear: A black person must be involved. They’ve really made giant strides.

  277. Jonathan Silberger says:

    Amazing how all the ridiculous violence is caused by blacks! I guess that culture never assimilated from the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Robert says:

    One word (N-I-G-G-E-R-S) says it all…May they all hang from a tree soon…..

  279. Robert says:

    This is the state of the majority of young adults / late teens these days. Feed, fight or ___. #2 is often our interaction with those having the mentality of pit bulls, not just roaming the neighborhoods, but having typically excessive loud modes of transportation: A combination of 18 inch speakers or the exhaust you can hear a mile away.

    These are bullies that haven’t received their due punishment, unscathed as they reach into adulthood. [Scary!] This–and worse–is what we will be dealing with.

    Oh, and some of the > 30 year old commuters in my part of town can certainly use some anger management skills.


  280. JD says:

    Blacks attacking whites and getting away with it. Old news.

  281. AmericanLogic says:

    Why are there so many young black men in prison? The video shows why. They are in prison because they committed crimes.

  282. Bilford Rielly says:

    You haven’t seen anything yet! Just whait till BO ‘The Muslim Turd’ gets blown out in the 2012 Election. Then the Coons are going to run wild. So you Lib/Commie/Pedophile/Dems should start working on your excuses as to why it is the White Mans fault these pieces of human debris start killing everyone in sight.

  283. andy says:

    The boy on the ground being beaten considered the 1%???
    No discussion about the tennis shoes…just attack and take….
    Glad to see these students expelled… How they heck did they ever get accepted to this university in the first place????

  284. Smashicus says:

    I’d say bro’ boy’s future is going to be either a jail cell or an urn.

  285. Melvin Swartz says:

    I say they are all on Pell Grants. Our tax $$$ in ‘Action”.



  287. Smashicus says:

    This is why Death Wish is one of my favorite movies

  288. Ward Kendall says:

    To learn why these kinds of incidents happen, one must understand why there continues to be such racial aggression against Euro-Americans. In reading “Hold Back This Day” ( the answers are made clear. If you do nothing else over the Christmas holiday, pick up a copy and learn how this sort of campus violence can be controlled.

  289. imsancho says:

    all of those puss-eeee white kids make me ashamed of being white, my race is pathetic these days, no one stands up for each other. I like to think I would help any guy white or black if he is getting jumped. But it seems a lot more white kids are getting beat up and no body seems to join in to help, a lot of weak punks out there

  290. omstrat says:

    I saw the headline and I made a bet with myself as to who attacked someone for a pair of friggin sneakers. Guess what , I was right again how did I know who the criminal was here..????
    Anyone get this yet? Anyone in power with some balls wish to stand up and address the truth of this crime issue..No ? Though so ….

  291. Tolerant Liberal says:

    Homeboy even has a baboon hairdo! I thought the zoo had a fu cking fence around it.

  292. bruce says:

    How did I know they were going to be black?

  293. duke says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Call it what it is a negro beating up a white kid while the other blacks watch and laugh. It’s called a hate crime if a white hits a black. If a black hits a white and his friends watch the white guy must have done something to provoke it That’s B.S. You’ll never see something like this with white kids. I can take you to plenty of real bad dirty crime areas and guess what, none of them are white areas. It’s not racist, it’s the truth.

  294. michaeld says:

    A lot of the rancor on this board, unfortunately, correlates with our economy. Poor blacks, poor whites, bifurcation, a lot of toxicity. I will maintain steadfastly that the majority of African Americans do not share these ideals, but the percentages are undoubtedly higher than whites. The problem is that we have been silenced as a society to not even attempt to broach the topic as to why this is the case. A frank dialogue is squashed by the politically correct stormtroopers. As a nation, we need to find within us the maturity to explore the root causes, and ignore the censors. Continuing down this path of message board dissemination in lieu of a real open forum is done at our peril as a nation.

  295. john says:

    Blacks want to be free , unlike whites who waste their lives working for someone else , while being hooked on pills and booze , sending their money to televangelists for a financial break through .

    White man = donkey
    BLack man = free

  296. steve stone says:

    I know it’s near Boston (which is low in the expectations dept) but is there not one attractive person in this entire school? Sheesh

  297. John Johnson says:

    We are never done hearing about the decreasing affordability of college, and the crushing effect of loan repayment on young graduates.

    Indeed, as far as the Left is concerned, it is now a given that a) attending college is a right, and b) tuition costs should increasingly be foisted on larger society (the so-called One Percent in particular).

    How tremendously principled. This way, kids will have plenty of money for $200 sneakers and all manner of unnecessary luxuries, right into adulthood. After all, why should *they* sacrifice, or practice delayed gratification? Scrimping and saving is for suckers, and anyone suggesting that as a course is not just unrealistic or inconsiderate, but racist to boot.

  298. Joe Shlunk says:

    If that was 9 white guys, they’d be in jail for a hate crime, things are going to get worse before it gets better. The 12.6% think they have the upper hand, little do they know the 72.4% are getting sick and tired of their shit.

  299. Random Black Guy says:

    You know what I find funny? White people, of course are gonna barrage the comments with racist remarks, and yes, the black idiot beating the kid perpetuates the myth about blacks fighting over sneakers. But, while blacks are beating or shooting each other or what not, what are whites in the headlines for? Molesting kids on college campuses, shooting their own kids and then themselves, looking at kiddy porn on planes, kiddy porn rings online, etc….your race is no better.

  300. ken says:

    Call it was it was; a black on white hate crime and the bunch of them will now find out what happens when they are not together but alone.

  301. CM says:

    Unfortunately, you white boys let liberals take the fight out of you and can’t properly defend yourselves like your daddy’s of the 80s and 70s. Back then there were some bad ass white boys. You have let the PC effeminates take you down collectively. I ain’t wrong.

  302. sunburn says:

    “If more white people got their asses handed to them in fistfights, they would be less likely to murder millions of innocent women and children around the world…”

    If only it were true. It seems as though whites are predisposed to sniping or bombing from thousands of miles away, safe behind a computer screen…

  303. Mike Anderson says:

    Racists Blacks Again… Should be a hate crime

  304. Flannigan says:

    Is there any wonder why they count for 12% of the general population, but about 80% of convictions? The problem is either genetic, cultural or both!

  305. SeattleInvestor says:

    This is what you get with afirmative action. And now Obama wants to increase it some more. Equal should be equal, for education *and* punishment.

  306. matt says:

    Funny, looks as if this is a hate crime. on wait, the perps were black.

  307. Ralloh says:

    Find that low-life subhuman pile of garbage, beat the hell out of him, then throw him in jail with no medical treatment. Make him hurt. If he dies so what.

  308. jeff t says:

    lock these nigs up – give em some white supremo beat down on the inside – fix their darky baboon attitude

  309. Dimitri says:

    what i wrong with the people here. education is what makes people better give them the ability to learn to think. move the finger of your as*****s My god some idiots got someones shoes. let them get to jail and learn how to toss the salad well. a very different education from the one that they receiving now. as for the ones that are gun owners wait how the new terrorist law that they past for the army it will play if the “black uneducated Obama” will not veto it they will remove your finger and put the gun there learn to toss the salad the full metal jacket way for the rest of your life and no-one will know about it except your finger.

  310. dave simpson says:

    black people – you gotta hate em …the KKK was right all along and I used to be a liberal !

    1. Kim Bailey says:

      Colleges are the new “Killing Grounds”for these savages.
      Tell all White, Latino and Asian students that Blacks are there to kill humans.

  311. Chris says:

    This is why you carry a weapon.

  312. Knightflyer says:

    I am sorry,But can anyone exspect any differant from an african.Iknow they are also Americans?But as the old saying goes,you can take the man out of the jungle,but you can not take the jungle out of the man.It happens everyday folks,Arm Up White America,coming to a theater near you

  313. SandMan says:

    Welcome to ObamaWorld, where violent mobs of lawless minority savages prey on law abiding whites, without fear of retiribution.

    Wise up all you citizens of liberally run cities. It’s time to arm up, like people in the hinterlands have been doing for decades. A jackedted hollow point round to this animal’s face would have ended this attack immediately and the right person would have been on the ground afterward.

  314. Pinky Lee says:

    After such a brutal beating and psychological trauma at the hands of that black thug, imagine that white boy one day riding around in a black neighborhood as……..a cop!!

  315. Josh says:

    More Blacks behaving badly. Bringing the gHeTTO to the campus. Thanks for sharing.
    College will make no difference for the attacker. He and his type are the true racist pigs. They will be intellectual slugs looking for affirmative action promotions for the rest of their lives.

  316. Peter Smith says:

    The sucker punch was the worst part. You’d think the attacker, who had 40 pounds on his victim, wouldn’t be so skeered as to have to sucker-punch his victim.

    Calling this a ‘fight’ is absurd. It was an outright attack — aggravated assault. Hopefully the coward gets his own opportunity to be beat down.

    So scared the victim might be able to defend himself or even fight back that you sucker punch him? That’s just crazy cowardly, holy cow. And you got 40 pounds on him? That’s some other level of cowardice. That’s like Jerry Sandusky-type cowardice.

  317. FILTHY NlGGERS says:


  318. Jack Thomsen says:

    Kinda like Venus Williams – and the line judges. Different rules for farm animals – we brought them here to work the fields… now they run the zoo.

    And there is a whole continent filled with more of them…. bursting to breath free – and beat the bejesus out of anyone in their way.

    Let’s here it for penicillin and god help us if they cure malaria.

  319. The Reeper says:

    What did you expect from animals?

  320. Dusty Drake says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions here! How do you know the incident involved african american? just because it was “supposedly” over a pair of sneakers?

    Wait…there is a video? nevermind, it was me who was blind….

  321. Friend Willie says:

    Apparently the Negro felt disrespected by the white boy.There’s a dark cloud over the College alright.

  322. N. Ty Tuld says:

    Hey, taking someone else’s shoes is much easier than working to earn the money to buy your own $200 Nikes.

    Besides, it’s a cultural thang: If whitey got sumfin’ you be wantin’ you be takin’ it.

    In 2008, whitey was down wif dat.

    In 2012, not so much…

  323. knuckledragger says:

    Bottom line: No more ni66ers, no more problems.

  324. Wayne says:

    That appeared to be aggravated robbery. Hope this man spends a very long time in prison.

  325. rick says:

    Fight back god damn it, at least make an effort! That is why this happened to you, because you were an easy target, that monkey knew you wouldnt do a thing to stop it from happening. Animals weigh risk versus reward just like humans do.

  326. Debra Hill-Treanor says:

    FYI The attack is half black! Does that make any of you feel any better?

  327. Fried watermellon says:

    Well as long as we have a Negro in the WHite House and a Negro in the Dept of Justice there will not be any law and order. So we must votes these sub sp0ecies out in 2012 and then arrest them all for misuing our constitution.

  328. Mike says:

    Another reason why affirmative action has failed

  329. Ben Davis says:

    That young fella who threw that first punch seems pretty darn tough to me. The victim never had a chance. Sort of like the lions on the Serengeti…they survey the prey, pick the weakest and go in for the kill. That mob mentality is really scary.
    The suspect and his friends should be kicked out, charged, taken to court and dealt with. On the other hand: I’m a almost 70 years of age and would like to challenge the suspect to a 2 minute combat session. Only use hands like he did…I willl only use one hand with the other tied behind my back. C’mon young fella…MAN UP!

  330. jessu002 says:

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    Many students are like to online dating. This is such a site where you find the detail information of dating. Those website provides full of entertainment for the students.

  331. Ivy Anne says:

    Never knew they taught ebonics in college , their parents must be so proud.

  332. Ivy Anne says:

    Theie parents must be soooooooooo proud !

  333. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

    I think its so sad people are trying to say its because of politics!!! i mean REALLY!!?! what about this screms politics??? Im confused!! it was a grown man beatin up another because he wanted his SHOES!!! I didn’ see Obama o bush in that video! I just don’t understand people some time!! blaming everyone but the guy that did it!!!! He savagely beat him OVER SHOES and this is a college student REALLY!!!!??? WOW!!! If your parents can send you to a school that cost $40.000 a year they can buy you some NIKES!!!! i Hope they punish all that were involved!!! That young man deserves JUSTICE!!!!!!

    1. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

      omg im so upset i miss spelled a bunch lol … OOOPs!!!!!

  334. Ryan Riddell-Mayo says:

    :( I think its so sad people are trying to say its because of politics!!! i mean REALLY!!?! what about this screams politics??? Im confused!! it was a grown man beatin up another because he wanted his SHOES!!! I didn’ see Obama or Bush in that video! I just don’t understand people some time!! blaming everyone but the guy that did it!!!! He savagely beat him OVER SHOES and this is a college student REALLY!!!!??? WOW!!! If your parents can send you to a school that cost $40.000 a year they can buy you some NIKES!!!! i Hope they punish all that were involved!!! That young man deserves JUSTICE!!!!!!

  335. TriafeRaR says:

    Haha that’s rediculous. No way

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