BOSTON (CBS) – A man posing as a decorated Marine was arrested Saturday night for dressing up in the uniform to volunteer with Toys For Tots.

David Lebrun was wearing a Marines uniform with several medals, including the Purple Heart, when he was pulled over Saturday for driving with a suspended license.

After a background check, police found that Lebrun was a private in the Marines and is affiliated with “Toys for Tots.” Lebrun, though, was dishonorably discharged from the Marines in the 1990’s for going AWOL, and should not have been wearing his uniform with the medals.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Lebrun was arrested for possessing and wearing a military uniform without authorization.

Prosecutors say he didn’t cause anyone harm or use the uniform to steal from anyone or coerce anyone.

His mother says she hopes he stays in jail and serves his time to learn his lesson. She does say his deception comes from a place of pride.

The Lowell father of two is now being held on $500 cash bail, but he’s wanted in Concord District Court on a separate outstanding warrant.

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  1. Kym Casey (former neighbor) says:

    I knew David for many years and this guy is no criminal. He may have some issues, but who doesn’t? Anyway, instead of focusing on the fact that he was wearing a uniform “without permission”…the same goes for people running around in military issued BDUs (camoflage), but no one stops them and puts their name in the paper or better yet, finds it necessary to publicly humiliate them! What about all the sickos out there posing as policemen, and doing far worse things than dressing as a marine? I also know David’s family, and I agree with his mother that his wearing of the uniform was “from a place of pride” as David visisted me when he was active in the marines and there was no prouder a soldier that I had ever seen. His reasons for going AWOL were his own. He went AWOL…he didn’t kill someone. Why don’t we focus on the fact that this man has worked very hard with Toys for Tots for many years, making sure that underpriviliged kids get gifts under their trees, and I’m sure that someone reading this has at one time partaken in this service. So…with that said…I feel better now, and David…if you get the chance to read this…I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Merry Christmas to All of the LeBruns!

    1. Dana says:

      He’s a dirt bag that as a Marine should have had the pride to know what he was doing was a disgrace to all that wore it and fought to keep this country safe. If his mom was right and said it as from a “Place of Pride” then he would not have gone AWOL 2 separate times. He would not have the criminal record that he does. He is no angel and obviously has issues. He should be ashamed of himself. He may not have killed anyone, but many people have died for what that uniform stands for and it is an insult to them. As you said, “I’m sure that someone reading this has partaken in this service” I have partaken in this service for several years as a Marine who served honorably. And I take special offense to what he has done. They still don’t know if he took any money from collections. And NEITHER DO YOU. Lets leave it at that. he is where he should be. In JAIL

    2. I went to boot camp with “Frenchie” LeBrun, infantry training, and deployed to the first Gulf War with him. He had a ton of issues then and I’m sure he’s worse now. He was NEVER a Staff Sergeant and never earned 99% of the medals he’s wearing. I’m just surprised he’s not in prison, honestly.

  2. Eagle II says:

    Lets see:

    1. driving with a suspended license.
    2. Warrants pending
    3. Violation of The Stolen Valor Act – the most despicable of the three. The uniform is one thing.. at least he did try to serve. Waring medals you didn’t earn is another. The PoW Network has case file after case file of people posing waring a uniform who have defrauded may, specially women, out of small fortunes and left them cold. And thats only part of the story(s). Google PoW Network and look at the lists of wannabe’s.

    Finally, items one through three are all one knows about … where there is smoke more oft than not there is fire.


  3. getsome says:

    we r not talking about the guy walking around in bdu’s. we r talking about a guy representing himself as a SNCO who has combat tours and a purple heart! who runs around saying so and bennifitted from it. he was kicked out after a short tour and many times being awol AND CLASSIFIED AS A DESERTER. now he wants to play combat hero? telling young men and woman he is on call to deploy AGAIN. he is pathetic!