BOSTON (AP) — A former friend of a Massachusetts man accused of conspiring to help al-Qaida has testified the man said “we’re finally doing it” as they traveled overseas looking for a terrorist training camp.

Kareem Abu-zahra spent a second day Tuesday testifying in the trial of Tarek Mehanna, a Sudbury man accused of traveling to Yemen to seek terrorist training so he could fight U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Abu-zahra says he, Mehanna and another friend boarded a flight from Boston in February 2004 with the intention of finding a training camp.

Abu-zahra says he decided to return to the U.S. after receiving word that his father was ill. He says Mehanna and the other man traveled on, but Mehanna told him later that they were unable to find a camp in Yemen.

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  1. TM says:


    Given that you have covered the direct examination’s damning statements, please now provide coverage of the cross-examination and the witness’ self-admitted willingness to lie whenever it is in his best interests. The public has a right to hear that. They additionally have a right to learn that his testimony on the stand was in direct contradiction with the testimony of several other witnesses of the prosecution in this trial, and in contradiction with his own sworn statements before a Grand Jury and from multiple conversations with the FBI. All of this was self-admitted out of “self interest.”

    Are these facts not “newsworthy”?

    Thank you.

  2. Irina says:

    Mark,Thank you for the update on the Chew in the 18-49, etc. What is mind nggolibg to me is how the ratings can differ from 24 local metered markets, to the 56 markets that you showed last week, to the final (I guess) Nielsen’s that I see reported in Soap Opera Network(SON) usually on Thursday evening. I looked at AMC’s 18-49 ratings for each week of October 2010, reported by SON and they were .9,.9,.8,.8. much lowered than the 24 metered markets although in a recent interview, Nelson Branco said that is to be expected. The reason why many of us GH fans are so interested is that ABC has said GH is in a horse race between The Chew, and The Revolution to see which show gets replaced by Katie Couric. Many do not believe ABC is telling the truth and that Gh is not in a horse race, ABC is just saying that to keep up viewership, who knows but that is why we are so interested to have numbers we can compare GH with and the only GH numbers we have are the ones that SON reports. SON does not get ratings for the Chew, I think unless you can supply them. Thanks again. I hope you can understand why soap fans are so grateful for your Chew numbers, we just need to be able to compare them to GH and OLTL for that matter because OLTL has been great lately.

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