BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh and Zolak said Thursday that multiple sources have told them that former Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein was the source of the scandalous information in last month’s Bob Hohler piece in the Boston Globe.

“If we go Inspector Clouseau on this, it makes sense,” Andy Gresh said. Here is the evidence the pair presented to back their information:

  • Ownership said right away that they didn’t leak it.
  • John Henry stormed into The Sports Hub studio two days later to “set the record straight” on Felger & Mazz, using the phrase “character assassination.”
  • We’ve heard nothing from Theo on the topic.
  • The Cubs interviewed Terry Francona. Was this a make-good for what happened in Boston?
  • Papelbon leaves and nothing negative gets leaked to the press.

“They add up and make sense,” Gresh said.

Listen to the Gresh and Zo’s explanation here:

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  1. yamstar1 says:

    And who are these “sources”? Theo knew months ago that he was headed to Chicago and had no motivation to bad mouth Terry. This smells of the usual Sox ownership backdoor smear tactics against those who leave the team. I’ve gone from enjoying the Sox to wishing them nothing but the worst possible finish. If it’s time for anyone to leave it’s Lucchino and his minions!

  2. Todd says:

    What would Theo have to gain by leaking that information out? Especially everything that was said about Tito.

  3. johnmarinville says:

    Step 1 – Go to Barnes & Noble.
    Step 2 – Buy a dictionary.
    Step 3 – Look up “evidence”.
    Step 4 – Update this article accordingly. The “evidence that pair presented” is nothing of the kind. Evidence proves a case. All you’ve done is list situational facts that show that it was possible, but there is nothing here that eliminates the thousand other possibilities or show why this possibility, among the thousand others, is the one actually that happened.
    Step 5 – Quit your day job and request that you be replaced by someone who understands the use of language in a written format.

  4. Dougy D says:

    It seems to me that THEO would have no benefit from any of that information out to the public. It sounds like these guys have a hard on for him.

  5. Sam Samson says:

    So their “evidence” is:

    Ownership denied leaking this stuff. Twice. Theo didn’t deny it. Ergo: Theo must be the source. Oh and a very successful guy without a job got an interview, while nobody got round to smearing Papelbon yet. It’s pretty hard to argue with such Clouseau-esque sleuthing.

    Or maybe those of us who were expecting Theo to be trashed on his way out the door were right – he’s being trashed right now, and in a sly but transparently stupid manner. Now I’ll sit back and wait for the “Papelbon supplied illicit popcorn chicken to Beckett and cheated when he arm-wrestled Lackey” exposé.

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