By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Say ‘bye-bye’ to the 60s and 70s!

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Today will be the transition day as showers hang around and high temperatures begin to drop.

Watch Melissa’s forecast:

Showers will continue to develop from south to north during the morning.

We will have widespread showers affecting southern New England this afternoon.

High temperatures will be between 55-60F.

The cold front will continue to be ‘too close for comfort’ thru midday Thursday.

It’s being slowed down by another wave of low pressure ‘holding it back’ and paralleling the flow of the jetstream.

This means that we will continue to have a chance of showers until Thursday afternoon, especially for eastern and southeastern Massachusetts.

High temperatures will be cooler as the thermometer tops off around 50F.

Friday will be sunny, breezy, and much cooler as high temperatures will be stuck in the 40s.

Weekend Before Thanksgiving: 

The jetstream will be nearly zonal this weekend.

The end result will be a sunny Saturday with highs returning to the upper 50s.

Then, Sunday will include increasing late-day clouds as a moisture-starved cold front heads this way.

Highs will climb into the lower to middle 60s.

Are you ready for ‘Turkey Day’?!?!

Melissa :)

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  1. Joshua says:

    I’m tired of this weather. It’s way too warm. I want crisp, cold, sunny days, in which I can breath and go for a run without completely exhausting myself due to the warmth and humidity. Could we be in for a mild winter? Zonal pattern indicates this is possible, and is a very depressing thought to me. Unfortunately, we’re due for a truly mild winter, like the 96-97 winter, or 97-98.

    1. Love Triple H says:

      Good. Winter stinks. Let it be mild. Heating oil is expensive. People out of work wont have to buy as much oil. My kids wont be in school until july making up snow days, my back wont break shovling 8 feet of snow, and I can get to work without sliding down the highway taking my life into my hands.

      1. Italo says:

        Long live Triple H! :) …Although, this being Boston, and reasonably so, there will still be more than enough weather variety to go around this winter!

    2. Shreedhar Deshpande says:

      I completely agree…being born in the winter it is my favorite month. And as painful shoveling is, I stil find it relaxing because of the beautiful snowy environment that surrounds me as I work….

  2. Joshua says:

    One more comment: Accuweather and others who forecasted a cold start to this winter across most of the Continental US may be in for a big surprise. I see the opposite happening. I see almost no dome of truly arctic air whatsoever on our side of the earth (there is a dome of cold air over Northern Russia, which explains the much more consistently cool and cold temperatures in Northern Europe). It usually takes awhile (several weeks) for the dome to spread as it were from the North Pole over Northern and Central Canada. Until that happens, winter cannot even begin in New England. I wish this were not true, but I see no evidence of a cold, wintry start to this winter.

  3. Matt Souza says:

    this storm system could end as a mix outside of 495 in the higher terrain of worchester county and the berkshires. it will be cooler than last weekend but this weekend looks nice too. with highs in the 50s to near 60. next week a front might come through sometime monday through tuesday bring seasonal temps to the area. for next week and the holiday. And joshua i see that two but i also see larger area of cold air in western canada which should be growing as the rest of the month goes on. i bet the change will occur some time early to mid December before christmas.

    1. Shreedhar Deshpande says:

      I don’t think there will be much of a mix with this system…IMHO, the cold air will be too late to allow much mix to occur…certainly no acculmulations I think.

    2. Barney says:

      Wrong again…..

      1. Matt Souza says:

        Its far out but if the gfs is right we have a small winter weather event wednesday and wednesday night. before thanksgiving . its far out so just keep an eye on it. since the gfs is going colder and colder and now the euro is starting to agree with it.

  4. Snow Time says:

    I would like to see a warm winter also as heating costs keep going up. That being said it is a long way to spring and who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us. I would say we get a lot of snow this year up to 60 inches based on nothing at all, just a guess.

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