By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

What ever happened to the baby squirrels orphaned by Hurricane Irene and taken in by the Little Sisters of the Poor? – Hannah, Marlborough

It was at the end of August, Hurricane Irene calmed down a little and became Tropical Storm  Irene, but it still did its’ damage.  Including apparently orphaning 2 baby squirrels in Somerville.

Nuns from The Little Sisters of the Poor rescued them.  Here’s the story we did at the time.

So what became of the critters?  I called the good Sisters and learned they found an animal rehabilitation center that has been caring for them.  They say the squirrels are doing well and may be ready for release this fall.  If anything holds that up, the center will keep the squirrels through the winter and will let them go in the spring.

A kind deed, indeed.