BOSTON (CBS) – State Police responded to an accident at the southbound entrance to the Tip O’Neill Tunnel Wednesday night.

An over-height car carrier struck some lights inside the tunnel. One car was struck by a falling light, but the driver was not injured.

That vehicle was a 2010 Cadillac DTS limo and sustained minor damage to the windshield.

The Department of Transportation says six lights were damaged and had to be taken down. They will be replaced at a later time.

Two lanes of traffic were shut down for a time while crews removed the lights.

State Police say the driver will be cited for a height restriction violation.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    Ok thought , What was the truck driver even thinking…. AHHH there is a sign for the height RIGHT….

  2. Italo says:

    Sometimes I think that there’s some committee, or maybe all these bright lightbulbs come together to meet once a week, and decide how and where they will fan out across the city to best totally destroy our morning or evening commutes with one of their idiotic stunts.

  3. Autocenter Ofdesplaines says:

    The trend of hiring car carriers is getting common and famous because now the roads are not that easy to travel and especially the long trips because the fuel has become very costly and other things like the charges of hotels and road side restaurants have increased a lot.

  4. Willow says:

    Did anyone check to see if the driver could speak or read English?

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