CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Bigfoot is taking his First Amendment claims to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Jonathan Doyle of Keene claims his free speech rights were violated when Mount Monadnock park officials stopped his amateur film production two years ago in which he dressed up in a Bigfoot costume.

A superior court judge in May upheld park regulations that require organized events to pay $100 for a special use permit 30 days in advance and secure a $2 million bond.

The judge says Doyle’s was a full-fledged commercial production and not a simple attempt at spontaneous expression.

Doyle and the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union say the requirements stifle free speech and artistic expression.

Supreme Court justices will hear arguments in the case Thursday.

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  1. Little Foot says:

    Rather than taking his case to the state Supreme Court, why not simply make an appointment at the nearest mental health center? He’s getting a bit old to be acting like a fool.

  2. chilitokid says:

    So if one goes on a hike (organized event) with a video camera he/she must pay $100 and have $2 Mil worth of insurance? AHHH you’re government at work!!

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