BOSTON (CBS) – Three people arrested Thursday night inside the Occupy Boston camp have been charged with dealing crack cocaine.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens, who spent the night at the camp a few weeks ago, talked to a man who spends most nights at Occupy Boston. He said things have gone downhill.

“Things have changed drastically. It seems to be deteriorating,” the man told Carl. “A lot of drug use, alcohol use, people getting into fights… It’s deteriorating pretty quick.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

There’s a growing concern among police that people getting out of prison are coming here for the free food and shelter.

Mayor Menino’s sentiment reflects that concern.

“They have a message that’s not a clear message. The problem we have today is that we have different groups infiltrating the people who have the message. We have anarchists who are part of the group. We have homeless individuals who are part of the group,” Menino told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Carl Stevens’ report on conditions the homeless are dealing with at Occupy Boston

Mayor Menino says the people in Dewey Square need to think about leaving.

“I just wish that the group that’s demonstrating, not just here in Boston but nationally, will look to where the problems really are,” he said. “The problems are down in Washington. And nobody’s even addressing those issues of what Washington has done to our economy, to job training, to housing, to education. They’re directing their anger at the wrong location.”

In the meantime, police say they are aware of the situation at Occupy Boston and they are monitoring it.

Carl Stevens’ extended report on politics and frustration within Occupy Boston

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  1. Lowell says:

    The only thing these people are OCCUPYING is to much time and space.

    1. tsal says:

      really – because the banks seem to think they influenced BOA’s decision to call back their debit card fees. Of course if you are one of the 1% I can understand why they would bother you.

      1. fred says:

        Really – it is much more likely the banks reconsidered because people are taking their money out and going to competing banks that do not have those fees.It’s called freedom of choice. Nobody with a brain or a job or both pays any attention to what these children and malcontents have to say. It’s just a matter of time before some tradgedy occurs and the City of Boston will be on the hook for millions because they neglegently allowed people to illegally occupy Dewey Square. Time to give them the boot.

      2. tsal says:

        fred – BofA knew which customers would leave – they were the ones who were low profit – please do not believe they didn’t do their due diligence prior to initiating the fee. No one was leaving who had the money in the bank to waive the fees.

      3. Paull Cudak says:

        If you consider the ammount some people would normally pay for additional postage, envelopes et al , even though $5.00 may seem high just do the math. I sometimes have made 100 transactions in 1 months time, that would have cost me $44.00 just in postage forget about the cost of envelopes, trips to the P.O. etc. Yes trips to the PO, because we do not receive regular mail delivery here on Cape Cod many people have Post Office Boxes and have to go there to pick up their mail. I’m not rich, so even @$5/mo I’d still be saving over the old fasion way to make transactions. Let alone the speed of delivery if at all via the PO, and I’m not knocking the USPS, I think they do a decent job considering.

      4. tsal says:

        I’d more likely say no one with a brain ignores what they say because it is the truth – and the truth hurts those who want to continue supporting wealth, corruption in business, corruption in government, politicians who answer to special interest groups and lobbyists and not to those who elected them……………. or perhaps you support all of those things.

      5. Wow! says:

        Could you please be a little more sanctimonious

      6. tsal says:

        If sanctimonious means I don’t like the following facts – then the answer is no – because I’m tired of it. And if you check your facts the majority of Americans are tired of it also.

        “After-tax income for the top 1 percent of U.S. households almost tripled, up 275 percent, from 1979 to 2007, the Congressional Budget Office found. For people in the middle of the economic scale, after-tax income grew by just 40 percent. Those at the bottom experienced an 18 percent increase.”

      7. Chaz54 says:

        They grew….all stages.. Those of us at the top worked harder, took more risks and probably have better educations.
        Get over it.

      8. Chaz54 says:

        The above in reply to TSAL who was whining about the amount of increase over the years on income the top earners make vs lower income

      9. Lily says:

        tsal, How much is Soros paying idiots like you to troll around here?

      10. Max Entropy says:

        tsal, you act surprised that the people creating wealth have more of it.

      11. get a job, loser says:

        Your and idiot, tsal. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

      12. get a job, loser says:

        You’re <— for the benefit of those who might suspect I am as much an idiot as tsal.

      13. Sammie Jo says:

        the banks reconsidered the debit card fees because people started pulling their money out, credit unions experienced a 350% rise in new accts that week.
        I would never bank with one of the big guys, I bank at a family owned bank that’s been in business for 107 years and only recently added a second branch.

      14. Fred Lopez says:

        you are an idiot
        I am NOT part of the 1% but I am part of the AMERICA people ready to rise against these lazy liberal free loaders

      15. imsancho says:

        Oh I am sure you know what 99% of the nation is thinking, how enlightened of you tsal lol

      16. dan says:

        really — these idiots are taking credit for this…..most probably do not have bank accounts. This was started in social media by people who have actual accounts with money in them. It was the threat of the 50% of production people with a threat to take their money to credit unions / regional banks.

        these 4% (they are def not 99%) are leeches of society — taking credit for the banks reversing their decision on the debit fee’s is another example of leeching off of the productive segment of america.

      17. pass says:

        Check your facts, tsal, You hover around the confirmed loony thirty percent mark as far as support goes. Can you explain to us why you feel entitled to the fruits of another’s labor? That’s our problem with your whole thing. We’d like to keep the American dream. You appear to prefer to be kept in some grand commune.


      19. R Nunya says:

        you you insufferable FOOL …. Nothing corrupt about the “magic” of compound Interest. Seems you can’t discern math from meth you knucklehead.

        you wrote: “After-tax income for the top 1 percent of U.S. households almost tripled, up 275 percent, from 1979 to 2007, the Congressional Budget Office found. For people in the middle of the economic scale, after-tax income grew by just 40 percent. Those at the bottom experienced an 18 percent increase.”

      20. Antonio Binggot Talisic says:

        Tsal, you would not know truth if it bit you in the ass. You just parrot propaganda. You are the 1% most of us have jobs and pay taxes. The issue with the banks including Freddie and Fannie , which Occupy does not even address are criminal and should been allowed to fail. The proplems were cause by government, which you stupid people ignore as an inconvienent fact. Dems with the Community reinvestment act threatened banks if they did not issue loans to people that could not afford them on basis of mostly race. You all are just too stupid to understand. Facts are your enemy . You even call yourselves the 99% when you are not even 1%. The normal people should start firebombing the camps as the camps get more violent. Evil must be fought with evil as evil answers to noone

      21. Henry the Twooth says:

        nothing like rapes, fights and crack cocaine to make wall street titans tremble in their shoes!

    2. joey zasa says:

      and the only thing occupying lowell is a bunch of minorities sittin on their steps.

      1. Occupied Website says:

        The hard working Asians in Lowell can outperform the lazy “meme” so-called Americans at the Boston Occupation.

        Besides, joey, I thought you LIBS were down with the people and feeling the pain of minorities, or is it Illegal Minorities.

    3. PatrioticUSGlory says:

      Remember: the banks are only doing what Big Govt regulations permitted or encouraged them to do.

    4. meesha4 says:

      I agree with you Lowell. “Occupiers” fall into one of these categories”
      1. Spoiled rotten brats that have NO CLUE about reality
      2. Unemployed that “think” they are too good for minimum wage jobs.
      3. Professional protestors that rely on PRIVATE-SECTOR taxpayers to pay for their “right” to do something for nothing.
      4. Stupid-ass students that “follow their tenured-professors” to make fools of themselves.
      5. Drug-addicted, alcoholics that would do ANYTHING for a “protest” and put their styrofoam cup out for change.

      1. tom says:

        You forgot the communists.

      2. Brian Z. says:

        I hope you have spent time at a variety of occupy events in more than one location to make such a sweeping generalization.

        Some people disagree with your politics, you are not smarter than all of them.

        1. Spoiled rotten brats have the most free time to follow what is happening in the world. A fringe of the upper class has played roles in almost every people oriented movement.
        2. We were told that we are too good for minimum wage jobs. We were told that if we pick a field, focus, and pay $100,000+ for an education than our skills would be valued.
        3. They would not be there without the market demand for them and they exist on both sides.
        4. “stupid ass students” I think you made my point.
        5. Not sure why you dragged them into this. Yes they have problems and they need help. I believe everyone across the party lines would like to help.

      3. Maxtor says:

        That was a big nail that you drove home and you could have not hit it more squarely on the head!!!!!

        I have seen a lot of brats that live off mamma and daddys dime that have no clue or respect for work that it takes to get started in life. They want to start at the top and stay at the top…..hate to tell them but they have a lot to learn that it dont work that way….but, I lay a lot of that onto the parents. They gave when they should have expected some effort of of the kids so the kids would learn the value of a dollar and what it takes to make that dollar….not from one hand to another without any effort….

        I was raised as a backwoods country barefoot country boy that worked on the farm from the first light till there was no light and I never seen anything but a roof over my head and food in my belly. We had no money and when I was old enough I worked after school and weekends just to have spending money so I damn sure know the value and the work that goes into earning that dollar. They have no idea what a hard life is!! I spent 26 years in this country’s military and retired so I have the backing to prove that I have came and I have seen and I respect the work that people do to get where they are today and I sure dont want to take anything away from the people that has strived, sweat and toiled to get ahead.

      4. Miguel says:

        Yup are right!

      5. Chris Beall says:

        The skills will only be valued if the field is in a worthwhile endeavor. Degrees is women’s studies, and other worthless fields are not going to result in a job anywhere outside of a college or university, if there.

      6. Linda says:

        I couldn’t agree more but it is the Tea Partiers that got the bad rap from the MSM.
        Thanks for calling it right.

      7. JD Still says:

        But….but……they’re just like the TEA Party………………yeah…

    5. Rick says:

      I’m sick of haring about the top 1 percent Income growth. The most affluent are benefiting from global markets that have come intot heir own over the last 20 years. I’m part of the 99% and my income is solely based on the SouthEast. It sickens me to see where we’ve come in the past decade. I remember a time when the US was proud to have the wealthiest citizenery of the world. If you want to be wealthy invest, invent, work, take risks and step out of your box. But most of all, quit tearing my country apart before we can’t fix it.

    6. Steve b says:

      They have no one to blame but themselves its the 99% cannibalizing the 99%. This is why true democracy, communism and socialism are always a failure. The only point that they have made is that they are the dregs of society.

    7. Hussein says:

      We should really be able to tick-off the Occupy Astro-Turfers by following the Chicago model…open the windows above and dump out a ream of McDonalds job applications. That’ll really fire ’em up!

    8. Delvina Johnston Saccone says:

      WHITMAN Nature will take it’s course!!!!!!! hopefully it will end this garbage!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glenn Arsenault says:


  3. Rusty01 says:

    Compared to the homeless and ex-cons, the occupiers are the 1 %.

  4. phil says:

    It’s the all new Domocrat party.
    Nancy Pelosi said,”God Bless them”.
    Mr. Mayor. They don’t have to go to Washington to complain.
    What about the Boston commons and OUR OWN STATE HOUSE!!
    3 felons in a row for speakers
    Our State politicians did a good job of making us live in servitude to them and the public unions. You don’t have to go all the way to D.C.
    Camp out in front of Kerry’s beacon hill apartment. These people are hurting the little guy. All the small business they are killing. I suppose the state could waive their property tax for a month or two to make up for their loss.
    But then again we are here in the totalitarion state of Massachusetts.

    1. Deniser55 says:

      That is the most honest comment I have read from Boston never.

      1. I SERVED IN VIETNAM says:

        I’ll be doing a on Veteran’s Day from The Wall.

  5. Ed Hall says:

    It’s amazing how much CBS hates the “Occupy” movement. That’s a good sign! :)

    1. mariee says:

      Do you mean the Communist Broadcast System?……Wow..who knew?????

    2. Chris Beall says:

      The movement is a worthless movement that will end when all of those wasting time participating realize that they must actually go look for a job to make a living.

  6. unclebuck says:

    Want them to disband? Set up a job fair next to them!!!

    1. bob says:

      lol omg that is hilarious

  7. yamstar1 says:

    It’s a combination of the “Lord of the Flies” society development and cold weather that will drive these pseudo-intellectuals back to Mom’s basement or the dorms. When you cannot elucidate your message….. you don’t have one.

    1. tsal says:

      Perhaps if you listen you’ll get the message – it is loud and clear –

      Another little fact for those who don’t want to hear the message.

      “The top 1 percent made $165,000 or more in 1979; that jumped to $347,000 in 2007, the study said. The income for the top fifth started at $51,289 in 1979 and rose to $70,578 in 2007. On the other end of the spectrum, those in the 20th percentile went from $12,823 in 1979 to $14,851 in 2007.”

      1. Steven Litvintchouk says:

        The problem is that you and the rest of your OWS protesters have nothing useful to contribute to solving this or any other problem.

        Mayor Menino has it right: If you want to do something more than moan and complain, then get involved in politics. Work for candidates who will say and do things you approve of. Organize boycotts of businesses that you disapprove of. Etc.

        You’ve already made your point enough already by standing out in the streets. There’s no more to be gained there.

        Now try doing something useful for a change.

      2. Tsal says:

        Isn’t that a bit presumptuous. I remember playing in campaign headquarters back to the time I was three or four. And since I also remember the I like Ike buttons that had those fold over tabs so you could adhere them to your pockets you might be able to assume that’s a long time. I continue to support those who share my ideals. What do you do that you could recommend in case it isn’t something many of us have already done.

      3. RightStuff says:

        You are either drunk or very, very stupid. Hang it up, tsal.

      4. shotime says:

        Stop complaining and looking for freebies or handouts! People that earn a decent salary work damn hard for it and owe you nothing!

      5. sunnyroberto says:

        Menino is exactly right, go to Washington, protest down there, and vote the bums out. Instead, tsal, you’ll be doing your best zombie immpersonation next year and voting for 0bama, just validating the 0bama strategy of paying lipservice to you OWS losers while 0bama collects millions from Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine (democrat-NJ)

      6. J.Herrera says:

        Tsal become one of the 1% and quit whinning and worrying about others. You have the ability to become prosperous your problem and the others at OWS are you want it without working for it and making the sacrafices needed to be successful.

      7. Steve says:

        Spend a little more time worrying about helping yourself and a little less time worrying about what someone else has and you will do much better.

  8. Djd says:

    Boot all of them out . Next boot out all the politicians that backed them,Polosi,Reed,Kerry,Obama Joe hair plugs Biden and all Dems from Mass..
    All morons. U want to earn a lagr amount of money, like the rich folks U have to work hard. U may even have to work 7 days a week and 16 hrs a day. U have to stop looking for a handout from the Government. Get your lazy rear end out and work hard. Earn your OWN money. NO redistribution of some one elses money.

    1. Tsal says:

      So your point is that only 1% of the country works hard. Perhaps 10%. Really??

      1. gramps says:

        Since you still have them on ‘Mothers Milk’, you might hang it up & go make them some ‘cookies & funny brownies’……


      2. dan says:

        tsal you are a frickin idiot to think ows represents 99% of america…..maybe 4%…..and who bought the computer your posting on? Who pays for the internet connection your using? mommy and daddy? if you paid — you just contributed to wall street….flippin idiot

        and if mommy and daddy did your just a leech

  9. shotime says:

    Drug Use… Surprise, Surprise! Go Home OB!

  10. tsal says:

    What amazes me is that people actually believe that a small percentage should see their income increase nearly 300% while the majority of the country increases 40% or less in the same period of time. When the comment is made that to make money you have to work hard and it’s pointed out that clearly far more than 1-10% of this country works very hard, the response is a demeaning comment about mothers milk. That is to be expected since of course there is no way to dispute the fact that the majority of Americans work very hard for what they have with logic or facts.

    Of course there is the phrase income redistribution that the supporters of wealth toss around. It’s clear there has been an income redistribution for 40 years – to the top. That somehow is not considered greed and is totally ignored.

    And the comment that simply amazed me was that an out of state worker – here to help regain power – was vilified for making $35-60 per hour while totally ignoring the fact that CEOs make thousands an hour.

    Remember what toppled all great powers – GREED. Well folks if you don’t see it coming, it’s only because you are choosing not to see what is clearly there.

    1. me says:

      Tsal, It amazes me that someone your age can be so stupid!

      1. John Bryan says:

        so…. if you don’t mind me asking…. what makes Tsal so stupid? Read up on stuff b4 you become so critical of someone giving fact….

    2. alex says:

      Keep up the good work, one day they may understand and it is good of you to try to educate the sheeple. It seems to me that these corrupt swindlers have had it too easy for too long and finally a movement of noble people are prepared to do something about it. Thank You.

    3. Max Entropy says:

      Why are you concerned about how much CEOs make? Their salary is determined by the owners of the company who have a financial stake in who runs the company not by some arbitrary ration based on the lowest paid employee.
      Mind your own business if you have one.

      1. Peter says:

        Max Entropy

        No Max. The board of directors who are hand picked specifically to create compensation packages for the CEO’s while retaining a hefty directors fee to play along. Even stockholders have little say in the huge outlandish salary’s of CEO’s.

      2. Max Entropy says:

        Q: Hand picked by whom?
        A: The shareholders. Have you never been to a shareholder’s meeting of a big corporation? It’s one of the things that is voted on. The board is usually made up of the large shareholders and others that the shareholders voted in for their subject matter expertise. There are exceptions however like putting Al Gore on the board for influence reasons.
        Where do you get this wierd notion of how corporations work? Womyns’ studies class?

    4. Peter says:

      You got 1 guy that backs what you say. I’ve been around the block a few times over many years and know what is happening to our beloved country. These protests are the 1st step to fix the problem. I know it and you do. Most do not even know the Wall Street runs the USA today. Almost every person in top leadership within banking comes from GoldmanSachs..

    5. Hussein says:

      The only greedy ones in this pathetic show of ignorance are the Occupiers.

  11. keith wren says:

    obama’s answer to the Tea Party… his verry own FLEA PARTY

  12. Wild Bill says:

    This experiments has been tried before. A bunch of rats forced to live close together eventually end up eating each other.

  13. cat91101 says:

    Keep dreaming about how this mob is changing the banks minds. You are in la la land losers. Get a life.

  14. burningtree says:

    Hey Barack! How’s that hopey changey something working for you? Your boyz are doing a great job at “community occupying” aren’t they?

    1. j.v. says:

      Yes. We’ll see how long this lasts as the winter makes it less workable. I don’t think living in tents, beating drums, and complaining all day long for months is much of a productive use of resources, or of much use to others as a good or service. Of course, it does give those who are there a reason to stay and pitch a tent, while others provide resources for them. That’s not as likely to have the affect of aggregating a force for policy and intellectual change as it is to give those who are there a semipermanent address in the middle of the city with less chance of being rousted, since they are part of an “assembly” for “change” (more likely the “change” associated coins and folding money). The “message” has been conveyed. More of the same is going to produce less tolerance and futher annoyance to residents.

  15. Lisa says:

    As long as they still get their paychecks, they probably don’t care.

  16. enemy_of_the_statist says:

    For all you happy idiots that constantly hope for anarchy, just keep watching what happens with the Occupados.

  17. Jack says:

    Lord Of The Flies comes to Boston. And then goes away.

  18. JoKe says:

    Paid demonstrators and never do wells. It is a waste of internet bits to even report this trash.

  19. JohnRalph says:

    Mein Lord God High Führer Obama would fit right in with this crowd, since he’s half American hillbilly gutter trash and half black African Muslim Jihadist.

  20. Al Right says:

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

  21. jp says:

    Well, regarding ‘income inequality,’ if you want everyone equal, try socialism. We’ll all be poor except the connected in government. Also, my income went up 20 times in 2008 because I had a service that people in my industry valued. The ‘top 1% isn’t a static group you know.

  22. james garrettt says:

    If over the course of a man’s life, he has failed to build a relationship of family, friends, and/or church to support him through difficult times, then that man needs to lie down in the gutter and be swept into mankind’s sewer like the human debris he has allowed himself to become…..

    I am not responsible for the success or the failure of others….and the idea that one can be coerced or commanded at the point of a gun to support another is anathema to freedom of either party, redistributor or redistributee…..if you want my money I suggest you come with the attitude of a supplicant and not in some frenzied rage of entitlement…

    1. Karen Mc says:

      I don’t usually comment here but this is without question the best response I have seen to OWS. Weil put!!

    2. Bearcat says:

      So people without family, friends, and/or church are trash.

  23. LiKell says:

    One of the ways that the world works is that when you are young you make less and as you gain education and experience you become worth more in wages to employers. Many of the people at the bottom of the wage scale 25 years ago are now well up the scale. It is not usual for the same people to comprise the bottom strata of earners for long unless they are part of the permanent underclass being cultivated to elect liberal politicians.

    Many of the people at the top have fallen back down the scale with business, health and career failures.

    1. Karen Mc says:

      Excellent point!

  24. Liz Wickham says:

    Wow…a lot of drug use, alcohol use, and people getting into fights…just like Tea Party gatherings! All except for the drug use, alcohol use, and people getting into fights.

    1. abigtimeliberal says:

      liz the fleabagger are probably scratching their heads….huh

  25. NYGlenn says:

    MORONS each and every one of them !

  26. zanne says:

    “The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.” – Robert Frost

  27. Paul Roth says:

    GO home -Its getting cold and you all need to be looking for jobs instead of wasting your time whining about what the world owes you. If you are not happy with the current state of our economy, I suggest you vote for candidates you think best represent your concerns. That’s why we have elections. You all see what happens when you don’t take that seriously -we end up with a loser like Obama in charge of things. No amount of protesting or anarchy will serve your cause. Direct your attention to Washington or you are all going to be in for one cold a s s winter!

  28. klmdia says:

    Tsal is a socialist, and like most socialists he can only concentrate on how much more than him somebody else makes. Perhaps he should concentrate on how to make money of his own instead of insisting that other people’s money should be given to him.

    1. Patrick S says:

      Ha! That’s the LAST thing these people are interested in.

  29. FRANKOK says:

    AdBusters who started the Flea Party is an “anti-consumerist” publication financed by, among other sources, the Georgie Soros-funded Tides Foundation. Dissent is fine but the leaders such as AdBusters want this obituary:

    Born 1776, Died 2012

    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinborough, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;

    From spiritual faith to great courage;

    From courage to liberty;

    From liberty to abundance;

    From abundance to complacency;

    From complacency to apathy;

    From apathy to dependence;

    From dependence back into bondage.”

    We must not let the new Bolsheviks write the obituary – read all about the 20 million DEAD

    1. bill.1942 says:

      The United States of America is not and never has been a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, or we were until Obama and the liberal Democrats made the enlightened decision that the Constitution is no longer relevant and created the poor excuse we now have for a government.

  30. TheReal99Percent says:

    Time to go back to the “Occupy your mom’s basement” movement

  31. Patrick S says:

    Ha ha ha, yeah right. “greed”, “income distribution”, “corporations”, “banks”, “wah wah wah!”. This is the only gibberish I hear coming out of these occupy idiots pretending they represent the rest of us. No plan, no message, no ideas, NO CLUE. Just complaints. “oh, but the message will come later”. No it won’t. If you don’t have it now, you NEVER will. That’s why the occupy sites are being taken over by vagrants and opportunists. They’re MUCH more realistic and clearheaded than you idiots are. They probably laugh at you behind your backs while they tell some girl how they really ‘believe in the movement, man”. pffffff….

    1. Tblakely says:

      Oh, they have plans. Show trials of selected one percenters for crimes against the People.

  32. dwstick says:

    Come on, City of Boston. Break out the water cannon!

  33. bobbyhoying says:

    Ann Coulter correctly identified the mobs with no purpose but anarchy – demonic.

  34. joe arpaio says:

    The only thing they should OCCUPY is the Suffolk County Jail.

  35. Deus Vult says:

    This is NOT surprising news! The ows & occupy (fill in then blank) are MOSTLY young IDIOTS; DOPERS, bums, and a collection of Marxist/Socialist/Anarchist LOSERS!!!
    Hopefully this B.S. so called movement will move back to thier parents basement or whatever rock they crawled out from beneath of…..LOL!
    NO MORE “resident” obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!!

  36. Paul Wolf says:

    If you give all the money to the poor in 6 month the rich would have it back. The poor keep getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer because they keep doing the same thing over and over again.

  37. Luke Stone says:

    Do you reckon they praise each other for recycling when smoking crack out of empty soda cans?

  38. Corona says:

    The colder it gets the more the beta protesters are gonna get the feeling maybe they should be heading back to their mommas’ basement. Thanksgiving and Christmas. What trust fund brat would miss out on all the fun/prosperity/food/gifts (minus the America & Jesus stuff of course).

    All that will be left in the parks are the still-embodied heads of every lowlife city dreg the cops would love to mount on their trophy walls above their fireplaces.
    Anarchists…it’s the Other white meat!

  39. Sha Sene says:

    So the big “representive” is a career homeless guy complaining about other homeless.


  40. RightStuff says:

    Barack Obama, the loser, owns the OWS losers. Photos of the losers will be shown plenty in Republicans’ campaign advertisements! Obama can have the losers. In fact, I’m going to start making inquiries to see if any third-world country will take Barack and his losers.

  41. Barry Levy says:

    Don’t surprise me that these groups are deterioting, and wait until further infighting begins.

    As to wealth. and wealthy getting richer. Do the math. If you live on less then you net, your wealth will grow. If you don’t buy things with interest payments that don’t increase in value, your wealth will probably increase. If you cut costs and make tough decisions your wealth will probably increase.

    Amazes me the number of Iphones, lap tops and other expensive electronics that these people have, and pay for monthly while complaining about corporations.

    Who do they think created the Iphones and lap tops?

    But these useful idiots are just cannon fodder for the “lame stream” media and Obozo, our clown in chief, and Pelosi and others that have taken them to heart and think they are wonderful. Funny they didn’t say that about Tea Party members that were peaceful, clean, respectful and also requesting a voice to stop what is happening in washington.

  42. TexasRick says:

    I remember we ran into a bunch of ex-cons and crack dealers showing up at the Tea Party rallies. …..oh wait……No we didn’t.

  43. RightStuff says:

    Barack is doing his best to exploit the covetous nature of mankind. The OWS group is composed of weak sisters. They actually think that people owe them something for just eating and pooping. Sorry, losers. It just doesn’t work that way, no matter what yo’ daddy Barack says.

  44. southofthecity says:

    I asked my daughter 18 in college if she checked out ows Boston ,she said no their all losers . She said that their are kids there high school age and are there just to party .She said they don’t even know why theres a protest

    1. SpeakClearly says:

      Have your college student daughter tutor you on some basic language skills. Your message will be more seriously received if you learn to differentiate they’re/there/their/your/you’re/loser/looser/two/to/too- and on the list goes. Are our schools is such disarray that such simple skills are forfeited in favor of the political indoctrination our youth endure at the hands of our socialist “teachers”?

  45. Phelps says:

    After reading your comments tsal I had to respond. I’m a small construction contractor, who, up until march, was facing ruin, 30 years of hard work gone, no where to go but the street….then that phone call came. Wealthy men and women of that 1% that you keep ragging on were building a new club house at their private country club. Thanks to those members of the 1% I have food on my table, a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I wouldn’t care if they made a billion percent more in wealth, because to me that would mean more work. You don’t seem to understand there will always be a priviledged class. If you still don’t get it, then I suggest a country more suited to your socialist mind set, say North Korea.

    1. Norm Wells says:

      I think It’s way over due, I cant believe it took this long… I have a good job, 3 cars, family and money.. I just hope this movement gets it together, we r losing all our freedoms, money thrown away by big gov.the whole systems went to the toilet pretty much… America still is a very good country but it is going down fast… occupy needs to focus on the problems and get a platform…If nothing else maybe this will wake people up a bit… Like I said I’m comfortable, no drugs here, not homeless, and yes I have a shower too.. I was hoping the young would have woke up sooner… btw i’m in my fifty’s… I could care less if someone has lots of money, but i do care what my gov does with my money…Big business has no business in Govt…Thank You…

  46. NowYouKnow says:

    I would not expect those people to be objective enough to figure out where the real source of the problem lies and move their protest there — the Democrat Senate and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  47. southofthecity says:

    Maybe if our elected officials didn’t fall to their knees when the almighty dollar is waved under their nose ,corruption in business would be addressed as criminal

  48. Dan Shays says:

    Way to go, Mumbles. You welcomed these folks with open arms, and now you don’t know what to do with them. Mayor Flynn was right right. They should have been given one day, like all other protests, and then told to move out or be removed.
    You bought it, you own it, Menino!

  49. rhyzoolie says:

    That’s the type of crowd Obama and his progressive hordes run with, elitist narcissists and there you have it. As Vinnie Barbarino said, gimme drugs! Obama is a one termer!

  50. Cece says:

    What message was that?

  51. Daniele Colajacomo says:

    I find it ironic that the narrative seems to infere that if only occupiers move, homeless and dealers would DISAPPEAR. Yes they would disappear into the streets of every city which are kept specifically for homeless and other unfortunate souls – out of sight of the “normal” citizens.

    Of course the homeless go to Occupy – they are FED. For the mayor AND the media to take it out on Occupy for feeding the homeless is an insult to any person who believes in helping your brothers and sisters when they are down.

    SHAME on the journalists and government officials who manipulate their readers and constituents into yet another false piece of “logic”.

    Drug dealers are among the 99% – why not? They are arrested in MUCH LARGER NUMBERS (than 3) EVERY DAY in the streets around occupations. The police should arrest them at occupation as well.

    But to say that the fact that the occupations have homeless and dealers amongst them means the occupation has no right to free-speech and freedom of assembly is a clear attempt at stifling dissent. SHAME on the Americans wanting to silence the protesters using this as an excuse!!!!

    1. Norm Wells says:

      Thank You… Well Said…

  52. Alan D says:

    Start offering these moron jobs. They will run back to thier parents bacements and hid.

  53. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    “They have a message that’s not a clear message. The problem we have today is that we have different groups infiltrating the people who have the message.”

    Thanks for the clarity, Mumbles. And you characters keep re-electing him. LOL

  54. Josh Biggs says:

    The Occupods will always be life’s losers

  55. Clearhead says:

    “Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you”. Cast your time and talents (if you have any) on OWS and you’ll never get returns at all.

  56. HavanaEyes says:

    I don’t want to work, I want to bang on my drum all day. These reports we keep reading about the protesters, are not about the “fringe” elements of the movement…it is the movement. I don’t want these people to have any say so in the way this country is run. I am part of the 99%, and if Wall Street does badly, there goes my 401k. Wall Street and big banks are not perfect, but blame the politicians that allow all the bad behavior. I am over the OWS movement…they are basically the undesirables, underachievers, and those who feel that for some reason, the country and the government owe them something. It’s the entitlement mentality today’s youth seem to have in spades.

  57. fecal_heroes says:

    Liberal including Neo-conservative critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, generally are the very parasites (or useful idiots) feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s prayers are with the millions being victimized by Communist apparatchiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank. And with the Anonymous brigade.
    For they know, the bad children and parasites who are proletariat will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh_t and p_ss on, noble flea-baggers.

  58. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    The real enemy is the Federal Reserve that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back to us at interest. It’s a private banking cartel that has given away trillions enslaving your grandchildren and theirs.

    End the Fed, End The wars, and End the Police State

  59. I’ve been using gas pump activism to beat Obama and his useful idiots. Putting decals on gas pumps, on store coolers, drive thru screens, inside menus, etc. They say “These high prices brought to you by Barack Obama” with his picture
    next to it. They’re reusable and leave no residue (no worries about vandalism) I get them at feels great everytime I put one up somewhere.

  60. tim tim teroo says:

    The occupy movement is being propagandized by news organizations eager to shift blame. Just because a supposed “crackhead” and his other implanted police men feel that they can “crack” their way into an intellectually based social movement goes to show how low the fbi will go to marginalize this very real movement. Freedom of speech is a good thing. The media utilizing spoon fed propaganda designed to marginalize this movement is another. CBS will not care they are owned by the very people we stand against. Our movement shall break through their lies

    1. Danno says:

      Take your meds please….

  61. heatherfeather says:

    This was a movement of dope-smoking kids who didn’t want to grow up and take responsibility for their lives from day one. They were quickly joined by a bunch of burnouts, and the standard leftist Protest-of-the-Week crowd.

    I checked out the Seattle Occupy a couple times. Different crowd, same losers each day. Looked like a good place to score drugs, though.

  62. Bill says:

    Just remember that Obama supports these losers. If you support Obama, then you also support all the bad stuff going on in these camps. Drugs, fighting, vandalism, etc.

  63. Prince Haggai says:

    Who do these wall street workers think they are with their good jobs? They think just cuz they work harder than the rest of us they should get paid more? I deserve a job like that, they need to recognize we are all special. Barrack needs to order them replaced with minorities and trans gender and people that support equality.

  64. Paull Cudak says:

    These occupiers are just ignorant people. Thet think they know what the problem is, but can’t see the forest for the trees. Instead of blaming the corporate structure, which it seems they all want to subscribe too by getting high paying jobs, they should be looking in the mirror and at their democrat leaning parents for causing most of this mess. Barney Frank, Criss Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, BO, Harry Reid, John Kerry, I could go on, but what’s the use, they’re all ignorant and won’t check the facts or if they do won’t be able to COMPREHEND THEM.

  65. Archy Cary says:

    Obama’s army.

  66. says:

    These occupy movements are the best thing that could have happened to the GOP.

  67. REBEL1213 says:

    CREAM OF THE CROP…are those who are Occupying Wall Street… Wonder if they planned on sharing their WEALTH from their DRUG DEAL???

  68. Occupied Website says:

    It is amazing how the Fleabaggers think only of themselves and their worthless degrees, at the same time they are draining the resources from the homeless and needy.

    In case if they forgot, most of the 1% do give to charities, what has a Fleabagger done for their country, besides complain how tough they have it.

    1. Danno says:

      THIS Tea bagger has…

      Served 21+ year in the Military, (bad knees forced me to give up that profession) worked at childerns hospitals making repairs in other countries, reads at a disadvantaged elementary school, donates time and books to the reading competition for the same school, am the local representative for a scholarship program, assist in a Vtereans Motorcycle run to benefit the local VA hospital and still work full time and pay a large quantity of taxes which I watch being wasted..


  69. Jim Martin says:

    I heard from a reliable source that free loading space aliens have been using the Occupy location as a hideout to go undetected while plotting their devious scheme of world domination.

  70. Marc says:

    “Oh my! Homeless, vagrants, drugies, and criminals are coming to OUR occupy movements to sponge off of us. It isn’t FAIR!” Here, let me call the Wahbulance for you … WAH! wah! WAH! wah! WAH! wah! WAH! wah!

    What did you expect?

  71. Cogiito says:

    The OWS is showing it’s true colors, and so is Obama, and his Leftists that support them.

    These people do not represent 99%. They represent less than 1% of the population of the cities inwhich they protest. They need a new sign: <1%.

  72. Doc Boston says:

    I’m ready for them to get ready for “Occupy Semester Finals”. Now that many have missed as much class as they have (where students have taken to the tents) this will be a wakeup call for those who take a major hit in their GPA.

  73. Satch says:

    This is what happens when you don’t really have a “cause”. This protest has been compared by some like our forefathers at Valley Forge. BS. At Valley Forge their cause was Freedom,the OWS croud’s cause is,——what ever’s Fashionable today,and will help me.

  74. Jasper says:

    Crack? Occupy? Hmmm, sounds like an Obama sponsored event.

  75. NavyOne says:

    He said things have gone downhill. “Things have changed drastically. It seems to be deteriorating,” the man told Carl.

    And this is a surprise?


  76. sunnyd55 says:

    You play with pigs. You get dirty. Or you get raped, contract an std, get mugged, get beat up or killed.

  77. Chris says:

    Are there still moonbat housewives in Metro West cooking up meals for these losers?

  78. DemocRATS says:

    These things never happened at a Tea Party Rally.

    Just goes to show who the REAL Americans are.

  79. Danno says:

    Interesting observation:

    Here is a comparison between the “Occupy” group and the “Tea Party” group.

    Tea Party:
    • Almost quiet protest, pestered no private citizens
    • Left parks and plazas Cleaner than when they arrived.
    • No police presence needed.
    • No arrest
    • Unsubstantiated and unproven accusations of “racism”
    • Carried flags and signs with clear messages
    • Asked for not much more than to be left alone and allowed to keep their hard earned money.
    • No paid shills in the crowd
    • Brought their own food and water
    • Paid their own way to and from

    • 14 year old has sex with a whole group of protesters
    • The place looks and smells like a garbage dump
    • Riots
    • Arrests for drug sales
    • Beatings and muggings
    • Guides needed for STD screening at free clinics.
    • Set up tents, living like PIGS!
    • Many different sometimes incomprehensible messages
    • Beg for money from those who earned it to be given to those who haven’t
    • Pay “homeless” to stand vigil
    • Expect to be feed by organizers.
    • Bussed in protesters from other areas.

  80. Reed Cook says:

    Funny, I don’t remember rape and crack dealing going on at Tea Party gatherings, but if you listen to some in the media, the occupy gangs and the Tea Party are pretty much the same thing. Go figure!

  81. DigitalBob says:

    This is the same thing that happened to the hippies and Haight-Ashbury. It was fun and free love and lots of foolish, idealistic young people who didn’t know any better with a supposed cause giving cover to people to hang out and smoke dope and have sex . Sooner than later outsiders infiltrate who just want to hook up to the movement to party and sponge. Then weed turns to crack and VD shows up and suddenly the down-trodden ex-convicts supposedly victimized by society start taking advantage of well-meaning fools and it all craters.

  82. jewbag says:

    b lacks, j ews, h omos. illegals, communists, m oslems, baby killers.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the demokratik soviet.

    An amalgam of nation wrecking misfits bound together by nothing more than malevolent envy and hatred of Natural Law.

  83. cntrlfrk says:

    These OWS ‘protesters’ are nothing more than pro-Obama Astro-Turf.

    This is what happens when a failed president whips up Class Warfare hatred to divert attention away from his failures.

  84. Commander Admin says:

    Crack dealers dealing crack to cracked crackers. Hilarious. It’s been AmeriKAZAMed:

  85. EJM says:

    Maybe the Occupy crowd got word that they were a little too early for the democratic convention. The delegates also seem to be confused as to what city it is in. Go home folks, and reconvene in Charlotte, NC this summer to protest the economy your leader Obama has created for you. I doubt that he will invite you to Martha’s Vineyard when he takes his next vacation there to rub noses with and raise money from the rich 1%.

  86. Jimmie Meehan says:

    It’s a mob… just because it is a democrat sponsored mob does not make it any less of a mob. Joining a mob you become among the lowest possible life forms attainable on this planet. Your participation may consist of nothing more than standing around but by being there you are participating in all the killing, raping, drug use, destruction of property. Those evil ones who do these things need YOU, which is why you will not find Any intelligent reasonable people in a mob.

  87. Matt says:

    That meme about the growth of income on the high/low ends ignores two facts:

    1. The people THEN on the low end aren’t there anymore. They moved up into the middle. Some in the middle moved into the top. The low end now are new workers.

    2. That top 1% pays something like 40% of all taxes. The top 10% pays something near 50% of all taxes. The bottom half doesn’t pay at all; they take.

    If we taxed the “rich” 100% it would not pay our $15 Trillion debt, but it would make a lot of job-creators move to China.

  88. AL says:

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen or Habitat For Humanity?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

  89. Harvard Grad says:

    Can we run these hippies over with tanks yet?
    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

  90. Danram says:

    LOL!!! So much for the “Second American Revolution”.

  91. Rob says:

    I do not support the OWS and I never will. I think more and more people need to come forward and let America know that there are still hard working people out there. If you want to protest and cry like a baby because you can’t pay the debt YOU bought into, you can cry somewhere else. But I’m not too mad about it, at least I won’t have to compete with an OWS protestor for a job.

  92. Jim Hoffman says:

    The OWS Movement has collected over $600,000 in donations so far, and yet the homeless are shunned from partaking in their 5-Star Chef prepared meals…

    How about… Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    Get more ows facts on my site:

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