I must say, coming from a guy who’s a “fair-weather fan” at best, the 6th game of the World Series in St. Louis was one of the best baseball games ever.    Yes I know there were 5 or 6 errors between the two teams that are supposed to be the best, but there was some great pitching, concluded by some even greater hitting and I’ll commit to cheering for the Cardinals to win it all.  If my cheering is successful, tomorrow (Sat.) you’ll be reading on this site…..”I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.”    If Texas wins….too bad and I’ll be quiet.     But wait till next year!!!

     Oh, one more thing in sports, I’ve gotta tell you how some parts of the country view the New England Patriots.   You probably heard about Rob Gronkowski apologizing to Patriots owner Bob Kraft and the public for having  his picture taken with Bibi Jones….a porn star. Bibi…not known for modeling clothes, was wearing Gronk’s team jersey in the photograph.    It’s true, the Patriots do demand a certain amount of dignity and decorum in everything they do, but here’s how the Sports Editor of the St. Augustine Record reacted.  He said “In the perfect world known as New England, where players walk on water and heal the sick, posing for a photo for a porn actress is a sin.”  The Sports Editor, Justin Barney went on to conclude…..”in New England, anything that doesn’t conform to the Patriot Way is out of line, but no need to apologize, Rob.  You’ll be applauded by 31 teams in the NFL…….just NOT the one you currently play for.”

     Go Gronk!!