By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Occupy Boston says the protesters who camp out nightly and hold up signs daily deserve credit for starting their grassroots movement, not the State’s Democratic candidate for Senate, Elizabeth Warren or any other politician.

“A politician taking credit for the movement is kind of a slightly ridiculous thing. Movements are created when a group of people get together and decide they’re sick of things,” says organizer Alex Ingram.

In an interview with the Daily Beast about the occupy movement, Warren said, “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do…I support what they do.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

Senator Scott Brown and the Republican Party pounced on Warren’s comments saying, “It’s not surprising that Professor Warren is taking credit for starting a left-wing protest movement that does nothing to put people back to work. Scott Brown wants everyone to occupy a job and his focus is on getting the economy moving again.”

Republicans say if Warren wants credit for creating the movement then she should also get credit for controversy that’s surrounding it, including the arrests. More than 140 protesters were cuffed this month at Dewey Square.

At a campaign event at Framingham State University Warren clarified her comments but never backed off of them, “I said I think I’ve been protesting Wall Street for a very long time and I understand the frustration, I share the frustration with what’s going on that right now. Washington is wired to work well for those on Wall Street who can have lobbyists and lawyers and it doesn’t work very well for the rest of us.”

A Warren aide says she has repeatedly asked protesters to obey the law.

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  1. John says:

    Good let her own it, the flea baggers are nothing to be proud of. I just can not believe that anyone can take this woman serious. The congress when denying her acceptance tells volumes. Her husband is destroying jobs through all of his new regulations, she would only support his radical ideas.

    1. roudydowdy says:

      what jobs is Prof. Warren’s husband destroying? What are all of his new regulations?

  2. Marty says:

    i can’t wait for this moonbat to debate Scott Brown!! And we thought Scott putting a hurting on marsha was good stuff!!! This is going to be good!!

  3. massman says:

    I saw where Senator Brown accused Ms. Warren of taking credit for a protest movement, but I have yet to see where Ms. Warren takes credit. She does deserve an enormous amount of credit for going after Wall Street. Since people like John and Marty watched their retirement savings lost, housing values plummet, and unemployment skyrocket, thanks to Wall Street, and the lack of regulatory enforcement, Ms. Warren has been crusading for stricter regulations to protect us.

    John – Congress did not deny her acceptance as head of the Consumer Protection Bureau. Republicans did. What does your comment about her husband mean? He’s a Harvard Law Professor. Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Or do you and Marty just work for Fox. Ms. Warren will be far more effective as a U.S. Senator anyways.

    1. John L says:

      I love how liberals accuse you of being tied into FOX whenever you disagree with them…broken record. Skip, skip, skip.

      1. massman says:

        Not when you disagree, just when you lie.

      2. bp says:

        They also cry racism when you disagree with Obama.

    2. tsal says:

      massman I did see where she took credit for the foundation (I believe) of what the group stands for. It amazes me that so many support economic injustice. It makes me think that they are either very wealthy or just don’t understand what is happening in this country. Did you see the link posted on Keller by a great blogger the other day.

    3. tsal says:

      I’m not sure the democrats were all that happy with Warren either since she has criticized both sides of the aisle. It’s what I like about her.

  4. blackbear1 says:

    She gets credit for being a political opportunist. They get credit for being unemployed and getting free flu shots.

    1. tsal says:

      Scott Brown has political opportunist all sewn up. I’m not sure making fun of people who can’t find jobs because there are none is funny. They could be sitting home doing nothing but instead have chosen to sit in the rain and cold and speak out for the mess this country is in – against all parties and all politicians.

      1. Truth says:

        Why aren’t these protesters ‘Occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’ in Washington DC??? That’s where the policy started to make banks lend to those who can’t afford it (which precipitated the massive collapse of the housing market). They are the ones bailing out the banks and public employee unions. They are the ones printing money, handing it to banks, and telling them to sit on it. It’s the government who’s responsible for all of this, yet they receive no blame. It’s a dead giveaway that Barack Obama is one of those people behind these protests. Follow the money trail and you will be amazed at who is behind all this stuff.

      2. tsal says:

        They are in Washington – they are all over the country. A small group in Washington would make very little impact. I agree with their agenda of forming groups all over the country. And it isn’t just the banks. There are a list of problems but the overriding theme is economic injustice.

      3. FiftyFifty says:

        A friend of mine was in the same position recently, graduated school and couldnt find a job. But instead of sitting in a park throwing a tantrum he started his own company a few months ago and is doing pretty well now. Hard work does it, not crying for people to give you free stuff.

        Agree that change is needed, but don’t agree with what they are doing, or how. Wall Street and big companies arent the problem, it’s the goverment that allows and thrives off of corruption.

        And the current cost of college should be a crime. University presidents are way over paid. So many kids are brain washed to believe they must go to college or they are failures, then take out huge loans without understanding the consequences. How is it that at 17 you can’t buy a beer or vote, but you can sign up for a loan to a school that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars?

        THese people really should be protesting at governments and colleges.

        Sorry for rambling, but 1 more point. If they just went home at night and returned in the morning instead of camping out, they would be giving opponents a lot less to complain about.

      4. tsal says:

        FiftyFifty – they are not just protesting Wall Street. I don’t know why everyone thinks that is their only objective. They are protesting income disparity, government dysfunction, etc. I’m proud that your friend started a businesses. I did the same thing. I wish him the best of luck. I am also proud of these people who have put their lives on hold to speak out about the mess in this country. They are representing me and all others who believe that this country is in very serious trouble and our politicians are representing wealth and not those who put them in office.

        Why would it make any difference if they went home at night? To me it shows a commitment that they do not go home to a cozy bed but stay where they are.

        I agree with everything you said about college costs. I did wonder if you would have thought the revolutionists were having a tantrum when they dumped tea into the harbor or incited the Boston Massacre?

      5. FiftyFifty says:


        Most of the opposition I’ve heard has been around the camping, littering, etc. Havent even heard opponents say that everything is fine with the world, nothing needs to be changed. Creating a mess is causing their valid pionts to be ignored. Reminds me of when I was in college and went to the “Freedon Rally” on the common. Went with great intentions, but when I saw all the littering and illegal activity going on, and basically ignorance, I was embarassed to be part of it and went home. It’s not the way to get people to listen to you and ultimately works against you.

        At this point I’d say the Boston Tea party was different. That was a specifc action for a specific situation, but ask todays protestors what it’s for and you will get many different answers. But admittedly I’m no history buff, and didnt watch the tea party live on tv (ha ha) so maybe they are more similar than I realize and will be prven wrong.

        Good luck with your business too.

    2. Stanley11 says:

      blackbear, don’t forget that she gets credit for keeping her clothes on, too.

      1. blackbear1 says:

        Stanley 11, AMEN to that!!

  5. RB says:

    If she’s going to claim credit, then she’ll have to get in line w/ all the rest of the college professors who spend every day lecturing their students about how much America sucks, how deeply the students should hate America, and how having even 1 penny to your name makes you the worst person in all of human history.

    1. tsal says:

      What college did you go to???? With three kids in and out of college and a son-in-law and nieces and nephew and friends of my kids in college, I can guarantee not one would agree with your comment.

    2. roudydowdy says:

      RB, check yourself into a mental health program ASAP!

  6. emom says:

    The way this economy has been driven , It’s not a wonder so many are having hard times. We have seen so many corporations handed money for bailouts only to find out they used it on frivolous expenses, like luxury vacations and expensive bonuses. Once this was discovered many were told to repay the bail out money,, Yet has many of them done so.. Banks asked for help because of the poor market , declining sales and a flood of forclousures,,, is it a wonder we are in a recession, yet nothing has been done to curb it or even jump start the economy… YES going to the source in washington dc would be grand AAHHH but we all know we cant get even close enough to do so… anyone protesting to close would be arrested and well since the country has pockets of these protests, lookj at how many of them are being handles,, arrests , Ok sure some if not many probably deserve it, But those that are peacefull need to maybe have talks with the powers to be.. SOMETHING needs to be done, They are holding outtill the first snow,,, But in the end nothing is being done to get people back to work. If there were so many jobs available, why is unemployment so high. Nobody is hiring, and unless your degree matches their requirements forget it.. Oh what about those that have no degre, those jobs are hard to find. Its tough out there, and if you have a job, be greatfull, if you have a house with no late payments be gratefull, if you have food on your table, heat, water and a life , be BLESSED AND GRATEFULL… There areso many out there that do not have what many have , struggle daily to keep what they may have and sacrific to stay afloat… Tell that to a child with no insurance, food or worry about loosing their home.. Winter is coming and well we all know the shelters will soon be full,, so again be grateful for what you have since many arelooking to keep what they have..
    As for the occupy wallstreet groups, I say its time for action sings are good but talks are far better.,,, They are no longer reading these signs so the message is getting lost, and I do agree with some washington dc is the place to be for this,the president needs to hear peoples concerns and fears and address the TRUE and REAL reasons this country is gone to HELL IN A HAND BASKET .. JOBS should be number one on the list, next to homes,, once you get the people back to work, revenues will flow and the economy will replenish the next ones,
    When we buy they restock and we rebuy again,, its a cycle but we are not buying so they have no need to replenish therefore they close. Create the jobs so people will spend.. its the only way…
    OH and tax the richer they do not need all those loops holes,,, pay up do your part as we all have to.

    1. tsal says:

      That is all very true, emom.

  7. blackbear1 says:

    I just posted a comment. Where is it?? Is someone screening posts?

    1. tsal says:

      blackbear – that happens a lot and I wish I knew why because it is horribly frustrating

    2. A says:

      Write slowly. Watch out which words you use too.

      I have noticed that quickly written comments rarely show and comments containing the name of reporters, this site and/or the man in the big house in washington, tend to “not show up”

      Perhaps someone behind the scene at this site could tell me otherwise and what in that case causes it

      1. A says:

        Further proves it

        The above was my second post. In the first I wrote out the names I in the above told you to avoid. It didn’t post

        NK has nothing on us when it comes to censurship

  8. massman says:

    Hi TSAL. I like the link you sent. Very true. I read where she “created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.” She has been extremely critical of the economic injustice in this country. I really didn’t see how that is taking credit for starting the protests. I think the movement would be wise in accepting her support. They called her a politician, yet she has never been elected to office. She was chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel. The Panel’s monthly reports under Warren’s leadership covered foreclosure mitigation, consumer and small business lending, commercial real estate, AIG, bank stress tests, the impact of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) on the financial markets, government guarantees, the automotive industry, and many other topics. The Panel has also released special reports on financial regulatory reform and farm loans. For each report, Warren released a video on the Congressional Oversight Panel’s website explaining key findings. Then she was in charge of implementing the Consumer Protection Bureau. So while the “Tea Party” would like to hold onto their beloved Cosmopolitan centerfold turned U.S. Senator, Mr. Scott Brown. I suggest the Occupy movement support our future U.S. Senator, Ms. Elizabeth Warren.

    1. tsal says:

      I agree completely. Warren has visited banks in every one of the 50 states to discuss Dodd-Frank with them. She has said that she feels the bill is far too long (2,300 pages) and that it could be cut to about one page. She has clearly spoken out about problems on both sides of the aisle BTW – Brown voted for Dodd-Frank and THEN asked the banks what they thought.

  9. Larry says:

    Just a comment regarding the desire of some people to remove the regulations of the federal, state, and local governments…that means just about everything that we do or buy will be free to be anything that the producer or supplier wants the service or product to be…and, we will have absolutely no recourse…because those regulations also guard against inferior and dangerous products entering this country…but, since that seems not to matter to some people…good luck eating lunch or buying your next motor vehicle….if those regulations go bye…bye…

    1. A says:

      @ Larry

      I don’t think anyone is talking about removing regulations across the board. Just revisit the ones that makes no sense at all

      In January 2012 the EPA is beginning their regulation of dust. Need I say more ?

      1. massman says:

        A – Yes, I would like to know more. Personally, I am happy to live in a country where there are regulations promoting clean air and water. Just throwing a comment out, trying to discredit the EPA, with no backup, sounds more like a Fox news story, than a fact.

    2. tsal says:

      Larry – there is without question a need for regulation. I would rather see 2300 pages of regulation from DF than none because having none is part of the reason we are in the position we find ourselves. I did not mean to in any way say I felt that regs should be removed. I do feel that there is a tendency to go to the extreme and scale back and that can also make sense. My point was that Warren is actually finding out about the impact and working on revisiting some of the regs. No organization can comly with 2,300 pages of regs so make it doable.

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