BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts judge has awarded a total of $3 million to two alleged child sex abuse victims of a former Franciscan priest who served prison time for child molestation in a separate case.

Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders entered the judgment Friday against John Dority, awarding one victim $2 million and the other $1 million. Both were abused in Boston between 1965 and 1971, starting at around age 10.

Dority was convicted of child molestation in Rhode Island in 2005 and released from prison in 2007.

A telephone message was left Friday for 70-year-old Dority, who lives in Coventry, Conn.

The victims’ attorney, Carmen Durso, said Dority likely doesn’t have the money to pay the judgments. He said the case wasn’t about money, but about putting a value on what the victims had lost.

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  1. Patrick O says:

    Yet another Catholic priest raping more children.

    Parents – please keep your children away from Catholic priests, where the danger of them being raped is higher (by percentage) than anywhere other than prison. In fact, prisons at least have an honor code, where child rapists are beaten. In the Catholic church, they are reassigned to other parishes.

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