By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

SALISBURY (CBS) – It happened just off Salisbury Beach, where Jeff Boss routinely walks his dog.

“You don’t see that up here — you really don’t,” he says with surprised look. “Amazing.”

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He’s talking about an incident Tuesday night, when a 21-year-old man walking home from work was jumped along Oceanfront South.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

“I can’t say anything other than it was extremely violent,” says Salisbury police Sergeant Anthony King.

The victim had made it less than a block from his job at the Seaglass Restaurant, when three guys hopped from a white or silver 4-door Honda Civic or Accord.

“At which time one of them pulled a sawed-off shotgun and put it to the victim’s chest,” says Sgt. King.

But the worst was yet to come.

Because even though the victim offered no resistance, the shotgun-toting hoodlum hammered him in the face with the butt-end of the gun — breaking several bones.

The victim was too frightened to talk with WBZ-TV about the incident.

Police are now circulating a sketch of the guy wielding the double barreled weapon — described as Hispanic, six feet tall, around 20-years-old, with gelled-spiky hair and a gray “Ecko” sweatshirt.

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The victim had his wallet and laptop in a backpack.

“Two other guys then jumped in and wrestled the backpack from him,” says Sgt. King.

The attackers fled trying to hide their faces.

“I saw them running down the street,” says George Nabham, who works at a nearby club. “They had hoodies pulled over their faces.”

On Thursday afternoon, Frank and Isabel Flynn ate their favorite pizza nearby, and shook their heads.

“It’s sad you can’t walk anywhere or do anything anymore,” lamented Frank Flynn. “Without fearing for your life in one way or another.”

As Salisbury Police hunt for the guy depicted in their sketch, they worry about him squeezing the trigger.

“Who knows what he’s going to do the next time,” says Sgt. King.

Fortunately, the victim of Tuesday’s assault will be back to work in a few days.

Salisbury detectives don’t think the bandits are local.

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The same crew is suspected of shooting out some windows at a house on Bellevue Avenue in Haverhill just an hour later.

Ken MacLeod