By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s span the globe of the NFL and check out what going on around the league.

– Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been cleared to play for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.  Vick suffered a mild concussion last week and his status was in doubt.  Not sure how this works anymore but I thought once you were diagnosed with a concussion you had to sit for seven days, before they gave you all those tests to get you back on the field.  Vick is a gamer and he’s going to want to play but sometimes I feel the league should step in and try and save the player from himself.  The Eagles need Vick to play, he gives them the best chance for victory.  I just hope they are not putting his health in jeopardy.  He takes a hit this week and that “mild concussion” could keep him out for the rest of the season.

– Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished last weeks game against the San Francisco 49ers with cracked ribs and a collapsed lung.  Two things here.  That Tony Romo gutted it out and led his team to a victory is a remarkable feat.  I saw a couple of interviews with Romo this week and he could barely sit in a chair. I gained a ton of respect for him and maybe finally the people who criticize him will at least give him a break for one week.  Here’s the bigger question, how was Romo allowed to get back on the field and play.  Ribs are painful but players fight through the pain all the time.  But a collapsed lung is another story.  Tony could have been seriously hurt and this story of guts and glory could have been tragic.  Sideline doctors need to recognize this.

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– Congress is starting to ask questions to the NFL about the HGH testing.  A panel of 14 congressman, which includes former player Heath Shuler, has sent a letter to Roger Goddell.  They want and expected start date for the testing and further explanation about how this is going to get done.

“We are therefore disappointed that the testing has not yet begun,” said the letter, which was sent by the Professional Sports Caucus. “It is important that fans, and especially your youngest fans, believe that the NFL is doing all that it can to ensure the integrity of the game and the health of the players.”

– Okay, last year colleague Soccer 6 would chime in with views on, let’s just say the fringe sports reality life.  Well after much negotiation and by that I mean cash, greenbacks, dollar dollar bills y’all, 6 is back and better than ever.

– So here we go.  6 tells me “Dancing with the Stars” starts this week and Ron Artest was the big name on the list.  Ron was in the commercials and he changed his name to Meta-World Peace and this was supposed to be a big thing.  Oh by the way, Ron was the first to go.  I think behind the scenes his dance partner found out that Ron is crazy for real.  “Dancing with the Stars” gave real meaning the his last name “Peace”.  6 says Jay Cutler’s ex fiance’ Kristin Cavallari is on  the show also and she’s getting tweets from Jay.  Jay needs to get on this show, the footwork would help him in the pocket.  He’s getting killed back there.  Maybe he’s actually texting Kristin to send him some of the dance moves.

– Soccer says the biggest news of the summer was that Kim Kardashian and Nets Forward Kris Humphries got married.  I can barely contain myself on this one.  No one and I mean no one knows who Kris Humphries is.  So this could never ever be big news.  The two dated for six months and decided they were perfect for each other.  They got engaged and had 440 guests in their wedding. I have to be honest, I hope these crazy kids work out because the less I hear about any one of the Kardashians, the better.  So Kris do your job and keep Kim out of the spotlight.  Those people should not be popular.

– Finally 6 says “Basketball Wives” has been a huge hit.  I hate to agree with Soccer but 6 is right.  There are more people tuning into this terrible show than I could have ever thought.  I caught myself watching an episode once. Afterwards, I promptly went to the car and slammed my head into the door. Chad Ochcocinco has made several appearances because his future wife Evelyn, is on the show.  6 wonders if she will leave the show when the get married.  Really, really!!!!  He Soccer, they are not getting married. I will believe it when I see it.  If they do, a perfect wedding gift would be some “Child Pleez”  apparel because that’s exactly how I would feel about the whole thing.

Thanks for reading everybody and thank you Soccer 6.


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