LAWRENCE (CBS) – Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua insists that his city is safe even though the crime rate has spiked in Lawrence in the last year.

“Any report of crimes going up is a major concern to me and all of the people that reside in Lawrence. It’s an issue,” said Mayor Lantigua.

Lawrence had to slash 41 police officers last year, and since that time, the city has seen a 44-percent jump in major crime, part one felonies. Meanwhile, auto thefts have nearly doubled, while murders and robberies are up some 27 percent, according to the Eagle-Tribune.

Lawrence Police Chief John Romero understands the city’s financial issues and why cuts had to be made, but he hopes there will be some relief soon.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker spoke to concerned residents.

“The department has applied for several grants. Our state delegation has worked to make us elgibile for a grant that’s out there for $2 million, as well as we put in for a federal grant and some other grants, so we could see as many as an additional 12-18 police officers come back,”

Mayor Lantigua insists the city is still safe.

“If I was to tell you that there are no issues, I’d be lying. I’m not gonna do that and I don’t do that, but it is safe,” said Mayor Lantigua.

  1. JCA says:

    I would have figured a bigger increase with the inmates running the asylum up in Lordence Amedica. When are the feds coming to give willie his stainless bracelets? Will they also hold Devil Patrick accountable for doing NOTHING about it?
    It’s time to send in the troops!

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