WBZ dominated and pioneered talk radio in Boston.  In 1963, Bob Kennedy began broadcasting “Contact.” He quickly earned a reputation for interviewing the top newsmakers of the day.  Lovell Dyett was WBZ’s first African-American talk host, joining WBZ in late 1971. Larry Glick arrived in 1968, and the Commander kept the overnight audience entertained for nearly 20 years.  But for many WBZ listeners, it was David Brudnoy who exemplified the best in talk radio– listeners always felt they learned something new from his show. After his death in 2004, he was replaced by Paul Sullivan.  Sully’s sense of humor and passion for politics earned him many fans; sadly, he lost his battle with cancer in 2007.  Today, WBZ’s tradition of great talk hosts continues with names like Steve Leveille, Jordan Rich, and Dan Rea.