I do hope you took some time to watch some, if not all of the debate among the Republican candidates for President because it was the best yet….by far.  I’m still not sure why the Reagan Library let those mutant lefties in the building :-) but somebody had to ask the questions and…..(write this down)….”it is what it is.”

     I’ll let the real experts dissect the critical nuances of the debate, particularly the debate between Romney and Perry, because right now, lets face it, those two are the only ones with a chance in Hell of getting the nomination.   If you insist, the Texas gun-slinger was good but the Massachusetts businessman was better, and I think one-upped Perry on almost every issue.  Huntsman is done, Bachman is an air-head, Santorum is a hot-head, Paul should be reading bed-time stories to his grand kids, and Cain is a nice, bright, conservative pizza executive.

     Back to my original comment (at the top of the page):  The smartest, best debater in the room was Newt Gingrich…..by miles.     No, he hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting the nomination, but as I’ve said repeatedly in my blogging rants, Newt has forgotten more about what makes this world go ’round than all the others on the stage ever knew.    He gets it.    He’s a brilliant historian, he’s a phenomenal debater (would love to see him one-on-one with BHO) and the part I loved the most last night was when he spanked…..yes absolutely spanked Politico’s John Harris.   Newt hit Harris with so many “rights” (sitting next to NBC lefty Brian Williams) Harris must have been begging for a “left.”   Google it…..it’s brilliant.

     I do hope Newt is able to hang-in there for a while, if for no other reason, to keep the media types on their toes.   God forbid any of us should be left alone in a room with the likes of MSNBC’s loonies Maddow, Matthews, Sharpton, O’Donnell and Shultz.