Hang in there gamblers….it appears the (corrupt) Commonwealth is going to give you what you’ve been waiting for…….for a long time.    Yes…Casinos are coming……a new and fresh opportunity for you to be separated  from your money and of course a new way for a dying organized crime syndicate to corrupt some new and fertile ground……right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   It’s virgin territory for the Casino industry.   No longer will you folks have to drive an hour or more to be ripped off, such as in Connecticut.  You’ll have three, maybe four places right here in good ole Massachusetts where you can go, plunk down your money, drink some free booze, maybe smoke some cigarettes and then go home and try to figure out where you’ll find the money to pay the rent.

     Within a week or two, the Former Speaker of the House….Sal DeMasi will be sentenced to prison.    He’s the third House Speaker in a row to be convicted of a felony…..which doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to just how corrupt our Commonwealth really is….and here we are, on Beacon Hill as we speak, allowing major gambling interests to roam and halls and grease the palms of our legislators to get an edge on approving the total debauchery of the casino world into our front yards.   Who’s pushing for the casinos?   This won’t come as a total surprise…..the current Speaker of the House!!!!   The President of the Senate…..and of course the most recent back-slider…Governor Deval Patrick who caved like a sand castle at high tide from his previous opposition to Casinos.    What do ya think……is it possible  the $1.14 million that lobbyists have dropped on our political leaders in the past 6 months…may have something to do with it?    Do ya think?

     It’s a slippery slope kids, evidence is mounting every day it won’t create the windfall even the optimists are predicting and as my counterpart Jonathan Keller recently queried….”what if it doesn’t work?” (check out Keller At Large) This is a bad idea!!!!