GREENFIELD, Mass. (AP) — When a Greenfield family reported that their 24-foot diameter, above ground swimming pool had been stolen, police knew exactly where to look for it.

The Recorder reports that officers went to a scrap metal company where workers said some men had come in to sell a metal frame pool that matched the description of the one reported stolen.

Police arrested 49-year-old Henry Stefanowich of Chicopee and charged him with larceny and trespassing.

He pleaded not guilty Tuesday and was released on $500 bail.

The 52-inch deep pool, with only a few inches of water in it, was stolen Monday in a 3 1/2 -hour window when everyone in the family was at work.

Stefanowich told police he had permission to take the pool, but the family denies that.

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  1. It’s amazing how much Matt Drudge loves his metal theft stories

    It’s a bit surprising the pool wasn’t made from copper….bit out of character for Mr. Drudge

    1. waycoolsnoopy says:

      Drudge’s seemingly interest in metal theft is not about the actual theft(s) but more that it is a reflection or symptom of a dismal economy that is going to get exponentially worse. it is also a sign of the largely unreported inflation as scap and commodities prices continue to skyrocket-a tell-tale sign of a weak dollar.

      This is what happens when you ship all your manufacturing to China, Mexico, and others while you keep your borders wide-open for a deluge of illiterate and prolific serfs.

      1. AeroJack7 says:

        Typical liberal…making excuses for bad behavior. You just forgot to blame Bush.

    2. frankiec says:

      The Cryptojournalist:

      You don’t get it, do you?


    3. Mike says:

      Pithy comments and no substance…in character for a lib moron.

      1. Mike says:

        Could have saved typing. Lib and moron are the same thing.

    4. Mike says:

      Welcome to obama America.

  2. RightinDallas says:

    Drudge is doing us all a favor by showing the sheer idiocy of these fools stealing cables from Cell towers to sell for 4.50/lb? and 12 ac units from a church wtheck? Desperate, dangerous, and stupid…

  3. stan says:

    Drudge and other sites also use Metal Thieves as an analogy to our current political class, mainly but not exclusively Democrats, practice of looting our nations wealth to channel it towards their own narrow interests that keep them in power.

  4. Patrick W. says:

    Liberals hate being exposed by Drudge!!! They would gladly censor him.

  5. JK says:

    You ever hear of dengue fever, west nile virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Arboviral Encephilitides… I said…give the man a medal

    Can’t wait for the next names you are going to call me…LOL.

    Karma? Ha, what other hocus pocus do you believe in?

    I am starting a blog to raise money for the defense of Mr. Stefanowich.

    Please email me with any contributions as I am sure many people feel teh way I do.

  6. Trisha Doherty says:

    I really really enjoy the stories in which the copper thieves DIE because they tried to steal energized wiring. it’s like a double bonus..chlorine for the gene pool, and one less obama voter.

    1. Beatdude says:

      I doubt very seriously that Mr. Henry “STEFANOWICH” voted for President Obama! Seriously?!

  7. joe truth says:


    Using Obamamath, every $1 that these thieves get for the metal puts $3 back into the economy, much the same as every dollar paid in foodstamps puts $1.84 into the economy.

    I will find a failing fourth grader to blow their theory all to heck……

  8. Tired of TROLLS says:

    A pool with three inches in it will not be a breeding ground for malaria you pathetic neo lib fool.

    1. Zeoph says:

      uhhh yea it will be enough water to harbor mosquitos who in turn carry malaria. You do not need much water at all to have them lay there eggs

      1. Lou says:

        WOW, are you saying that he`s justified in taking it because it was a health hazzard??? Does he work for the Dept. Of Health and Wellfare in his spare time???

      2. Matman says:

        NO….but very close….he’s one of those Czars appointed by the Anointed One…..and trust me this guy is probably being paid mega bucks to carry out such an important mission….

        Journalism sucks!

  9. andrew says:

    JK stands for just kidding grandpa. just stick to reading the drudge headlines and believing in your magical creator.

  10. seenbetterdaze says:

    Too bad they did not wire the pool to electricity while they are at work…give the BUM/THIEF a nice little shock! The more this goes on… people will start to fight back…and probably be arrested for protecting their ACs and other stuff the ENTITLEment BUMS want to steal. People wonder why our country is going downhill? Psychopaths!

  11. really? says:

    So they guy who stole the pool was a liberal, and Drudge is a hero for forwarding this article to the rest of us…meh.

    1. oudbob says:

      Why do you think Democrats want prisoners to vote?>

  12. Mike Alright says:

    The US is wonderful today. Thank you baby-boomers for turning a great and free country into a nanny-state joke. the Me generation runs this country now. Prepare to lose all of your freedoms.

  13. cointoss says:

    I love how all you stupid Drudge readers see everything as black versus white, Democrat versus Republican, liberal versus conservative. Apparently you can’t think for yourselves. That’s sad.

    1. Juan says:

      You stupid Drudge readers blah blah blah. You really are a pathetic little worm .

    2. Eden says:

      What about seeing Drudge readers in black and white?

  14. Matman says:

    Ok…Ok…Ok…here’s what really happened…..this guy was one of those new Czars appointed by the Anointed One…his mission…er job is to confiscate all the potential malaria breeding pools and recycle them to save the environment…end of story….nothing to see here..move along….

    1. Matman says:

      Journalism has been sucking for a long time now……..

  15. Matman says:

    OK…OK…Ok….here’s the last real story…….he took the pool down because he knew there was an earthquake coming and he wanted to save the state from a massive tsunami….end of story…nothing to see here…move along….

    and Yes….Journalism still sucks!

  16. Matman says:

    …..and I seriously doubt the pool looked like the file photo accompanying this wonderfully written article…..

    Don’t you just love modern day Journalism?

  17. Delroy says:

    Must not have been any ‘flash mobs’ in Boston that day…

  18. Anne David says:

    Henry didn’t vote for Obama, nor is he a liberal. He is a convicted felon. He did time in Rhode Island and Connecticut for taking peoples money for patio jobs and then not doing the job. He also scammed a lot of people in North Carolina, doing the same exact things. Then he was arrested for taking a machetti and threatening his ex wifes new boyfriend. The guy is a pychopath…. more aligned with the republican party, if anything.

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