BOSTON (CBS) – The MBTA’s money problems are well documented, and just recently, the agency started selling T merchandise to raise a little extra cash.

Sean in Braintree Declared His Curiosity to WBZ-TV:

“I’m curious if anyone has purchased any of it?”

WardMaps is the official merchandise developer for the MBTA.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports

They sell the gifts at and the T gets royalties.

The best selling items so far have been the magnets, the mugs, the t-shirts and the vintage signs, and they’ve sold quite a bit.

Since MBTA Gifts was announced on June 1st, they’ve done $45,000 in gross sales.

The T will get about $6,000 or $7,000 of that. MBTA General Manager Richard Davey says this year the T is taking 10-percent of the profits, and next year they will get 12-percent.

It also gets half of all vintage sign sales.

The T is looking at $160 million budget deficit, which is 10-percent on 106 million pairs of flip flops.

David Wade

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  1. Gabriel Jude Abbott says:

    I am a big fan when it comes to public transportation in Boston I was just in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Gift shop about 2 weeks ago in Porter Square with my mom and I purchased a messenger bag for almost $40.00 and they sell just about everything about the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail. It is a small shop located at 1735 Massachusetts Avenue about a 5- 10 minute walk from the Porter Square Red Line stop and commuter Rail Station. to get more information visit or mbta, com and go to Fares and Gifts and click on gifts

  2. Bill says:

    actually — there stuff is really cool — and I totally want a Lechmere sign now. Maybe for Christmas.