By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Do recycling companies really recycle?  Where does it all go and how do we know it gets done? – Richard, Everett

Yes, they do recycle all that stuff.

David Wade did a story about just that concerning the city of Boston.  In that case it goes to a recycling center in Charlestown where it’s sorted, crushed and sold.

But that’s just one city.  So why do I say the recycling that’s picked up curbside goes to recycling centers?  Because it’s cheaper to recycle.  If they took all that paper, plastic, metal and glass to a dump they would have to pay more to get rid of it.  The math wouldn’t work.  It’s cheaper because the company that takes the recyclables doesn’t earn all its’ money on the hauling.  It also profits from selling the materials.  That doesn’t happen if you put it in a dump.

That’s one of the reasons some cities and towns go with a “pay as you throw” policy….to encourage recycling, which is cheaper for the community.  You pay to get rid of trash, but not to get rid of recyclables.

How about you?  Are you a recycler?  Do you recycle as much as you can, or is there more you could do?