By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

WEST STEWARTSTOWN, NH (CBS) –  The father of a missing 11-year-old girl is speaking out in hopes she will hear his message.

Celina Cass was last seen Monday night in her bedroom.

Adam Laro says he misses his daughter Celina terribly. He calls the day she was born was the best day of his life.

“It’s the most precious thing that any man could enjoy, holding your child in your arms,” he told WBZ-TV Sunday.

He remains hopeful he’ll hold her once again.

Laro was hospitalized in a medically-induced coma when Celina went missing. He woke up Tuesday and heard the terrible news on TV.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

Since then, he’s watched as crews search the land and water, looking for his little girl. Sunday, he held his breath as dive teams scoured the bottom of a pond.

“It’s scary, especially when you see people diving, looking for bodies. You say please don’t find her.”

Laro says he believes his daughter is alive even as day after day passes with no sign of her.

Asked if he believes Celina was abducted, Laro said, “That I don’t know. It’s a hard question. It seems probable.”

Celina’s friends and family hold nightly vigils, lighting candles, leaning on each other for comfort. Her father wonders if she knows just how much she’s missed. He wants to make sure he tells Celina this.

“Daddy loves you very much and would do anything to get her back, anything. I’d give my life for my daughter,” he said.