Adolfo was out around Fenway to talk to fan about the Red Sox game. He started off talking to a guy named Tyler, but sometimes the star of these recaps isn’t the person Adolfo starts off talking to. This lady just comes out of nowhere and was so excited because she thought she was going to get on television. She asked Adolfo where the camera was because she was ready to show off some dance skills. This lady was ready party and she wanted Adolfo to help her paint the town red. Earlier this week we talked to Blash and now we got this woman, great week for Drunken Red Sox Recaps.

Comments (3)
  1. AJ D says:

    the link doesn’t work

  2. Matthew Jensen says:

    dis link is jacked up

  3. Mike says:

    If you go to Hour 3 of today and go to the 34 minute mark, you can hear it.

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