PORTSMOUTH, N.H.  (CBS) – He nearly died serving our country, and now a Peabody Army veteran is back in a hospital bed after an attack outside a bar.

Steven Bohn is a war hero who earned a Purple Heart for his sacrifice in Afghanistan, but he never expected to face a danger here at home.

He received the Purple Heart as a member of the 101st Airborne after a suicide bomber hit his base in Afghanistan in 2008.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports

Now he’s recovering from another attack he didn’t anticipate. A friend invited Bohn to a birthday party at The Page Restaurant sports bar in Portsmouth, N.H. Saturday night.

“We were in the club for maybe an hour and a half two hours,” Bohn says.  “People were getting out-of-hand drunk.  I left, went outside, smoked a cigarette, went to turn around to go back in, got punched in the back of the head.”

Bohn says he recalls very little about what happened because he was struck in the back of the head, but police describe an ugly incident.

“The off-duty cop who was the only one to help me when I was unconscious said there were probably 4 people kicking me,” explains Bohn.

Police say Bohn and Daniel May got into some kind of dispute in the bar.  They’ve charged May and another man, Paul Hayes, with assault, and are asking anyone who was in the area and witnessed the assault to come forward.

In the meantime, Bohn says, the attack aggravated some old injuries.

“They ruptured my bladder by stepping on me and kicking me,” he says.

He adds that he assumes his assailants don’t care about his service, and he’s choosing to focus once again on recovering.

Earlier this year, Bohn testified before Congress about the hurdles wounded servicemen face.  He is currently recovering from the attack in a local hospital.

The owner of the sports bar declined comment.

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  1. donny says:

    Thanks for your service Mr. Bohn, but life experience tells me there’s more to this story than a sucker punch to the back of your head… and there’s never any excuse for people kicking another human being when they’re both outnumbered and down on the ground. Pathetic…

  2. army ranger aunt says:

    well let’s just send the perps to parris island and let them be the moving targets for live target practice or they get involved with quality control for airborne parachutes. hope the bar’s license is under review and they face being shutdown. probably not their first violation. hope the social host law applies in the granite state, and a stand-up attorney helps mr bohn seek damages.

  3. Italo says:

    Growing up in the 1960s and ’70s, New Hampshire always seemed like the country, a place where life and leisure took things a little more slowly, and peacefully. Why all these stories lately in the news that make residents of New Hampshire sound like turned-away audience members of the Jerry Springer Show?!?

    1. justsayin' says:

      don’t let the face of NH fool you. Country feel or not it can be just as dangerous as any big city. There are ignorant people every where. Just because a place seems peaceful it may be the worse for violence and intolerance. I grew up in Maine and saw a heck of a lot more there then in MA. So no NH is not a peaceful countryside any more then downtown Boston is.

  4. Ugh says:

    Violence at a sports bar? No way!

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