BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Menino is threatening to end the city of Boston’s participation in a federal illegal immigration crackdown program called Secure Communities.

The program requires police to run a fingerprint check through an immigration base for anyone arrested for a crime. If the person turns out to be an illegal immigrant, they face deportation.

The mayor says he will pull the Boston’s participation unless it’s specified that the program only deports those arrested for major crimes.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

“I don’t want my city to be a city where if you’re an immigrant, you’re afraid to be deported to another country for simple acts,” said Mayor Menino. “This is supposed to be on issues like homicides, major crimes, and they were taking this too far. A guy stole a car, they do the finger prints to watch him and have the person deported. That’s not the Boston I want. I want Boston to be a city that welcomes immigrants.”

On Monday, Police Commissioner Ed Davis headed to Washington, DC to deliver the message to the federal government.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

“We have a very strong message… and hope for immediate change,” Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens.

As it stands under the program, a person arrested for a minor crime can be deported.

The mayor and police commissioner both say the program has caused a breakdown of relations between residents and police in immigrant communities.

“We need to be a police department that’s a full-service department. We can’t have a segment of the community afraid to call us,” said Davis.


Chuck Jackson, a Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), released a statement on behalf of the ICE:

“ICE will respond directly to any correspondence from Massachusetts officials.”

“As part of the Obama administration’s continued commitment to smart, effective immigration enforcement, ICE last month announced key improvements to the Secure Communities program, including the creation of a new advisory committee that will advise the Director of ICE on ways to improve Secure Communities, including making recommendations on how to best focus on individuals who pose a true public safety or national security threat. The committee’s first report will be delivered to the Director within 45 days of its creation and will consider whether and how to implement policies in cases of individuals charged with, but not convicted of, minor traffic offenses who have no other criminal history or egregious immigration violations. ICE seeks to enforce our nation’s immigration law in a smart and effective manner that best promotes public safety, border security, and the integrity of the immigration system. This includes the identification and removal of criminals and individuals who game the immigration system, illegally re-enter the country after being removed – a federal felony, and immigration fugitives.”

Meanwhile, officials with the Massachusetts Citizens for Immigration Reform (MCIR) released their own statement about Mayor Menino’s decision:

“It’s disappointing that the Mayor ignores both the safety of the city’s residents and the nation’s laws by ending involvement in ‘Secure Communities’. After a July 4th weekend in Boston marked by a rise in murders and assaults primarily in neighborhoods where many immigrants, both legal and illegal, live it’s clear that more law enforcement, not less, is needed to ensure public safety.

By taking this action the mayor is more responsive to special interest open border groups than in doing what is best for the City of Boston.”


An 18-year-0ld girl from Everett has seen first hand the impact of Secure Communities program.

Lizandra DeMoura has lived in the United States since she was 5 years old. She didn’t know she was an illegal immigrant until she was in high school, and wanted to get her driver’s license. That’s when her mother told her she was living here illegally.

Now, Lizandra is facing deportation back to Brazil after being caught running through a stop sign in Boston.

In most communities, she would have been arrested and released. But because she was caught in Boston, which is part of the Federal Secure Communities Program, Lizandra’s fingerprints were sent to Immigration officials. She was detained overnight into Monday.

“I stayed overnight in jail. Immigration took me, they put a bunch of chains on by body,” she says.

Lizandra believes the federal program should focus on illegal immigrants who are dangerous to the community. She says she just wishes her parents had brought her here legally.

She is afraid of being forced to move back to Brazil.

“I don’t even know how to speak Portugese. I don’t know anything about Brazil. I’m just very terrified,” Lizandra says.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

Comments (61)
  1. Joan Hogan says:

    Mayor Menino Has lost It Completely. Illegal Persons Living In The City of Boston
    Should not be tolerated, furthermore, they might be arrested for Minor Crimes,
    And Possibly They Could have Committed A Major Crime ( s) , although not
    known to the Authorities, How Can you Know , If They use Aliases. ?

    1. mike says:

      UNBELEVABLE.. They are ILLEGAL, Mumbles… get with it! And How can he “refuse to cooperate with a FEDEAL LAW?

    2. BK says:

      When I was younger I married a foreigner who was illegally here. He told me and I married him anyhow because he was honest to me and we planned to make things right after a year so immigration would know we married for love. We had a son in that year and while my husband was on his way to visit his relatives in Florida, he was picked up by immigration, jailed pending a trial or hearing which took several months. We started papers for him to stay, but he was denied the right to stay even though we had a son and we were married. He was deported and when he got to his country he was inducted into his army. It took almost 3 years for him to get back while we made his legal papers. My son and I suffered a lot financially and so did my family who had to share the burden of helping us. I had to move back and forth between them to ease the burden placed on them by my country not letting him stay from the beginning as they should have. We did all the right things! we and suffered for 3 years. Even though we loved each other from the beginning, those 3 years put a strain on our marriage and we ended up divorcing after 10 years and 3 children. We did all the right things, but now immigration allows illegals to just walk right in and blatantly sit down and say here I am, I deserve to be here? No you don’t. You must go through the same legal channels I/we did!!!! or get deported like my husband did.

  2. dms says:

    Being in this country illegally is a crime in itself. You get caught and you’re out.

    1. Jackie says:

      I totally agree…. illegal is definitely ILLEGAL… Any crime be it big or small shoiuld make them deport any who do not belong in this country.

    2. hacim obmed says:

      I totally agree. Menino is nuts. Go to any construction site in this town, half the jobs are taken by people who can’t speak a word of english. You don’t need a phd to figure out what is going on. This is while plenty of american workers are on the dole or working part time. These are people from families that have paid their taxes and have sent their sons and daughters to serve this country for generations. I feel sorry for the illegals. They just want to make a buck and get ahead. However they broke the law and that is not right. The real criminals are the contractors who exploit illegal labor to undercut the market and boost their profits. They would be importing slaves if they could get away with it. When is Menino going to stop turning a blind eye to all this? He know what is going on. Everyone knows and they say nothing. Instead Menino complains because some unlucky Illegal happens to get caught for something minor and is deported. What is the harm in this? No none with a valid right to be here is getting deported. It is the job of the police to deport as many of these folks as they can lay hands on.

    3. oleg says:

      absolutelly 200% agree

  3. Paul says:

    Menino will only deport illegal aliens if they are found to be wearing “those” Nike T-shirts that the Mayor loves so much….what a jerk. If you break the law….you pay the price. If you are here illegally….you get deported. If you are afraid to call the police because you are a crinimal…TOUGH…..LIVE WITH YOUR PROBLEM OR GET OUT.

  4. Dumbfounded says:

    I agree! How can we let these people who are here illegally have any say? They should be tossed out just for not doing the right thing and getting their citizenship – especially if they are getting in trouble!! Dont forget – we, the people of the United States, PAY for the police to have to respond to any problems in “their” neighborhood….. Disgusting.

  5. jaygee says:

    So I guess that tells all of us that the Mayor of Boston is troubled by t-shirts with messages he disagrees with but people breaking the law in a country they don’t belong is a great idea. I wonder what da mayor would do if he or a member of his family was injured or killed by an unlicensed, uninsured and unregistered vehicle driven by someone who fits this category? Anyone want to guess what this inarticulate nitwit would do?

  6. Mark says:

    Mumbles has mumbled. What a loser! But Bostonians keep reelecting the fool.

  7. Denise says:

    well they want them to be able to vote – they already get benefits they by all means should not get because they don’t contribute to the system! They are just a draw on it… we’re becoming a 3rd world country! HELP…. We can’t go to any of their countries w/o getting certain immunizations and if we got caught doing something “illegal” do you think we’ld get treated w/ kid gloves… Who wants to spend time in a mexican jail!!! not the mexicans – that’s why they come here to break the law – we give them a nice jail w/ 3 meals a day and medical… they come here just to get healthy! What a life!

  8. rob says:

    OL so an illegal immigrant is arrested for a motor vehicle violation and she is found to be driving without a liscence and WBZ does a story about how terrible it is that she might be deported. She absolutely should be deported as she shouldn’t be here in the 1st place and now she has broken multiple laws! The mayor and the police commissioner don’t want to follow our immigration laws and let these lawbreakers stay here? They should lose their jobs. What is going on in this country?

    1. Lori says:

      Rob, While I whole heartedly agree that any illegals that are arrested (not matter WHAT the crime) should be deported… I DO feel bad for this girl. She only found out recently that she was illegal. It was her PARENTS who brought her here as a young child.

  9. Alan says:

    So Mumbles thinks stealing a car is a minor crime? Wake up people why do you keep electing this idiot.

  10. IronManCC says:

    Illegal is ILLEGAL! They are NOT immigrants, they are INVADERS! It’s pretty bad when the folks elected to office no longer serve the voters while upholding the State & Federal Constitutions & laws; but, rather, seem to pander to those who are not even citizens and actually assist them in breaking the laws and invading this Country….. :-(

  11. emom says:

    How do we manage to get so many illegals, BUT yet they manage to gain employement, WHAT THE HECK GIVES….. Does mumbles have an illegal uncle or something…. or has a neice come over to visit and ended up staying… I have lost total respect for him and why do we keep re-electing him just like we keep re-electing the other clown…. politicians they are all the same wasters of our time and MONEY….Total nitwits….

    1. Bob says:

      The reason we have so many and the numbers will increase is because some States have amakened and are taking action so Illegals will flee towards the Northeast and California where they know they won’t be touched and can live comfortable in a sanctuary city.

    2. lhs says:

      Hey did u know anybody could cross mexico border and wait for a patrol to pick them up. The only thing they would get is a court notice and they would be released. So for a long time it was easy like that.

  12. Kate says:

    Immigration does not exacerbate unemployment…Immigrants not only take jobs, but also create them. Their purchases increase the demand for labor, leading to new hires roughly equal in number to the immigrant workers. Immigrants are seen as people that are willing to do jobs that Americans are unwilling to do, and therefore are necessary for a better economy of this country. Even if you agree or not the reality is this is a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!! many families will be torn apart as a result of a poorly created program that will not resolve the problem of illegal immigration, but will generate an unsafe community. There are millions of families in United States made up of both legal and illegal residents who are trying to stay together despite being separated by immigration laws that they may have violated at some point.
    The program should be prioritizing enforcement actions involving criminal aliens only.

    1. gregeortiz says:

      u seem to think that illegal’s will do jobs we won’t, how about new bedford? when the illegal’s were taken into custody their was a line down the block filled with american’s trying to get those jobs. and we are a nation of, dare i say it LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!!!

    2. Foggylong says:

      You live in a bubble. However you are right about the nation made up of immigrants BUT when my distant relative arrived here they paid the fees to become a citizen- they did it legally. Have you ever bothered to talk to illegal aliens? We have people from china coming over here to have babies in illegal birth houses who then become anchor babies. I have talked and fraternized with several hispanic illegals from Mexico who have been approved of green card status but don’t WANT the green card because they don’t want to pay the money that is involved in obtaining it. WHY should they? they can live comfortably without paying. These same people have full time FACTORY jobs neither has a SSN and both use aliases. One of these people just had an anchor baby and with that anchor baby the perks began. They qualified for fuel assistance, Mass health, and Daycare assistance. This same person also goes to food banks to get food and shops at thrift stores for clothes. All the while sending money to mexico to build their 4 bedroom beautiful house. This person has been in TWO accidents while driving without a license or insurance. Both times while in court ALL the officers could do was to warn him not to be driving and the judge gave him a 200$ fine. So when you say that these people are harmless to us you are wrong. Another illegal I know had an anchor baby who is no longer living in this country- the little boy is back in Mexico, while his father is here working TWO full time jobs and sending money back to Mexico. He sells his sons SSN (charges $500) to someone so they can have that extra person on there tax returns. You are naive. These people know the laws and know how to stay under the radar. I am not against immigration but I DO feel if you want to immigrate here you need to do it legally and abide by our laws and give this country the respect it deserves!

      1. BK says:

        This is so hard to get across to the dumb, ignorant people out there who can’t understand that we are being overtaken by illegal aliens and used to the hilt. I too knew a Puerto Rican woman who had a $50,000 a year job and got food stamps at the welfare office because the worker was spanish. She is legally here, but still a cheater and user.

    3. Steve says:

      We’re not talking about immigrants. I, and I’m sure most here, have no problem with immigrants. We have a problem with ILLEGAL immigrants. While not being here legally it means they are not paying any taxes, and using up welfare that true American citizens need. There are plenty of people that go through the difficult process to become a US citizen. If you don’t want to take the time to do this I have no sympathy for you. People that came to this country, the ones you’re referring to, made it a priorty to learn the language and get a job to contribute to this nation. If you are here illegally you are braking the law. I have no time or money to waste on someone that brakes the law. Let a lone someone that brakes the law by entering this country illegally and then proceeds to brake other laws.

    4. Mark says:

      “The program should be prioritizing enforcement actions involving criminal aliens only.” Which is all ILLEGAL immigrants. Some poor girl in Virginia was killed by someone who was here illegally and couldnt read a stop sign. This poses a bigger problem than them getting jobs. I also think its not fair for all the legal immigrants to go through the system which I hear is very time consuming while other people cut the line to get the same benefits and privileges.that all legal citizens worked hard to get.

    5. Lori says:

      ALL illegal aliens ARE criminals just by statute, by our laws. If we are not going to enforce these laws then why enforce any at all?

    6. Honest John says:

      Immigrants take many jobs that are not even advertised because contractors have a lock on certain industries and labor pools! Parking Attendants are surprisingly all from East Africa? Maid Service in Office building all Hispanic? Home Health Aid is almost always an African or Caribbean woman. IT programmer or Analyst Indian contractors. Construction Latin American men.

      These are all good jobs that pay well and are nearly all staffed by a certain immigrant population. And yes more often than not illegal residents! Fake ID, contract labor houses and under the radar yet right in front our face daily.

      Get a grip if they want to come to American and stay together do it by the book.
      they country was built on immigrants, legal immigrants and they were given basic nothing but residency. Today immigrants are working the system and i draw the line at crime. Break the law and expect to be sent home never to come back again EVER.

  13. Linda says:

    Her parents can go with her, they should be able to speak the language, obviously they are illegal also.

  14. alan says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,
    Though I live in the suburbs I’ve liked and respected you for many years, but you’ve lost it, sir. Illegal is illegal, it’s time for you to move on.

  15. gregeortiz says:

    the young lady admitted she has known since she applied for a drivers license/permit that she is here illegally. so she has known that she is not an american for at least 3 years. i feel no sympathy for someone who knows their status and yet chooses to remain. she may feel that she is an american, but she is not. and mr mayor it is because of pathetic liberal wieners like you that are destroying our country. we as americans owe nothing to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! instead of calling we who oppose you intolerant, try using the word illegal in front of immigrant

  16. emom says:

    Anyone that comes into this country and wishes to stay has to abide by the law. Visas or other papers. If we go to another country we have to have a passport to visit, if we wish to stay longer I believe we need more paper work…Some country will not let you stay with out proper papers…. Immagrants have papers , Illegals dont they just come up and hide… Look at arizona this whole country has this issue….

  17. Suzan says:

    Come on let’s face it this girl looks more American then all of you that wrote those nasty comments. She came here when she was five year old this is the Nation she knows as her own and it was not her decision to come here. How can you people have the guts to talk about her like that…. Grow up you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gongratulations to WBZ for writing the story and MAYOR MENINO for considering to quit this program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. alan says:

      NOT in any way does this young girl look MORE american than me, especially on my driver’s license. I have grown up ALL MY LIFE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!
      Yes, she is an unfortunate victim of her parents illegal immigration to this country, but she had amply time, still does, to become a citizen. In addition, if I read the story correctly, she drove illegally and may have stolen a car……GROW UP SUSAN!!!!

  18. Lauren says:

    who are any of you to decide who gets to stay on the other side of these arbitrary borders that we created? have any of you stopped and thought about where you came from? who are your great grandparents and where they were from? how was it that they were able to get “papers” as you refer to them as if it were so easy to do…as if it were a choice to be “legal” or “illegal” in this country that is suffering from an utterly broken immigration system. have you forgotten how impossible it was to come to an agreement on healthcare and you think we have cohesive, fair immigration laws? when your grandparents or great grandparents were working tirelessly to build this country after traveling and risking their lives so you may be born here and change the world for the better, the country was changing and now there is no good law. there is no opportunity for a young girl who was brought here against her will, who is contributing to society, who is going to church and not making a mess of the country like some of our own citizens. i was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents were born here. does that make me any better than my great grandparents who came here fleeing persecution from a regime that was probably put in place by past US administrations themselves? if there was not a chance for them to gain status here, where would any of you be today? read a history book or attempt to follow any of the laws governing our immigration system you ignorant, uninformed poor excuse for what it is to be called American. A land of opportunity, a land full of railroads built by immigrants, roads paved by immigrants, toilets cleaned by immigrants who pay taxes but never see a cent from social security, who live in fear but have no legal recourse to gain “papers”, who face barrier after barrier but living in the shadows is better than facing the death, violence, poverty, and hopelessness of wherever they came from. all of you making these absolutely unintelligent comments make me sick and all of your relatives that slaved themselves for you to have a better life to possibly make a better world, a more tolerant and understanding world, are probably rolling over in their graves seeing how far you have gone behind and how little you remember from where you came from, where this nation came from.

    1. Lowell says:

      The difference is that those historically came to this country for the opportunity, they learned the language and assimilated. They worked, they did everything legally and were not only responsible for themselves they were accountable and pround of that. I have no problem with illegal immigrants becomimg legal citizens if they are ready to stand in the same way the immigrants you mention did and be accountable for themsleves. We are not here to pay for uncontrolled immigration of people wh do not work and who do not pay their own way as the rest of us must.

    2. Mike says:

      The path to citizenship is available for all immigrants. Many choose not to take it.
      Those like Lauren who think that immigration now and then are the same are fools who haven’t read a history book. America was a developing nation and now is the most developed and most free nation in the world. Labor wasn’t off shored. Their was a need and an INVESTMENT into building the infrastructure of America.

      Now? The banks can’t unload enough residential infrastructure and investments in America have dwindled from inside of America.

      And Lauren, why don’t you read a history book and LOOK at CURRENT facts and compare. Pew Hispanic center says a half of million illegals enter America every day. I am very familiar with the laws of immigration and illegal entry into the country is called Illegal for a reason.

      It’s not racism its realism. No other country tolerates this.

      What proof do you have that those of us who want the border situation cleaned up are un-American? In fact, I’d argue the most American thing one can do is look out for the general welfare of the society which he or she lives in-a society in which you seem to be missing from.

    3. BK says:

      Boo Hoo! You have just described many, many Americans today living in poor conditions because of the influx of foreigners coming into this country illegally and sitting down and saying ‘it’s my right’. What right? You came here illegally you have no rights. Stay in your own country and suffer to make it a better place just as my ancestors did. They suffered and fought to make America a better place for their families. They went through wars and went through poverty and all the same things the aliens are trying to get away from and take over someone elses creations and dreams. Stay and suffer like everyone else does in the place they were born in, even the USA. There is still poverty here and we are trying to overcome it, while doing humanitarian acts for others in their own countries. Clean toilets? I would clean toilets to feed my children as would other Americans here. and the people in the spotlight here ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and the taxes they pay are as they should be doing seeing that we are paying for their schooling, and whatever else the government provides them and takes from we legal citizens. and of course they cannot get ‘papers’ they are ILLEGAL! WE in the USA faced death, violence, poverty and hopelessness and still do. These are not things which belong only to the aliens. So if you want to call someone stupid and unintelligent , go look in a mirror and see who the unintelligent person is. and as for the whiny person saying she deserves to stay here, tough, life isn’t always the way you want it to be. Just ask anyone on this page who is suffering as an American. The fault lies with her parents who came here illegally. That means ‘against the law’. You do know what law means don’t you? They face barrier after barrier because they are illegal. Also they don’t live in the shadows, they are working right out in the open in jobs my daughter who can’t find work for over a year now, needs to feed her 3 children with. They do have to get to these jobs don’t they? As for my relatives rolling over in their graves, that would be for what they see these illegal aliens are doing to America, especially the bad ones who are many…. I came from the USA and my nation came from sweat and tears something the illegal aliens apparently know nothing about!

  19. ddddd says:

    with any luck a immigrant that just got let off with a ticket kills his wife

    1. Lori says:

      Now THATS uncalled for. I am all for deporting illegal immigrants but to say something like THAT dddd is inhumane.

  20. Jenn says:

    Thank you finally someone speaks some sense into these people, i understand with the program but i dont agree with getting people w/out CRIMINAL records such as this girl. She in the first place shouldn’t be going through this, we need to stop being so SELF CENTERED and visualize in other ways.

    1. Lori says:

      Illegal is illegal.

  21. emom says:

    As for the jobs going to the immagrants, well lets see, so many AMERICANS, are in fact out of work, looking , HOWEVER… they only have a WORK VISA. Look at nursing homes, see who takes care of the patients Needs, the aides, from another country, look at your next drive thru coffee shops, gas stations, 7/11.. tell me they are all legal citizens.. No they are not, But there are plenty of americans that lost their jobs to over seas companies and to immagrants that only have a Work Visa…. NOT a true legal citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA………………

  22. Jeff says:

    How do you think the U.S. became a nation with thousands of ethnicities? Everyone came from immigrants. The Irish in Southie, the Cape Verdeans in Dorchester and Roxbury, and the Spanish in Chelsea in Revere. Mayor Menino was elected by immigrants and he should look out for their best interests.

  23. Kevin says:

    I totally agree with you Lauren!!!!!!! WE HAVE A BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM!!!!!!!

  24. Foggylong says:

    So Lauren with that logic… do you leave your house unlocked at night or do you allow anyone who wants to enter your house. Who are you to say nobody can walk in your house? What’s different with our borders? If people want to immigrate here, fine, but go through the proper channels. Pay the fees associated with it. Seriously, they are paying the “coyotes” to get them across the border illegally- why not cross legally? WHY? because it’s too easy to live here comfortably without having to pay those fees!

  25. The Facts says:

    So it’s ok with Mumbles if an ILLEGAL steals our car, drives without a license and runs thru Stop signs? That’s the Boston he wants to live in?

    I feel bad for those who will have to pay for the sins of their parents, but who’s fault is that? The American Taxpayer? I don’t think so. The parents took the risk and now they and their child will pay the consequences. Can I decide which laws I think are unfair and ignore them in Boston, Mayor?

    And Mayor, please, get a dictionary and read the definitions of immigrant and illegal. The two words have very different meanings that liberals just can’t seem to grasp or don’t want to acknowledge.

    1. BK says:

      To :The facts, you are so right and doesn’t anyone realize that they are here illegal and she illegally drove a car and ran a red light that might have killed someone in my family in which case I would be in pain because of people who apparently have no morals, since they do so many illegal things. The girl mentions the Portugese language, so, they may be from Brazil which is a richer country I think. As for violence, it is everywhere, even here.

  26. BOB says:

    He doesn’t want to bother people who come to this country illegally and commit crimes? The mayor is an idiot!!!!!!!!

  27. Paul says:

    “Lauren” claims that she only found out recently…when she tried to obtain a driver’s license. Let us ask Lauren what steps, since the time that she “found out”, has she taken to “do the right thing? Well Lauren, now you can learn Portuguese….

  28. jaygee says:

    It’s bad enough that the Mayor of Boston is harder to understand than some of the people he is defending for being here illegally but for any politician to encourage the breaking of our nation’s laws is a total disgrace. Two individuals come to America illiegally, get married, have children and then bring other family members here to live unlawfully and then we have idiots like Menino telling us that we should welcome them into our open arms. This guy is an experiment in Artificial Stupidity. Has he been to East Boston or Chelsea lately?

  29. dms says:

    If you enter this country without following the proper procedures and obtaining the required papers, you are committing a crime, and if you live here without having a proper immigration status, you’re breaking the law, and that makes you an illegal immigrant which constitutes a criminal act. The way I see it, once you have laws in place you need to enforce them. Otherwise they’re just a farce.

    These laws are in place to protect this country from people that take advantage of our social support system without fully or not at all contributing to it. Not only does the majority of the illegals not pay taxes on their income, to a large extend the money made does not flow back into our economy but is send back home to support family.

    I don’t agree with anybody here that portrays these people as viscous and violent criminals. I’m convinced that the overwhelming majority are decent people just trying to make it in life. No better or worse than our legal citizens. However, at the end it comes down to what the law defines.

    And while I do feel bad for the young girl, I don’t feel any responsibility to fix the situation without following the laws. It’s her parents and nobody else that put her into this situation. So go talk to them and don’t blame the system for operating the way it’s designed to.

    Also, comparing today’s illegal immigrants to the families that came over here in the 18th and 19th century is just plain stupid. There are absolutely no similarities and no laws were broken.

  30. Lauren says:

    Paul, I am actually fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, proficient in French and Italian and basic Quichua and I can read and write in Hebrew all the while obtaining my law degree at night. What have you done lately?

    1. Paul says:

      I am fifty years old, raised 3 college grads, been married 25years, my homes and cars are paid for, I co own a sucessful business…..and NONE of us have EVER been arrested, not even a parking ticket….and I don’t like people who break the law…..then expect the law to help them.

  31. Denise says:

    I hear all of you w/ your “illegal” vs “legal” immigrants.

    How about we step back and say – law breakers vs non law breakers. if someone was in your house taking your things – and you caught them – what would you want to happen to them? slap their poor little hands… bad bad… and be let to go on their way?

    Unfortunately this world has come down to people being afraid of doing the right thing – because they are in fear of retaliation.

    Laws were only made for those that are willing to obey them! But many of the comments we hear about just about anything controversial comes down to “well they didn’t hurt anyone”…. well to bad! if they are breaking the law or endangering someone or somethings life – I want them delt with! Why should someone be allowed to stay here in this great country when they don’t have the respect to follow the laws. If they’re here illegally – not contributing anything or anywhere – why should they benefit from any of the few perks there are to the middle class? it’s bad enough Welfare has become a way of life vs a stepping stone to get back on your feet.

    if you don’t belong here you should be more afraid to get caught doing something wrong… if you want to stay here – do the right thing – go thru the process! And those of you that don’t want them to have to – then give them your benefits you’ve been contributing to all these years… because I need mine!!!!

  32. Dave_D says:

    I’ll bet the Native Americans wished they had enforced a no-immigrant policy.

  33. Lowell says:

    Dave_d now we reach into the absurd level.

  34. tony says:

    Gee I don’t know??? Driving without a lic. no insurance–amazing

  35. Evie says:

    Lauren and all… If a parent breaks the law sadly their children are forced to live with the consequences. That is a fact of life. Who is responsible for the pain the child suffers? As much as it hurts to admit it, it’s the parent. If a person chooses to be here ILLEGALLY, they are very aware of the possible consequence of their actions, and what that might mean to them AND THEIR CHILDREN but they choose to ignore it. They might be loving, wonderful people, but they are still law breakers. For generations the children of lawbreaker have had to emotionally and physically deal with the consequences of their parent’s failures. It’s heartbreaking to see families ripped apart… but that’s one of the horrible consequences suffered by the families of lawbreakers. Are we to only obey those laws that we like? If everyone did so, you know this country and world be in even greater chaos than it already is! Why not just respect the law and your adopted country, and do what is right? Become legal and help your family to become so too. No one has said it will be easy… but this it IS attainable.

  36. Joan Hogan says:

    The Mayor also allows School Bus Monitors who can’t even speak the English Language, asd well as , persons who are not trained to deal with special needs students to get hired. A Violation Of The ADA Laws.

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