BOSTON (CBS/AP) — Whitey Bulger made a surprise return to the federal courthouse in South Boston Wednesday, the same day his temporary attorney fought to have Bulger face all charges, instead of just ones filed in 1999.

Much like in previous days, a motorcade of Federal Marshals and police pulled into the courthouse, but this time, many people seemed to have been caught off guard. Even his temporary attorney, Peter Krupp, told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens that he didn’t even know that Bulger was coming to court.

Bulger, who presumably met with Krupp, was taken back to the Plymouth Correctional Facility hours later.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

Earlier in the day, Krupp filed paperwork accusing federal prosecutors in Boston of manipulating the judicial process.

The government is attempting to dismiss one of the indictments against reputed mob boss so they can focus on a later indictment that includes charges that he participated in 19 murders.

Krupp asked in a motion filed Wednesday that both indictments against Bulger be consolidated.

The former leader of the notorious Winter Hill Gang was captured in Santa Monica, Calif., last week after 16 years on the run.

Prosecutors want to dismiss a 1994 racketeering indictment and focus solely on the 1999 charges connecting Bulger to 19 murders.

Krupp said in court documents that the government is attempting “forum shopping” to manipulate the usual process of randomly assigning judges to cases.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports.

Bulger is headed back to court in Boston again on Thursday to ask for a taxpayer-funded attorney. If Bulger gets the court-appointed attorneys, they will likely be Max Stern and Howard Cooper, who are private lawyers.The federal public defender’s office can’t represent Whitey due to a conflict of interest – they already represented one of Whitey’s co-defendants, Steven Flemmi.

By statue, court-appointed attorneys, even if they are private ones like Stern and Cooper, can’t charge more than $125 per hour, or a maximum of $9,600 per case. A Bulger defense, however, could cost millions of dollars, and it’s up to the judge whether he wants to reimburse the attorneys for that presumed cost.

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  1. alleydweller says:

    You have to wonder what the government does NOT want potentially to come out during a trial on the racketeering indictment.

  2. Italo says:

    It seems obvious to me that the U.S. government knew where Bulger was, and for how long, and that probably he had been in planned negotiations with them for some time as to when/how he would agree “to be found out by the latest TV bulletin,” based on the information or assistance that the government could anticipate receiving from him on racketeering activities in exchange for sentencing leniency for him and, perhaps, also his girlfriend. I wish this guy would go away but, in the meantime, what a summer this has been for Boston, between the legendary Bruins Stanley Cup win, the continuing legendary “banned in Boston” mentality efforts of the city’s mayor, and the “capture” of the town’s most elusive and legendary living criminal fugitive.

  3. Got Ideas says:

    We don’t believe the leaders in the Catholic Church, we don’t believe the FBI, and soon we won’t believe in the judicial system.
    Government has been dealing with the devil for 25 years and the corruption is an outrage.
    As bad as Whitey Bulger is, a sociopath with a warped mind, obviously lacking a conscience, our government officials who have aided and abetted the criminal acts by making these deals deserve to be exposed, prosecuted and if necessary, convicted.

    The involvement of the FBI in the preparation of the Bulger court case is revolting. Who is protecting whom? The process already smells bad and it’s less than a week old.

  4. williejoe says:

    I smell another move deal in the making. This guy’s a hero in his hometown & elsewhere.

  5. Andrew Manley says:

    Fugitive Whitey Bulger,alleged underworld figure, returned to the place he fits in so well; Massachusetts……bastion of left-wing Liberal politics.
    To paraphrase what Will Rogers said about federal politicians in the 1920’s: so far as criminal behavior goes, he’s a pure amateur compared to the boys down in D.C.
    Political terrorists, each one, those known by the label ” Liberal ” who, with malice aforethought and against the expressed desires of the very persons who elected them, imposed upon us Obamacare, multi-trillion dollar deficits and confiscatory taxation as far into the future as you can think; a pox on both their Houses!

  6. Scott Antonio says:

    wait ….now the taxpayers have to fund his trial??? what happened to the $800 K that they found on him??

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