FALL RIVER (CBS) — A woman’s body was found floating in a public swimming pool in Fall River Tuesday night after a few days in the water, according to police.

Marie Joseph was last seen by the Veteran’s Memorial swimming pool in Fall River on Sunday. Investigators said the 36-year-old Joseph went down a slide with a 9-year-old boy.

“Marie unexpectedly slid down the slide, landing on top of (the boy). He further stated he believed Marie went under the water and did not surface,” said Chief Daniel Racine of the Fall River Police Department.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

“We’re not certain about anything other than the fact that we have a death and that this person was at the pool, and what took place with respect to the slide. Everything beyond that is absolutely under investigation,” said Samuel Sutter, the Bristol District Attorney.

Marie Jospeh's body was found on Tuesday night after a few days in the pool.

On Sunday night, an employee discovered clothing, a cell phone and a license near the Lafayette Park Pool on Eastern Avenue. The employee then called police, who went to the address to find nobody home.

The pool was open to the public Monday and Tuesday with lifeguards, but no one saw the body under 12 feet of water.

In response to the discovery of the body, the Department of Conservation closed all 30 of the DCR’s deepwater pools while officials conduct a “full review of each facility’s safety and operation procedures over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Officials also placed the entire staff at the Fall River pool on administrative leave.

Recreation Commissioner Edward M. Lambert, Jr. released a statement about Joseph’s death:

“On behalf of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marie Joseph… We will continue to cooperate fully with local and state law enforcement during their ongoing investigation.”

Police said that Joseph was not reported missing and they are investigating how her body went unnoticed in the pool for so long. They do not believe the cause of  her death is suspicious.

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  1. kathy says:

    I agree this makes no sense!!How could no 1 notice a body at the bottom of a pool?How did the 9 year old boy come up but not her?If anything it makes more sense for the 9 year old boy to drown!But if u figure out that something that you said now was wrong then you can email me!But thank you verry much for the informaion!

    1. McKenna says:

      i agree with you on this! My friend at church was talking to me about this and I was dumbfounded on how they couldn’t see a dead body at the bottom especially with all of the children swimming and looking under with goggles on. I’m astonished also by how the HEALTH OFFICALS were too blind to even see the dayum body at the bottom of the pool. They tested the water and said it was fine. They’re stupid not to actually look. I can NOT believe the child didn’t report her missing! I’m astonished by how the only reason they knew she was even there was when she freaking rose up to the top of the water! gawwsh

      1. kenz says:

        I was reading another article on this and it said that the boy tried to tell several lifeguards that she didn’t come back up, but that they just ignored him, so I don’t really think much blame should be put on him.

  2. Ann says:

    I do not undrstand how no-one swimming in he pool didn’t notice a dead body at the bottom. What gets me is that the employees at the pool site did not notice that something was not right. I thought that the pools are supposedto be taken care of after the pools are down for the night.

    1. Traci says:

      That statement is not ebonics. It is a double negative. You FAIL.

    2. Sam Filson says:

      @ Traci – I understand the basic construct of Ebonics. Do you understand what a euphemism is, stupid?

  3. Tom Cookson says:

    Take a look at the photo of the pool! The water is ridiculously mirky. I have cared for pools most of my life, that water is horrible. You should be able to see the bottom, easily. It sure looks like the pool water made it so no one could see her at the bottom and apparently no one looked.

    1. Dirk says:

      I used to manage a pool (back in college days). We had the drain in the deep end painted black, and if we couldn’t see the drain we had to close the pool.
      In fact, if it rained too hard, and the surface of the water becomes agitated, that is enough to obscure the drain and close the pool.
      Who cleans the pool and how often do they do that?
      Disgusting water.

  4. Kim says:

    I’m sorry, I am not buying this story. Something is not right. Looking at the picture of the pool, there is no way a body could be down there for 2 days unnoticed. There is something fishy (no pun inteneded). I think the authorities need to investigate further as nothing in this current story is believable or realistic.

  5. jack says:

    this all start with the Gov. an staff reducton
    pool staff needs more time to train

  6. Rm says:

    I’ve worked at a 12 foot pool for years and could defiantly see this happening. The picture of the pool shows the water is very cloudy and mirky, the black lines on the bottom of the pool would be brighter had the pool been clear. I have had to close the 12 feet of my pool several times because it was so cloudy. As soon as someone jumped in they would disappear, that’s how cloudy it can get. There could be 10 pol lying at the bottom of the pool and you wouldn’t see anything. It makes sense. She probably went down the slide and hit her head then went down to the bottom and drowned. A body can take a couple of days before rising to the top of the water causing it to float.

    1. Sam Filson says:

      You can state your opinion without being so defiant, can’t you? Nobody is challenging you, not even your inability to spell ‘murky’…

      1. GMB says:

        Who are you, the grammar police?

        Actually, Rm’s points are well-thought-out and well-made.

        I didn’t notice a defiant attitude. That’s called projection in psychology.

      2. Jason says:

        It is amusing to read these comments, and what really cracks me up is how gwb is accusing you of projecting defiance. These products of the public school system are definitely incapable of basic reading comprehension.

      3. Sam Filson says:

        @ GMB – You’re pretty stupid, aren’t you? ‘Rm’ cannot spell the relatively simple ‘definitely’, and I made a light joke about it.

        Yet you see it as an yet another opportunity to brag about what you learned in 5th grade Psychology.

        That’s called ‘normal’ for pretentious, arrogant, imbecilic liberal twerps…

      4. Sam Filson says:

        @ GMB – Did I mention how unbearably stupid you are? Oh yes, I did… You dimwit…

  7. Mindy Perkins Weymouth says:

    Looks pretty murky from the pictures. Can’t even see the lines on the bottom of the more shallow end.

    Looks like a pool maintenance issue, primarily. They didn’t say the boy knew her, so guess she was there alone and her disappearance
    went unreported.

  8. Mark says:

    as a police officer in Hawaii, I believe that if the water was cloudy as a public swim pool, how could it be open? Sounds fishy? Why didn’t the 9 year old report that she didn’t come back up?

    1. ellie says:

      I have to wonder, did the the 9 year old say sometihng that went unnoticed by the life guards? or did the child say nothing? What about when he got home? Wouldn’t you think that the parents would question the child when he came home by himself? In a different story, by another news channel, it states she was the child’s chaperone, but it doesn’t state that here, don’t know which is true…either way, did the boy saysomething about the woman not coming back up, When the employee found the belongings and called police, why wasn’t the pool and area searched thoroughly when after the police went to the home listed on the id, showed she wasn’t home.?

      1. MomOfFive says:

        I have read several accounts of this story. In one, the nine-year-old alleges that he told lifeguards the woman went down at the same time as him, and did not come back up. The article went on to say that lifeguards did nothing, upon notification, and that the boy tried to pull her out, but she was “slippery”.

        Okay…for a moment, I will go with what has been stated: The woman went to the public pool with friends (who drove her), and was acting as a chaperone to the 9-year-old. The woman went down the slide with, or immediately after, the 9-year-old. He surfaced, she did not. He went to lifeguards, they did not respond. He attempted to retrieve her, and was unable to. So, what happened next? The friends allegedly hung out at a park until 7 pm, waiting for her. Then what? They just left? She was long dead by then. An employee found her clothes, ID, etc…, and went to her house, but noone was home. And noone called the police for days? I’m not buying it. Something else went on here. What about the parents of the 9-year-old? The friend that drove her? The employee of the public pool who found the items, and then noone at home? Not one of these people called the police? The employee didn’t think to check the pool? Whaaaaaat?????

      2. MomOfFive says:

        Actually, I can spell “no one”. ;) I am curious as to the hostility and criticism from so many posters. Heat bothering everyone? (See, I can spell that one, too!)

    2. Sam Filson says:

      What on Earth does being a police officer in Hawaii have to do with it? Did you really feel the need to bolster the credibility of a remark any child could have made?

      Your an odd sort of braggart. Most wold have put a bit more effort into finding pretext to spout their wholly impertinent resume…

      1. Sam Filson says:

        Here… Have a ‘U’… I seem to have an extra one…

      2. I know more than you says:

        “Wold” ? …guess you can’t spell either. You’re like the guy who took one night class at community college and all of sudden is an expert on everything. You’re a load ‘yo mamma’ should have swallowed….you obnoxious pontificating moron.

      3. Gotcha Sam says:

        Hey Sam, you should really stop picking on everyone’s spelling and grammar. You typed, “Your an odd sort of braggart.” The word is “you’re” (the contraction for you are). Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake for seemingly educated people who think they know everything.

    3. Moira246 says:

      That’s exactly what i dont understand, i mean wouldn’t the 9 year old boy noticed if she did not come up? Somethng is wrong about this story. I dont know about anyone else, but I just dont understand how this could happen.

  9. mariah says:

    This is not fair……. i may call the mayors office this has nothing to do with mass. or even other DCR pools my family and i have been planning a party there for tomorrow

    1. Tanya says:

      This is a tragic story about a woman dying and youre concerned about your families plans? Im sad to hear there are more of you. STFU.

  10. Mike says:

    It would be easier for me to believe the murky water theory ifnthe victim was a caucasian woman. The water would have to be really really murky in which case probably shouldn’t have been open. CBS has a photo of this victim and she is a dark skinned African American woman, it was kids day on Monday, there were hundreds of people at the park. It doesn’t add up.

    And to “Tara” who made the comment of describing the victim as a “black log” was crass and insensitive and you really owe this woman’s family an apology.

    1. Tara says:

      Here’s is my response to you. It was not made as an insult, but if no one realized it was a body…the fact that something that big was floating around should send off signals… Not everything is a racial slur or has to be so P.R. all the time…..

      1. Sam Filson says:

        Should have gone with “brown turd”… ‘Black log’ apparently is racist…

      2. Mike says:

        I did nor accuse anyone of racism, my point was that if a family member of this woman read this, I imagine they would be extremely taken back by such a reference to their dead loved one. Sometimes we have to think before we speak, because we may inadvertently offend someone.

        Sam Filson is a very sad person.

  11. emom says:

    No one noticed a person in the pool,,, what , WAS THIS A BLIND POOL. where everyone wearing blinders.. was the little boy related to her. did anyone even clean the pool, they saw the belongings but didnt clean the pool,, I smell a sewer rat…. Bet something happened after hours to her. and nobody wants to speak… AHHH but the truth will be learned.

  12. George says:

    So, hypothetically if I was at that pool on Monday and I went swimming in the deep pool, I was swimming and laughing and playing while there was a body just below me, I’m 6’2″. Is that healthy? Should I get checked out by a doctor, were there some bodily fluids emitting into the pool water for 2 days? I’m just sayin

  13. 2 cents says:

    What is more disturbing is that if this is a state pool, they are supposed to test the water every 3 hours Something doesn’t add up. Who ever locked up the pool should have to do an all clear just like the school buses do. This is not adding up at ALL
    My condolences to her family and friends.

  14. Fire TheBums says:

    Just because she was there on Sunday doesn’t mean she was at the bottom of the pool for 2 days. We’ll find out soon enough that there was foul play involved. The coroner will be able to say for certain how long the body was in the water. But if indeed it’s proved she was in the pool for 2 days – FIRE EVERY STATE WORKER THERE, AND THE SUPERVISOR. I still have a feeling there’s more to the story than we know. Look at the picture of the woman, she looks strong and healthy. I think this is a smokescreen until the investigators figure out what the real story is.

  15. Marie says:

    This is not possible. That pool was very busy yesterday. There is now way the lifeguards did not notice a body in the pool for two days. Not to mention all of the people that were swimming in the pool. And the 9 year old boy just left the pool and went home without his guardian??? And no one reported her missing for two days? Something fishy here. This pool is known to have people breaking in and swimming after closing, that seems wayyyy more likely.

  16. Home Security Plano says:

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  17. Bob says:

    There’s more to this story. No one can lay at the bottom of a busy pool and not be noticed.

  18. Marcia says:

    That pool must’ve been wicked dirty in that no one spotted her body. I’ve never been in a pool that’s 12 ft. deep, but it seems as though one should be able to see the bottom in a public pool. And why wasn’t the pool searched and cleared by staff before closing? If they can’t see a body in the water, who knows what else is down there?

  19. BH says:

    I for the life of me Can not even phathom that not one single person noticed something on the bottomof that pool. I don’t care how murkey it is, someone had to have seen that lady on the bottomof the pool. To me, somone is clearly not doing their job and they should be fired and arrested. I smell lawsuit.

    1. Sam Filson says:

      “phathom” Unreal…

    2. Jason says:

      It’s the phanthom of the pool!

  20. Cliff says:

    As hard to believe that it is, it IS entirely possible for a human body to remain undetected at the bottom of a pool 12 feet deep As can be seen from the photo at top, that water is pretty murky and that is just the shallow end. Beyond the obvious that public pools are not supposed to be open if the drains cannot be seen, there are also rules in place that can easily prevent the discovery of a body at 12 feet. One of the main rules is that diving board users are supposed to surface immediately and exit the pool. This gives no one an opportunity to “check out the drains” while there. Not that I advocate allowing clients to take their time checking out the deep end after diving, but this simple rule allows a human body to remain undisturbed on the bottom of the pool.

    As to Maria, get over yourself. This is an unacceptable but tragic incident that has to be checked out before this pool or any other pool in this jurisdiction can be re-opened. If you call the mayor I hope to heck that you get an ear blistering for your vain and unconscionable attitude.

  21. Sam Filson says:

    Next person that writes ‘mirky’ or ‘murkey’, smack yourself in the head. That’s not even Ebonics…

  22. emom says:

    CLOUDY THEN. gee

  23. bob says:

    Darn these public skrools

  24. Shiney says:

    LOL, couldn’t have said it better.

  25. Bootlip says:

    y u beez all raycissss an sheeit u da debbil dey beez a fambly suffrin heer u gun habs ta ansur to da lawd 1 day fo wut u dun sed u kracka

    BTW the black blow-up dolls are half price.

  26. Al Swearengen says:

    100% TNB.

  27. John says:

    Are black people so used to seeing dead bodies that they just swim around them and never mention it to anyone? Poolz be racis!

  28. Really? says:

    Ridiculous how people use the comment section as an opportunity to say racist things. You make me sick. Cowards that likely would never have the courage to say any of these things within earshot of another human being. I am white and dont find the humor in the racist comments, at all.

  29. I know more than you says:

    Next you’ll be on the 6 o’clock news with a mug shot, handcuffed, and eventually off to prison. Now go take your medicine & avoid it all….psychopath.

  30. leonard says:

    Due to the large amounts of chlorine (bleach) often used in public pools to help fight bacteria (and children’s urine) it’s possible that after a few hours her body could have become bleached enough to blend in with the pool bottom especially if the pool lacked proper cleaning procedures.
    Just saying it’s possible.
    Still pretty gruesome if you happened to be there on those days.

    Oh, I better check with “Sam” The Grammar Nazi.
    Is evrything spelled correctly?

    1. We Hate Sam Filson Club says:


    2. Chi Sam says:

      You seem rather sissy… Are you a sissy?

      1. leonard says:

        Sounds like you’re trying to cop a date Sissy Licker.

    3. Chi Sam says:

      Which of the few words I used do you interpret as a ‘pick up line’?

      Is merely asking a ‘come on’ in certain circles, or do none of you shines grasp English?

  31. Nighaven says:


    Now THAT’S funny!

  32. Chi Sam says:

    Everybody knows blacks can’t swim… Going down that slide was as futile as trying out for Jeopardy…

  33. Shawneequa Jaxkson says:

    Maybe Sam Filson had something to do with this, maybe he works at the pool and is trying to cover his tracks by being a a**hole to everyone to throw them off his twisted trail. The guilty ones are always the really obnoxious ones. It’s a good thing my iPad has automatic spell check, because if I accidentally hit the wrong letter (something Filly likes to point out to everybody) who knows what may happen…..

    1. Chi Sam says:

      You’re pretty stupid if you cannot distinguish a typo from the inability to grasp standard language concepts.

      But you are held to lower expectations…

  34. Dorothy says:

    Sam, Kansas called they want you back, go home to Kansas Sam, go home.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      I believe they have Internet access in Kansas, so what would that solve? Put down the prize card and spin again, dimwit…

      1. Edna says:

        You must lead a very exciting life.

  35. Joanne Hamlett says:

    It is unbelievable to me that this woman was not noticed. She should have been watched going down the slide and it should have been noticed when she didn’t come up and a life guard should have rescued her while there was still time.

  36. Connell says:

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