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     Do you too find it amazing that a major television network would stoop the level of many lefty loonies in this country and actually edit-out certain words from the Pledge of Allegiance?   Whoever did the editing should be fired, but we all know that’ll never happen and that’s not the point.   The network honchos actually allowed it to happen…..made sure that it happened…..and then came up with a lame apology for the golfing announcer to read at the U.S. Open.    With pictures depicting our armed forces, the America Flag waving and school age children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance…….the network has about four hours of TV time to fill with golf, (three hours and 45 minutes of which was like watching paint dry) and still they felt the need to edit out less than two seconds of time from the sacred Pledge to eliminate the words “indivisible” and “under God”.   I’m inclined to say….what a shame………..but clearly NBC or (P)MSNBC has none, as evidenced by that mush-faced excuse for an apology…..and by some of the people it puts on the television screen every day.

     My friends and relatives on the far left (you know who you are) I’m sure will have a field day with these comments…so just to give you a little more “bang for your buck”, add this to the fodder.  Did you hear about the Mayor of Boston asking the Niketown store in his city to remove a couple of  items from its window display?    Yup, good ole Tommy Menino walked by the store with his wife and he thinks the window display promoting drugs and profanity wordplay are nothing short of a stoop to the lowest common denominator, just to get people to buy T-shirts.   Do ya think!!!   Seriously….do ya think….at all…..ever?   On one Nike shirt just the word “DOPE”.   On another, just the words “GET HIGH.”   On another the words “F***K  GRAVITY.”        The Nike store manager actually said the t-shirts feature marquee athletes using commonly used and accepted expressions.   Do ya think?

     Folks, if you don’t believe NBC and Nike are both wrong……BIG time……my apologies on behalf of your parents for a failure to instill an ounce of common sense (a rare commodity) in their off-spring.

Comments (7)
  1. Tincambridge says:

    Shows just how stupid and ignorant society is getting!

  2. petem says:

    I will gladly say that both NBC and Nike are NOT wrong. There was a time in this country when people and companies had the right to free speech.
    That right is no longer honored because unless the message hews to the wacko right wing image of America, which is somewhere between idealized 1954 Anytown, USA and iron fist control, ala Mussolini or Hitler, you are a subversive, or a loony lefty, or a communist/socialist/marxist.
    Spare me your ridiculous whining about how things aren’t the way you’d like them. At least we have a president who isn’t a moron and can string two sentences together, and who actually cares about the PEOPLE of this country. Talk to your Republican friends and see if they have any interest in that. i predict they laugh at you.
    I used to respect you Gary, now i see what a script reader you were; no different that 90 percent of your colleagues. What a disappointment.

  3. Bob says:

    Oh Oh…. the remarks by Tincambridge are astounding…. If you don’t think that NBC was wrong you deserve the loser of a president that you voted for and I would happily pay your way to permanent residence in whatever country that sorry skinny muslim ends up in after 2012. Hint…you better buy a burka

  4. Bob says:

    Whoops..I was replying to the comment by PETEM… sorry about that

    1. petem says:

      you sure are sorry Bob…a sorry excuse for an American. You proved my point. only YOUR point a view and YOUR opinion matters I guess… ironically the places you think I should move to are right in line with your way of thinking. Pack light my friend it’s HOT there, and no booze allowed…

  5. Cheap Tennis Rackets says:

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  6. johnC says:

    Although I personnally do not believe in god, the pledge of allegience is what it is. Either recite it verbatem, or not at all.

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