After talking baseball at the beginning of the show, Felger and Massarotti shifted their attention back to the Bruins championship run and were joined on the show by Bruins forward and “Fourth Liner Extraordinaire” Shawn Thornton.

Thornton has garnered a lot of attention lately for telling Felger to “suck it!” after the Bruins won the cup, but there were no hard feelings as he joined the show to offer his insights on the Bruins victory and remind Felger that he is not always right.

Thornton went on to describe his most recent Stanley Cup victory as, “the greatest day of his life,” even greater than his wedding day or the first time he hoisted the cup.

He also touched on how special it has been to share the cup with the city of Boston, how the fourth line enabled the Bruins to succeed and allowed other players to shine, and, of course, the now infamous $150,000 Foxwoods bar tab.

Felger and Mazz did their best to leave no question unanswered, and also asked Shawn about his pregame interaction with Roberto Luongo and his role in the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton. It was there that Felger and Shawn finally found something that they could agree upon, but not before Shawn was able to snidely comment on who he thinks should play Felger in a movie about the Bruins’ cup run.

Comments (3)
  1. Kevin says:

    Thornton >>>> Felger

  2. Joe says:

    Look, Felger deserves alot of the grief he has been receiving from both the fans and guys like Thorton, but he and the rest of 98.5’s radio personalities are also deserving of many thanks. Thanks for treating hockey like a pro sport worthy of discussion. They have given us more hockey in one year than the other fraud sports talk show down the road has provided in its existence despite Dale Arnold. For hockey guys like me, I made the switch on the radio dial and won’t go back.