Felger & Massarotti open Monday’s show by reliving the best moments from Saturday’s parade and reflecting on the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run. Mike and Tony are still having a hard time processing the brilliance of the Bruins’ victory, and can’t get over how perfectly everything has come together for this team and this city. The glory of this victory is everything Bruins fans could have dreamed for and more, and in honor of the unique tradition surrounding the hockey community and the Stanley Cup, the Bruins have been sharing the Cup with fans and have been sighted in popular spots all across Boston. With so many people celebrating with the Cup, Felger & Mazz can’t help but wonder if the Stanley Cup might be dirtiest trophy in sports.

Felger & Mazz also look back on some of the best speeches from Saturday’s victory celebration, including some inspirational words from Mayor Menino, a controversial quip from Jeremy Jacobs, and a memorable moment between Zdeno Chara and Cam Neely. This Cup run has validated the Bruins, and left Naughty Mazz salivating over the impeccable build of Zdeno Chara, but questions still remain for this Bruins team. How will this off-season affect their roster? Will they suffer from a Stanley Cup hangover just like last year’s Chicago Blackhawks? And, most importantly, where will they be spotted with the Cup next?