Today Felger and Massarotti opened the day discussing the crushing blindside hit Aaron Rome had on the Bruins’ second leading playoff goal scorer Nathan Horton last night and the ensuing ramifications for the remainder of the series.

The tandem both agreed that the league has a serious issue on its hands now, leading Felger to concede that this crackdown will hurt the Bruins and how they want to play, irrespective of the fact that Horton scored the most important goals during this playoff run. Mazz pointed out that indeed “the messier the better” for the Bruins, as the Bruins want to bring their characteristic physicality back into the series.

Felger continued to discuss his growing distaste for the Vancouver Canucks, calling them a “detestable team,” while Mazz stated that the Rome incident was “consistent with the type of team Vancouver is.” A few days after not harping on the league’s lenient stance on the Alexandre Burrows’ “Bite-Gate,” Mazz admits that he would have lobbied for a harsher punishment to avoid the subsequent incidents that have marred the series. Felger vehemently agreed, claiming that the “league did not do its job” in disciplining Burrows right then and there.

Felger and Massarotti then moved on to laud the Bruins for the tremendous statement they had in their 8-1 drubbing of the Canucks, forcing the Canucks to quit pretty early according to Mazz. Looking ahead, they both agreed that the Horton for Rome trade-off favors Vancouver as does the refs trying to control the series going forward. They left of the opening segment with an open-ended question as to whether the league, regarding Alexander Burrows, felt it had to compensate for one Canucks beat writer alleging that Colin Campbell had a conflict of interest with the Bruins.

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