BOSTON (CBS) – A superintendent criticized for his handling of the Phoebe Prince bullying case won’t be getting a raise after all.

Last year, the South Hadley school committee renewed Gus Sayer’s contract and gave him a raise in a secret session.

But, a judge has now tossed out that raise, and fined the school committee because the meeting violated state law.

Some parents wanted Sayer fired after Phoebe Prince was bullied so relentlessly that she took her own life.

Comments (3)
  1. John Adelman says:

    No punishment for anyone by Phoebe Prince and her family. If the meeting is not public, there is something to HIDE. Who said we couldn’t teach BULLYING in thirty minutes, WE DID IT!

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Education, purchased software to “track performance”, and Speaker DiMasi was in his HAYDAY. The software was to be some of his HAY, he got it and burned it up, needs lawyers paid for by the government. He must have hid the money really, really well.

  2. emom says:

    This is rich,, he did Nothing in protecting Pheobe, and now expects a RAISE… wow… the nerve of him.

  3. justsayin' says:

    the guy should be fired not rewarded. the school committee should all be replaced. finally a judge with some good sense.

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