HOOKSETT, N.H. (AP) – New Hampshire police are working to identify the driver who died after crashing into the Hooksett toll plaza over the weekend.

Investigators believe the man is a foreign college student attending a local university on a student visa.

New Hampshire State Police say the vehicle was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed when it crashed into the toll plaza from the EZ-Pass lane on Saturday. Witnesses report that the vehicle was traveling more than 100 miles per hour. There was no attendant in the toll booth at the time.

The vehicle, which was borrowed from another college student, was completely destroyed.

Authorities say the car is being inspected to rule out mechanical failure as the cause of the crash.

Anyone with information about the crash or driver is urged to call New Hampshire State Police Troop B.

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  1. kasser says:

    ??, they know it was borrowed – the person who lent it out don’t know who the driver is ?

    Am I missing something here ?

    1. Investigator 3 says:

      They know the deceased, the family has already been notified, if the person was on a student visa, they know who it is and his name is Steve Ituome Kanyiki from the Democratic Republic of Congo. RIP Steve

  2. juanita sereti says:

    if??? reports say african? are u sure you know?

  3. Corrections Officer says:

    Was this his way of commiting sucide? He picked a E-Z pass lane were there was no one in it, must of not wanted to hurt any else. This poor person, what was going through his mind, just before he hit that concrete wall. I just hope and pray he didnt feel a thing, I hope death was instant.

  4. A friend says:

    We don’t know what Steve had on his mind… He was a bit withdrawn and not himself. We hope he fell asleep or their was a mechanical issue with the car. He was very widely love and had no enemies he was a good friend. He came to America for a better life… Steve I hope it’s all better now we miss u so much and life without you hurts

  5. congolese sister says:

    yeah this is a brother of our community and we heard about is death, didnt really have family here except d congolese community.. RIP STEVE may ur soul rest in peace and u are probably in a better place now ..

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