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BOSTON (CBS) – We hear a lot about dangers on the Internet, but there is also a lot of good going on, as more and more websites are starting up with the goal of using social media to help others.

The Rewolinskis do what they can to help others, but when they needed a hand recently they were blown away by the response.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

“We’ve never experienced so many people coming together for us, and that was just life-changing for us to know that there are people that want to and do care,” said Angela Rewolinski.

Thousands of people heard about the Rewolinskis after they read about their need to protect their sons. Both have Autism and they wanted to buy a specially trained dog.

Within weeks, the website organizers surprised the family with a “love drop” of more than $13,000 — enough to cover the fees for the dog.

“People were giving up coffee drinking for a month and using that money to give money for us,” Rewolinski said.

Love Drop, Give Forward, Mommy Niri Cares, and Drop a Love Bomb are just a few of the growing number of web sites created to connect readers with people for a good cause.

The Love Drop founders have even put their own a twist on Internet-giving, sometimes seeking comments of compassion instead of cash.

“I wanted to use the same kind of idea from micro-giving in terms of time and attention and love,” said Nate St. Pierre, co-founder of LoveDrop.US.

Ken Berger of Charity Navigator said because it’s now so easy to set up websites, he expects to see more and more created for charitable purposes.

“A lot of these sites, it’s basically one or two people that really want to help and they don’t want to go through the bureaucracies,” Berger said.

Berger warns that you still have to careful with these kinds of charity causes.

“The challenge or the danger is that because it’s so easy to do somebody of ill will that wants to create something that’s really a fraud can just as easily do so,” he said.

Berger suggests you make sure you’re dealing with a valid website, but also noted that if you’re only giving a dollar, you don’t have all that much to lose.

This is fine with the people at Love Drop, who will take your dollar and match it up with thousands of others for a good cause.

“I get up every single day and know that everything I do is making an impact,” St. Pierre said. “It’s literally changing the world.”

One dollar at a time. One person at a time.

“I don’t think there are words to even express the thank you out there,” said Rewolinski.

Love Drop is always looking for people to help. If you know of someone with a good heart going through a tough time, let them know at LoveDrop.US.

The people at Love Drop continually review nominations and each month they choose a person or family they feel the community can help the most.

Paula Ebben

  1. PROUD Warrior Mom says: is the REAL DEAL, each and everyone there is dedicated to helping make sure they help spread awareness about the various types of “rough situations” that the person or family they are helping, as WELL as helping lots of others who want to help together in order to help that person/family with what they might be struggling with, needing, etc….

    So,it’s MUCH MORE than “another charity site” because personally, I know that if I am on,y able to give a dollar or two or ten, that it usually feels great to do so, but often it’s a face-less donation, where you don’t gget to see the results and impact of your “what you feel” is “only” a small donation….

    And, also, they have so far, and believe it’s part of their mission going forward, to help the person/family SHARE the details of their “issue” to also help that community of people out there dealing with similar things…..for instance the first month was the “unknown” homeless, and the second month was about Autism….and those families were able to speak on behalf of so many others just like them…so that those who did donate $1 or $1,000 or anywhere in between, they were able to see, and get educated about what its like ton live with/thru that situation, so then their donation not only helps the family directly, but also impacts the donor so, hopefully, that donor, if in their personal life, comes across a similar person/family, not only will they “see” them differently, maybe be more educated about the topic and be more ABLE to help, in whatever compacity, even if its just a smile at the grocery store the next time they see a parent struggle with a child having a tantrum because now they might unerstand Autism a bit more to knwi that often Since Autism tends to be a hidden “issue” (no physical wheel chair or other “telling signs” so to speak)…that instead of a glare or rude comment, maybe that person would stop and think and now know that it might be Autism, and a quick smile might all be what that parent/caretiver needs to finish “handling” the tantrum/situation calmly and positively….and probably would eve make that parents day, or even WEEK!

    So, with Love Drop, it’s about EVERYONE thru the process, the members, the sponsors, the giver, and the receivers!
    It’s something totally awesome from ALL SIDES of the coin, from personal experience, it’s been LIFE CHANGING for me and our whole family, and I know, if you get involved personally or thru your company as a sponsor, YOURS will change too! They are THE REAL DEAL for sure!

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