PROVINCETOWN (CBS) – Five Barnstable High School students were hurt during a whale watching field trip off the coast of Provincetown Monday.

The Coast Guard told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 the five teens were standing on the bow of the 106-foot boat, Whale Watcher, when a “rogue” wave 5-7 feet high hit the boat. When the wave passed, students said the boat dropped violently, knocking some students down to the deck.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports.

After the boat docked at the MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown, three boys and two girls were taken to Cape Cod Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries. Witnesses alleged that one one of the students broke her nose.

“Students do get on boats for field trips, as you know geographically where we are, we take advantage of the natural surroundings here, but I’ve never had that incident where students were injured on a boat,” said Pat Clark, the principal.

Forty-seven students went on the field trip.

The Whale Watcher later departed the pier in Provincetown and continued the tour.

Comments (4)
  1. Kathy says:
    If you go to this site and click on the earthquake icon, you will see that there was an earthquake on the Cape earlier today…

  2. David White says:

    Hmmmm. As my mother might say, “That wave was a tiny baby Tusanami.” Luckily it wasn’t any bigger, and that there were no serious injuries or fatalities, or damage. Yes there were a couple of “tiny baby” earthquakes in that vicinity. Remember in the film “The Poseidon Adventure” how the Poseidon (The Queen Mary in the 1973 version) capsized after being hit by a tidal wave, generated by a seaquake?

  3. whitey says:

    rogue wave 7 feet high?

  4. Gonzo says:

    A rogue wave at 5-7 feet high thats joke im sorry been caught in bigger ones than that in a 19 foot boat dont see me hurt. they were obviously being careless and should blame themselves.

    @Whitey – Yeah 7 foot rogue waves are dangerous eh? lol

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