By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

GREENVILLE, N.H. (CBS) — If you had to say one nice thing about Scott Wellington, he knows how to tell a story – as long as it’s fiction.

The 31-year-old Greenville, N.H. man was in court Monday on two counts of theft by deception for allegedly conning his co-workers out of thousands of dollars. Police say he told those he worked with that his wife was dying from breast cancer.

Bob Prowker was Wellington’s supervisor at C&M Machine in Hudson, N.H.  He said Wellington was an excellent con.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

“He was very good at what he did,” said Prowker. “He knew how to turn the tears on.

“He basically just deceived us, told lies day after day. He used his wife and children as his means of getting money out of the company and his fellow employees.”

Hudson police say this all started back in October, when Wellington held a fundraiser for his sick wife and four kids. That fundraiser netted about $2,000, but authorities say Wellington never delivered on the merchandise.

Over the next few months, co-workers say Wellington took more and more money, including $5,000 from the owner of C&M, because Wellington apparently told him that he couldn’t afford Christmas.

“He basically kept lying until the lie got so extreme, he couldn’t even stay here anymore,” explained Bob Prowker, who added that some co-workers also offered cash when Wellington expressed need.

Then, last month, Wellington told his employers that his wife died, and he quit.

After they heard the terrible news, Wellington’s co-workers sent him a sympathy card. But Wellington never opened it; his girlfriend did.

It turns out, he had also lied about being married.

His girlfriend spoke to WBZ-TV Monday afternoon.

She says the whole episode has been “very shocking, honestly very shocking.”

She says Wellington never clued her in to what he was doing, even going so far as telling her that the $5,000 he got at Christmas was a bonus for doing such a good job at work.

“It sickens me, it’s absolutely disgusting,” the girlfriend said, asking that we not release her name.

She is the mother of Wellington’s four children, all 10 years old or younger. She says she threw him out of the house several weeks ago for other reasons, and then that sympathy card arrived.

In it, she saw what his co-workers had written: “A bunch of condolences, sorry for the loss of your wife, our thoughts are with you and your kids, stuff like that,” she explained. “It was absolutely just crazy.”

She called C&M, who then called police.

Hudson Chief Jason Lavoie says the story has victims all around.

“When you have someone like this take advantage of a situation that’s not real, it’s really unfortunate for those who could really benefit from having aid like this,” Lavoie said.

Wellington’s mother posted bail for him Monday afternoon.

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  1. timma says:


  2. T McCarthy says:

    His mother should have let him rot in jail…..

  3. thor's hammer says:

    hopefully the wife has taken out a protective order against him both for herself and the children, has hired a good divorce lawyer, and moved far away. ma – you bailed him out after he pulled this stunt, spare us the “he’s a good boy” speech. and then the girlfriend opens the card. what a lowlife. i think they should just hand his sorry butt to the former coworkers and close the machine shop for the day, and that’s just the appetizer course for what should happen to this criminal. justice for the victims!

    1. terri says:

      thor, he doesn’t have a wife…she never existed, he made up the whole story. He has a girlfriend.

  4. pat says:

    what a jerk he should rot in jail.. my heart goes out too his girlfriend and his children ..i pray thingsget better for them

  5. suze says:

    His mother has probably been bailing him out his whole life…She ought to wake up

  6. emom says:

    Yup just another DIRT BAG,, this happens alot… remeber the BRIDE Corrdinator…. I have heard some stories of families lying about one of their kids being sick,,, this guy has a huge sick obsession… gready thug….

  7. jerry says:

    I think his gf knew about the scam the whole time and when they got into a fight she threw him out and then told on him to make her look good as well , because you just dont get thousands of dollors and the one you are living with dont know a thing ? i find it hard to believe she did not know anything about it .

    1. Dee says:


      If his company was duped and all of it’s employee’s, why not his girlfriend too ?

      He is a professional lier that finally was caught, thank’s to this girlfriend.


  8. Katrina Randklev says:

    ha! I wonder how much his bail was then. She had to have atleast dropped 5 grand to get his punk ass out, so y did he feel the need to scam people when he could of just got $ from dear ol’ mama!?

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