BOSTON (CBS) – A state legislator is hoping to slow the tide of endless robocalls that begin to stream in during election season.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Most of us have received those automated calls from candidates asking for our vote. During the last couple of elections, the automated political calls from various candidates have became increasingly commonplace, and many would say annoying. So annoying, in fact, that Rep. Stephen Kulik of Worthington is filing a bill to limit them.

Rep. Kulik said he first heard complaints after the special election to fill Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat.

“And I heard a lot of complaints from my constituents and others around the state that this was extremely annoying and unprecedented in terms of the number of calls people were getting. Ten and 12 calls during the day starting early in the morning and often going late at night,” said Rep. Kulik.

The bill would allow people to put themselves on a “do not call list” specifically for political campaigns. The list just like the one used now for telemarketers would allow people to indicate a preference not to be contacted by politicians.

Rep. Kulik said he thinks the robocalls are actually having the opposite effect.

“What I found is though that they said to me when they called my office, that they’re gonna vote against the next person who sends them a robocall, and so I found that it was backfiring on candidates in that election,” said Rep. Kulik.

The bill also says that those who would still choose to allow the automated calls must first be contacted by a real person to get permission to play to recorded messages.

Comments (5)
  1. MattB5 says:

    YES! Absolutely YES! It is disgusting that they managed to write themselves out of this law. The public clearly indicated that unsolicited phone calls were not welcome! And automated “robocalls” are the worst.

  2. Shaun Dakin says:

    Great idea !

    Unfortunately most politicians don’t really care about the privacy of their constituents !

    I wish him good luck.

    Shaun Dakin
    Founder, The National Political Do Not Contact Registry

  3. Ron says:

    During the 2006 election, someone from Romney’s office made a robo-call to my cell phone trying to get me to vote for Healy. Two problems: 1)Aren’t robo-calls to a cell phone always illegal anyway? 2)The last one was a little after 6PM on ELECTION NIGHT – while I was standing in line to vote. Seriously? You’re still making these calls that late into election day?

    No one should ever get elected if they are that out of touch w/ the people that they believe people are okay w/ the calls. Let me guess, these politicians decided by holding a focus group comprised of their most sycophantic Yes-Men. “Robo-calls? Of course we love them! Another brilliant idea, sir.”

  4. BostonPeng says:

    Not only should political calls be included in the DNC regs but charitable calls should as well. I know they need to raise money but as I’m on a very fixed income I’d love a way to opt out of those calls as well.

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