By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Why do we think that just because President Obama gave an order to kill it is alright. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Why not take bin Ladin alive? – David, Cambridge

White House officials say the Navy Seals who raided bin Laden’s compound were under orders to take him alive, but only if he was not a threat.

White House press secretary Jay Carney also said today that bin Laden was not armed when the commandos found him, but that he resisted, and wouldn’t give himself up.  Carney said resistance does not require a firearm.

What do you think?  Did they try to capture him or not?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Nope their orders were to take him…alive was not an option. Why are we to feel bad for this terrorist? He didn’t send an email or courier to let the 3000 plus people “Hey…don’t go to work to day I’m going to send four planes to knock your towers down & take out your pentagon”

    Why this guy got a proper religious burial at sea and our american citizens got buried in burning steel is beyond me. I’ll take a quote from Glenn Beck as I’d be far more nasty in what I would have done to Bin Laden he was not a muslim he’s a cold blooded killer.

    “My problem with this is that we gave this guy a dignified burial at sea, or at least that’s what they said. I really would have put this guy in a meat grinder with a pig, sorry. Oh, you’re not going to get your 72 virgins? Sorry, that sucks to be you. Wrap him up in Hormel, pack him in a can of Spam, man,” Glenn said.

    “He’s a terrorist. He’s a serial killer. He’s a mass murderer,” Glenn said.

    “They gave him a dignified burial and honored the body so he could go and get his 72 virgins? I’m telling you, I would have put cans of bacon bits in every orifice of his body.”

    1. Adolf Schicklegruber says:

      heres a question. how did one helocopter carry all those men and equipment?
      Check the payload of a Blackhawk. It can’t carry that much weight. 25 men plus gear plus a stiff? someone is lying again.

  2. china says:

    why did the best forces not take him alive with tear gas?why?there are a lot of ways to take him alive?why

  3. china says:

    1,why did the best forces not take him alive with tear gas?anybody can know there are a lot of ways to take him alive,such as tear gas,gaseous anesthetic and so on.
    2,in order to get more useful information from him and capture more members and groups,why did the forces not take him alive and investigate him in secret?

  4. Heckler says:

    Would have been no problem with pepperspray things, tasers if US can afford. But anyway, they want to see heads rollin. Humankind is still not more civilized than the romans.

  5. Betty says:

    There was no way we could have taken Osama alive, he (his followers) would have started immediately to take people hostage in order to have a “swap” for bin Laden take place, his followers could have also ordered bombings around the world till his release!
    NO, he had to be killed, there was no other answer, and frankly I could not be happier about it.
    I’m glad the last thing Osama saw was the end of rifle pointed at his head & held by a USA Navy Seal, now that’s justice!!

    1. Cynic says:

      True enough Betty but aren’t we now Killers also?

  6. ENUFF says:

    Why take him alive? So taxpayers could give him food, shelter, medical aid ,prayer shawls, prayer rugs, Korans, and a special diet for the rest of his life? And knowing our lousy legal system he’d probably get out of jail in 5-7 years.

    1. Supporter of the special forces team! says:

      That is right no the money! Osama is not worth the special effort plus he is lucky that his butt was not made into ground camel meat by our forces. If I had my way (after all of the stuff that he did to this country) and I was one of the snipers I would of grounded his body up and fed it to all of the starving people in the country where he was hanging out at. HORAAH Special Forces got the job DONE! War is ugly get over it, the job is done so quit pscho babble the whole event.

  7. graywolf says:

    I agree that his followers would have started to take people for a swap. And I’m glad the last thing he saw was the end of a rifle held by a United States Navy Seal. Justice has been served. We cannot argue with success or criticize any part of his capture when we have no idea whatsoever what went on behind the scenes.

  8. M Ring says:

    Our guys did the right thing!! We took him out, unfortunately, we can only do it once!! He deserved to die many times over!! He was not a religious anything–just a terrorist with a bunch of ignorant followers looking for their 72 virgins!! The fact that some are concerned with his burial at sea–too bad! It is more than he deserved. He belonged with the rubbish. The fact that he may not be facing towards Mecca–please–the fact that we didn’t cut off his head, and just throw his body into the sea, should be considered a bonus. He was far from religious, since Islam doesn’t preach terrorism, or at least that is what the Islamists say! You can’t have it all ways–which do you want? We don’t need pictures–we need CLOSURE, and I think we have it NOW!!

  9. Cynic says:

    If one of the Navy Seals had apprehended and subdues Bin Laden would he have been killed anyway? Certainly. The United States cannot afford to have him alive in the World

    1. Ajay says:

      I believe that he was captured and then killed. A sad day for the “good guys.”

  10. dawnmarie says:

    personally i believe if he was taken alive it would have put america and all americans everywhere in danger as alquieda would have taken hostages in demand for bin laden release or attacked again in demand of bin ladens freedom..then scenarios are endless of what they would have done to demand bin ladens release

  11. Steven says:

    To all those that give a rat’s … that we killed him. “doesn’t that make us killers too.?” No it doesn’t, and here’s why. Unlike Bin Laden who targeted innocent lives, we are at WAR with terrorism. There’s a big difference between killing innocents and killing a “soldier” if you want to consider him that. People die in war. What’s next, are you going to suggest our troops get armed with slingshots instead of guns? This is war people, it’s not pretty but sometimes it’s necessary. Not to mention, if we did take him alive what do you think would happen, we waist more of our time and money trying him in court so that he can spend the rest of his life sitting behind bars while we foot the bill for that too? Then you have to worry about people trying to break him out… We did the right thing by killing him.

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