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We are being told that Bin Laden didn’t have access to the outside world other than a courier but did anyone else notice the satellite dish on the compound roof? Why isn’t that being covered? Does the government think we’re stupid? – Jennifer, Weymouth

I’m not sure if the government thinks we’re stupid, but I’m pretty sure officials realize that a satellite dish is very apparent at the compound to anyone who sees the videos.

We’re told that the military believes the dish was used for a satellite phone which gave bin Laden one method of communicating.  But officials insist the compound did not have any hookup to local phone service or the internet.  Of course, authorities also say bin Laden used couriers to contact his cohorts and in fact tracking one of those couriers is what lead the military to the location.  I think the govt. is talking about actual wires running into the place for phone and internet.  The idea being that he was sort of off the grid in those areas. 

Do you think the government thinks we’re stupid?

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  1. michellefrommadison says:

    I must have missed Obamas trial, didn’t know anyone could receive a death penalty without a trial, at least not in the United States of America.

    1. Nun says:

      >I must have missed Obamas trial,

      Yes you missed a lot.

      Osama was already indicted by a federal grand jury in 1998 for killing people in the Tanzania bombings, and also the Kenya bombings, and separately for the 1995 murders of 7 people. I believe he was also indicted in Spain.

      1. CEO says:

        So much for due process. I thought Obama’s sidekick, Eric Holder, said we should be putting these guys on trial in civilian courts to show the world how fair our justice system is? Instead, we assassinated this guy. Executed in cold blood without the benefit of a trial. Just more hyopocrisy and lies out of the Obama Administration.

        The fact that Obama’s account of the assassination keeps changing by the hour, the fact that we can’t see the photos, the fact that there is 25 minutes of live vidoe feed missing, makes you wonder what war crimes are being covered up here.

  2. Fred L says:

    guess the gov knows nothing about cel phones or blackberries.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wait a minute so the hard drives/ computers the military seized did Bin Laden just use those to play solitaire all day or was he just opening up a computer repair shop for the military complex that was next door to them? Free service for protection?

    1. CEO says:

      The Obama Administration is trying to dupe the American public.

  4. ENUFF says:

    A trial, for the monster who is responsible for thousands of American and other foreign nationals deaths? I’m glad he was shot and a bill for the bullets should be sent to Al-Quida.

  5. CLyDE says:

    Well, consider this, the proximity to the Pakistani military school and that this compound was built for his use, hmmm, I think a few wires and or tunnels between these facilities could be a feasible probability. A satellite dish whether operable for reception for telephone or other media, would not be uncommon in any urban or rural setting in this century. But, in the end, we can dance to the tune of the current administration and any of the previous, or we can dance to the tunes in our heads. Whichever we choose, the result will be the same, we are dancing to the tune we like and want to hear.

  6. taxedout says:

    Hey the Prisoners here get Cable, Osama can’t have the Dish????

  7. karen young says:

    Its just a “dress-up” to show as if it has internet or cable connections. Its probably part of their camouflage for lack of a better term. Like in US, when we see a house with a satellite dish it doesn’t necessarily mean a house has sateliite service. This man is a terrorist and all terrorists are cowards. They’ll do whatever to elude the authorities.

  8. mvi says:

    The dish looked 4-5 ft in diameter. Did Andrew Corporation manufacture it? What frequencies was he using? Were their computers networked and connected to the dish? With reports of ten computers and 100 flash drives captured, what about putting all the information on two 2TB external drives?
    Is the information encrypted?

    Please note over 100,000 students, numerous colleges, hospitals, and .5 million people live in Abbotabad. It is not a “hole in the wall”. Perhaps they have hated western influence since 1853 and British Co\l. Abbott.

    1. mvi says:

      June 16, 2011: On the internet they are showing the compound with and without a satellite dish. Also what about the wires going to the radio tower outside of the compound?

  9. taxedout says:

    1 less person to watch Jersey Shore!!!!

  10. emom says:

    WAIT it was a listening device,,, You know the kind the scientist use to listen for ALIENS…. bet he was waiting for the mother ship to come and get him…..

  11. MattG says:

    A satellite dish is a receiving mechanism. It doesn’t reveal your location anymore than watching TV does. Which was the government’s point that he couldn’t be located by tracing electronic signals.
    As to whether the government thinks we are stupid or whether Bin Laden should have been brought to the trial, these are two other interesting questions.

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