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I am curious what will happen when multiple hospitals strike the same day? Tufts Medical Center in Boston and St. Vincent Hospital are both holding nursing strikes of over 1700 staff next Friday, May 6th.  How can two big hospitals strike the same day and what will happen to the patients?  This is very confusing to me.  – Daniel, Allston

Both hospital are in the middle of contract negotiations with the nurses who want changes to the staffing levels.  The nurses say staffing levels endanger patients…the hospitals say the levels are fine.  The nurses are threatening to strike for one day.

So what could happen?  The hospitals aren’t exactly surprised by this move, so they’ve made plans, but those plans could draw out the strike.  The hospitals have made arrangements to bring in replacement nurses.  But they have to pay those nurses for 5 days work, so the hospitals say, even though this is planned to be a one day strike, the regular nurses will have to stay out for 5 days.  Got that?

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    I say Rock On to the nurses! We’ll never see a change until people stand up as a group! I feel if you’ve never worked in these situations, you shouldn’t have an opinion! I wouldn’t want to be that patient in the bed, critically ill, & have my nurse feel exhausted & unsafe due to no break in 12 hours! I get frustrated when I’m doing CPR in one room & the other patients are upset because i didn’t get them another pillow or more water!! There should be enough staff to cover all patients needs!!

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