BOSTON (CBS) – Highest praise to the Boston Globe for its mind-blowing story on Sunday about Boston Municipal Court Judge Raymond Dougan, currently under investigation by the Judicial Conduct Commission for allegedly being, as the Suffolk County DA puts it, “a clearly biased judge who ignores the law and threatens public safety.”

From the Globe story: “Dougan may be the most lenient judge in Boston, a prosecutor’s nightmare whose decisions are appealed by district attorneys far more often than any other judge in the Boston Municipal Court system, court records show. Appeals courts overturn his decisions the most, too, more than once including stern warnings that he should follow the law instead of his personal feelings…. A Globe review of scores of cases decided by Dougan reveals a pattern of rejecting police testimony while extending second chances to criminals whose rap sheets go on for pages.”

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

The Globe goes on to provide appalling detail of the crimes committed by some of the folks this judge has turned loose in the past, so what we’re looking at is a clear and present danger to the community and the rule of law.

But in typical fashion, Judge Dougan’s cronies are circling the wagons around him. His boss, chief justice Charles Johnson, calls him “conscientious,” and the Globe reports he has resisted efforts to get this guy off the criminal bench. And an official with the Mass. Trial Lawyers Association had the nerve to dismiss the judge’s alleged transgressions as just “independently exercising his discretion.”

Listen, it’s right there in the constitution – “a judge should be faithful to the law.” The Globe makes a compelling case that this judge thinks his whims are the law, and public safety be damned. If they’re proven right, those wagons better uncircle fast, because we can’t and won’t tolerate professional backscratching that treats the public interest as a joke.

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  1. emom says:

    WOW. Amazing to think that a judge could look the other way in regards to a criminal, allow them to walk amongst us and put the VICTIMS at even greater risk,, Not to mention creating more victims in the future. How could anyone be so unconscious when a crime has been committed.. To dismiss evidence and to be so lenient is unthinkable. I only hope that bringing this story to light will in the end result with the dismissal of this person and maybe the overhaul of the entire jurisdiction system . We have loss faith with the system, we hear folks say it time and again and then to actually see it in writing that we have reason to not trust them is even more amazing . The truth shallow be known and now its time to correct the wrongs .

  2. Twocents says:

    Check out the Family Court system. There are some unbelievable injustices there.

  3. Roger Anderson says:

    Kinda like how the current supreme court operates if you ask me.

  4. West end girl says:

    emom, you’re funny.

  5. ENUFF says:

    He and most of the other Massachusetts judges are why the rest of the country (with the possible exception of Vermont) think we’re a joke.

  6. blackbear1 says:

    As Teachers we are constatntly being told/legislated that we must be held accountable. I heard it over and over again.!! Well why not judges or many others, even in the “dreaded private sector”. We are what we are allowed to be.
    I agree, emom is funny. I look forward to her posts. Thanks

    1. emom says:

      Sorry I anm serious,,, not trying to be FUNNY at all,, this is serious in my mind and to think a judge can allow a criminal to walk even a criminal that has a huge rap sheet again walk , its no laughing matter,, SORRY TO DISSAPOINT…. I dont find this to funny.,

      1. blackbear1 says:

        Easy emom, no one is doubting your seriousness. Actually, I once posted to someone that they owed you an apology. Well, no more since you are wound a little tight. Enjoy…

      2. emom says:

        Blackbear1,, If I come of strong, its called passion on my part, I hate when some feel its truely a funny thing when indeed its not… As for any appology toward me, very few have been sencere.. besides I am sure you understad why…..

  7. Denise says:

    he isn’t alone – how about the Judge Wolfe that is looking into the jurors now in the death penalty case. WHO F’in cares if the jury didn’t devulge their dirty laundry.. .the guy pleaded guilty! Stop wasting time and $$ and get on w/ it! Do these judges get something from these criminals? Or are they and/or their families being threatened so they seem to side w/ the losers! And make the victims and their families continue to suffer! Where is the justice – oh ya… that’s why it’s called Criminal Justice!

  8. Lee Ann says:

    Jon, great commentary! You are right on. Good reporting by the Globe. The public should demand this judge’s resignation asap. He is despicable!

  9. FireGuyFrank says:

    The Boston Globe outing a liberal, bleeding-heart judge?! This must be Bizzaro Boston.

    Good for the Boston Globe for seeing what can happen when judges go unchecked.

  10. ENUFF says:

    There is no justice for the victim or victim’s familiy in Massachusetts, justice and mercy go only to the accused. How proud the liberals must be.

  11. taxedout says:

    Isn’t this guy one of Massachusetts Toughest judges????

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