ROCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Rochester Police are looking for a crook who apparently fancies fine dining.

They say a woman walked into the Market Basket Friday, headed for the seafood section, and asked the clerk for a sizeable order of live lobsters.

She proceeded to leave the store without paying for them.

In all, the department says that woman made off with 14 lobsters that all weighed a little more than a pound each. The woman’s photo was captured on store surveillance cameras.

Witnesses say she took off in a blue van with a partial license plate of “222.”

Rochester police are asking anyone that may recognize the woman to contact them.

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  1. Herb Palmer jr says:

    Times are tough, what evr happens to stealing a candy bar, 14 lobsters, LOl I know lobster , I am a lobster and author of a book called ‘ The lobster and the chicken” The journey we all take through life, 12 taxis follow them as they learn there life lessons. After they learn there lessons they leave the baggae and taxis and become fully human. The goal ito make it into an animated film, call Speilberg… Herb palmer Jr The lobster and the chicken…

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