BOSTON (CBS) – A thermal imaging project in the city of Boston has been put on hold because of privacy concerns.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports.

Boston officials had hoped to have aerial and street-level photos taken across about four square miles of the city this winter using infrared cameras that would show heat loss in the city homes.

Officials planned on sharing the photos and analysis with homeowners, and were hoping the findings would increase enrollment in efficiency programs and also create business opportunities.

But, the project hit a snag when the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts raised concerns that the infrared cameras would reveal information about what’s going on inside the homes. Sagewell’s cameras can take up to 20,000 images of homes per day.

Despite the concern, towns outside of Boston have not had any problems with the program. Utilities and environmental groups from Springfield and Hamilton are in the process of initiating the same project in their communities.

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  1. chauncey billups says:

    I am usually just an observer when it comes to blogs, but this actually made me want to leave a comment. Fantastic work!

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  4. Mr Mathmos says:

    FYI thermal imaging cameras can see through glass, the only image they will see is the glass panel itself. However if the window was made from sapphire then TI cameras would see inside albeit just a thermal image.

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